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Ready, Set, Shot Gun Wedding!

Novel By: SinnerZlips

She’s to get into forbidden wedding with player of man. Is she ready to be mother at 16? Nope, yet bad thing is the father is the man whom is to be her stepfather! Can anything go worse for Isabella Alison Hopkins? Yes her fiancé and future stepfather has dark secret that’ll soon change her point of view forever or till death do them apart. View table of contents...


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Ready, Set, Shot Gun Wedding!

By: SinnerZlips

Summary: She's to get into forbidden wedding with player of man. Is she ready to be mother at 16? Nope, yet bad thing is the father is the man whom is to be her stepfather! Can anything go worse for Isabella Alison Hopkins? Yes her fiancé and future stepfather has dark secret that'll soon change her point of view forever or till death do them apart.

((Chapter Four - Snow White Queen - Evanescence))

I slowly parked the car within the drive way in the garage. I watched Toni petting Bells lovingly as his eyes darken with lust and desire for those pouting lips of hers. He grinned at me cheekily, "What a sweet kitten we'll have for our stay. Yet will I be having her today or are you going be greedy and have her all to yourself?" he questioned me seriously with those dark red eyes of ours as I smirked.

"Yes she'll be quite a good kitten if we play by my rules and not those old ones so what do you think?" I smirked as he glared at me darkly before continuing back to petting his new found lust toy.

"Your such, spoiled sport." he grumbled angrily and faded away back to my conscious. I couldn't help but laugh to myself lightly, did he really think I'd give up this morsel of my new toy to him so early? I found my legs walking calmly to the other side of the mustang and opening the door to face my new becoming addiction. The way her chest heaved in the air and out was making my jeans tight, yet the smell of hers was becoming more and more of cocaine addict with his stash like I was at the moment.

Yet I was remembering those hands of hers sliding down my chest the first time we did it which brought my hand slide up her side of her feminine curves. Remembering the way that soft skin of hers felt when I was fucking her and the way she pushed her hips back my own bucking ones did I need to unzip my jeans before my balls went all blue. Carefully I leaned to her ear, "Wakey, wakey my sweet Isabella. Time to play with your new step-father." I breathed in her ear, began to lightly graze my teeth on her ear lobe.

The soft gasp of her sensitive spot brought me more of hard on than any other bitch I've ever had. Her hands tightened themselves in fists as I made my way down the side of her, kissing the exposed skin she was giving me and her body self consciously titled her head to give me more flesh to feast upon.

As I made my way down the side of her neck to where the neckline of her chest was, Isabella's hands made they're way to my neck and up to hair before digging themselves in my skull pleasurably. Damn was she a fucken hot demanding kitten. My right hand trailed down from tending her breasts to the zipper of her pants and slowly slid it down. I held back the moan when I smelled those drops of nectar on her panties filter the air. Yet, she soon stopped those hands of hers, "What...are you doing?" she whispered softly as she began to wake up, quickly pushed me away once she regained conscious of herself.

"Well would you believe me if I said I was trying to wake you up for school?" I teased innocently as she glared darkly at me.

"No. I wouldn't believe that bullshit. Why the fuck are we back here at the house?" she growled out cutely, which made me grin at her attempt to be angry.

"Well you fainted. Me being your soon to be step-father. Wouldn't allow my precious kitten to be unsafe at school so I brought you here and I was checking you over but it seems you have a slight problem down south, darling." I commented innocently, I watched her cheek turn from pale to bright hue red as she quickly tried to zip up her jean pants. I quickly pushed her hands to her side, I pressed my knee between her legs and shook my head disappointedly fashion. "I wouldn't be doing that Bells. After all its not good to leave such things unattended.

"Get the fuck off me!" she screamed and I smirked at her glaring angry face. I leaned towards her face, breathing in that delicious breath of hers before feeling her head bud me...might I say quite painfully. I growled at her as she made her little escape from me when I fell back rubbing my head, and grabbed her ankle. I watched her trip slightly before stumbling down and heard the way her heart quicken in pace in fear as I pushed my body on top of her, shook my head at her. I saw the way her eyes reflected my own glowing red ones.

