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Freaks Cum Out

Novel By: Solae Dehvine

Tags: Sex, Freak, Fiend, Video, Rape

This was the opening to my series Freaks Cum Out which was about a girl taking care of her little brother because her mom was on drugs. She meets a guy (Brandon)who saved her little brother from harm. They start a relationship but one small secret hunts her and the relationship. The link to the rest of the series is. . . http://www.sexmentality.com/category/sex-stories/the-freaks-cum-out/ View table of contents...



Submitted:Nov 30, 2010    Reads: 1,890    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Black mask, feathers, glue, and glitter.

I was nervous and naked sitting on a chair in my room staring at all my "work" supplies. Was this new "profession" something that I really wanted?

As I scanned my room I looked at my desk and saw my pile of brand new textbooks. Instantly, I got a small headache. Those books cost at least $1000 and next to them was a tuition bill for at least twice the amount of my books.

I just shook my head and subconsciously started rubbing my nipples. Since I was younger, sex had always been a stress reliever for me.

I remember being 16 and getting irritated with my algebra homework. I would excuse myself from the dining room table to take a "break". That break consisted of me going to my room, laying on my stomach, and squeezing my legs together real tight until I came. Not sure where or when I discovered that little technique but it was better than a counselor or a stress ball.

I guess that's what started me on my way to being a sex connoisseur. I hate the word freak. Why can't I just love to fuck and cum all over myself?

One day I saw an ad for a website called AmateurU.com. On the site you could let people watch you have sex or masturbate live and they had to pay you a fee.

I made an account and watched a few shows.

I was now massaging my clit just thinking about the live videos I saw.

I've been on the site for months thinking and wishing I could do what those people were doing. I loved the thought of someone watching me and drooling over a screen while I got fucked from the back or sucked some dick.

I was rubbing faster now, stretching my legs out. I dipped my finger in my pussy to get it wet and rubbed the fresh juices on my clit. My pussy got so wet I used to think there was something wrong with me. That was until I found out the fellas loved it.

My rising expenses were what forced me to make the final decision. But as much as I loved to be watched I still didn't want everybody to know it was me on camera. I would shit bricks if I worked my ass off in school but wasn't able to get my dream job because of this bullshit.

That's when I came up with the idea for the mask thus the reason for my supplies. If no one knew it was me then I would be just another "freak" online showing her goods. Plus the mask separates me from the rest of the people on the site and created a mysteriousness about me.

I had to force myself to stop playing with my pussy so I could glue the feathers to my mask.

Didn't take me long to get everything glued on the mask and spread the glitter around.

I put the mask on that would separate me from the rest of the world and went over to my full length mirror to take a look. My 44 DD starred back at me. My cocoa brown complexion was glistening from the baby oil I rubbed on myself and the mask disguised me perfectly.

I picked up my titties and smashed them together in a playful way. I even put one in my mouth and sucked on it for a second as I looked in the mirror. I looked so sexy. I would have eaten my own pussy if I had the chance.

Satisfied with what I saw, I stopped licking my right breast and went to the camera to arrange things for the show. I got everything situated, turned the camera on, and sat down on the bed holding my toy.

I started by getting on all fours in the middle of the bed and sucking the plastic dick. I closed my eyes and imagined it was a real dick for a second. As I was about to layback and give my pussy what it was craving I got the weird feeling that somebody was in the room.

I turned around and in the doorway to my room was a man with a black ski mask on. I instantly screamed and jumped off the bed but he pulled a gun from his waist band.

"SHUT UP BITCH" He said pointing the gun at me.

I grabbed a pillow from my bed to cover myself but it was too late. He had already seen the goods cause his dick was mega hard and sticking out of his jeans.

I started shaking at the thought of what he might be thinking. I glanced over at the camera and the light was still lit. That told me it was catching all of this.

He motioned for me to come to him. I shook my head no but he picked up the gun and started to point it at me again.

"Please don't do this" I said as I made my way around the bed towards him like he asked. I was still clutching the pillow in front of me with my mask on.

He was unzipping his jeans. He let them drop to the floor and pulled out his dick which had to be 8 or 9 inches long. He kept motioning for me to come closer to him. Once I got close enough he pushed me down on my knees and stuck his dick in my face. I tried screaming but i saw the gun still in his hand.

"Suck my dick like you were sucking that damn dildo" he said

I didn't move. I knelt there on the floor with his dick in my face unable to move.

"Aww..you don't wanna suck no REAL dick?" He asked.

Of course I didn't answer.

"Aight then" he said as he stepped out of his pants and kicked them to the side. He put the gun down on my nightstand and pulled me up by my arm.
He told me if I screamed he would kill me and I didn't doubt it. He then pushed me down on the bed and made me lay flat on my back with my legs spread.

Since my pussy was still wet from all the shit I was doing before, he was able to slide his dick inside me with ease. He lay on top of me covering my mouth and stroking my pussy all at once. It was more like making love than rape.

I couldn't help but move my hips to his rhythm as I looked up at the camera.

The red light was still staring at us. I closed my eyes and tried to think how I was going to explain this to the police.

"Officer, an intruder broke in my house as I was filming myself masturbating. He raped me with my mask on Officer"

He would laugh in my face at that one. I wrapped my arms around the "robbers" back and grinned from the pleasure. His dick was going so deep Ididn't know if I was going to be able to finish the act. I smiled in between my moans as he started kissing my neck.

He was really putting on a show. Long passionate strokes.

Deeper, longer, and deeper again.

Everything was going great. I was getting "rapped" as planned and we were getting it all on camera.

Most of all he was giving me the best dick ever and I was about to cum!

"Sorry for the false alarm Officer.... I'm a Porn Star"


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