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Dominate you...

Novel By: Spyguy

A ravaging of her body & soul... Is that just a fluke? Or was it her goal? ...You keep on reading, & someday you'll know... Sorry my writing's a little bit slow... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 7, 2013    Reads: 379    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Emcee pronounces from the front of the room:

"You've all come here today to compete for an opportunity to study under the sensuous, talented hands of the Master Trainer, absolute certainty should prevail in your minds that one, & only one of you'll earn the opportunity for divine connection with your inner soul at the hands of the epitome of experience... Are there any questions?"

I looked around the room at the other approximately 75 varying degrees of gorgeous women & internally suffered a moment of supreme self-doubt... "Do I really belong here?"

"OK..." He continued... "If you're not completely ready & willing to submit your own minds, bodies, & souls to a perfect stranger who you've never met, you've come to the wrong place today, let there be no doubt, this is a contest to find the one person in this room that drips and exudes sensuality, that embodies wanton lust, & that can submit herself completely. We're not looking for what ignorantly self-proclaimed "Experts" would define as "Sexy" or "Beautiful"... We want perfection, & it would surprise you who in this room both doesn't have it, as well as who may... If I haven't scared you off, then line up over there at that door, and we'll get started..."

With that said, he pointed at the door that I'd been discreetly making my way toward, thinking it was the exit, & my nightmare, my dream, & my life as a submissive all began, in one crazy, mixed up reckless, unprepared, glorious moment in time...

As we all walked through the door, I was feeling more & more afraid; Why would he want me? Why would I have a chance? I really don't want to just humiliate myself in public, yet that's what I've done today, isn't it? What do I do from here? I'm not a quitter, a failure, or one to give up easily... I'm a fighter, haven't I brought children into the world? I didn't just roll-over into that, & I'm not willing to just pansy out of this one either... Some of these women have no real life experiences, they've never had any children, or dealt with many of the day to day things that I have... Well, maybe he won't choose me, but by all that I believe in, it won't be because I didn't give it my best shot... I took the time to come here, & by golly I'm going to give this the best that I can... With that I walked up to the first test, the one that they said was the hardest of all... The one that most of these Hussies can't pass, according to the sign, as well as the whispering of a lot of these other women here, this is one that will break even the strongest of women... They don't have the discipline they say... Well, THAT'S an area where I can show them a thing or two since I've fought with courts, husband, children, cops, parents, & who knows what else... Yes, that's an area I can win in... I AM A DISCIPLINE... And there's NO WAY that a simple little mirror is going to get the better of me... This one I've got hands down... It's true I might get eliminated later on, but this one I can conquer, this one I WILL WIN...

All I have to do is beat my own self...

(Mental notes of Kelly, one of the students...)

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