"I. Said. Stay. Fucken. Here. Isabella." I stated to her slowly and held her hands down above her head, saw her eyes flickered in fear and disbelief.

"What....are you?!" her softest of whisper made me break down in Cheshire cat smile. I nuzzled her neck affectionately before biting down lightly making her gasp in surprise as I held back my venom. I could hear Toni in my head screaming for me to kiss the venom in her so the affects of it could start quickly.

"What do you think I am, Isabella? I can say I'm not vampire of any sorts." I chuckled in her ear and heard her heart quicken in beat as I licked her outer shell of her ear. Her body trembled from fear and pleasure beneath me. I could feel the disappointment of her earlier thought drop dead from her mind as she quickly thought for another theory of what I am. "I'll make you a bet..." I whispered in her ear quietly.

Isabella looked at me through half lidded eyes feeling the little bit of effect my venom of the other night take a quick escape into her raging teenage hormones. "Bet?" she questioned suspiciously, I tightened my hold on her and she quit moving quickly. She shook her head trying to rid the unstoppable venom coursing through her. Her eyes stared darkly into my own, "Yes a bet my sweet pet. Do you wish it or shall I have my way," I raised eye brow at her making her cheeks lighten up and shake her head quickly.

"No. Please let me go! I....promise I won't tell my mother or anyone, just please get off of me." she whimpered pathetically as I snorted at her plea. My left hand held her arms above her head, my other hand trailed down her breasts. I could feel them perk up by light touch of my fingertips, the shivers of her skin sending my aching cock in my pants into almost unbearable confinement.

"I'm no fool, girl. Your kind is as easy as stupid fly with sugar. Your body trembles for me yet your still pleading for me let you go?" I retorted back angrily and squeezed those heavenly breasts of hers as she screamed in pain and pleasure. Her hips bucked up against my sending my hard on in pleasure for few moments, I found myself growling at her and bring those luscious lips to my own. She screamed and tried to kick me off, her scream was caught short as my tongue entered that hot cavern of hers.

I groaned feeling her tongue fight back against me to get out of her mouth, but I wouldn't have that. I wanted to fucken taste her more and more now. I pulled back and sighed contently at the sight of her panting and her half lidded eyes staring back at me in mock of anger that I was showing moments ago.

"Let me state the two options darlin," I sat back lightly from her without releasing her hands. "If you can figure out what I am in 24 hours I'll leave your mother and leave the house. No questions asked or anything, and you won't see me near your family again." I stated simply and saw the way her eyes grew determined by the prospect and slowly die as I said the other decision. "Yet if you don't figure out what I truly am, than I get to fuck you no matter where or how till I grow bored of your mother's money. Accept or not my kitten?" I saw the way she stared up to the ceiling thoughtfully.

"Fuck you, Anthony. I'll win." Bells announced as her smile grew into a cocky one.

"Good, because the only clue my dear you'll be getting is that I'm sin." I purred in her ear and felt her hands tighten and stood beside the doorway. Saw the way her eyes widen in surprise as she sat up and looked at me 10 feet away from her as I smirked. "Your time starts now, and don't worry child. I'll be sure to go easy on you when you loose by tomorrow afternoon" I winked at and shut the door behind me of the garage.

'You fool! I can't believe you'd make such stupid deal with her!' growled Toni, he stalked back and forth in front of me while muttering curses.

"Shut up. As if the girl can even find out what we are. I've lived long enough to know her kind doesn't remember what we are." I replied coolly, Toni snorted at me.

"True, but the girl will ask whatever or research as much as she can to get away from you." Toni glanced back at the door behind, I made my way to the my side of stairs of the western wing. I heard Toni quickly hurry after me, 'So what are you going do if she gets too close to finding out?'

