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When Lust Meets War

Novel By: sineadmc1990


There is no porn/erotica until later chapters. You're gonna have to wait.

Its a complicated novel, and I'm still working on it. I keep going back to the early chapters, especially this one. Think of this as erotica but with a decent storyline.

This one novel covers practically every genre. And it even has some Latin phrases. ^_^ View table of contents...


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Chapter XII

Vehementer had been standing in the doorway, watching his loved one, for nearly an hour. Although just ten years old, Fidelis' son acted more mature than most of the army. He was watching her carefully, as she picked up the pans in the sink, clean them until they sparkled, and then put them in the right place. She was older than him, twelve to be precise, but he knew that she felt the same as him. She looked up, smiled, and beckoned him to come closer. He willingly obeyed, submissive to her every word and movement. Standing so close to her, he could hear her breathe, slowly, deeply, gently. Her bright hazel eyes reflected his small, and rather pale, face back at him. She spoke, letting her voice have an air of authority as her words spilled out. "Lord, you must not visit me in the slave quarters. No one is supposed to come down here alone. They say monsters roam the corridors. Please, my Lord Vehementer, I do not want you hurt." Her eyes filled suddenly with unshed tears; she turned away from him, leaned against the table, and wept silently.

Stuck between obeying her wishes, and wanting to help her, Vehementer stood still for a moment. After much internal debating, Vehementer wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly against him. She let him hold her as she cried the tears that had been building up for months. She knew that she felt the same way as him, but it was strictly forbidden. She was not even allowed to tell him her name. She had such a lovely, unusual name and she wanted to tell him, so badly. Her name was not Latin like the rest of the Odiums. Her name was English. She had an English mother, not an Odium. This meant that she was with the Odiums during "term time" which lasted from September to July each year. Luckily for the Odiums, there was a concept of the "boarding school" where children were sent to live in the place they were educated.

She knew that, in just six years, when she turned eighteen, she would have to decide if she wanted to stay with the Odiums, or be with her mother. If she could not be with Vehementer, she knew she would go with her mother - out of sight, hopefully out of mind. She secretly dreamt that one day, she and Vehementer would rule over the Odiums, bringing peace to the civilizations. Of course, she could not be open about these dreams; if anyone found out that she loved someone, she would have been sent to the Metueres to be slaughtered.

Vehementer held her as she cried. After about fifteen minutes of non-stop weeping, she wiped away her tears, trying to regain her normal composure. She whispered, repeatedly "I'm ok," but deep inside she knew she was lying. She could not lose the one person she loved. It would tear her in half. Where would she let her loyalties lie? With her Odium family, the ones who raised her? With her mother, who willingly let her daughter live away from her? Naturally, she would stay with the Odiums, but they were the same people who kept her away from her true love. Although she was young, she knew exactly what she wanted, and how she felt. Ora et labora she was taught, pray and work. It was all she could ever do.


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