The Palace Guard

By: SoulDiver

Chapter 3,

After that day in the library he returned to being an alert, uncommunicative, impersonal guard. She hated how he would not meet her gaze, no matter how hard she tried to catch his eye. It was as if he had totally shut off all emotion. At night, she would writhe in bed tormented by the memory of his pulsating cock

It was almost as if he ensured they would never be alone and he had obviously fixed it that other guards would accompany her to the library. She had no interest in the others, only him. Then it came to her. Maybe she could make him jealous.

The next day, she made sure that he saw her smiling at one of the other guards. She picked the youngest one, a man not long out of boyhood, one of the handmaid's favourites. Later that day, she loudly ordered her new target to take her to the library. When she returned an hour later she tried to look a little flushed and disheveled. Her real target was standing by the door of her day room and he looked her straight in the eye as she passed him. His face was grim. She felt triumphant. Then her lady in waiting was called away on an errand and the moment she left, he came into the room and closed the door behind him.

'What are you doing?' he asked coldly.

'Nothing,' she said coquettishly, picking up her sewing and failing to disguise a smile.

'Did you tempt him?'

She feined innocence, 'Who?'

'You know what I mean.'

'How dare you speak to me in this way,' she declared putting down her sewing. 'I will tell my father of your insolence!'

He frowned. 'Why would you do that?'

'I will, if you refuse to do what I want.'

'You would blackmail me?'


'And what do you want?' he asked tentatively.

'Well first, I want you to kiss me.'

'And second?'

'That can wait,' she said thrusting her pretty chin in the air and fixing him with a determined look.

'Remember what I warned you about.'

Her face suddenly fell, 'I cannot sleep at night,' she cried. 'It's like a fever. All I can think about is you! You have to help me.'

'There is something I can do, but afterwards you must at least try to leave me alone.'

'OK,' she whispered.

He pointed at the door of her anti chamber, 'Does that door lock?'

She nodded.

'Then we'll go in there.'

When they were in the tiny room and he had locked the door, she flung her arms around his neck, the force of her embrace pushing him against the wall, but before she could kiss him he peeled her hands away from him and held her at arms length by the wrists.

'You must do as I say,' he said, 'And do not touch me.'

She nodded, too desperate to disobey him.

'Lie down on the floor.'

She stared at him astounded that he would tell a Princess to lie on the floor, in a silk gown!

'Lie down on the floor,' he repeated firmly.

She meekly lay down on her back and gazed up at him.

'Raise your skirts,' and she did as he said, this time with a rising excitement.

'Higher. Until they are round your waist.'

He knelt down beside her and took hold of her fine linen under-drawers, pulling them down her legs, exposing her secret place to his gaze. She blushed and her hands instinctively moved to cover herself but he brushed them away. Moisture glistened on her exposed lips and he smiled and ran the top of his finger down the cleft, 'You are wet already,' he murmured. She squirmed.

'Open your legs,' he said more firmly and she did. 'That's a good girl,' and he knelt between them. He ran his finger down her cleft once again and then lay down and lowered his head towards her. She gasped as she realised what he was going to do.

'This is called a quim,' she heard him say just as his tongue made contact.

The heat of his mouth and the friction caused by his lashing tongue created sensations beyond anything she had experienced before. Her insides melted into hot lava as he sucked and stroked her. When his fingers added to the maelstrom of sensation by slightly pushing inside her, she felt a wave of contractions start to build and he had to hold her down as she tried to gyrate against him. The contractions built in an unstoppable force as he continued to lathe her with his tongue. What was happening to her? Wave upon wave of release took hold of her as she cried out again and again and he didn't stop until the last wave broke and died.

He licked his fingers and stood up. She gazed up at him, her eyes unfocussed, completely spent.

'Stand up,' he said and he helped her up onto wobbly legs. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes bright. They gazed at each other for a long moment, and then he said in a strangled voice, 'I have urgent business to attend to,' and unlocking the door he was gone.

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