I glanced back at him and snorted, "I'll just merely do what I do best."

Toni stared at me in disbelief. 'Your going fuck her?'

"Nope." I popped the 'p' and continued up the flight of stairs as Toni called me back. 'Tell me! You can't be so rude as not to include your other half!' he complained and quickly stood in front of me to block me from heading down the hallway. I rolled my eyes at my counter part and easily replied to his complaint, "Annoy the shit out of her. If you haven't noticed, she's quite easy to annoy and make her loose concentration." Toni blinked at me as I side stepped from him and headed towards my guest room.

"Oh and Toni, while your out there, please do bring the maid. I have problem that needs solving" I shut the door behind me and grinned to myself. Because after all its just a matter of time before I have Isabella as my new sex toy than that slouchy woman I'm to marry.


Ready, Set, Shot Gun Wedding!

By: SinnerZlips

Summary: She's to get into forbidden wedding with player of man. Is she ready to be mother at 16? Nope, yet bad thing is the father is the man whom is to be her stepfather! Can anything go worse for Isabella Alison Hopkins? Yes her fiancé and future stepfather has dark secret that'll soon change her point of view forever or till death do them apart.

((Chapter Four - Monsters - Matchbook Romance))

((Bell's Point of View))

My name is Isabella Alison Hopkins, I'm sixteen years old and I'm your average girl that anyone would meet yet there's one thing I must say before I start.

I hate my mother's fiancé...wait hate isn't quite the word to fit.

I fucking...wait sorry for the cuss but I just loathe the good for nothing son of bitch whose a manipulate ass-tard!

Alright, I gotta admit, I did sleep with him and he was good in bed...and few moments ago. But hell with him! He's not fucking normal! For all I know he can be some mutant wanting to make little mutant babies with people to dominate the world! Okay you caught me, I do read a lot of comics but cmon! Who in the fucking world can move so quickly to that doorway when he was feeling me up and making me want to have his little mutant babies?!

Yeah I doubt anyone ever been having raping scene by some mutant thing....okay not precisely rape since I was drunk and I dragged him in to my bed for good ole screw. But hey! He stole my virginity! Least he could do is leave my ass virginity in place but than again knowing his raping ways, he'll be coming for it too. Yet! I'll find out who the fuck that it is since I'm not trusting what's between his legs is real till I've proven he's not a mutant. There's one thing I must say, why am I still sitting in the garage while talking to myself as though I had audience.

Shit, I'm such a loser....

I zipped up my pants zipper not wanting any one to see my wet panties. 'Well if you want someone to listen to you why not go and ask Anthony to tell you what he is instead of being such an idiot!' screamed my conscious as I snorted at it. Yeah right! Like I'm going ask that guy thing to tell me what he is and lose the whole bet! I'm going get him out my of my house as soon as possible. My mother would be heart broken again, but I was helping her find someone much normal who wouldn't be rapist like him. Plus there was more fish in the sea than stupid hungry sex monster!

I carefully looked around in my surroundings and found no one, I hurried up the stairs not wanting the maids to tell my nanny about my ditching.

'Like she's scary at all....when you have hunk of something, somewhere around the house wanting to screw you. Your trying to get him to leave just so you won't enjoy having awesome sex. Oh yes quite a smart cookie you turned out to be!' my conscious rolled her big ugly eyes at me. I shook my head at my self and that stupid little whispers of my idiocy conscious. Oh yeah like I wanted to feel those fingers in me again, HA! Not anymore and I'll soon forget about the feeling of those digits in me and everything would return back to normal! Quickly as I could, I hurried up the stairs of the master's level and guest room and went bee line to my room where I threw my shoes in corner.

"Now where's that stupid laptop..." I questioned my self as I searched around my room and founds small note on my desk. The writing was quite girlishly but it was hard like boys and saw the ass-tard's name at the bottom.

