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When Lust Meets War

Novel By: sineadmc1990


There is no porn/erotica until later chapters. You're gonna have to wait.

Its a complicated novel, and I'm still working on it. I keep going back to the early chapters, especially this one. Think of this as erotica but with a decent storyline.

This one novel covers practically every genre. And it even has some Latin phrases. ^_^ View table of contents...


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Chapter VI

Libidinosus had been cold in the ground for nine months, when Permotio gave birth to twins, but due to Libidinosus' death, Permotio did not have to go to her own wedding. Rumex, the girl, stayed with Permotio. She looked a little more like Fidelis than her mother; she had chocolate brown eyes. Her skin was pallid, but not as pale as her mother's complexion. Rumex's brother was sent to live in the Odium castle. He was named Vehementer, the Latin word for violence, and had his mother's quartz coloured eyes. He was pale, deathly pale, but stronger than any other fighter in the age old battle. Verna was still mourning Libidinosus's death, but Permotio's children kept her mind and soul occupied. Regular - although secret - visits allowed mother and father to bond fully with their daughter and son.

Nothing preternatural happened during those nine months. The rival group killed more Metueres and Odiums; more servants were married, and Permotio was getting closer to her own wedding. Verna was also pregnant at the same time as Permotio - one of the less kind Odiums had raped her - so they acted as though Verna had given birth to Rumex. Vehementer remained a secret to the Metueres, just as Rumex remained a secret to the Odiums.

Rumex behaved as a true Metuere; she grew up respecting languages, human rights, and peace. She was, like her mother, a leader. Respected by many in the castle, she was the link between royalty and the servants. She knew that she was a princess, but in the eyes of the public, it was Verna whom she called Mater.

Vehementer also adapted to his environment; a soldier and a fighter, he rivalled the best shooters in the Odium palace. He did not need to act like someone else was his father. Unlike the Metueres, the Odiums had no formal family hierarchy. Instead, everyone was part of one family; there were no mothers and fathers officially, but everyone was a child of the great King. Many stories existed about King of Odiums. No one, except the medical staff and the highest-ranking servants, had actually seen him in the flesh. The people never saw the highest monarch of both civilisations lower than them.

One elaborate rumour claimed that the Highest Monarch - Queen for Metueres and King for Odiums - was immortal. They could suffer diseases, like any other human, but they could not die. If someone saw a walking three millennia old monarch without permission, there would be an immediate death sentence.

Another, less unbelievable rumour, claimed that the highest monarch was an idea, not a real person. Those who claim this story to be true were those who also claimed that the deities were also ideas. This story is slightly more believable, since no one had died after seeing the highest monarch, and there had been funerals for the highest monarch for both civilisations.


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