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The Unsuspecting Slave

Novel By: Siara

Roza Gonzales has had everything she has ever loved taken away from her, when she was 6 her parents were murdered at a robbery, leaving her orphaned. Growing up was hard, trying to get the best grades to get into the best college. One night as she is walking home from her part time job someone comes up behinds her and knocks her out with chloroform. A few days later Roza wake up in a cell in chains. No later after that is she being auctioned off, to a complete stranger.
Tristan Sorrento has had everything, rich and powerful, even owns his own island. He has gotten everything he wanted, so when he sees a beautiful green eyed slave on the Black market he jumps at a chance to buy her and make everyone jealous. Shortly after he meets her, he realizes that she is not only beautiful and disobedient, but secretive to, day by day he finds himself more intrigued and compelled. “I’m scared that I might be falling in love with her…”
What will happen to Roza and Tristan? Will they get past Roza’s dangerous secret past, or will they become destroyed by the hate, love, and passion.
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Submitted:Apr 23, 2013    Reads: 891    Comments: 7    Likes: 5   

Chapter 12 Roza~ I feel so violated and disgusting. I hate my self. I am weak and ugly. I want to die. I dont think i can take another day of this goddamn torture. I feel so nasty an disgusting. Is this how being raped feels? i hate it. I never imagined that this could happened to me. No one ever really does. I can't take this anymore. The pain is to unbearable. I was wrong when I said I can do this without Tristan. The truth is. I can't. Tristan~ I'm currently residing in a cheap sixty dollar a night hotel in the Las Vegas downtown area. It has been 6 days and 17 hours since I have seen my beautiful Roza. My love. She is my life. And now shes gone. I regret treating her harshly in the beginning. I regret not leaving with her when she asked me to. I want her in my bed beneath me. I want the feel of her pussy walls clutch around my hard dick. I want her strawberry juices flowing around us and engulfing us in it. I miss her luscious body and beautiful smile. God I'm turning into a pansy. I wish we had more time together. I will find you my Roza. I will always find you. Roza~ Please dear god were am I now. I just Woke up a few hours ago, I'm in a cheap Motel handcuffed to the bed. Where is John? Am I alone for once? I look around to find Something to help get these handcuffs off me. Of course, knowing my luck there's nothing there except a lamp and a glass of water. I start struggling to get out of them but it doesn't work. It's really cold I start to think, but then I looked down. I find that I am completely naked. Covered in scars, cuts, scratches and bruises all over my body from Johns Play time. I never believed in the God, but if there is one I'm starting to pray right now I will do anything to get out of here. Anything to get back to Tristan. "Please God help me please." I whisper. The doorknob is starting to turn and I hear a husky laugh behind the door. Oh God, it's John, he's back for me. What will I do! I start moving, twisting to do anything to get out of here. Before it's too late. My prayers are never answered. Because this night, I was going raped yet again. If you rapes me tonight, the second I get out of these handcuffs I'm going to kill myself. I don't think I can be with Tristan now, who would want something so disgusting and despicable and nasty. I am nothing. Im just so sick and disgusted with myself. I am weak and useless. I should just lay here And let it happen. It's not like struggling will help. If anything, it will make it worse. All of these jumbled thoughts are going to my head as a door slams open and John walks in. Comes up to me slowly after putting down His gun and wallet and starts to strip his clothes. John then proceeds to get on top of me, and starts trailing his fingers over my Collarbone, then my breasts, and then to my belly button. His fingers trail over my pussy, making me shiver with disgust. He smirks at me, thinking he's causing those delicious shivers, but they're not good shivers. Then right before his fingers pump into my core I knock sounds at the door. He growls and gets off me. Then shouts "Just a minute!" Before putting his pants back on and covering me up with the white crispy covers, he gets down to my eye level and whispers into my ear "Don't make a sound or I'll kill whoever's at the door, And you don't want to be responsible for killing an innocent life now would you Roza" He says smirking evilly, knowing I would never do that. John then proceeds to get up and head to open the door. "Yes Hello- Wait no! Please no I-" there is a gunshot, and I flinch trying I get rid of my restraints cowering in the corner of the bed. Someone just busted door after. Depositing John's body on the ground and I see a figure head onward me. "Please don't kill m-" I start to cry when soothing but familiar hand caresses my head. I look up, and "Tristan?!" (A/N -- if I get 20 comments I will upload another chapter. Same goes for every one)


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