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Novel By: SugarCoated

There's something intriguing about Alec and Tessa can't seem to keep her distance. The only problem is that he kidnapped her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 3, 2013    Reads: 1,993    Comments: 16    Likes: 9   

I woke with Alec's arms around me, as my head rested against his chest. I don't even know how I got in this position. Ugh, I'm even attracted to him in my sleep.

I inhaled his masculine smell deeply, trying to hold onto this moment for as long as possible. This could be the last time that he held me, and he was sleeping, so I savoured the moment for as long as it lasted.

I was only pushing him away because I could never truly forgive him for kidnapping me and being the reason for my pain and my distress. That is the only reason that I keep denying him. If it wasn't for that, my naive little body would have thrown itself into his arms and surrendered to him a long time ago. Well, the minute he asked, anyway.

I wonder if he really meant what he said yesterday. Not that it would matter if he did, because I didn't ever plan on being with him, but...

But nothing! Ugh, I want Alec, I can't lie to myself, and he claims to want me, but he kidnapped me! How does he expect me to be with him?

And now... Now I'm being bought off so I only have a week left with him. A week. My heart clenched at the thought. This was the last week that I had with him, my last week of freedom.

Then I would be shipped off with... Shudder... Southwood.

And I would never see Alec again. The pain of losing him hit me suddenly, hot and unbearable. It seared through my veins and I winced quietly to myself. Why did I have to fall in love with this beautiful monster under my fingertips?

I sighed. One week left with this boy that I love and that's it. Only one more week of avoiding him... Hang on, why am I avoiding him? I only have one week of being with him. One week was all that I had to experiment with this new feeling... Why am I wasting it?

I contemplated the thought of being with him, just for this short time. My body gave a slight happy moan, merely from the thought. It would be heaven. A week of kissing him and being within his proximity... I sighed happily.

But the problem was the time limit that we had. A week. Just seven short days.

And I don't think that the boss would be extremely thrilled with the prospect. He might go into a rage and there might be serious consequences for Alec's family... But it was only a week. Just a week and I would never see him again. The boss would never have to know.

Plus, it's not like Alec loved me back. So, it would only hurt me to be with him for the week knowing that I loved someone who didn't love me. It wouldn't hurt him at all when I left. I could do whatever I wanted with him and he wouldn't be heartbroken when Southwood claimed me. Like I would be.

Suddenly, through all of my epic mental battle, my thoughts cleared enough for me to make a decision.

I sat up quietly, not wanting to wake him. I turned around and positioned myself on top of him, putting all my weight into my hands and knees on either side of his sleeping body. My face was mere inches from his, and I almost giggled of how unaware he is of the situation.

I brought my lips to his.

They were so soft, so inviting that I moaned instantly. I missed this, I needed this.

His eyelids flickered slightly, before they flew open and he gasped in shock upon seeing me nibbling on his lips. His gasp was the entrance that I craved and my tongue darted in, not wasting a second.

He went to pull away but I couldn't let that happen, not yet. My hands grasped his face and I put my weight into my elbows instead. I threaded my hands through his hair and held him to me, impossibly deepening the kiss even more.

He responded immediately after that; his tongue dancing in my mouth, his back arching to grind against my body. He groaned in his pleasure and his hands went to the back of my neck, pulling me flush against him.

He tasted so magnificent that I wanted to suck, and nibble, and bite him all day. I'm so greedy.

I bit his bottom lip softly and pulled, his answering groan caused my pussy to throb. Why had I ever been mad at him? He makes me feel... I moaned.

Suddenly he flipped me and I was lying on my back with him on top of me. He was kissing me deeply, desperately. He needed me, I could feel it, and I needed him.

I gripped his ass, pulling him closer and causing his erection to dig into my hip. We both sighed in pleasure. This is what I craved. Him.

He pulled away. "Why. Are. You. Doing. This?" He asked between small, sweet kissed placed on my swollen lips.

"Because I..." Oh, holy Jesus, what do I tell him. That I love him? Oh, what do I do?!? "...need you." He smiled sadly, and there was a little bit of disappointment in his eyes. Was he expecting a different answer?

"You need me?" He rolled off me and got to his feet. "You need me. Great. But when I need you, then what? Are you going to lock yourself in the bathroom again? All I wanted to do was help, and then you decide that it's okay to do..." He pointed at the bed, "whatever that was after ignoring me? And your excuse is that you need me?"

I sighed. This is not how I expected my plan to work out. "Alec, please, not now-" He cut me off.

"No, I want to do this now. You pushed me away. I needed you Tess. I was broken. Before you start, I know that nothing happened to me, but it hurt watching that happen to you. I needed you to comfort me, because I was shattered. Forever. That's how long that memory will be burned behind my eyelids. The memory of Southwood raping the girl that... the girl that I love."

I sat up quickly and inched towards where he stood by the bed. "You what?"

"I said, I lov-" I launched myself into his arms, my lips swallowing the last parts of his sentence. I kissed him happily. He loved me! I can die now! My tongue traced his bottom lip, asking for entrance and he opened up. Our tongues performed that sensual dance that they needed so much.

I pulled away after a few minutes of kissing him, gasping for breath. I kept our faces together though, smiling into his lips.

"You love me?" I asked him quietly.

"I can't explain it, but, yes. I do."

I sighed, happily, once again.

"Say it again." I could listen to him all day.

He pressed his lips to mine. "I." Kiss. "Love." Kiss. "You." Kiss. "So." Kiss. "Much." Kiss.

I wanted to tell him back. I wanted to tell him how I truly feel. That I love him, even though he kidnapped me, and I have no idea why I do. I just love him, and that's that. But what if I get hurt? What if he doesn't mean it?

His eyes were so hopeful, so loving that I really couldn't doubt his feelings for me.

I sighed in defeat. I need to tell him. If he uses me... Well, he can use me all that he wants this week. "Alec, I..." His eyes looked at me, almost pleading for me to say those three words. "I love you." I whispered.

He sighed in relief and buried his face into my neck. I wrapped my arms around him and held him until he looked up. He kissed me, slowly, similar to how he kissed me before we were ripped apart. But nothing was tearing us apart this time. I needed him and I was going to have him.

I melted into his kiss. He was a really, really good kisser. He must have had lots of practice... I really don't want to think about that now.

He was still unsure about me. I was angry at him to the point of being disgusted by his touch and then suddenly declaring my love for him, so I couldn't blame him for his confusion. But I wanted him to take the lead. In my eyes I was still a virgin and I wanted him to change that fact.


"Mmm?" His eyes were dark with desire, but he gave me a questioning look.

"Make love to me." I almost laughed at myself. It was so dramatic and cliched.

"Are you sure? I mean, after yesterday with..." He trailed off.

"Yes, I'm sure. Now kiss me."

A/N: Finally! Sorry for taking so long, but the weekend came and I decided to put it to good use! Now I'm uploading before it's over so I hope you enjoyed that! :) xx


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