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mine all mine

Novel By: silencedviolets

Eric Mannin knew he had to have her, since he saw her at Shy High school talent show. He's actually been watching Violet Summers even before that. Soon Eric would make her his whiether she liked it or not. View table of contents...


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Violet Summers walked on to the stage breathing hard. She clutched the blue microphone in her left hand. Her knee high blue violet sleevless dress glittered in the gold circling stage lights. Her long red violet hair was in a long braid past her back. Soft sad music played from guitars in the back ground. Violet closed her eyes then opened them and brought the mike to her mouth. Her song began,"Tired, drugged, sad, and scared. Trying to find a way out out out. But can't I fall fall fall. Down into despair of forever sorrow. I walk alone and scared of the dark shadow that follows me. Oh no here I go." Violet sung her last note and bowed her head as the lights dimmed low. All her class mates jumped from thier seats and clapped really loud.

Eric Madden couldn't stop watching her. He liked how pale her skin was and how her light blue eyes sort of glowed in the stage lights. Eric had his eyes on Violet for four years now. He first saw her in her first year of high school. Eric Rememebered when she first walked by him on her way home from school. It was a sunny afternoon and Eric loved how Violet smiled at him for a second before she turned onto the other street.

Now at the talent show on the stage she was even more beautiful. The students began to file out as the last act ended. Eric crept back into the shadows as Violet came out last. She now wore black sweat pants with a violet tank top. She carried her black leather back pack over her left shoulder. Eric silently followed her out of the school into the warm auguest night.

Violet reached into her pocket and pulls out her car keys. Violet started to unlock the car door when a large pale hand covered her mouth. Her eyes stared up into lime green ones. The last thing she heard was a low chuckle as she blacked out.

Part Two the brother

Eric sipped his wine while he stood half naked leaning against a black bed post. He stared at his sleeping mate. Violet slept in the center of his triple queen sized bed. Eric had dressed her in a see through light blue nightie. He also brushed out her hair so it covered the light red silk pillows. Eric finally had his mate the one and only, he has been searching for. In his vampire family you find your mate , a person who you see in dreams. A person who you can't get out of your mind. Eric knew it was Violet when he first saw her. Now he finally had her.

Violet awoke to a man staring down at her with hunger in his eyes. She quickly sat up and looked around the gold 20ft by 20ft room. She looked down at herself and blushed then back at the man. He now sat on the edge of the bed. Eric leaned close to Violet as he cupped her chin. "I am sorry about how I had to bring you here." He said to Violet with a hint of an irish accent. Violet stared into the lime green eyes. She remembered seeing him some where. "Yes, my dear I have been watching you for so long. So long I've waited for you. Now you're here and mine." Eric whispered as he brushed his red lips against Violet's light pink ones.

Violet felt herself tremble as his lips began to kiss hers softly then roughly. Violet felt her arms on thier own accord wrap around Eric's neck as thier kiss became heated. "Oh Violet." Eric leaned her back until she was laying on her back. "No, please do...." Violet couldn't finish as Eric cupped her between her soft legs and kissed her hard on the lips. His long black hair curtain thier faces as he opened her mouth and sucked on Violet's warm tongue. "No." Violet whimpered but her body betrayed her as her hips rose to his fast paced cold touch. No I don't like this or I shouldn't like this. Violet felt her first oragasim coming as Eric kissed her left ear lobe. With his free hand he pulled away the top part of her nightie. Violet's large right breast overfilled his large hand. Eric teased and tweaked her pink nipple and teased her wet love hole. Violet couldn't look away from his eyes when he bent his head and took her other breast into his mouth. He bit down hard on to her hard nipple. "MMM" Violet began to moan but stopped but contiued when he kept teasing her between her legs and her breasts.

Violet felt warm liguid come from her nipple. She cupped his head and pushed him closer to her. Nursing him she threw her head back and moaned and groaned. She came with furious pleasure she never seen Eric drink his fill of her sweet warm blood. "My dear Violet I'm glad you enjoyed it. Time to sleep now." Violets eyes began to close. She fell asleep feeling good but also ashamed.

