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When Lust Meets War

Novel By: sineadmc1990


There is no porn/erotica until later chapters. You're gonna have to wait.

Its a complicated novel, and I'm still working on it. I keep going back to the early chapters, especially this one. Think of this as erotica but with a decent storyline.

This one novel covers practically every genre. And it even has some Latin phrases. ^_^ View table of contents...


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Chapter X

On the long walk from her dead mother's chamber to her own - the walk where she took the main, populated corridors only - Permotio walked, as everything was normal. She did not try to hide her nudity; instead she made it obvious by stroking her opening and caressing her breasts. She noticed those fellows Metueres were watching her. When she had the chance to do so, Permotio turned to face one of them, and watched their faces as she forced two fingers into herself.

She bypassed her chamber and headed straight for the Main Hall. Here, she stood on the stage - she was still wearing nothing - and switched on the microphone. The sounds picked up by the microphone would be sent around the whole castle. She knew that Fidelis would not have had time to leave the castle. She spoke clearly, authority ebbing from her voice. "I, Queen Permotio of all Metueres, wish for every person in the castle at this immediate moment, to go to the Main Hall. This must be done in an orderly fashion, so I can see you in your ranks. Please hurry."

Permotio knew this message meant that even Fidelis had to go to the Main Hall. All of the lowest servants would search every room, making sure every person in the castle was gathered in the Main Hall. Permotio turned and slipped behind the curtain. She sifted through the costumes - Metueres often re-enacted plays, mainly Shakespeare - and chose one that was close to what she usually wore. She chose a tight black corset, and an unusual black PVC mini skirt. The skirt was not something she was accustomed to wearing, but she suited it as though it was tailor made for her. Once she got the all clear from the lowest of the lowest servants, she opened the curtain without help, picked up the microphone, and prayed that everything went to plan. She stepped out, onto the stage, where twenty thousand eager eyes were watching.

"Greetings, Metueres." Permotio searched the crowds for Fidelis; he was standing unhappily at the back with the lowest servants. Her audience stood up, bowed, then sat down; this was the formality. "There is bad news, and good news. The bad news: the Highest Queen is dead. The good news: I am the new Highest Queen and I am going to put on a show you will all enjoy." Permotio used her deeper voice, acting as the perfect seductress. "Firstly, I wish no more invasive surgery, and this also bans autopsies, unless the need for one is life saving. Secondly, I wish that all in line to the throne are now to be kept unclothed at all times, starting midnight. Seeing as this includes me, I guess I had better remove the clothes before anyone else." Permotio bent down so the microphone could rest on the floor of the stage, but at the same time, she allowed all of the audience to see her cleavage. She looked up, and after seeing the looks on the faces of her audience, she kept the microphone.

She began to untie the corset slowly, with the microphone still in one hand. She spoke into the microphone - she tore it out from under her skirt, flashing her inner thighs to the front row - saying "I seem to be having a problem with the knot. Can someone help me out?" Permotio rubbed the microphone from her ankle up until it was hidden in her skirt. Her eyes searched the audience for someone she trusted. "Adrogantia, my faithful doctor, please send the woman next to you up here. Maybe a lady's touch can help." On the word "touch" Permotio slipped her hand up her skirt, and her first finger inside her. She knew that the front row could see what she had done clearly. If there was any doubt, it soon faded when the skirt fell off, and she had to shake it from her arm, as the doctor's wife walked through the rows up to the stage.

Once the doctor's wife had walked onto the stage, Permotio slipped the microphone between her thighs, but not inside her; it was obviously too wide to fit inside her, or she would have. She whispered in the doctor's wife's ear, "I'm bisexual; I get pleasure out of men and women. I want you to do this like you're my lover. If not, you will be my first official kill." Permotio turned to face the eagerly waiting audience. The "official" suggested what had happened; the Highest Queen - Permotio - had killed before, and would be willing to do it again.

The doctor's wife - who was known as Cosolator - stroked the corset before tearing it off. Permotio gasped with pleasure, and it was not an act. She motioned for Cosolator to sit back down. Permotio stood nude for all to see. She looked into the eyes of each person in the audience; every man and half of the women were waiting for more, wishing to be on stage with her, or in her bedroom with her. To make the show last longer, and to annoy Fidelis more than what he was already, Permotio called everyone in the front row onto the stage with her. No one refused.

