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The Best New Neighbor

Novel By: ShowTizzie13

A woman moves next door to Chris and takes him for a wild ride of passion and lust. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 23, 2010    Reads: 2,420    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

Chris yawned and sat up in his bed. He swung his legs over the side and stood to walk into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and after relieving himself, stepped underneath the warm stream. At first, he just stood under the water, letting it hit his body and run down his chiseled chest and abs. After five minutes of this, Chris grabbed the soap and began lathering up his body. He rinsed the suds off of himself and reached to shut the water off. He pulled back the shower curtain and grabbed a towel. After drying himself off, Chris wrapped the towel around his waist.
Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. He walked into the living room, clad only in the towel. He opened the door and was taken aback by the beautiful creature in front of him.
"Hi," he said, now feeling an overwhelming sensation to flex his muscles.
"Hi, my name is Sam. I just moved in next door and just wanted to introduce myself, but if it is a bad time..." She said pointing to the towel, dangerously close to falling off of his hips.
"Oh no, it's okay. Come in. Sit down and I will right back."
"Okay." She entered the very male apartment. She sat down on a large, soft black leather couch and watched him walk down the hallway, to what she assumed was his bedroom.
'Wow,' she thought to herself. Sam allowed the first image of the man whose apartment she was in to come back to her.
Dark hair still dripping form the shower, water droplets lazily trailing down his muscled chest and defined abs. She smiled as she remembered how dangerously low the towel hung on his sexy hips.
After pushing aside those inappropriate thoughts, she took the time to look around his apartment. Black leather furniture filled the room. Dark green paint and tasteful art adorned the walls.
Chris walked back into the room wearing a plain black t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans.
"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name," Sam said standing so she was looking him in the eyes.
"Oh, my name is Chris. So, do you want something to drink?"
"Ummmm sure, how about some water?"
"Yeah, come on."
They entered the kitchen and she sat down at the table in the middle of the room as he went to the refrigerator to grab two bottles of water.
"So when did you move in?" Chris asked, taking the seat next to Sam.
"I started to move some of the more basic stuff in yesterday. The rest of it is coming Saturday."
"Do you need any help?"
He opened his bottle and took a sip. Sam mentally kicked herself for wanting to lick the remaining water off of his lips.
She brought her attention back to his eyes to find him giving her a once over. His gaze leisurely reached hers and he realized he had been caught.
"Uh, yeah thanks, I could always use a helping hand."
She smiled and took a small sip of water, her warm tongue darting out to collect the remaining water droplets on her lips.
They sat at the kitchen table for about another hour, talking and getting to know each other. Every once in a while, pausing to look over the other and blushing when they got caught.
Finally, Chris looked at the clock on the wall.
"Wow, it's 1:00 already. Do you want to get some lunch?"
"Sure, where do you want to go? I really don't know of any places locally."
"I know this awesome place a couple blocks from here."


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