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Naughty girl

It was her first year of high school. Macy Reece was 18 and was a late bloomer with her schooling. She failed math and had to re take that and all other classes this year. Macy didn't care she loved school and since she was five foot she looked the part. Macy quickly brought her hand through her black hair and pulled it into a long pony tail. She rushed into her math class and sat far in the back. She played with her hot pink sleeve of her t shirt as her teacher walked in and began to write on the chalk board.

Mr. C looked at all of his students his blue eyes went straight to the young woman sitting in the far back. Her oval pale face turned a little red as she tried to solve the math problem. He liked how she wore blue jeans with a t shirt. Mr. C smiled, he could see her black bra and he could see she had nice large round breasts.

Macy cupped her face in her hands as she finished her last math problem. Macy had a head ache she hated math. Macy hoped she past her test. If she didn't her older sister would be mad. Macy and July's parents died two years ago in a car crash. July was ten years older then Macy. Macy lived with her ever since their parents died.

Mr. C gathered up all the tests as all his students left."Jenny please stay behind. I have something to discuss with you." He said to the red head in a white mini strapless dress who smiled at him. Macy wondered what that was about. She thought as she rushed down the school stairs.

Macy was a block away when she realized she forgot her math book."Shit. My home work was in that book." Macy hissed as she ran all the way back to her math class. She quickly opened the door to room 12 and rushed in but stopped short.

Macy's mouth dropped open as she saw Mr. C and Jenny fucking against the chalk board. Macy quickly grabbed her book and hurried out as she rushed home. Macy couldn't believe what she saw. Jenny was 19 so it wasn't illegal. Wow and Mr. C was a hot 34 year old with a hot strong body. Macy thought as she walked into her house and went into her room.

Part Two

Mr. C saw Macy from over Jenny's shoulder as he moved her up and down the length of his hard penis. He smiled and pushed into Jenny harder and faster thinking it was Macy he was fucking. After Jenny fixed her clothes and left, Mr. C still couldn't get Macy out of his head. He pictured Macy laying flat on her back flat on his desk while he tasted her sweet.... " Oh shit I should head home." He said when he looked the clock,reading 4pm. Got to let the stupid dog out. He thought as he headed home looking forward to his next class.

Macy slammed her violet heart alarm clock down on the desk. It rang 9 am. Off to school she thought as she went to shower. After her shower Macy borrowed her sister's knee high violet and black skirt also her light violet tank top that had a v shape neckline. Macy looked at herself in the mirror and decided to also put on knee high purple tights along with black one inch heels of boots.

July looked at her little sister from the doorway. "Pull the string on the left side of the skirt." She said as she took a sip of her coffee and ran a hand through her black chin length hair. Macy did as her sister said and the skirt shorten itself to thigh length. "There that's better." July said as she walked into her sisters room and had Macy sit on the vanity chair. July brushed Macy's hair into a tight bun, Macy pulled a strand of her hair from the left side and let it curve under her chin. Both July and Macy had dark black hair. Macy had dark brown eyes where July had light brown eyes.

July leaned forward and set her coffee on the vanity table. July put both hands on Macy's shoulders and began to massage them then leaned forward and poked at the tops of her breasts."So why change in wardrobe?" July whispered in her ear as she reached into Macy's bra and shirt. She cupped Macy's breasts and moaned. She wished she had her sisters large breasts instead of apple sized ones. "MMMM they are soft and you didn't answer me."She whispered as she crushed Macy's breasts tighter in her hands. Macy moaned as she leaned her head back." Its for someone at school."Macy said as July stopped touching her. July kissed her sister on the cheek as she handed Macy her back pack. "Have a nice day at school." July waved at her sister from thier front door.

Macy walked into her first class. She took the seat in the far back and pulled out her english book. Ms.Green walked back and forth in front of the chalk board. Ms.green wore a lime green summer dress that fitted her tightly, showed all her curves. Her long red hair cascaded down past her back as she wrote a love poem on the chalk board. "Alright, please take the remainder of class to read this poem and write your own." Ms.Green said as she sat down at her desk and began to write in her black notebook.

