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The Palace Guard

Novel By: SoulDiver

An adult novella inspired by erotic fairytales.

Princess Elena has been raised to be the perfect bride and kept away from the public eye in chaste innocence. But when she becomes aware of one of the Palace Guards, her future and his life are in jeopardy.

I listened to Ingrid Michaleson's song, 'Soldier', a lot when I was writing this. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 23, 2012    Reads: 3,935    Comments: 4    Likes: 11   

Usually she was confined to her own quarters but her father did allow her to visit his library, accompanied of course by one of the guards who would station himself outside for the duration of her visit, ensuring that she remained alone. One day she made her customary visit, as always shadowed by a Palace guard. She thought she had explored every nook and cranny of her father's vast library but on this day she discovered something new. It was a hidden compartment behind a shelf that she had never seen before as it was obviously meant to be locked. However someone had carelessly left it open. Inside were several innocuous looking leather bound volumes. She took out one of the books and gasped as it fell open and she saw what was on the pages. It was several sketches of a nude male body but instead of the leaves she had seen on statues there was something long and thick sticking out from the man's crotch. It rose into the air at an angle and had a bulbous head. She quickly turned over a page and this time was confronted with a very detailed sketch demonstrating exactly how this object was meant to be used. The man was now between the legs of an equally nude woman and he was pushing his thing into her secret place. It looked horrifying but then she noticed the face of the woman; she was smiling as if in ecstasy. There were more and more sketches on every page. Some showed the woman on all fours like a dog with the man entering her secret place from behind. In one the woman was straddling the man and he had his mouth on her breast. And in one the man was pushing his thing into the woman's mouth. As the Princess flicked through the pages her shock began to subside to be replaced by a different feeling all together, one of excitement and a tingling in her own secret place. That night she guiltily touched herself in that forbidden place for a few minutes remembering the look of ecstasy on the woman's face and the proud angle of the man's thing.

The next day, to her delight, her favourite guard was back on duty and he accompanied her to the library. She was especially aware of his presence now as he walked behind her at a respectful distance. She could feel his eyes on her as she swayed down the corridor and it made her secret place tingle all over again. She wondered if beneath the black wool of his trousers he also possessed a proud weeping member. She licked her lips at the thought of it.

This time someone had remembered to lock the secret compartment. She sat in front of the shelf for a moment and then as if controlled by mischievous spirits she called out 'Guard!'

He immediately appeared across the room, on full alert. She stood up and walked towards him.

'Are you in danger?' he asked. His voice was deep and husky as if he was unaccustomed to using it.

'No,' she said. 'I need you for something.'

He raised one dark eyebrow before remembering his station and saying, ' Your Highness?'

'Lock the door.'

He remained where he was, seemingly unable or unwilling to carry out her orders.

'Lock the door,' she repeated more forcefully and he did so, turning back to her, not meeting her eyes.

She ran her gaze over him, from broad shoulders down to the crotch of his pants, and settled on the bulge which was now visible. She took one step nearer.

'Your highness...' he dared to say in a warning tone. His hands were curled into fists.

She reached out one tentative shaking hand and touched the fabric of his breeches with her fingers. He curled his own fingers tighter. She took a step nearer and she stroked the bulge. He groaned and she could feel him grow and harden under her fingers.

'Your highness...' he croaked, 'Please stop.'

'I just want to see what it looks like,' she said.

'Your Highness, this is dangerous,' he said slowly, 'You are in danger.'

'Show me. And that's an order,' she said petulantly.

He took a deep breath and slowly undid his jerkin, took it off and dropped it to the floor. He then eased the leather braces over his shoulders and finally undid the buttons down the front of his trousers. The Princess watched eagerly as he pulled his member out of his cotton under-drawers. It pushed out of his fist, as proud as in the sketches, the bulbous head glistening. He stood on guard, thing in hand, long lashed eyes fixed to the middle distance, as if on parade. To his evident discomfort, the Princess sank to her knees and examined it more closely. It grew even harder in his hand. She tentatively touched the glistening head which caused him to cry out loud.

'Oh God, don't!'

She smiled with pleasure at prompting such an unprofessional reaction, and stuck out her tongue and firmly licked it.

His knees nearly buckled and his hands suddenly rested on the back of her head. She licked again and it bounced against her tongue. It tasted salty. She then licked the full length of the shaft which was as hard as marble but soft and warm. He groaned loudly and his fingers dug into her hair. Then she clamped her lips around the head and sucked it into her mouth. He cursed and tightened his grip on her hair almost pushing her further down his cock. Her tongue massaged his shaft, as her lips slip up and down, up and down. Suddenly, he pulled her face away from him, gasping as if in pain, and she saw a thick white liquid pumping out of the head of his member.

'What was that?' she asked.

'My seed,' he managed to say.

'Did it hurt?'

He laughed, 'No your highness, it did not.'

She stood up as he tucked himself back into his pants. They stood for a moment as his breathing slowed.

'You mustn't do that again,' he said when he had regained his composure.

'Why? Didn't you like it?' she asked moving closer to him and gazing at him with her clear blue eyes. He took a step away from her.

'I shouldn't have let you do it. It puts us both at risk.'


'Your virginity is a valuable commodity. If you lose it, your life and mine will be in danger.'

She was beginning to understand what this concept of 'virginity' actually meant.

'Believe me, if you come near me again, you could lose your...'

'You will put your thing in my secret place,' she interrupted, realisation dawning.

'It's called a cock,' he said, and then wished he hadn't when she repeated the word in her soft girlish voice.

'And what's worse is that you may bear a child. That's what my seed is for.'

Her eyes widened and she reached out to him. 'You are scaring me.'

He pushed her hand away from him, 'I don't mean to, but you need to know how dangerous this situation is. Men cannot always control themselves with women as tempting as you. I might not be able to control myself.'

She blushed, and she secretly liked the idea of driving him wild with desire. It was a powerful skill, being able to make a man groan as he had done.


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