No limits - (The novel)

By: sheriton56

Chapter 5, Sue and Phil have arranged to meet Carl and Jane. They all know sex will be on the agenda but will they be prepared for it when the time comes?

No limits - Chapter 5 - Please read earlier chapters first.

Phil and Sue were still lying on their couch. Phil was naked and Sue was still wearing just stockings, suspenders and a very skimpy black lacy thong. Phil was recovering from an explosive orgasm which Sue had given him by sucking his cock half an hour earlier. She had been highly aroused by her earlier encounter with the man on the train. Then, when she’d arrived home to find Phil wearing only a towel, she had decided she wanted to take his cock in her mouth. He came as she sucked him deep in her throat. Before she sucked him off, she’d made him promise to fuck her afterwards. She wanted him to tell her more about the fantasy he had told her about. He said he would tell her all about it as he fucked her slowly before he made her come. She was highly aroused by the idea of another man joining them in bed and the description Phil had given her of this fantasy man teasing and fucking her had turned her on enormously. However, she was now even more aroused by the idea of another woman with them.

Sue slowly allowed her hand to stroke Phil’s balls as he lay exhausted beside her. It didn’t take long for his cock to stir into life and she looked down to see it hardening as she stroked him. “I’ll have to fuck you if you keep doing that” he said. “I’m relying on it!” Sue retorted as she took his hard cock in her hand, pumping it slowly to full hardness. Phil kissed her and his hand went to her breast as he turned towards her. He rolled onto her, nestling his cock between her legs, raising himself up on his arms so that he could look down at her body. “Are you ready to feel my cock inside you?” he asked as he felt her squirming against him. “Yes, fuck me now. Fill my pussy with your cock and shoot your cum inside me” Sue begged him.

Phil looked down at her as he held himself up on his straight arms. “Let me watch you play with you nipples” he said as he slid his rock hard cock deep into her wet pussy in one firm stroke. Sue gasped as he penetrated her and she felt him pulsing inside her. He didn’t move inside her. He just pressed his cock deep into her depths and she felt him probing her inner being. She brought her hands to her breasts, holding them together, full and firm, her nipples between her fingers and thumbs. She knew Phil loved to watch her do this but the pleasure wasn’t all his. She felt the shockwaves pulsing between her nipples and her clitoris as she let Phil watch her kneeding her breasts. She knew what else he liked to watch her do and she was happy to give it to him now. Keeping one hand on her breast, she let her other hand slip slowly down to her clitoris. “Oh yes, tease your clit while I fuck you” Phil encouraged her. “I want to come with your cock deep inside me” Sue told him as Phil looked down at her fingers stroking her clitoris. He always loved to watch as Sue made herself come and when she did it as he fucked her, he would usually come inside her as he felt the spasms of her orgasm.

Sue could feel that she wasn’t far from her first orgasm but she also knew she would be having much more than that as well. She felt her excitement rising as she let Phil watch her fingers circling her slippery clitoris. His cock still buried hard and deep inside her. “Tell me what you really want” Phil prompted as Sue felt her inhibitions disolving. “I want your hard cock fucking my wet cunt!” she cried. “Pump that big thick cock into me and fill my cunt with your cum”. Phil lowered himself down so that Sue’s breasts were pressed against his chest. He slid his cock in and out of her wetness as hse writhed beneath him.

“So you like the idea of another woman do you?” he asked. “Oh God yes, I love it!” she gasped. “Do you want her to lick your clit and make you come while I tease your nipples?” Phil went on, sensing that Sue was very excited by this fantasy. “Yes, yes, I want her tongue in my wet cunt and I want her to suck my clit and lick it while you wank your cum over my tits.” Sue blurted out as she felt her orgasm building. Phil knew she was close and he knew how to tip her over the edge of ecstasy. He lay hard on top of her and lowered his hand, sliding it round under her buttock and searching for the cleft which would lead to her most sensitive area. He slipped his finger over her arse and teased her tight hole, slippery from her juices. Sue moaned as he probed her arse and slid his finger inside her as his cock filled her psuusy. “I want you to lick her pussy too” Phil rasped in her ear as Sue bucked underneath him. She was whimpering with excitement now. “I want that! I want to taste her juices and feel my tongue on her clit. I want to feel her come while I lick her.”