Forgive me for taking some stuff from you Bells. But I wanted to watch some porn and your laptop is quite useful with its HD imaging and perfect volume. Yet I hope you have fun time doing your research and I left your homework for today and three days ahead since I'm quite sure you'll be losing. Remember to have a good night's rest because its going be while before you do since your mother's leaving for business meeting tomorrow afternoon.

With lots of stamina and condoms,

Anthony James Deflori.

'Well it seems the boy knows what he does best' snickered my conscious as I crumpled the note and threw it in the trash can. No way in hell am I letting him see porn in my laptop! I worked my ass off just to get it since my mother wanted me to be more out going, so I went to party and ditched and told her I made so many friends that I got that laptop as my own. I slammed my door open and marched down the hallway than went to my mother's guest room in front of her where moaning I could hear.

'Don't forget the thumping of the bed, where you could of been!' added my annoying voice in my head. Shut up, your not making me change my mind! I'll get rid of him as soon as possible but I need that fucken laptop now! I knocked on the door loudly but heard nothing stop but only receiving more moans on the other side which got louder. What an asshole! I twisted the knob open to find my rapist sipping his wine as some new maid was sucking his package as she fingered herself. 'So, that's why you came in here? To watch him play with some maid who got into his pants first than you did?' my conscious asked as I shook my head and felt my blood rush into my cheeks. I saw Anthony push down the maid from him and he pushed button on my laptop near him, he raises eyebrow at me.

"What brings my lovely kitten here? Wanting some fun because I can assure a threesome isn't mad if you get used to it," he winked at me, I glared at him darkly. What the fuck is he on?! I swear this bastard was on some shit because who in the hell makes maids fuck him and not care in world?

'Well its obviously he's goods are that good and your missing out.' I shook my head ignoring the annoying banshee in my head. "Fuck you man whore! I want my laptop back, I don't want you putting dirty shit there!" I growled out, he smirked and handed back the laptop obediently and leaned in my face. He breathed in and out, I swear his breath smelled like that shit you find in sex store or something cause it was that damn addicting! While me, being distracted as loser I was I didn't notice that tongue slide across my lips till he pulled my face towards his.

The fucker was stealing my other first kisses! But fuck it, Anthony's tongue was all too yummy to pass out. I sucked on his tongue hard to get him to retreat back but alas his hand gripped my ass and I moaned...moaned! That was not a good sign! I pulled away or was it Anthony that pulled because I was panting hard like fat guy who tried to run a block while this mutant thing merely smirked at me and pushed me out of the room gently.

"Well Bells go have fun with your little project and I'll try to keep the maid from screaming too loudly." Anthony grinned at me as the maid was taking off the rest of her uniform when he was closing the door. I stared at his door trying figure out that meant and heard the maid start to scream and the thud against the door as it rattled slightly from hat I think he was fucking her at the door. The mutant was defiantly horn ball. That horn ball was going out, no matter what it took.

I silently walked back to my room, which I was mindful to look around for my old nanny to be walking around. Sneaky as ninja that I couldn't be, did I go inside my room and sighed contently that I got my baby back. I quickly connected the AC adapter back on, opened it, before seeing smirking face of Anthony facing me in window where I could see the maid panting below him as her tongue licked his cock. "Good evening Isabella,I hope you don't get mad at me for stealing your IM address but it seems you needed a little warning before you started this little research." I watched his eyes fade into rubies as he petted the maid's head in master like fashion for a dog.

I shook my head and tried to close the window but it wouldn't respond and saw Anthony chuckle. "By now your trying to close the window, am I right? Well I fixed it so you won't because I'm going make sure you lose this little bet Isabella. I'll warn you now, I don't play by the rules and by get used to it little girl. I will give you one smallest of hints that might help you discover what I am. A riddle if you might like since its quite amusing knowing you'll enjoy this small bit of information..."he began but stopped as he moaned lightly and pulled down the maid's head down lower around his cock. I heard her gag slightly but continued to suck like obedient pet.

