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Novel By: SugarCoated

There's something intriguing about Alec and Tessa can't seem to keep her distance. The only problem is that he kidnapped her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 22, 2013    Reads: 2,008    Comments: 21    Likes: 9   

I bit his bottom lip and pulled. I was awarded with his answering groan, and my whole body was alive, on fire.

This was so slow and sensual that my senses soared. His touch, his hands trailing slowly up my arm and around my neck, made me throw my head back in ecstasy. I needed him. I always have, and I don't know why I hadn't been with him sooner.

His lips traveled across my jaw to my neck. He kissed it tenderly before sucking hard. His teeth grazed my skin slightly and I couldn't stop the overwhelming moan that escaped my lips.

I was burning, my body begging for his touch. I needed him inside me now.

"Alec," I begged. He looked at me questioningly.

"What is it, my love?" He whispered teasingly into my ear. My body shivered from hearing those words and I pressed him closer.

"Alec, I..." I was cut off with a moan that racked through my body as he lightly bit into my neck. "Alec please!" My voice came out flustered and desperate.

"What do you want?"

"I... I want, oh my God!" His tongue travelled from the base of my neck to the back of my ear. "I need you now!" I managed to get out before I was silenced again by his sweet torture.

"Patience is a virtue," he smirked. I let a frustrated breath.

He wanted to tease me. Two can play at that game.

I stepped back from him, going against every screaming fibre in my body that wanted to feel him near me. His arrogant smile faded. He wanted me, but after his little stunt, I was going to make it difficult.

He stepped closer. I stepped back. He took another step towards me, his longing clear in his eyes. I stepped further back, the back of my knees coming in contact with the bed.

Now I could tease him. I gripped the hem of my shirt, ready to pull it over my head, when Alec leapt forward and was suddenly pressed against me. He looked me in the eyes and took my hands in his. "Let me."

I released my shirt, staring at Alec as he slowly lifted it over my head. His eyes were dark and needing and made me melt just at the sight. Our eye contact broke for a second as he carefully pulled the shirt over my head.

His hands skimmed down my side, electricity building from deep within me. His thumbs lightly brushed over my breasts and I bucked my hips closer, pulling him flush against me. I could feel his arousal through the irritating barrier of our pajama bottoms.

I whimpered lightly, causing a sexy growl to rip from the throat of the boy I love. I don't understand how I could possibly love him after what he's done to me or in the short time that I've known him but I do love him and that's just that. It's unexplainable. And I don't care.

His palms once again brushed down the sides of my body, over my boobs until he reached the waistline of my pajama bottoms which he pulled down along with my panties.

His hand found its was between my legs and he brushed the tips of his fingers across my pussy. I whimpered once more, clinging on to him tighter. One of his fingers slipped inside of me and I gasped at the suddenness of it.

He moved his finger in a wide circle and I dug my fingers into his back in ecstasy. He did it again and I moaned loudly. "Alec! That's enough. Please, I can't bear it. I need you now."

His gaze was so fiery and intent that I almost looked away. But something was stopping me. I wanted to watch him as he took me for our first time. I had to watch. It was vital.

He slowly brought me down onto the bed, running kisses along my jawline and my neck, and every other inch that he could kiss without traveling too far. He left me for a minute and I watched him undress. His defined chest, not too muscular but just perfect. He pulled his pants off next, and his boxers. I moaned just from the sight. I really need to control how much I moan.

Then he was on me again, kissing and sucking and nibbling and loving me. Nothing was taking him away from me this time. Nothing. He is mine and I will have him. He gently pulled on my earlobe and I wound my fingers around his back, bringing him closer to where I wanted him. "Are you sure yo-" he begun to whisper in my ear. I silenced him with a deep kiss that left us gasping.

"Positive. I love you Alec." I told him truthfully.

He gave me a quick kiss. "And I love you."

I looked him in the eye, seeing all of the truthfulness there. No lying, no faking. Complete truth. I loved him, and he loved me. Simple as that. But this was the last week that I would have with him. I was going to make the most of the time that I had left.

Suddenly he pushed into me. My eyes widened and I saw the look of concern in his eyes before he swallowed my groan of pain in a kiss. He waited, never moving, just kissing my pain away.

Then he slowly pulled out, every inch of him causing a moan to escape my mouth. This was the most amazing feeling. This is much, much better than what Southwood did to me.

Alec pushed in again. I shuddered with pleasure and clung onto him tighter, burying him deeper inside me. He groaned through his teeth. "Tessa, slow it down. I won't be able to control it otherwise." But I didn't want him to control it, and besides, I couldn't control myself.

He pulled out again and then back in. I wrapped my legs around his waist, digging my nails deep into his back which only seemed to excite him more. I buried my face into his neck when the pleasure started to become too much. I bit down softly and his answering growl had me doing it over and over and over.

His body was pressed into mine, and he lent down to flick my nipple with his tongue. That was it for me. I stifled my moans in his hair and came hard, clenching around him. He thrust into me a few more times before letting off his own noises of pleasure and coming inside me.

He collapsed, half on top of me, half on top of the bed. His face was buried in the crook of my neck, and he kissed it softly. I encircled my arms around his waist, never intending to let go. But I would have to.

His kissed his way up to my cheek, looking me in the eye when he said, "Tess, what are you doing to me?"

"What do you mean?" Even though I did. Whatever he was doing to me, I was doing to him to.

"I love you, and I've never experienced anything like that... I mean, I've had sex before, but I've never made love... Like made actual love-" I silenced his mumbling with a kiss.

"I understand.

A/N: I know that it has been way too long since I last updated and I'm really, truly sorry. I thought that I would be able to post up a chapter at least every week but obviously things have been a little more hectic than that. So, I'm sorry and I will try to update more often but, no promises! And sorry that it's so short! :) xx


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