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When Lust Meets War

Novel By: sineadmc1990


There is no porn/erotica until later chapters. You're gonna have to wait.

Its a complicated novel, and I'm still working on it. I keep going back to the early chapters, especially this one. Think of this as erotica but with a decent storyline.

This one novel covers practically every genre. And it even has some Latin phrases. ^_^ View table of contents...


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Chapter IX

Two days later, the Metuere's Highest Monarch was pronounced dead. Fidelis held Permotio in his arms, as she wept. The doctor in charge wiped a hand over her dead mother's eyes, before covering the body with a purple velvet cloth. The same piece of fabric covered all freshly dead Metuere Queens, until the day of their burial. The doctor cautiously inched closer to the grieving couple, and carefully said: "Regina, as the only daughter of your mother, you are the Highest Monarch. Do you wish for a cause of death? This would result in a full autopsy. Is that what Your Highness wishes?" Permotio glanced at Fidelis with watery eyes. A memory flashed through their minds.

It was the night before. Permotio and Fidelis were both dressed head to toe in black. He had provided the clothes for them both; the clothes were worn by the Odiums that forced their way into the castle ten years ago. Permotio led the way to her parents' chamber, avoiding the main corridors and lights. Fidelis was carrying two needles in his leather belt. When they reached the chamber, Permotio headed straight for her mother's bed. She silently lifted the white cotton sheets, and painstakingly slowly, moved her mother's nightdress so that her groin and inner thigh was visible. Permotio motioned for Fidelis to hand over the first cyanide injection. Permotio carefully emptied the contents of the syringe into her mother's femoral artery. Her mother's eyes opened, and then fluttered closed. Fidelis and Permotio repositioned the nightdress and sheets into their original positions, before making their way, quickly and quietly, to Permotio's chamber.

Permotio looked back to the doctor. "No autopsy. I am speaking as the new Highest Monarch. I want no intrusive surgery done on any Metuere, unless it is a life or death situation. No autopsies are to be done, without my consent. Now leave, everyone; I want to be alone with my Mater."

Everyone, except Permotio and Fidelis left. Fidelis shattered the deathly silence. "Now how do we...remove my father from the situation? He is a better fighter than me, and we only have one more injection left. It has been said, that the Odium Highest Monarch is immortal."

Permotio laughed cruelly. "Immortal, you say? He is an Odium; all Odiums are immoral...including you. Taking advantage of me, ten years ago, when I was oh so very frightened." Permotio turned sharply to look at his face. It was full of fear, horror, and dread. "Ha! Oh my dearest Prince, you really think I'd kill you? Of course I wouldn't! I need someone to help me with this plan." Permotio paused to look around the room, taking in every detail, before she spoke again. "I have a plan that can remove your father...permanently, like my mother."

Before he knew what was happening, Permotio threw Fidelis on the floor, straddling him. "What are you doing?" Fidelis spoke with caution.

"I know what you want. I know you like it rough. So why not here? Let's add to the danger; ever done it in front of a dead body?" Permotio kissed him passionately and harshly before he had a chance to speak. She sat up, grinding her hips into his. "Speak in Latin, or I'll stop."

Fidelis thought quickly, and said, "Vivamus, mea Regina, atque amemus." That meant, "Let us live, my Queen, and let us love." Permotio threw her head back and laughed. She jumped up, throwing him onto the bed as she did so. He landed on the corpse. Permotio laughed cruelly as he struggled to get off the bed. "Killing someone has changed you, Permotio. If I had known you would have changed so much, I'd never have let you kill your own mother," he warned, once he was completely off the bed.

At that moment, Verna came in. Tears were falling down her face steadily, as though she had been crying for some time. "Verna, how long have you been there?"

Verna stood straight up, so she could be as threatening as possible. "Long enough to know that you and him killed my Highest Queen. Why did you do it, Regina, why? And are you to blame for your father's death, from the night the Odiums came? And now you are planning to kill the Odium monarchs, the ones I have not yet met. Aren't you?" Neither answered. "Aren't you?" Verna hollered.

Permotio looked at Fidelis, praying that he had an idea to sort out their problem. "Verna, sweetie, your Permotio and I never...You know what, you're right. But here's something. You've learnt Latin in school, haven't you?" Verna nodded wordlessly. "Good. Latin's a great language. Let's see if you can translate two little sentences for me."

"I can only read it, not understand the spoken word of Latin. Write it down, I'll read it, then I'll translate it." Verna said, after a few moments of hesitation.

Permotio reached into her mother's drawer and pulled out her notebook and pen. Fidelis winked as he took it from her. He wrote, exactly as he said he would. "Now here you go. Read that for me, honey, and then translate it."

Verna frowned in confusion, but took the notepad anyway. She read the two sentences silently a few times, becoming familiar with the timing and pronunciation, like she had been taught. Eventually, she spoke, with a clear and dignified voice. "Volenti non fit iniurua. Vox audita perit, littera scripta manet."

She glanced up at Fidelis. He said, "That's right, honey! Now translate it into English, so Permotio can understand it."

