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The Black Raven

Novel By: sparky10112

A girls brutal rape was misunderstood and she speaks out about it. View table of contents...



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set in early 1900's) there was this girl named Anabel, and ever since she was old enough to bear children she has been sex-thirsty. she was an early bloomer and was the only one her age who wanted it so she was getting older me to help her out. one day she didn't go home and they searched for her and found her beaten and bloody near a house, it looked like rape, and the man who owned the house which she was found near was put in jail. she kept telling everyone it was a mistake to put him in jail but nobody listened. but this is the true story. all the older men knew where to go for young fresh "meat" she was always ready and willing. one day she was at a ranch, being a helping hand to a cow birth. the owner of the cow had asked her to help, but only her. she delivered the baby cow pretty easily, and the cattle rancher called her out of the stables and to the house. he offered her some wine and asked her to come help him pick which she wanted. she went into the cellar with him but it was too dark to see any wine. he started directing her through he house and they finally came to a room and she thought she felt bottles. the rancher took her hands, she didn't feel the rope being tied onto them. then he picked her up and tied her hands to the ceiling and lit a candle. they were in a room full of toys. he started out by asking her a few questions. that she told him she would have sex with him andthat she didn't mind the unusualness of it. so first he blew out the candle again and she heard him moving around her. she felt him kissing her mouth them and she started kissing him back nice and hard. then he started kissing down her body to her opening. then he licked and prodded her with his tounge. she was crying because she was scared. then he got up and lit the candle again. she stopped crying. he unhooked her from the ceiling and unwrapped her hands. but didn't let her go. he started kissing her neck and down to her ass this time and he started slapping and clapping them and she was screaming in delight. so he then picked her up and he carried her to the bed and he kissed from her ankle to her thigh and then she screamed and he shoved it in all the way. she didn't stop so he threw her on the bed and started pounding her in and out so hard the bed was slamming against the wall, but she was liking it and she was humping his dick further and further until he was balls deep. then he stopped. he was finished with her ass. he took himself out and he walked away and she felt a sting on her ass, and kept hearing the slap sounds that sounded like a whip. and she kept feeling more stinging, but she was so horny she was crying in ecstacy. but he wasn't done there, he put her on the floor, laying on her stomach. her took her legs and tied them wide open to the bedposts. she didn't feel anything until she felt the sting of the whip on her V. it hurt, but it was only once. he could see her juices flowing like a waterfall and he licked them up. then he started thrusting his whip in and out of her for stimulation. he found she was a virgin. but she was crying like he said not to, so it got worse. he took out his D but she didn't notice it until now that there was someone else in the room. while the first guy started fucking her pussy in variations that were slow and then fast, she started screaming, which for him was the last draw. he signaled the other guy over and while the first was fucking if she made any noise, the second would thrust her anus. and then whip her. she screamed so many times that her back was cut open and her anus was bleeding, but she was loving it. he was getting close to finishing so now he was fucking that pussy without hesitation, fast hard and rest lass and she was crying. when he finally came and pulled out, the second guy was already in her pussy and he was rock hard and 3x bigger than. the first and her didn't care she was virgin at all, he fuckdd her silly, and she loved it all and she stopped him before he finished and made him fuck her in her mouth before he finished and she drank all his juices and cleaned hers off him. then the next thing she remembered, was she was outside the house, on the ground, and she could tell she had been fucked all night because of her loose pussy.


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