I caught my right hand as it trailed down towards my pants to where my throbbing cunt was. Fucker knew what he was doing alright but I won't fall for such dirty tricks of his! "I am the monster that hides in shadows, the one who lingers in women's beds. I am the thing that prowls the nights giving pleasure like no other. Like a monster I am, I am the sin that all wish to part take, by force or by self thought." he whispered softly and I found myself groaning by the way he spoke so softly to me through this stupid computer screen and clutches my hands together to stop myself from masturbating to his velvety, chocolate addicting voice.

God, fuck me now. I saw the way he smiled at me with that chesire smile and half lidded eyes, "Good luck girl because you mother is coming in...." he began to count down from ten and I saw the window begin to crash down in pixels as he counted down to zero and the screen went blank. The door to my room was opened by my angry mother.

"Young lady! You better have a very good explanation to why you ditched school today." my mother stalked towards me angrily and crossed her arms across her chest. Damn it, the school just and to call my mother when I needed space to be alone and think of that stupid riddle! "Isabella are you going answer or are you going be grounded for disobedience?" grounded my mother, I saw her close my laptop as I bite my lower lip from screaming at her for bring a rapist of mutant in the house.

"Katie, please calm down. I can hear you from my room, sweetheart." I saw Anthony with only boxers on and wearing bathroom robe as he dried his wet hair. I saw the way my mother's eyes widen and practically saw the way her tongue moisten her lips in desire. All in that picture screamed disgusting naked sex!

"Mom?" I tugged at her sleeve slightly and saw her startled up in realization and blush like me from embarrassment and frowned down at me.

"Young lady your grounded from ditching since you can't give me a good explanation to why..."started off the lecture from my mother and saw Anthony chuckle behind her and wink at me as he wrapped an arm around my mother's waist and leaned in her ear.

"Darling, I was the one who brought Isabella back home. She passed out before she even arrived at the school, and I didn't wish for her to force herself in school while she might be sick. Yet I called the school and they sent her homework through her email and notes. So everything is taken care of, please relax Katie." Anthony explained. I found myself covering my mouth so it wouldn't show how I literally my mouth fell open when my mother nodded and sighed while not countering anything or anything of what he said!

"Oh I'm sorry honey! You should of told me that you were sick or something!" she whined and pecked my forehead and patted my head as she giggled to herself in embarrassment and pulled away as I nodded. "But I want to know what you did last night that made you pass out?" she raised an eyebrow at me.

Fuck, fuck-ity shit, I'm so getting screwed for this ad saw my mother roll her eyes. "Never mind, you probably were hanging out with your friends but I want you to get changed and take a shower right now so you can eat supper than go to bed young lady. No laptop till tomorrow when you come back from school." my mother ordered sternly. I watched her take my laptop and my AC adapter, Anthony merely stood beside her watching amused by her actions. My mother kissed my cheek and hurried out, talking to herself about how teenagers her age should have been home earlier and listened to parents and about her business trip she was going be planning on the plane.

"So I suppose you got the riddle message?" grinned Anthony, he sat on my bed and yawned tiredly and I saw the pointy fang shaped teeth of his glisten for few seconds than fade back to being normal. I nodded slowly, looked around the room instead of the handsome mutant siting on my bed. I felt;t my feet glide underneath me, he pulled my chair across as he smiled at me lazily. "Well what's your answer girl? You have three chances so name one."

I frowned at him, damn the bastard was good but not good enough. "Your a mutant. You escaped from some weird laboratory and harasses women to make mutant babies!" I watched him burst out in smile, he patted my head as he laughed at me. Damn his breathe and damn hit hot hands on me! I'm so going kill myself if I lose. I pulled away from his hands and pushes myself back but his legs clammed down on the wheels of my computer chair. He shook his heat at me and picked up batman comic by my bed side table.