Phil held her tight against him as he fucked her harder and harder. “Let yourself go. Imagine it. Feel her wet cunt against your lips and let her juices run over your mouth as she comes”. He encouraged her. Sue was engulfed in the sensations of her pussy being pounded by Phil’s big thick cock and the amazing excitement she felt about the fantasy of this scene that Phil had created. Her mind was racing with excitement as her body raced to an enormous and shattering orgasm. It slammed into her like a huge wave as she felt Phil moving fiercely now, ready to shoot more hot cum deep inside her. He growled in her ear “I’m going to fuck your tight cunt til u suck all my spunk inside you now - I’m coming!”. Sue felt his warmth pouring into her, filling her and bathing the soft folds of her pussy in his cum. Her own orgasm broke over her and she shuddered, almost screaming as she came in an ecstatic climactic explosion.

Again they lay still together. Sue felt Phil’s cock slowly softening inside her but he showed no signs of moving. They clung to eachother as if they were one body, each completing the other. They talked about the fantasies they’d just shared. It had been the sharing of these fantasies which had led them to wonder if they were the only couple who found this sort of thing exciting. Were there perhaps other couples who fantasised about sharing sex with others? Of course they had heard about “wife-swapping” and they knew that a few couples were “swingers” but this seemed different to them. Their own fantasies were all about sex with eachother but with other people involved too, adding an extra dimension. This had been the start of something which had led to their first meeting with Jane and Carl. That meeting had been nerve-wracking for them both at first. They were both worried about what might happen and what would be expected of them. They had exchanged a lot of emails and photographs with Jane and Carl and by the time the meeting was arranged, they had found out that they were not the first couple their new friends had met in this way. Although Phil and Sue were nervous about what might happen, they agreed to “go with the flow” as long as they were both happy and to let Carl and Jane take the lead.

They had met in a hotel bar. Both couples had booked rooms in the hotel. Phil and Sue had checked in and gone to their room to shower and change. Sue put on a very thin and clingy wrapover dress with her sexiest lingerie under it. She had hesitated before putting on her suspender belt because she knew the dress wasn’t thick enough to cover the outline of it and anyone looking closely would notice she was wearing it. Phil had encouraged her and assured her that was fine. Phil put on a dark suit with a white open neck shirt. They looked good together as they left their room and made their way down to the bar to meet Jane and Carl for the first time. They saw Jane first, sitting in an armchair in the lounge. They recognised her from her photographs but they both agreed later that she looked much better in the flesh. She was wearing a very thin, tight white blouse and they could see the pattern of her bra through it. Her breasts were firm and shaped nicely. Not as large as Sue’s and she was relieved to see that. She knew that Phil preferred women with fuller breasts and Jane’s were no competition for her. Jane’s skirt was split high up one thigh and as she moved her legs it was impossible to fail to notice her stocking tops. She was dressed to appeal, sexy but not overdone. As Sue and Phil walked towards her, Carl appeared with some drinks. He put the drinks down and turned to greet Sue and Phil. Sue squeezed Phil’s hand for reassurance. He sqeezed it back and they glanced at eachother for a second, checking that they were both feeling comfortable with the look of the two people they were about to get to know. Carl was nearly as tall as Phil, well built but not overweight and as his eyes caught Sue’s she felt he looked genuine and warm. They all said their “hellos” and sat down. Carl insisted on going back to the bar for drinks for Sue and Phil.

Two hours and four drinks later, they were all very relaxed and comfortable in eachother’s company. They hadn’t talked about the website where they had found eachother. In fact, although they had agreed to meet with a view to sharing sex together, they hadn’t talked about that at all. They had all told eachother more about their work and some of their interests. Phil had been evasive as always when carl asked what he did for a living. “Oh, just security stuff” he said and changed the subject. Carl told them he was in insurance and as Sue’s job was in the same industry, they found it easy to talk “shop”. Jane told them she ran her own graphic design business and each time she asked Phil more about his work, he immediately turned the subject back to her own occupation. After Phil and Sue had realised that their relationship was important and that they would be together in the long term, Phil had left the company they had both worked for. Relationships between staff members were not encouraged and it became awkward. Phil had decided to use the skills and knowledge he had previously gained in the military to start his own consultancy business. He now had a small portfolio of very wealthy and influential clients who needed help with things they didn’t always want to make public. Phil had taken advantage of this and was making a very good living from it. However, it wasn’t safe or sensible for him to talk about what he did or who he did it for.

After another half hour, Carl suddenly said “Well then, how do you both feel about all this then?”. Jane smiled across the table at them as Sue and Phil sat wondering how to answer. Phil took Sue’s hand and she squeezed it again as he glanced questioningly at her. She looked slightly flushed and Phil didn’t think that was just a result of the wine she’d been drinking. She smiled and nodded almost imperceptibly and Phil eventually answered for them both. “I think we’d both like to see what might happen next if you feel the same” he said. “We definitely both feel the same” said Jane. “But we knew that as soon as you sat down” she added, laughing. They all laughed together, breaking the final barrier of uncertainty and they made their way to the elevator. As the doors opened, Carl said “We have a bottle of wine in our room if you’d like to see what it’s like”. “I think we should definitely try it then” said Phil, putting his arm round Sue and holding her against him.

