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A Zoo... For You...

Novel By: Spyguy

Because I've included much of this story in the comments section, you'll miss much of what the story is about if you don't read the chapter summaries for each chapter...

Menagerie of a zoo...

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Submitted:May 27, 2015    Reads: 716    Comments: 7    Likes: 4   

"Hello? Is this the father of Honey P. Erfection?" 'Yesireebob, what kin ah do fer ya'?' "Well sir, I'd like to request the hand of your daughter in marriage...", I started out, scared as a rabbit on the highway... "I wish Sir, that I was there, in person, but even though I'd love to have been able to ask you this in person, I truly do love your daughter sir..., I am prepared to be a great husband to her, support her, care for her, & love her for the rest of her life... I would appreciate it if you would be willing to give us your blessing & if we could talk about plans for the wedding...?" (We both waited with bated breath, holding hands as we listened carefully for his answer...) 'MABEL, YER DAUGHTER'S DUN D'CIDED 'T GIT HITCH'D... GIT IN HERE 'N TALK T' HER B'TROTH'D WOULD'YA'... jist a sec'nd yung'in, m' wif's a comin' in from th' barn...' (Honey leaned in to whisper in my ear, 'Ah kin tell 'e's happy 'bout it 'cause otherwis' you'da got a whol' mouthful' o' hollerin' a fore' he'da call'd in Mama') "Mister, your daughter Honey has told me your name is John... Would you mind too terribly if I were to just call you 'Daddy'? Honey says that's the name that you always called her grandfather on her mom's side of the family..." 'Well now son, I think I'd lik' that right pleasant lik'... Yesir, ah think that'd be jus' fine...'

After about 2 hours of Honey & her mom talking on the phone, the arrangements had been made, & then all we had to do was to go back and tell Doctor Tom... I'm dreading that with all of my heart, because I know that he's going to flip his lid... And my newly betrothed might not get a husband after all... He's gonna kill me... I know he's going to be madder than a wet hornet, but I just couldn't wait any longer, I knew I wanted my Honey, & I wanted her now, & I wasn't going to take "No" for an answer... "Honey, my love, could you do me a big favor?" 'Yes dear, 'cors ah can... What's on yer purdy littl' mind?' "Would you be willing to keep this a secret for a little while yet from Dr. Tom? I'm just not ready to tell him yet..." 'You betcha' I will... Not lik' 'es gonna be a noticin' it much anyways is 'e?' "Oh, I'll tell you, he might not necessarily notice, but he's going to be red-hot mad when he finds out that I've asked you to get married... He's probably going to kill me if there aren't enough witnesses around when I tell him... And because of that, I need to leave now & get back to the clinic... I've already been gone for a whole 3 1/2 hours, and I'm going to be in enough trouble when I get back there... that's part of the reason I asked you to come with me to the store as we talked instead of talking to you here at your house, I can use that as part of the excuse as to why it has taken me so long to get back to the clinic today... Plus today we had almost no appointments, & he likes to take just a little nap on Fridays when we're not going to have to many patients, & so I slipped a little something into his normal afternoon cup of Java... Hopefully he'll still be asleep when I get back... I just had to have a little more time with you today, & you've made me the happiest man in the whole wide world... Thank you Honey..." I gave her a sweet little kiss on the lips as I left her place, & then I whistled all the way as I ran back to the clinic... I can't believe the kind of luck I've had today... The Lord himself must be watching out for me & taking good care of me, not only did Honey say 'Yes', but her mom & dad are on-board with the wedding too... At that moment I kneeled down right there in the park outside of the clinic & said a fervent prayer to my Maker to thank Him for my luck and for taking such good care of me...

"HONEY LOVES ME" I shouted silently in my prayer, "THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP..."

There's a whole lot more of Honey's adventures in my head, but it's taking lots of time to get them down on paper... I hope it's worth the wait my little followers... Do you want the details? Please let me know if you feel I should include the wedding as I continue these adventures, or even if you want them to continue, maybe it's time we leave her alone for a honeymoon? Or do you think we should return to the lab before the wedding to help her to be a little more "Prepared" for her man? What say you my sweet ones? ... Is the interest still here?


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