One by one, Permotio passionately kissed them, spending the same amount of time on each person. She treated the men and women in the same way, exploring each new mouth with her tongue. The tongue was for the pleasure of the person on stage. For the pleasure of both the audience and the person on stage, she touched herself then the person she was kissing. She touched herself and the other person with a gentle force, enough to let them know she was definitely there, but not enough for them to have the moment of release that she so badly needed. Once she had finished with the first row, she called for the last ten rows to come forward, including those who were standing.

Permotio continued doing her routine with each one, until she reached those who were standing. Before the first one came too close, she spoke into the microphone. "For these...delightful people...there will be an extra...special...treat." In each pause, Permotio forced another finger deep inside her. She quickly drew each one out of her as she said her next line. "For these have been standing up, watching this unrehearsed act. These people have not had the chance to sit down, but for one lucky person cuing up to taste my mouth, they will have the chance to lay down with me. You will all be able to watch. This..." Permotio paused to look up and down the cue, even though she had already made her choice. For every pause she made in the next part of her speech, she bent a little lower, until she was grinding her hips into the stage. "This...wonderful...pleasure...will...be...given to...oh yes...the...holy...yes...mmm...him." Permotio pointed to Fidelis as she ground her hips continuously into the stage. She found this somewhat enjoying in its own right. Permotio stood up, holding the microphone close to her mouth, but at the same time, she stroked her inner thigh.

"For all of them, however," she continued, "I will taste them, but I do not mean their mouth. For these people will have their moment of release, on stage, for you all to watch with joy," Permotio caressed her left breast. "Pleasure," She ran a finger from her neck, down to her lowest opening, "And hopefully, with release." And with that last word, she fell face down onto the stage, to grind her hips into the stage. She threw her head back and faked the beginnings of an orgasm. Whilst still laying on the stage, she motioned for the first person to come up. The first person was a woman, heavily pregnant. She lowered her skirt to her ankles and let her underwear fall. It was plain white; she did not expect every Metuere to see them. Permotio bit, sucked, and linked as hard and as fast as she could, until the woman had her moment of complete release. She crawled off the stage on her hands and knees, still writhing from the orgasm. The next person to be tasted by Permotio was a man. He got the same treatment; he was bitten, sucked, and licked until the moment of release. Permotio spent, again, the same amount of time on each person; she even managed to bring the heterosexual women to a climax. Finally, it was Fidelis' turn.

Permotio turned to face the audience, with red and white liquids dripping from her mouth; she did not bother to wipe them away. "As you can all tell, I am bleeding; it is my menstrual cycle and nothing else. This means, that he may taste me, while I taste him, and then we will kiss. Then, and only then, we will ask for your opinion. The position with the greatest number of votes will be done by us, for you all to watch." Permotio turned to face Fidelis; he was already stripped, so he was wearing nothing. Permotio dropped the microphone to the stage after switching it off. "Do as you have never done to me before. I want to be rainbow kissed by you."

Once they had finished tasting each other, they both sat up and explored each other's mouth with their tongue. Permotio pulled away first, breathless. She searched the stage for the microphone, still with red and white liquids around her mouth. Fidelis also had a red liquid from his mouth; neither bothered to wipe it off. Permotio switched the microphone on once she had found it. She turned to the audience, still laying next to Fidelis on the stage. "Now we have done that part of the bargain, I want you all to vote. You have as many votes as you have limbs. Vote on the one you want to see." Permotio and Fidelis took it in turns to state a position that they were familiar with. After quite a long time, the position with the highest vote was written down and given to the couple. Permotio read it silently, as did Fidelis. Neither showed the audience what the paper said, thus they did not know how the others had voted.

Fidelis assisted Permotio onto her hands and knees, facing the audience. Permotio strapped the microphone around her neck; if she were lying on her back it would have been between her breasts. Fidelis was behind her, hard and ready. Since he had not had his moment of release, he would now have it on stage in front of everyone in the Metuere castle, for his or her pleasure, and for the new Highest Queen's pleasure as well. Fidelis began gentle, but he picked up a faster pace that would make Permotio scream for more. Fidelis crashed into Permotio so hard, she bled more. Permotio let the orgasm take over her, and at that moment, the audience drowned in her vision. She could see nothing. She could only taste the liquids around and inside her mouth. She could feel Fidelis crashing through her, as though he would come out the other side. She could feel her heart beat against her chest; it was threatening to burst out into the audience. She could hear her breathing, the gushing of her blood in her ears, the pounding of flesh against flesh inside her.


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