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LUST you till Grave..!!!!

Novel By: softpaw

This happened to me at our first erotic valentine....... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 14, 2012    Reads: 1,560    Comments: 10    Likes: 2   

Hi! I'm Softpaw and this is my first short story ever. I am aware that there are many mistakes and I may not be a good writer. However please read my story and comment no matter if it is positive or negative comment. All the suggestions are welcomed as it will help to improve my writing skills. Hope you guys enjoy reading.

Chapter 1

It was already dark by the time I reached home. I unlocked the front door of my small 1BHKhouse and went straight inside feeling a bit tired. I threw my cell phone and my bag on the couch next to me as I made my self comfortable on it. I had a bad day at work today & to add to my misery Sam has not even called me once to wish me Valentines' day & kept his cell switched off. This was our first valentine as lover & now I realized that he doesn't even care about me. I understand sometimes you can be really busy but at least he could have sent me a txt.

I check my cell to find a text from Elena my best friend. She wished me and informed me that she on a date with some guy named David & cannot wait to fuck him. I sighed feeling jealous of her; she is a free spirited, very beautiful, horny & independent divorcée. She is ready to spread her legs for anyone irrespective of guys or girls, if they are ready to splurge her with expensive gift & money. I know you call this type of women sluts, but guys she is my friend and a very good person at heart.

I had actually once (without her knowledge) seen her fucking our Manager Mr. Tom & MD Mr. Robert together in conference room and also once at her place where she was having a threesome with a guy and a gal in her living room. That was the day when she had called me and Sam to meet her as she wanted to see the guy whom I love crazily and we saw all her fucking through her window. I never informed her about this incident. But Sam was very aroused with all that and that's when he told me that he wants to take our relationship to physical level.

Elena doesn't approve me being with Sam as he is 29 years old and nine years elder to me. Age doesn't matter to me; in fact I love guys older than me. I always wanted a man in my life not an immature boy who only wants to fuck. I knew that once Elena meets him she will know that I am not wrong for choosing him as my bf.

I was drained out of energy from the days work and was feeling very low about my self as my bf doesn't love me anymore, my whole body was aching for being constantly on my toes at work, so I decided to take a shower and soothe my aching muscles. I went to my teak wood closet which is at the west corner next to the bathroom entrance, took out a sexy sheer red & black babydoll lingerie along with matching g-string. I had actually brought this lingerie for today's special occasion. Sam once jokingly said that he want to see me in it. I felt a little odd to put this lingerie & since Sam was not coming there was no point, but my intuition said that I should.

I turned the geyser on and stripped my self naked to take a shower I went in the bathroom and turned the shower on. Warm water started raining on my head, face, and my 36D bosoms and on my whole body. I touched my nipples as I thought of Sam and I could remember him caressing my boobs for the first time, licking & sucking like a baby, pressing, pinching with his mount and fingers my caramel flavored nipples (as he likes to call it so) and kissing them as if it is his favorite toy and he wont get it next time. God! He always turns me crazy and hot when he does that. I touched my love hole and found I was very aroused and soaking wet from my fluids. He knows exactly how to turn me on.

I washed my self with citrus shower gel and it's my favorite. I wiped my self with the towel and came out of the bathroom to my adjoining bedroom with a towel wrapped around me, still thinking of him and what would it feel like to make love with him. Even after being in relationship for a year and half we never had sex, sexual intercourse to be more accurate and a freaking virgin. Sam had showed me his eagerness to make love to me but I was not ready then as I had a bad abusive relationship with my ex-bf in past and I needed time to trust a guy again. He told me that he understands my feeling as he had gone through similar stage like mine when he was in his teen and is willing to wait.

I dropped the towel down, got dressed up and checked myself in the mirror. "Not bad Joanna", I said to my self, actually quite sexy to give an erection to his member. The lingerie hugged my hourglass figure perfectly & it could not cover my ass completely, the neckline being deep revels a lot of cleavage and you could see every inch of my body thru the sheer material. My soft black shoulder length hair rested perfectly on shoulders giving me a sensual look, but my mysterious gray eyes which unnaturally suits my dusky skin reveled sadness in them and my lips longed to be kissed deeply. There is something about Sam that makes me love him more than my life.

I sighed at the thought that Sam was not here. I decided to better give him a call again rather than feeling sorry for myself. By now he must be off from his day shift coz it is almost 11.15 at night. I opened the bedroom doom to get my cell from the living room and I noticed everything is dark except for the light coming from the candle that is placed on the dining table in the kitchen which is next to the living room. As far as I remember I didn't put the candle on and there is no power failure because the lights are still on in my bedroom.

I felt shiver down my spine from fear as I remembered that a couple of months ago a lady was rapped and killed at the night in her very own security tight home, by a psycho duos who left a note lying near the body saying that they will be back with more excitement and signed as Sultry slayers. I was really scared and I did not know what to do. But my pussy was tingling for the reasons I don't know. Maybe because I remembered the rumors that went around saying that they fucked her brains out and gave her so much pleasure that she could not take it anymore and died. I went slowly tip toeing in the living room to get pepper spray from my office bag or any weapon if anyone happens to attack me. Damn! Suddenly I heard my cell ringing and went near it to see Sam calling. And out of nowhere a set of powerful hands grabbed me securely from moving and muffed my mouth to prevent me from screaming. I realized my mistake of coming to the living room & I froze there as a hand squeezed my left bust and slowly reveling and pinching my erect nipple. .

Guys this is the link to the second chapter: http://www.booksie.com/erotica/novel/softpaw/lust-you-till-grave/chapter/2

Chapter 3:-http://www.booksie.com/erotica/novel/softpaw/lust-you-till-grave/chapter/3

I am having trouble in getting the chapters linked to each other. plz bear with me.


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