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A Zoo... For You...

Novel By: Spyguy

Because I've included much of this story in the comments section, you'll miss much of what the story is about if you don't read the chapter summaries for each chapter...

Menagerie of a zoo...

(A summary at the start of each chapter...) View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 27, 2015    Reads: 1,145    Comments: 11    Likes: 9   

{As we walked all of these wonderful desires about what I'd love to do to this fresh princess beside me floated through my brain... Each more lecherous than the last... I wanted her with every fiber of my being... But if I messed up, Tom would kill me... I can't stop thinking about those lusious, creamy breasts... Those long flowing legs, the treasure trove between her legs... I'll treat her right... I'll make her happy... I'll show her the need I have for her body... Such glorious beauty... So many things I can imagine myself doing to make this girl want me so badly that she wets herself when she thinks of me... I want to massage those big beautiful water balloons, & squirt my own hot liquid all over them...}


{How can I just take her home when I want so badly to lay her down naked & spend the rest of my life with her? What excuse can I give to Tony for taking too long at her house? Will she be willing to allow me to please her? What a lovely a...}

"ED... What's th' matt'r wit' you? I said, this 's m' house... Is you feelin' ok? You wuz 'spos'd t' take care o' me... 'Member? I declar' I think you's daydreamin'..."

I'm sorry Miss Honey... I was thinking about something else... Well, I guess we've gotten you here safe & sound... Doctor Tom said I n...need to go i...inside with you, j...just to m...make sure that ev...everythings safe? Y...you know you can never b..be too safe... Besides, I r...really need to sh...show you how to apply the m...medicine...

{Here I am babbling like a fool, & making a scene... Why didn't I just walk up to the door, & walk in with her... What a dummy I'm turning out to be... Come on Ed, pull yourself together, think a little bit please... I can't bear to lose this lovely jewel like I've lost all of the girls I've never dated before... Oh, but I can't wait to get my hands on those big beautiful tits... Such lusious tastiness... I really want to see Honey naked again, only this time just for me... Maybe she'll notice that her panties aren't the same ones she was wearing... What about her bra... It's not even the same size... I know, I saved the pieces... How's He able to convince her she's not crazy, why can't they figure out what's happened to them? I just can't understand His mental powers over them... I guess that's how he became the Doctor...}

"Ed... ED... You'd bett'r come inside here fer a min't you's 'bout ready t' faint 'r sum'p'in'... C'mere..." She said as she pulled me into her appartment and over to a big overstuffed chair just inside the door... "Sit yer'sef down fer a min't & relax, th' Doc'll be ok withou'cha fer a lil' while... I'll getcha' sum Ice'd Tea... That'll mak' ani'thin' bett'r..."

She purred as she sashayed lithely into the kitchen area of the little appartment... She opened the door to the fridge and bent over to grab the lemonaid & I gasped as I caught a little glimpse of her creamy white thighs & the underwear I'd so carefully picked out to try to match those she'd worn in to the clinic...

"Here... Drink this..." She said then walked into the other room, as she did so, I could tell she was pulling at the buttons on her blouse, & she hollered back; "Now ya'll jus' relax ther' fer a min'it an' I'll be right back... I jus' gots ta' git out o' these tight clothin's... Ah'm a suffrin' hot an' it jus' ain't right... I guess I bett'r put on th' med'cin th' Doc gave me, 'cause m' chest is a drivin' me crazy... You be good an' promis' t' stay put now 'til I com' back in there..."

'Oh yes maam', I said, craneing my head to follow her image in the mirror which in her hurry, she must have forgotten was there... 'Miss Honey, if you'll bring the medicine over just as s...soon as you've changed into a l...looser top, I'll show you how to m...make sure you get the b...best benefit from that medicine...'

{I watched her closely as I said this, thought I saw a little shiver go up her spine, saw her nod her head slightly, almost imperceptibly, turn back to the closet, grab a hold of her bra & remove it, quickly tie on a small, but modest bikini top, & then return to the moderately furnished living room where I waited with a somewhat impatiently twitching...}

"Ah di'n't know they wuz a speshul way I had t' put that med'cine on, did Doc tell me that too whilst I wuz not feelin' good?"

'No Honey, I just really care about you, & so I want you to get the best benefit from the Snake oil... Here, why don't you just sit back, relax, & let me help you?'

{With that I stood up, gently pushed her down onto the chair, continuing to gently push her back into what I'd discovered was a reclining chair, while at the same time triggering the bar to make the chair lean back, & the foot-rest come up off the floor, forcing her legs & feet up off of the floor with it...}

'I'll just take these shoes off too to help you relax a little bit...' I said, as I gently removed her shoes, & then began to rub her feet & toes with what other women had deemed were my "Magical hands", which had lots of practice in the giving of all kinds of foot-back-&-other-muscle massages. 'After a long day...' I said, (Concentrating on the balls of her feet, a place where I knew from experiance that much of the bodies tension could be massaged away from), 'It's nice to be able to relax a little bit with your shoes off... There, doesn't that feel a bit better?'

{I knew from experiance that no one could resist a good foot massage, & I'd gotten pretty good at it over the years of serving Tony's "Clients"... He said that I could almost take them into a trance by doing that, & I sure hoped that it would work this time...}

"Mmm hmm, ahh that feels soooo good" Honey said as she relaxed further into the soft couch; "If'n yor not careful' tho' yer 'gonna put me t' sleep... That ther' feels lik' a bunny on a spring mornin'... Mmmmm ohhh yeeess" She mumbled softly as she slowly closed her eyes, as my hands slipped up to work on her heels & ankles...

{This is working sooo well I thought to myself, as I gently continued my massage all the way up to her calves & then also all around her beautifully formed knees... I could work on this Heavenly body forever I thought as I mentally prepared for my next move... 'How've I gotten so lucky?' I asked myself, as I stood up & moved to the top of the chair, 'Now's the time for Heaven', I thought preparing to savor what was coming next...}

Well my fan friends...; What do you think of the story so far? Is it worth your time? Please comment with your likes, or dislikes, so I can know if I should continue?

Should Honey get more stimulation in one day than she's had in an entire lifetime? What do you say?


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