"So I'm guessing you got this idea...from your comic reading?" he raises his eyebrow at me and I nodded and earned chuckle from him, he threw back my comic on the bed and pulled me down from my shirt to inch away from his lips. "Learn to be more aware girl, that your going to be mine whether you like it or not." he leaned in and gave me small peck, I pushed him away as he pulled back and smiled madly at me. Why in hell is he smiling like ax murder? He pointed down to my neck where...my favorite lucky tennis charm wasn't hanging on my neck but around his fingers. "I'll await for you in the bathroom, girl and be sure to bring extra towel" he closed the door behind him.

'Girl, you have been checked right there.' the banshee muttered as I slowly nodded. I was so screwed if I didn't get back my necklace! Andrea was going have my head on platter with mustard and ketchup on top when I go to school without it. 'Yet, if you go....your going have your ass hammered probably and you'll be limping tomorrow like a little gay bitch.' banshee added to my earlier thoughts of going in to that danger room. There was one thing I always hated and that was having Andrea guilting me to tell her where the necklace was and having her laugh at me like I truly needed to go to asylum because of this guy.

"Isabella! Hurry and take shower, dinner is almost ready, sweetheart!" my mother stood in my hallway, I nodded to her.

"I'm going mom, just spaced out for bit" I lied easily and hurried to get my change of clothes and extra towel as the ass-tard requested. I saw my mother shake her head and move on downstairs, I looked around to be sure he wasn't popping anywhere. I headed towards my connected bathroom, saw him sitting boredly on the covered toilet seat with my necklace dangling around his fingertips. He grinned up at me, I noticed he changed into pair of sweats and male tank-top, but fuck when he stood up those fucken sweats were hanging on too low on those delicious hips of his! 'I say screw him now and be happy you got some before he leaves!' whispered the banshee as she practically drooled at the sight of that lower v showing as he looked up at me like hungry ass-tard he was.

No! No! I will not be fucked by this man anymore. I'm Isabella Alison Hopkins and I don't get fucked by anyone or thing before marriage. 'So what do you call being fucked yesterday? One night fun time land at amusement park called pleasure of unicorns or dirty fairy tales? Take your pick for the amusement park name, honey.' retorted the banshee. Tch, like I'm actually going name his dick unicorns!

"Are you done staring at my crotch, kitten?" he teased as I felt my blood rush back to my cheeks, I turned away and pouted. Damn the mutant and that fucking chesire smile of his! I glared darkly at him and extended my hand, "Give back my necklace already. I don't want to play stupid games with you." Anthony merely chuckled at my demand, he pulled me towards him quickly, and smirked at me coldly.

"I don't like being bossed around if its not in the bed, girl." his fingers trailed down my back and I heard the ripping of my shirt as it fell apart. No way. That was my favorite shirt!

"What the hell!? You ripped my shirts!" I tried to pull away but found myself being trapped against the wall and him grinning above me, I saw the water knob be turned beside him by dark shadow that looked some what like him and it faded away quickly.

"Its nothing to be worrying about, kitten after all I'm going teach you something I should of started yesterday." his hands ripped apart my jeans, he picked me up and placed me under the hot water as he licked his lips and pull off his clothes before entering. "Now lets clean that smell of yours," he pushed me against the shower wall and groped my breast. My hands pushed against his chest, he merely grabbed them easily and held them above my head and licked my neck slowly. No! I don't want him touching me anymore! He gently licked down my chest and took my right nipple in his mouth and sucked on like new born babe, and fuck did it feel good!

I moaned softly, but I saw the way he smirked against my skin. I bite down on my lower lip as he nibbled on my flesh, his other hand played with my other breast. Fuck, those hands were skilled, I moaned loudly when he pulled on my sensitive bud with those fucking teeth. I thumped my head on the wall as he chuckles at me and continued till he switched breasts and did the same treatment. "You bast...ard!" I moaned out and felt him groan as I tugged at his hair, he looked up and slid his hot tongue in my mouth.

Damn he tasted so good, I groaned against his hands he slid them down my sides and cup my bottom cheeks. I whimpered feeling myself getting dragged up the wall, the hating tile burn on my back was so worth it when he put my legs on his shoulder as I held on to the corner edges of the tile.

