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Novel By: SugarCoated

There's something intriguing about Alec and Tessa can't seem to keep her distance. The only problem is that he kidnapped her. View table of contents...


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I woke to a heavy knocking at the door.

I was momentarily confused. There was hardly any light draining into the room, and a warm body was pressed against my side, an arm flung across my stomach. I looked down at Alec's peaceful face pressed into the bed and giggled at the dribble leaking from the corner of his mouth.

The knocking continued, more persistently this time. Sighing, and more than a little scared of what the day held in store for me, I picked Alec's arm up carefully and slid out from under it.

I walked over to the door, my steps careful and restrained. I was still pissed about yesterday. Being kidnapped, slapped and having my… whatever you would label Alec… kicked in the stomach, did not equal a happy Tessa.

I went to open the door, before remembering that it was locked from the inside. "Come in," I said regretfully. I knew that I couldn't hide in here forever. Eventually the 'Boss' would get impatient and come in on his own, with or without my permission.

He strode in, glancing around before resting his eyes onto me. "Where is Blackshaw?" His voice was a command.

Still feeling confident about my small victory yesterday, telling him to leave and him obeying, I decided to test the waters a little. I stood there, ignoring him, not daring to open my mouth.

He lunged forward, gripping my hair hard. I gave a little surprised squeal of pain. "You little bitch! You will answer me when I talk to you, do you understand?" The fire in his eyes told me that he was restraining himself from injuring me more.

I tried to nod, but I couldn't move my head because of his hold on my hair. "Y-yes!" I managed to get out.

"Yes what?"

I just stared at him confused. What did he mean, 'yes what?'

He pulled my hair harder and a tear escaped from the corner of my eye. "Yes, sir?" I wasn't sure what to call him, but I thought 'sir' was as good a name as any.

"Good pet." He released my hair, and my hands instinctively went up to massage my scalp. "Now, my flower, where is Blackshaw?"

"He… He's sti-still in bed-d." I stuttered, still shocked. Never again would I 'test the waters' with this man. He is sadistic and twisted and merciless.

"In bed, aye?" He looked at me questioningly. Before I could react, he walked over to the bed purposely, and pulled the duvet off the bed, revealing Alec's very maimed, very shirtless chest.

The smug bastard turned to me with a smirk on his face. "He's a sight to see, isn't he? I can see it in your eyes. You want him, like every other girl that is and has been in this place. They all fall for him. And he uses them. Look at him; you think he's perfect don't you? Even with his chest in that state. And to think that I did that with my boot!"

"What do you want?" I asked tiredly. I was so sick of these games, and I was trying to disguise how much his words hurt.

Why did I care? I shouldn't. It doesn't matter. He's not mine to lose. What do I care who he's with?

Keep telling yourself that.

"It is time for you to… fulfill your duties." I didn't like the look that he gave me at all.

"What do you mean, duties?"

"You'll see. Get Blackshaw up. He'll explain and get you ready." With that, he spun on his heels and sauntered out of the door, closing it with a final click.

Resignedly, I sat on the bed, staring at Alec a little longer. His black hair was perfectly imperfect, sticking out at odd angles, some resting on his cheek and forehead. His lips were slightly parted, his chin was shiny and his pillow damp with dribble. I fought the urge to laugh again.

I shook his shoulder lightly. "Alec…. Wake up please. Alec!"

He stirred slightly. "Mmm?"

I leant down to his ear. "Wake up," my lips brushed his ear lobe.

"Tessa?" I pulled back as his eyelashes fluttered softly. His green eyes found mine and he reached his face up to kiss me.

I pulled away before he got close. "No."

Even in the muted light I could see his surprise and his hurt. "Okay, then." I could even hear the hurt in his voice.

I laughed. "Not until you wipe all of that dribble off your chin." I winked. He wiped the back of his hand across his mouth, and pulled it away, giving me an appalled look.

"Ugh, how disgusting! Did you…" He quickly turned around and felt around his pillow until he found the patch of dribble. "Oh my god! How embarrassing! I'm really sorry about that!" He seemed really frantic and mortified, so I laughed and pressed my lips against his. They all fall for him. And he uses them.

