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Dominate you...

Novel By: Spyguy

A ravaging of her body & soul... Is that just a fluke? Or was it her goal? ...You keep on reading, & someday you'll know... Sorry my writing's a little bit slow... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 20, 2014    Reads: 144    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

As I headed home I once again thought to myself... "Could it really be that easy?" Well, I had ninety days, three months; "That's my sons birthday..." I suddenly thought to myself, "... That'll be easy for me to remember..."

Two weeks later I was right about that point where I was questioning my sanity... Why did I decide to do this? There are so many things to do... Is this really all that necessary? Would it be all that bad if I didn't do this? There are so many competing...

Then, that day I got the phone call... "Hello? Yes, I just called to check on your progress with your promise to the woman in the mirror..." I was stunned; He was calling me? ('Well, it's going Alright, but...') "BUT... You're not one of those whining kinds of women who start something & then don't complete it just because it's a little bit hard, or a little bit of a challenge are you? I don't think you're like that, you're a mother of seven children you said, aren't you? You haven't birthed 7 kids, lived with your husbands, raised those kids, made yourself look better than Marilyn Monroe in the process, gotten divorced & remarried, & dealt with all the problems life throws at you, dealt with governments, & authorities, police, your 'Ex's new girlfriends', moving to different states, the pressures of raising a family, & all that while still continuing to remain a quitter, have you? Is that really who you are? Did I really make that big of a mistake believing in you? No... I don't believe it that's not who you are..." Wait a minute, did he just say he thinks I look better than Marilyn Monroe? ('No, I'm not a quitter, I couldn't have been, but how do you know so much about my life? My marriages, & my difficulties? I never told you abou...') "No I didn't think so... So, what's this you were going to say about not being able to keep your promise to yourself? That doesn't sound like you..."

Damn, this guy's so aware of things, he knows what I'm going to say before I even say it... ('No, that's not what I meant at all... I just have so many pressures on me as a...') "Wait a minute..., are you going to blame your kids, & family for your chickening out on a promise to yourself here? Maybe you aren't the girl I thought you were..." Wait, so he believes in me? He's calling you isn't he? Yeah, how'd he get my phone number? He has that high of an opinion..., Wait, now that low of an opinion of me... How does he know so much? I haven't quit yet, I was just thinking about it... ('First of all buster, I haven't quit ANYTHING... Second, I don't know how you got my number, but I am going to beat all of those little bimbos that you call women, in the whole building over there that you packed with your frilly 'Cheerleader-type' whores... None of them has anything on me, & my experience will win the contest in the end... And third, if you ever want to know about me & my past life, I'd appreciate it if you'd talk with ME about it, not just go off like some kind of stalker & do your research on the internet... That's one thing that'll make my blood boil & you have no right...')

"Ha Ha Ha... So, I was right about you, you do have a feisty side of you? I was beginning to think you were just a little lamb... Good girl... I'm proud of you... You stay strong, just like that, & I'll be working directly with your fiery little self image directly very soon... You DO have it in you, congratulations my dear, you passed test #3, & you didn't even know it... I'll be watching for you at the club..." And with another laugh, he hug up... Arrogant prick, I thought to myself, then had to laugh as I realized how he'd tricked me into recommitting to myself what I'd decided to accomplish... I'm going to thank him someday for caring for me so very much some day... How can a stranger care that much?

The next two & a half months went by pretty quickly after that... Daily visits to the mirror, life, troubles, kids, life... But, I did get 2 more, "Reminder" calls from him encouraging me & praising me for my faithfulness... Soon it was the day for our return to the club... I was so nervous, I felt like my legs were jelly as I walked in, looking again at all of those perfect 10's but, in some small way, I wasn't really nervous at all about the competition, I saw their beauty, but I recognized that I had just as many valuable & noteworthy qualities or more than they did with their superficial beauty... Though some of them, I realized had a greater depth than just beauty... I heard it in their voices, & saw it in the way they stood, & the way that they spoke to their peers, THOSE, I suddenly realized, were my TRUE competition, those would be the ones that he would see... The others wouldn't have even a chance... As that thought came to me, suddenly there were really only about 5 women in the whole room... Of course, there all 100 or so of them were still standing there, but only around 5-6 were still in the running to compete...

As I suspected, a list of about 98 names was posted, & the rest of us had our names called one by one & were pulled out from the room to be taken to other rooms to sit & wait, then given a nice buffet lunch, like I've never experienced before, & then had a chance to talk directly with my mentor as I've affectionately begun to call him... Of those who were left? I can only guess that they were sent home politely, being told that they hadn't qualified... I wonder if I could have taken that...

I'm glad I didn't have to...


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