Macy liked the poem on the board. It was about a tutor falling for his student and both risking everything to be with eachother. Macy took out her blue notebook and began to write a love poem. Hers was about a certain math teacher and herself. Macy wrote the last line of her poem when the first bell rang. "Alright , please put your paper on my desk. Will see you friday." Ms. Green said as all the students left to thier next classes. Macy quickly ran to math class clutching her math book tightly to her chest.

Jenny sat in the middle desk in the front of the class. She wore a light blue seethrough top. It showed her lime green bra. Jenny wore a black mini skirt, she opened her knees alittle as Mr.C walked in right behind him walked in Macy who had her nose in her math book bumped into Mr.C. "Oh sorry, sir." Macy gasped as she stepped from him and rushed to the seat in the left side in the front. " Jenny, Please sit up straight. Alright I will hand you back your tests. Some of you did a great job while some may need to study more." Mr. C said as he walked in between desks handing students thier math tests.

Jenny smiled up at Mr.C who wore a black t shirt and tight blue jeans. Mr.C didn't smile back just handed out the others thier tests. Jenny Glared at him as he went over to Macy who held out her hand for the test. Mr.C handed Macy her test. His fingers gently touched hers. Macy blushed as turned her test over to look at it. She has gotten a D. Macy groaned as Mr.C went up to the board and began writing out more math problems.

The students were all working on the problems on the board. Mr.C sat behind his desk looking at thier math home work. He looked up at Macy to see her pretty face concentrate on the problems. Mr.C felt himself go hard. "Mmmm." Mr.C moaned as he went back to thier math homework. Mr.C came to Macy's homework and smiled at how she made a heart at the end of her name. He got out his red pen and marked half of the problems wrong. Seems miss Macy had trouble with dividing and subtracting fractions. Mr.C thought as he marked a 67% on Macy Reece's paper and looked at the clock. Half and hour more. He thought as he finished grading the homework.

"Alright, pencils down and bring up your math problems, before you go." Mr.C said as he sat at his desk and took the paper from everyone. Macy was the last to hand him hers. "Ms.Reeves, I would like to talk to you." Mr.C stood up and closed the class room door. He shut the curtains on the window and locked the door behind him. "I'm aware you are having trouble in math, my dear." Mr.C said as he walked over to the windows and locked those too. Macy stood by his desk holding her backpack in her hands. " I know I just get so stressed out and I always fail." Macy said as Mr.C took her backpack out of her hands and set it next to her privous seat. "I'm sorry but I have to go. My sister will be waiting for me." Macy said forgetting of her back pack in his hand.

Macy tried to unlock the door but couldn't. She turned to come face to face with Mr.C. His blue eyes were showing lust as well as want. "Macy, I told your sister that I would be tutoring you for now on." Mr.C said as he tilted her chin so her eyes met his. "Please, Mr.C I can'...." Mr.C kissed Macy hard on the lips while he pushed her hard against the door. His large hands cupped the back of her head as his tongue opened her lips. Macy placed her hands on his hard chest and tired to push him away. Instead she slipped them under his shirt. Macy moaned as she clawed at his back as Mr.C ripped her tank top in half. It fell to the ground in pieces. Mr.C took one of her large breasts into his mouth swirled his tongue around her light brown nipple. Macy moaned and scratched more at Mr.C's back as he suckled on her left breast.

Her nipple hardened against his warm wet tongue. " Mr.C please oh please don't mm d...." Macy groaned as Mr.C reached under her skirt and tore her purple thong off. He slid his thumb and middle finger deep within her tight cunt." Why say don't when you enjoy it my dear. You're so wet mmm. I've waited sooo long for this." Mr.C whispered in Macy's left ear as he undid the zipper to his pants. Mr.C lifted her skirt to her waist. Macy wrapped her legs around his waist as he thrust into her tightness.

First she felt sharp pain then slight pleasure that turned into warmth pleasure. Macy wrapped her arms around Mr.C's neck as she moved her hips to take him deeper into her. Mr.C kissed her hard on the lips as he moved Macy up and down. Macy groans matched his own as he took handfuls of her hair and pulled. "Mmmm oh Mr.C oh my gooodnessmmm." Macy groaned into his opened mouth as thier tongues danced. "Macy,please mmmm yes yess call me Calvin." Calvin moaned as he brought them both over the edge.


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