I pulled away abruptly. "Your 'boss' was just in here. He said something about you getting me ready for my duties, or something. Is that right?" The blood drained from his face.

"Duties? Are you sure he said duties?"

I thought back. "Positive." He pulled me into his arms and hugged me close, my cheek on his chest.

He held me there for what felt like ages. The whole time I was trying to think of excuses to pull away. I came up with none that seemed reasonable. He felt so right. When he did pull away though, his eyes were full of worry.

"I'm so sorry. I truly am Tess." And he looked sorry.

"What for?"

"For what is about to happen to you. I don't know exactly what that is, but I know that it won't be good and that I will have no control over it whatsoever. So I'm sorry."

Even though his words raised the hairs on the back of my neck, and even though every single molecule in my body was telling me not to, I leant forward and pressed my lips to his to dissolve his obvious anguish.

I meant only to comfort, not to start anything new, but the second our lips connected, electricity crackled through me. The heart coursed through my veins, igniting the passion, and I practically pounced on him.

My weight pushed Alec onto the bed, but his arms wrapped around my back, digging his nails into me and pulling me closer to him. His tongue skidded over mine, tangling them. My hair fell around our faces, creating our own little world where nothing was wrong and it was just him and me. I was so lost in him, that I almost forgot about my… duties.

Almost, but not quite. It took every ounce of strength to pull my face away from Alecs. "Alec… we need to… we have to go to… the, um… thing. I don't… don't want to make… him mad again." I said, out of breath.

I rolled off him and he sat up, realization in his eyes. "Okay. Um, get dressed in something else. The cupboard in the corner is full of clothes." I walked over to the cupboard, scanning the clothes.

Nothing unusual. A few jeans and shirts. I did notice that all of the underwear was lingerie. Almost see-through bras and thongs. "Can I wear anything?"

"Anything." I turned to look at him, and he turned his back to me with a tiny smile. I slipped into one of the thongs, the most modest bra - a red lacy one - and some jeans and a shirt. When I turned around to Alec, I found that he was already watching me, a small appreciative smile lighting his face.

I shook my head at him and motioned for him to lead the way. He grabbed the key and unlocked the door, leading me down the hall to a door. He looked at me regretfully, leant down to plant a small kiss on my mouth and opened the door.

The walls were all grey and rendered. The only things that gave the room a little colour, was the huge bed in the centre of the room and a wooden chair in the corner, occupied by 'the boss.'

"Ah, took long enough. I was wondering if I would have to pay you both a visit to see what was more important than your duties, flower."

"Well, now you've got me here. What do you want with me?"

"Strip." The one simple command confused me.

"Strip, sir?"

"Yes, strip. Your clothes. Strip them." The look he gave me was not one to be argued with. Alec shut the door and strode over to 'the boss' and stood by his side.

'The boss' turned to Alec. "And what exactly are you doing? I want you to strip too, Blackshaw."

"Me?" Alec looked confused as well, as I carefully took off my shirt.

"Yes, you! Take off your clothes!" He was getting impatient now, so Alec, looking rather startled, complied.

Thoughts danced through my mind as Alec took off his shirt. I had never seen Alec fully undressed before so I was quite excited. Not that it would matter. I couldn't do anything about the fact even if I did like what I saw. Or if I didn't. The bruise on his stomach stretched from his nipple to the waist line of his pants. I don't understand how it is so long. It was one boot, one kick, that should have been made on me.

My pants came off. Alec's pants came off. His thighs were huge, like tree trunks and I could see his erection growing through his grey boxers. I moaned and he looked at me and grinned, but it didn't show in his eyes. I reached around my back and unhooked my bra, my eyes never leaving his. Slowly, his eyes trailed down and he sucked in a sharp intake of breath. I hooked my thumbs into my thong and slowly sashayed out of it.

He did the same with his boxers, taking extra care over his erection where my eyes rested.

I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't this.

Alec was huge.