Verna read it aloud three more times before translating it. "No injury is done to a willing person. The spoken - or heard - word vanishes, but the written letter remains." She read over it a few more times, before saying, "I do not understand. What do you mean by this?"

Permotio stepped forward, now knowing what her lover meant. "It means, mellita, that your Highest Queen, my Mater, wanted to die. And because you have only heard us talking, you cannot prove anything."

The whole time Permotio was speaking, Verna was looking straight at the ceiling, praying. Permotio stepped back as Fidelis took his sword out, and, with one quick slash, cut off Verna's head. "Adversus solemn ne loquitor. Why is that only an Odium phrase? Why could Metueres not learn that as well?"

"Do not speak against the sun? What is that supposed to mean? And why have you just killed my best servant?" Permotio frowned and crossed her arms under her breasts. She had the look of a spoilt child, not being allowed what they want. "Well? I want answers, Fidelis, and I want them now, lover." Fidelis gave her a warning look. "You're not a happy bunny, obviously."

"You wanna know why I'm not happy? You really want to know?" Fidelis turned, hollering at Permotio. "My Odium wife was killed yesterday, when I was helping you kill your mother. Can you understand now in that thick brain of yours, that I am grieving?" He suddenly turned his back on her, hiding his tears, lowering the volume of his voice. "I feel guilty," he finally said, though his voice was as tearful as his eyes. "I should have been with her. She was my everything. You were just a great lay, my fuck buddy; I have never loved you. Yeah, there's lust in my eyes, but I don't love you. Molestia was my wife, and you're the bearer of my children. Vehementer remains with me. So does Rumex. I don't want her to turn out like you. I'll still kill my father. We're still friends, still fuck buddies, and you're still my children's mother. 'Cause you won't be able to find someone who's only after your looks and not your throne, I stay in your bed. You find someone, and then I'll leave you. Until you do, you're stuck with me, bitch, and there ain't nothing you can do about it."

Permotio suppressed a laugh. "Moving speech, Fidelis, but it means nothing to me. I can hear in your voice the accent you try so hard to control; the accent proves you are upset. I may only be a great lay to you, but I love you. I am, I believe, in love with you. I know what lust is, and this is not just lust. What I feel for you can only be described as love." Permotio knew in her heart that she was lying. She didn't love him - she never had - but she had lusted; she only wanted him so she was not alone in the bedroom. "Tell me that I mean nothing to you. Look in my eyes and tell me I'm stupid for falling for you. Tell me, Fidelis, or never be in my bed again."

Fidelis was still facing her, but he stepped so close that touching would have seemed natural; he refused to touch her, and she refused to touch him. "I don't love you." Fidelis spat the words into her face, before throwing her to the floor. He hurled himself to the floor, straddling her in a way that she could not move. His hands clasped her wrists, his hips ground into hers, and she could tell he was happy to be in this situation. "Now you tell me that you don't want this. Tell me that you don't want me to force myself into you repeatedly, until you're bleeding but still begging for more. Tell me, Permotio, just tell me. 'Cause if you don't say it, I'll do it."

As there was no answer from Permotio, Fidelis ripped her skirt away, showing her lace and silk black underwear. He tore these away with his mouth, in a movement so violent, Permotio gasped. He slowly undid his flies, teasing Permotio with the zip, by lifting it up and down. Once she moaned with pleasure, he shoved his trousers down to his knees with a strong but liquid gesture. He was not wearing underwear. He lowered himself down, and shoved himself into Permotio harder and faster than he ever had. "Tell me you don't want this!" Fidelis spoke through the irregular breaths that spilled out of his mouth. As he spoke, he slipped out of her, and spread his seed over her white shirt, making it incredibly see-through. This made her black lace and silk brassiere show clearly.

Fidelis lowered his face down to Permotio's. Thinking he was going to kiss her, Permotio lifted her head up. "I don't love you; now get the hell away from me." Fidelis stood up abruptly, lifted his trousers back to the correct position, and refused to assist Permotio as she struggled to sit up; she was too stiff to stand unaided. The remains of what once was her skirt were never to be called a skirt again. It lay in pieces around the room, with pieces of lace and silk also scattered. Fidelis has done this intentionally. It meant that she had to call for help, but now she was the Metuere Highest Monarch, no one was allowed to see her flesh except her servant. Now Verna was dead, Permotio had to walk to her chamber with only a white, wet, see-through shirt with a black brassiere underneath, to maintain her dignity.

Permotio gave up trying as she slowly stood up, careful not to do any more damage. A small amount of her blood dropped from the opening between her thighs. She ignored it. She stood very close to Fidelis, so close she could kiss him without moving much. Instead of closing the gap, she made it larger by stepping three times backwards. From this distance, Fidelis could see her whole body, just by looking at her face. This is what Permotio wanted. She seductively unbuttoned her wet shirt, letting it fall to the floor. She turned her back to her expectant lover, but kept her eyes on him the whole time. She fiddled with the clasp of her brassiere before unclasping it. She spun round to face her lover, and slowly let the straps fall off her perfect shoulders and let the brassiere fall to the floor. She stood completely nude for a moment, before leaving the room.


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