The two couples stood on opposite sides of the big elevator. Carl was behind Jane, his arms round her as she leaned back against him. Phil and Sue could see that she was moving slowly from side to side as he gradually moved his hands higher up her body until they were resting just under her pert breasts. Phil turned to hold Sue closer against him, her thigh brushing against his developing erection. Each couple watched the other as the lift slowed. Carl allowed his hands to cup Jane’s breasts and she pressed harder back against his hardening cock. Sue slid her hand over Phil’s arse and she gasped as he took her breast firmly and boldly in his hand, lifting it so that her cleavage was accentuated for the view of their audience. She hesitated for a second before allowing herself to accept this situation and be comfortable with it. They were all “consenting adults” and all seemed to want the same thing. Carl and Jane showed no signs of being anything other than an happy and secure couple who just wanted a little more in their sex lives. What could be the harm in that? she thought to herself.

Carl suggested that Sue and Phil might feel more at ease in their own room so he and Jane got out of the elevator on their floor, leaving Phil and Sue to go on up to their own room while he and Jane stopped in to freshen up and pick up the wine. Sue and Phil had a hurried and slightly drunken discussion about what was to come. They both agreed they felt happy and excited by the situation and that they would make the most of it, having come this far. They got into their room, left the door ajar and lay together waiting, fully clothed on the bed. “I want to watch you suck his cock” said Phil. “I hoped you would” said Sue as she felt a shiver of excitement at the thought. “And I want you to tease her clit if she’s up for it” Phil said, more boldly now. “I’ve been thinking about that downstairs. I hope she’ll want that too” said Sue. “But what are you going to do?” she added.
“Well, we’ll have to wait and see what happens I suppose. How do feel about me with Jane?” he asked. “I don’t really know but I’m getting horny now, thinking of you licking her clit and fucking her while I watch. I think I’ll be fine with it as long as you don’t fancy her more than me!” she said quietly. “Jane’s attractive but there’s absolutely no danger of that!” Phil assured her. “I’d only want to do anything with her if it urns you on to watch”. “Oh it will turn me on, don’t worry” Sue giggled as the wine continued to relax her. “I quite fancy stroking your cock over her wet pussy and then guiding it inside her so I can watch you fuck her”.

Carl and Jane appeared in the doorway at that moment. “That sounds like fun!” said Jane as they closed the door behind them. Phil and Sue felt a moment of embarrassment but it was soon gone and Carl and Jane were very relaxed as they poured the wine. “We always like to talk about what appeals to us” said Carl. “We like to be as relaxed and uninhibited as possible. We’d love to watch you two undress eachother” said Jane.

Carl and Jane stood watching them as Sue and Phil lay on the bed, Phil’s hands sliding over Jane’s body as she lay back against him. They all talked about sex, what turned them on and how Sue and Phil had been fantasising about the idea of sex with other people involved for a long time but never had the courage to do anything about it. They all agreed that they were very turned on by this situation and that they would all go with the flow as long as everyone was comfortable with it. They asked eachother a few questions at first. Things like what they each found exciting and anything they didn't fancy doing. Jane had sat on the bed and Carl was stroking her thighs as they all talked. Phil’s hands were sliding over Sue’s body, lingering over her breasts and teasing her nipples as she leaned against him on the bed. Carl started doing the same with Jane as they talked and they all became very aroused by watching eachother. Phil loved the fact that they were both looking at Sue and he slowly undid the belt of her dress so it fell open and they could see her black lacy bra. Carl’s hands were cupping Jane’s tits through her blouse and she started to undo the buttons. He opened her blouse so that they could see her bra too. Her nipples were hard and Phil and Sue could both see them clearly through the thin lace.

Sue kneeled up and boldly took her dress off. Jane immediately did the same with her blouse and skirt. They were both kneeling up in their lovely underwear and Carl and Phil were very turned on. Jane looked at Carl and Phil and said “You two need to get those clothes off to make it fair!” Sue undid Phil’s trousers and shirt buttons as Jane did the same for Carl. Carl and Phil were now wearing just their boxer shorts and Sue and Jane could see that their cocks were both very hard by now. They all knew that they were past the point of no return now. It was going to be a very exciting night!

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