I wasn't just saying that either. His cock was about the size of my forearm and long as well. I gasped deeply, and looked back into his eyes. He was gauging my reaction, and I had never seen him look so exposed and nervous. It took every ounce of strength not to run into his arms. He looked like he was straining hard for control as well.

I was knocked out of the heat, by a cold laugh in the corner. I had forgotten that 'the boss' was still in the room. Instinctively, I threw my hands up to cover my body. He laughed again. "So, my flower, Blackshaw gets a good view but I don't? Well, that's lucky, because in a minute he will fuck you, but for now, I want a look at my property."

Alec is going to fuck me! I was so excited, so animated that I dropped my hands. Anything, to speed up 'the boss' from his perving. I glanced at Alec and he looked surprised as well, but not as nearly excited as I felt. He looked… distraught.

"Turn around pet." I spun in a circle so that 'my boss' could steal every last scrap of my dignity. "Good, very enticing." He looked a moment longer before pointing to the bed. Alec walked over to it and sat down, looking at me expectantly. I just waited for 'the boss' to leave.

When he didn't, I looked at him confused. "What is taking you… oh. You thought that I was going to leave? You silly thing, of course I'm staying. I wouldn't want to miss the show." He winked at me.

I felt so disgusted at having a stranger watch my virginity get taken from me. I stood where I was, repulsed at the thought of going near the bed, where my glorious Alec was waiting.

My glorious Alec? You stupid girl, he is not yours. Where did that thought come from?

I stood where I was, two sets of eyes on me, one set impatient, the other set troubled. "What are you waiting for, girl?" I looked at where 'the boss' was sitting.

"I can't do this in front of you." I spoke shyly.

"Well you're going to have to or there will be serious consequence to some people that mean a lot to Blackshaw." Alec looked up frantically, begging me with his eyes. Not able to stand him like that, I walked to the bed and sat as far from him as possible.

"Honestly, flower, I'm not a very patient person." Alec slipped closer to me upon hearing this, so that his leg pressed against me. I couldn't look him in the eye, so he put his palm on the side of my face and made me look into his eyes.

"Please. Please do this for me. Please. I will be gentle. I'll take it slowly. Just, please." His voice broke, and I placed my head on his shoulder. It seemed the safest option. I didn't want to do this, no matter how much I wanted Alec. I didn't want a stranger to watch my first time. It would forever be burned into my memories. But if I was the cause of the death for even one family member of Alec's, well, I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

I looked up into his eyes. "Okay."

"Okay? Thankyou!" He kissed me, gently. All my doubts were erased in that one kiss. It was unlike anything that we had ever shared. It was soft and gentle and there was none of the searing hot hunger. This was unrushed, the kiss of lovers who had nothing but time. His lips left mine and trailed down my neck. I moaned softly as his tongue brushed the sensitive skin at the base of my neck.

I pulled his head back up and kissed him again, needing that calm, tender kiss again. His fingers brushed my cheek, pushing my hair behind my ear. I broke the kiss and bent down to look at his bruise. It looked so painful, and he did it to protect me from the same fate.

I kissed it. He groaned. I kissed it again, and again, until every single spot on the surface of the bruise had been kissed. When I looked back into his eyes, I could see that he was fighting for control. He kissed me again, still soft but a little more urgently. He placed a hand on my back and placed me onto the bed, my head resting on the pillows.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"I don't have a choice. I have to be." I replied.

He kissed me again. When he looked at me he was serious and concerned. "Are you ready for this?" I nodded. I was ready. I wanted him, this man who kidnapped me and yet was so kind and loving.

"Good." He kissed me again, urgent and wild and distracting. I felt him at my entrance, and I closed my eyes, preparing for the pain.

I felt his weight shift, until I couldn't feel him anymore. I opened my eyes to find two men lifting him off me. Another man entered. He was wearing a suit, with grey hair and cruel eyes. He scared me more than 'the boss' did.

'The boss' chuckled at my distress. I looked at Alec and he looked at me hopelessly. He had stopped struggling and had admitted defeat.

'The boss' spoke. "Flower, this is Mr Southwood. He is buying you, depending on what happens now. Thankyou Blackshaw, for preparing her. Now watch as Mr Southwood deflowers her."


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