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When Lust Meets War

Novel By: sineadmc1990


There is no porn/erotica until later chapters. You're gonna have to wait.

Its a complicated novel, and I'm still working on it. I keep going back to the early chapters, especially this one. Think of this as erotica but with a decent storyline.

This one novel covers practically every genre. And it even has some Latin phrases. ^_^ View table of contents...


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Chapter VIII

Permotio blushed slightly, and then nodded without hesitation. Fidelis lifted Permotio's apron up, so he was able to find the zip of her nurse's dress. He gave up finding the zip, and instead ripped the apron off, with preternatural strength. Permotio touched his wrists and lifted his hands to the zip. He slowly, gently, began to undo the zip. The dress fell away before he finished. Permotio untied the knots that held the armour in place. They stood nude in front of each other, for a moment. Permotio's eyes danced over his body, as his eyes danced over her body. In that one moment of pure silence, the love they had became obvious. Permotio jumped on Fidelis, straddling him; he was hard and ready between her legs, nearly in the right place. "Permotio, the angle's wrong...Trust me this once."

Fidelis lowered Permotio on the floor, turning her so she was face down. Permotio was unfamiliar with this position, but she trusted Fidelis. She was on the floor, nude, on her hands and knees. She could feel Fidelis behind her. He wrapped one arm around her hips, lifting her, and the other hand was kneading her breast. He lifted her up by the hips and entered her. She was already wet, but slightly tight; entering her was painful but pleasurable. He slipped out of her, and shoved himself inside her - in the right place - as hard and as fast as he could. Permotio gasped.

Just before her breathing had a chance to return to normal, Fidelis would slip in and out of her as hard and as fast as he could. Permotio screamed his name, and her heart felt like it would shatter her rib cage. The whole time her was entering her, and slipping out of her, he kneaded her breast gently. The orgasm swept over both of them at the same time, making both writhe while he was inside her. Fidelis collapsed on Permotio who fell to the ground. Fidelis moved slightly to one side, so he did not crush Permotio. He done this while still inside her and this made them both writhe again.

Permotio whispered breathlessly. "Wow. That...That is possibly your best yet. My God, that was good...amazing." Permotio tried to move. "I'm stiff; you're still inside me. Oh don't move...It might make me climax again!" Fidelis moved so he was back on top of her. His arms prevented him from crushing her. "Oh God!" Permotio cried out. She writhed; he was still inside her. This made him writhe above her. He slipped in and out of her again, changing her breathing, letting another orgasm sweep over her. "Do it!" Permotio screamed repeatedly. He slipped in and out of her without hesitation, harder and faster than ever before. Another orgasm worked its way through Permotio; it was too soon for Fidelis.

Permotio screamed his name each time he slipped out of her. She was lying on her stomach on the floor; he was still kneeling, straddling her. She writhed, making him groan with pleasure. She moved again, purposefully this time, which made Fidelis' breathing change. He collapsed on top of her, slipping out of her as he did. "Shit, girl, you're getting so much better...fuck me again!"

Permotio moved so she was facing him, and above him. Her hand grabbed the lower part of him; he groaned with pleasure. She rubbed him gently at first, but then harder. "I need this somewhere else...maybe here." As she said "here" Permotio grabbed his wrist and forced his first two fingers inside her. Fidelis shook his head, meaning no. "Why not?"

Fidelis giggled, making his fingers twitch inside her. This made her groan again, so she gently squeezed him. "It's too soon. I won't produce anything. But oh God...You do it. Bite me. Oh God, bite me there, then I'll bite you there." On the first "there" Fidelis pointed to his groin. On the second, he moved his fingers out of her, and stroked the opening.

Permotio moved so she could kiss and bite him gently. Once she was done, she laid beside him. "Whenever you are ready...Bite me!" Fidelis rolled so he was on top of her. He walked down with his hands; his tongue licking from her neck down, his lips kissing where his tongue and teeth were going. He eventually came to her hips. He kept one hand covering each of her nipples, kneading the whole time. He kissed her hairline - the more private one - and bit down gently. Permotio writhed a little. Fidelis bit down a little harder, and a little lower. He kept going lower until he reached her opening. He kissed her there, and let his tongue taste the inside of her. Permotio groaned, her breathing changed, and she writhed.

Fidelis stopped, rose, and looked up at her. "I won't do anymore yet. I can't. You need to clean up. What went in is now making it's way out. A bath is necessary, for us both, my sweetheart."

Fidelis lifted her up, by scooping her into his arms. Permotio's hands touched his chest gently. Both were still nude. Sweeping her off her feet, Fidelis carried her into the Renaissance style bathroom.

The round marble bath glistened white in the pallid candlelight. The silver taps shone brightly. The silver grey tiles on the floor, walls and ceiling, added to the clean effect. Permotio's French ancestors designed everything; although designed before the 1700s, their ancestors were always ahead of their time.

Permotio bowed her head and spoke tearfully once they were in the water-filled bathtub. "The night my Cavum died, Libidinosus gave me something. You will find it behind the lose tile." Fidelis frowned in confusion, but wiggled the lose tile out of place. A crumbling piece of paper fell out, and into his hands. "I can read the message. To most, it looks like diagrams, pictures, and hieroglyphs. I can read it. It is in English. I want to know if you can as well."

Fidelis studied the paper painstakingly. After a few moments of complete silence, he said, "I'm sorry, girl, but I can't make sense of it all. Read it to me, babes."

Permotio reached for the paper, but heard a knock at the door before she could. She motioned for Fidelis to hold his breath and go under the water to hide. The visitor entered, bowing. "Regina, there is some bad news. Do you wish for me to tell you now?" He paused, looking at Permotio with silver eyes. He was unfamiliar to Permotio, but her was definitely a Metuere. She nodded, and held Fidelis' hand under the bath water. The servant visitor continued: "Regina, your mother is very ill; she called for the doctors. I am the servant of the main doctor who is taking care of your mother. Do you wish to see her?"

Permotio squeezed Fidelis' hand again. "Yes, and leave now. You must not see the Queen nude, unless you are her lover. Leave silently, and quickly." The servant ran out backwards, so he could still see Permotio.

Fidelis raised his head just enough to take another breath; Permotio lifted him up. "Your mother needs you Permotio. I'd come with you, but I'd be shot on sight, especially since I'm-"

Permotio touched his lips gently. "If you are with me, you will live. Help me get dressed. And no getting laid until I'm back from seeing Mater. She must be very ill if she called the doctors." Permotio threw her arms around Fidelis' wet body. She cried silently, but they were both wet, so the tears remained hidden.

"Permotio, we must go. Your mother must be ill if she called for the doctors. Please, Permotio, you have to let go of me, so I can help you get dressed. And you really think sex was on my mind, when your mother could be dying? I'm not that cold hearted."

Fidelis gently pushed Permotio away; he looked into her crying eyes. "Help me," she whispered, "My mother needs me. I need you. Help me get through this. If she dies, I am made Highest Monarch. Oh darling, that means I'd be the most superior in the Metuere castle. Everyone would have to believe everything I say...Are you thinking what I'm so devilishly thinking?"

Fidelis smiled; it was not a happy smile, or a pleasant one. It showed, instead, the part that made him a true Odium - his smile revealed a deathly plan. "Who do we kill first: your mother, or my father?"


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