"Hope your hanging on Bells," Anthony snickered, and I felt that wonderful tongue slide down my outer lips. I bite down on my bottom lip hard, I could almost taste my blood but that stupid snide remark was the only thing keeping me from moaning and yelling something. I turned my head to the side and bite my shoulder feeling that tongue slide in and play with clit ever so good and than feeling it slide down was all it took for me to moan louder till he stopped and glared up at me.

"You better be quiet girl, or you'll be throbbing more painfully till tomorrow afternoon." I nodded slowly, eating up each word and whimpered as he started back to his treat.

I rolled my head back, it thumped against the wall as he continued slowly. Fuck, Fuck., and more fucking this was too slow! I closed my thighs around his head and he merely chuckled before lowering me down slightly but only to where I felt the throbbing heat of his cocks beside my crutch. Oh, damn no! No more! I shook my head and I saw my necklace around his neck, Anthony smirked down at me and nodded. Andrea you so lucky bitch!

I felt him slide his moist cock inside my sore pussy and starts to slowly pull out and in gently as I got used to his length. He supported my bottom carefully while I held on to his shoulder, I felt those soft velvet lips crazing my neck gently and did it distract me when he slid everything of him inside me making me almost want to cry. He was too huge!

"Shhh....don't cry and relax, sweetheart" he whispered softly in my ear as I nodded and felt him starts to slide out and back inside, began the slow pace till I grounded my aching wet cunt against him which only made him slide more deeper inside me. I felt my nails digging themselves in Anthony's shoulder and felt him panting softly in my neck and the pace started going faster....so damn fast! I moaned in his ear as my head leaned on his shoulder and felt him groan hearing him and feeling my breath on his neck and ear.

"You little tease..."he whispered and suddenly pull out and thrust back in as I screamed in my hands. The fucking pain and pleasure was going make me come sooner. Thats what happened after the third thrusts inside me by that force sent me screaming Anthony's name. I saw him chuckle and groaned feeling begin to finish his own business and the felt the warm liquid squirt inside me, warming me up till I felt it burning.

The burning stopped when he pulled me into another addicting hot kiss of his. Feeling that dominating tongue squirm its way inside me mouth and playing with my tongue only made me cool down slightly before he pulled away and pecked my forehead.

"Fuck....that...hurt you ass-tard!" I whispered harshly and Anthony rolled his eyes at me and lowered me down to the floor. I let me hands slide down his wet hard chest and heard the banshee in my head combust literally feeling that hot piece of flesh. My knees nearly bucked underneath but the hold Anthony had on me was the only thing helping me from falling to the ground painfully.

"Going all weak knees on me girl?" he teased and turned off the water and pulled my hair up and twisted it carefully as water dripped down my back and in seconds I was wrapped in towel. He was by now standing beside me with towel wrapped around his waist, helped me out of the bath tub and sat me on the covered toilet seat. I watched him yawn tiredly and pop his back easily and he slowly changed in front of me. What a beautiful juicy ass it was!

'Now if only you can screw him a bit more before kicking him out!' argued my banshee as she drooled for the mutant in front of me. Tch! Like I was going like this guy...I had more morals than that. I looked up from the ground to see him dressed and dangling from his fingers was my lucky tennis charm. I slowly took it away from, seeing if he was going jinx me or something with those dangerous eyes of his.

"Thank you..." I whispered and saw him smirk and kneel down beside me.

"You welcome, next time wait for your mother not to be here. Screamer." he laughed as my face turned tomato and I felt my neck also turn red as well. He stood up and opened the door easily and walked off while shutting the door behind him quietly. That moment I just realized what just had happened. I had gotten fucked and teased by my mother's fiancé. All in that moment this was all I could name myself in this situation.

I was such a fucking no damn no good loser.

But I still think he's a good for noting monster whore man or mutant for easier term.

End of Chapter Four.


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