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Chapter 1, There\'s something intriguing about Alec and Tessa can\'t seem to keep her distance. The only problem is that he kidnapped her.

Okay, second attempt. Because I was new to Booksie, I accidently turned Deflowered into a book instead of a novel, and even when I edited it, the site wouldn't let me upload new chapters. Ugh, I'm sorry about that, but here it is now (I hope it works anyways) so enjoy!


His smoldering gaze locked on mine, peering into my soul. I couldn’t stop myself. I kept staring. He is perfect, but dangerous and I needed to stay away. Far, far away. But it was so easy to be drawn in.

He lent forward, not that he could get much closer, considering how tight we clung to one another. He is dangerous, I reminded myself. He moved until I felt his breath brush my lower lip. Is dangerous, goosebumps coated my arms with his proximity. Dangerous, his lips met mine.

I tried to resist. I really, really did try. But I care for this man – if you can call him that – in a really messed up way. I attempted to pull away but his hand tangled with my hair, anchoring me to him. How could I care for someone like him?

How could I possibly care for my kidnapper?

2 weeks before

I love waking up in the morning to sunlight. I adore watching it filter through my curtains, dancing and throwing patterns on the wall. It’s such an exciting way to wake up.

This morning though, it wasn’t.

I woke and smiled, feeling the warmness on my face. I felt it colour my cheeks pink and make my eyelids turn red.

“You look like you’re enjoying yourself,” a smug, unfamiliar voice sounded. I opened my eyes, startled, and they darted around the room, looking for the intruder. A figure stepped forward. A big, male figure. I screamed.

“Shhh! There’s no point! Your parents are out.” It took me a little while for my cloudy mind to register what he said, but when he did, the cogs turned. My parents were overseas for the weekend. They own this big, important company that sells things or something. I’m not really sure. I don’t stop and ask for details about the thing that my parents care for more than me.

“Who are you?” I wasn’t surprised that my voice came out strong. It’s not that I was used to having strangers in my rooms, but I wasn’t particularly scared of much. “Why are you here?”

He stepped forward again, out of the shadows. The light struck his face, highlighting his features. His black hair fell forward over his green eyes. I’d always loved green eyes and my fingers itched for my sketchbook. His rosy mouth turned up at the corners. “I, my inquisitive lady, am Alec, and I have orders to drag you kicking and screaming with me.”

I jumped out of bed. “Okay, just give me a sec to get dressed.” I pulled out my clothes.

“Dressed? Hang on, seriously? You are going to just give yourself to me? Like that? Without a fight?” I nodded and he pouted. “Where’s the fun in that?” I laughed heartily. If I fought, he would overpower me. I scanned his bulging muscles before looking down at my scrawny, lack of muscle.

“Get out for a minute. Please.”

“Oh, I get it. You told me that so that you could escape without raising suspicion right?” He looked around for any escape routes.

“Fine. Don’t leave.” I lifted my shirt over my head, my breasts bouncing free. I don’t sleep with a bra. Glancing at Alec, I saw his mouth drop, and could tell that he didn’t usually get stunned. “Never seen anyone’s boobs before?” I teased and turned towards him, showing off my naked chest.

“Never any so… perfect.” I laughed and winked. Slowly dropping my shorts and revealing the panties that I had slept in. “Um, excuse me.” He turned to leave, but not before giving me one last appreciative glance.

“Where are you going?” I said before he could walk away. I was being playful but I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was a virgin. But something about him just made me want to jump on him and do… things.

He turned back toward me. “If I don’t leave, I am going to have to have you right here.” I gasped and he took the opportunity to run at me, sweep me into a deep, intriguing kiss and lift me onto the bed that I had just woken up in.

His tongue darted into my mouth, and started exploring for my tonsils. I moaned into his mouth, his erection pressed into my stomach where he was straddling me. I arched my back on instinct, grinding against his pelvis. He groaned into my mouth, vibrating the kiss. I was bare except for my panties and his wandering hands started to move up and down my body. He caressed the underside of my breast.

I arched up again, and this time he pushed back against me, causing the most pleasurable friction that I have ever felt. His lips left mine and started trailing kisses down the length of my neck. Suddenly, he sat up straight, as if he’d been struck by lightning.

He gasped. “I-I’m so s-sorry. I did-didn’t mean t-to.” He looked at me worriedly. I gripped the front of his shirt and brought his lips back down to mine. When I released him, he had a content smile on his face. “Okay, now about this kidnapping?”

“I’m on it.” I rolled out from under him, slipping some clothes on quickly and regretfully. That was not the first time that a boy had seen my exposed body, but it was the first time that I had felt comfortable and that the other person had reacted like Alec did.

I packed a bag, scribbled a note explaining my ‘need to get away,’ and walked out the door, Alec on my heels. “Lead the way.” I gestured in front of me.

He glanced at me sideways, a thoughtful smile tugging at his lips. “I’ve never had a more willing victim. I wouldn’t even call this is kidnapping.”

“Victim? You’re not going to rape and kill me are you?”

“Hmm… Depends.” He teased. At least I think that he was teasing.

He ushered me into a ‘get-away’ car with covered number plates. I got in the passenger seat and watched as he got into the seat next to me. “Where are we off to, cap’ain?”

He looked at me uncertainly, before concentrating on the road once more. “What’s your game?”

“What do you mean?”

“What game are you trying to pull here?”

“Oh, you mean in regards to the whole kidnapping willingness thing? Umm, I guess I figured that it wouldn’t matter any way. I could resist, you could fight me, injure me, drug me and I could be weak. I could go with you without argument and I would have kept my strength.”

“You’re smarter than you look.”

“I’m not just a pretty face.” We talked on the trip to wherever. I didn’t pay attention to the signs, or take notice of how long we travelled, it didn’t seem like it mattered. Not really.

He pulled the car over eventually, in the middle of nowhere. The road had no cars and the land was flat and open, no houses, cities or even cows. I raised an eyebrow. “Is this where my dead body is going to lie for life? It’s not classy but it’ll do.”

He looked at me incredulously. “How can you joke about something like that. And, no. I am not going to kill you. I’m just warning you that when we get to this destination, I can’t control what happens to you. I’ll be around, but I’m handing you over to my boss, who will kill you if you don’t obey him. I… I don’t want you to die, so listen up, alright? I don’t know what will happen. He may sell you as a sex slave, or his own personal ‘assistant,’ or… well God only knows what secret fantasies that sick bastard imagines in his twisted head!” His voice rose to a yell, and I put my hand on his arm reassuringly.

I meant it as a kind gesture, but when he looked up, his eyes were dark and full of need. He sprung at me, one leg either side of mine. It was crowded in the front seat of the car but he pushed me against the seat and straddled me closely. His hand went to my hair and pulled my mouth towards his.

Our mouth connected with a passionate heat, consuming and controlling. Our tongues rubbing against each other’s and I could taste his want. He pulled me toward him tightly, my fingers wound in his hair. His erection dug into my hip as he cradled my breast. I moaned softly, and pushed against his hard-on.

“Oh, Tessa,” he moaned against my mouth. It didn’t surprise me that he knew my name but I hesitated a little, just enough for him to pull away. “I want you for myself. I want you so bad.” My eyes travelled downwards to his pants and he just laughed. “I want you so much but I have to give you away. To that bastard. If I don’t…” His eyes filled with panic, so I leant forward and kissed him.

He got back in his seat, and smashed his fist against the wheel. “That asshole!” Without further comment he started the car and drove forward. He didn’t speak until we reached a huge factory looking place.

“Let me introduce you to the boss.”

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