Maxwell stood in the shower and leaned his head back. "Violet." Maxwell moaned as the hot water washed over his hard strong body. He saw how she reacted to his twin brother's touch. Maxwell was standing in the shadows of Eric's candle lit room. His stupid brother didn't even sense him. Of course he did use a cloaking spell. He was there when Eric laid her down on the bed and undressed her. Maxwell wanted to strike then but too soon. He had waited until his brother had left to get clothes. Then he came out of his hiding area and came to the bed. Maxwell wanted to take her then and there. "Violet, soon my sweet ." Maxell whispered as he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. With a towel around his waist he went to prepare.

Violet awoke to the sound of birds chirmping. She sat up slowly and stretched raising her arms. She looked to the other side of the bed and saw no one there. She quickly got up out of bed and pulled on a pink robe she found on a nearby chair. Violet walked silently to the bed room door. She turned the handle and tried to open it, it wouldn't budge. "Damn it." Violet hissed in a whisper. "My dear, come back to bed." Eric whispered from behind her. Violet spun around and slammed her left shoulder into Eric's hard chest. With a yelp of pain Violet managed to slam Eric to the right. She took off running to the black door. It opened and Violet almost made it through when a large hand grabbed hold of her hair.

"My oh my." Eric laughed as he locked the black door and dragged Violet back to the bed. "You fuckin bastard." Violet yelled as she raised her fist, Eric caught her wrist and twisted it. Violet felt searing pain go up her arm. She looked into his eyes and saw deep anger. "I despise those words. Time for you to learn the rules." Eric hissed as he got of the bed and lead Violet to a black armed chair. Eric wore only tight black jeans but no shirt. He sat down on the chair and sat Violet on his lap as you would a little girl. Violet struggled to get off and tried to scratch his eyes out. Eric took hold of her hands and held them in a tight grasp in her lap. "Rule one, listen to me always, Rule two, no swearing of any kind, so unlady like, rule number three never leave this room with out me hence the lock. And rule number four never again try to open my black door. If any of these rules are broken you will be punished." Eric whispered as he gripped the back of her head and leaned her head back.

Eric stared at her exposed neck and groaned as he lightly kissed the soft skin."Another thing is my dear, you're mine forever and always. I hunger for you now." Violet had no time to react when Eric moaned and opened his mouth. Violet felt his fangs pierce her skin and winced from the sharp pain. She began to struggle as her warm blood flowed into his mouth. Violet couldn't beileve it. Vampire. she thought as Eric stood cradling her close to him to the bed. "Yes, that I am my dear, and soon you will be joining me." Eric whsipered as he lays her on her back, on the bed. He leans over her as he licks her neck clean and her blood off of his lips. Violet sits up and tries to back away from this monster. Eric cups her chin in his hand and looks deep into her eyes. "Violet." Eric groaned as he kissed her hard on the lips. No please. Violet thought as she felt that unwanted heat again. She grabbed handfuls of Eric's hair and twisted to the left so he laid on his back.

Violet kissed his hard on the lips as she unzipped his pants, she threw them aside. Eric grabbed hold of the robe and ripped in two. Naked Violet put both knees on both sides of him. She lifted her hips up and took hold of his large hard penis. She slid it deep within her as she came down hard on him. Eric's eyes widen when he felt her go deeper. Violet leaned forward and kissed Eric hard on the lips as Eric grasped her hips. He guided her up and down. Slow at first Violet moved then she moved up and came down hard. She moved fast and fast as she threw her head back and moaned and groaned as her body shook.

Eric took handfuls of her long hair and tilted her head back. He sat up forward as he held her close to him. He bit down hard into her neck again. The sun beams shined through the window and danced off thier love making bodies. Tears formed in Violet's eyes as she and Eric came to thier final climax at the same time." Why, do I feel like this. So wanton?" Violet asked as she leaned back and cupped Eric's face between her hands. "Because, we are meant to be my dear." Eric said softly as Violet kissed him again hard on the lips. "Then shall we be. But why take me why not ask me." Violet asked as she sat back and pulled him out of her. "Because that is not how it is in my family. We take what is ours." Eric said as he stroked one hand through her hair.

Violet smiled and didnt know why but she felt the same. So what if he taken her that way. Her family was dead and she had no friends so maybe this vampire guy will be her new life.


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