The Palace Guard

By: SoulDiver

Chapter 21,

How had he missed that? He was supposed to be a spy and he hadn't even realised that Isabella and the King were ... close. It seemed obvious now. He was a fool. He should have entertained himself with one of the maids. He should have known that someone like Isabella would be trouble.

Dutifully, he reported to the King's chamber. He did not want to cause any more trouble for himself. Rather shockingly, The King himself opened the door. There were no servants in attendance. The Guard had expected the King to be angry and grim, but he looked excited. His eyes were glazed and his cheeks pink. Probably drunk. This made the Guard more uneasy than if he had been angry.

Isabella was sitting on the couch, clearly a little drunk too, her nipples peeping over her low bodice, her hair in disaray. The King gestured for the Guard to sit next to her, which he did but leaving as much space between them as he could, and sitting stiffly.

The King looked at them both for a long while and finally said, 'You are a fine pair, fucking each other behind my back. I bet you've been going at it like rabbits.' And he grinned slyly. 'You certainly make a handsome couple. It's a shame I'm attempting to be faithful to my wife,' he said, 'or I would fuck the pair of you until you were begging for mercy.'

Had the Guard just heard him right? He didn't know what part of that statement was the more shocking, that the King was faithful to his wife, or the other part which the Guard hardly dared to process.

'You!' he suddenly barked. 'Stand up!'

The Guard did as he asked and the King approached him. He gently placed his palm on the Guard's cheek and then drew a finger over his lips. 'God, you're fine,' he muttered. The Guard was rigid with shock. 'I can't wait to see you naked.'

Beside them on the couch, Isabella giggled. This hadn't exactly been her plan, but it was a very entertaining twist.

The King suddenly withdrew his hand and sat down on a chair opposite them, spreading his legs and laying his hand over the growing bulge in his trousers. 'Well, if I can't fuck you, I can watch you fuck each other!' he declared cheerfully. Isabella's smile was wide and excited. The Guard grimaced and clenched his fists. What would happen if he refused? It wasn't worth finding out, and it wasn't as if he hadn't taken Isabella before.

'Take your clothes off,' the King growled and as Isabella's hands went straight to the laces at the front of her bodice, he snapped. 'Not you, him!'

The Guard closed his eyes and slowly disrobed. Off went his jacket, the leather braces, his trousers, his underdrawers and finally his shirt. There was silence in the room. The Guard opened his eyes and saw the King had pulled out his cock and was stroking it as he gazed at the Guard's naked body. 'You are a very lucky woman, Isabella, ' he said in a strangled voice. 'Now do something about that sad object,' he added, gesturing at the Guard's flacid penis.

Isabella eagerly got to her knees and without preamble, licked his full length with a greedy tongue. He closed his eyes again and succumbed to the inevitable. Isabella was skilled at this particular service

'Oh yes,' he heard the King sigh as his cock rose with her touch.

He couldn't resist opening his eyes and looking down. Isabella had his balls cupped in her hand and she looked up at him as she ran her tongue up the hard ridge of his cock, to flick it over the head. He couldn't stop himself, he reached down and tugged at her bodice so her tits sprang out, nipples hard and ready.

The King didn't seem to mind that he had taken momentary control of the action. In fact his breathing became jagged as the Guard took hold of his cock and rubbed it against Isabella's nipples, then pushed it between her wobbling breasts. The glistening head pushed out from the creamy flesh surrounding it and her tongue flicked out to lick it.

'Fuck her,' the King gasped as his hand moved more quickly. 'Shove that big cock in her. Make her scream'.

Isabella pulled off her underwear and pulling up her skirts around her waist, sat on the couch and spread her legs so the two men in the room could have a good view of her soaking wet quim. She so loved to be the centre of attention.

The Guard also sat on the couch and pulled Isabella towards him. He was going to make her do most of the work. It was her who had got them into this situation. Facing the King, she imapaled herself with a sigh, slowly sliding down the Guard's familiar cock, allowing everyone to savour the moment. The King groaned as she started to pump her hips and gyrate

'No! take her from behind,' he ordered. ' I want to look at your arse as I come!'

This almost made the Guard completely lose momentum, but he was now past the point of no return, and he bent Isabella over the arm of the couch and fucked her until they were all nothing but heaps of mindless groaning. All three of them came in unison, and as the Guard gained consciousness once again he looked up into a pair of wide blue eyes.

The Princess was standing on the other side of the room staring at him.

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