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No limits - (The novel)

Novel By: sheriton56

Sue and Phil are a beautiful horny and highly sexual couple. Married and happy, they find fantasies an exciting extra dimension. This develops and leads to the start of a new lifestyle they had never imagined. The early chapters also appear as short stories but this is the full story and in later chapters it develops to include far more than the short stories. I hope it will appeal to those who believe that sex should be enjoyed to the full with no holds barred and nothing held back. This is an erotic journey but it also contains a deeper back story. Chapters will be added as they are prepared. View table of contents...


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No limits - Chapter 4 - Please read earlier chapters first.

Sue's taxi pulled away from the station taxi rank just as her mobile vibrated. She sat back and looked out of the side window as the big silver Mercedes drove past, heading for the exit. The man from the train glanced through the passenger window and caught her eye for a moment. He smiled and was gone as the car sped away. Sue wished she'd had time to smile back but felt a pang of guilt at the thought. She would never dream of cheating on Phil, not just because it would hurt him, but because she couldn't imagine having sex without him involved. Until recently, she used to say she couldn't imagine sex with anyone other than Phil, full stop. But since they'd begun to fantasize about another man joining them in bed, she could no longer claim that. Now she found herself imagining she was sucking this man's cock, taking him deep into her throat, rushing him to orgasm and at the last minute, pulling her mouth away and using her hand to pump his hot cum over her breasts while Phil watched her do it. And now Phil had told her he imagined another woman with them as well! Her thoughts were in turmoil. So many things to imagine. She had been excited by the thought of the other man Phil had introduced into their bedroom fantasies. Being teased, licked and fucked by two men was a delicious idea, as long as one of them was Phil, of course. But Sue was disturbed by Phil's idea of another woman as well. She thought it through as the cab drove her home. Her first thoughts were "How would it feel to be touched by another woman?" and "how would I cope with seeing Phil with another woman?" On reflection, to her surprise, she actually found both quite exciting. She rather liked the idea of seeing Phil being made to come by another woman. Sue had always enjoyed watching Phil come. She loved to see him shudder as he got close to his climax. And the look of ecstasy on his face as his cum spurted from his big hard cock was very exciting. She knew he was in love with her and he would never deceive her so, as long as she only had to imagine it happening while she was involved as well, Sue found the idea rather appealing. Sue was a little more disturbed by her reaction to Paul's description of the other woman touching her. When Phil had started describing his fantasy of what might happen, Sue had just been humouring him, happy to go along with his fantasy as he'd talked to her on the phone in the train. But now, as she thought it through again, she found it a very exciting thought. She imagined the woman's mouth teasing her nipples as Phil had described. She felt a disconcerting shiver of excitement at the thought. "I shouldn't be liking this idea - I'm straight!" she chastised herself. But she did find it exciting and the thought wouldn't go away. "Well it would only be with Phil involved too" she reassured herself and anyway, it was only a fantasy so what harm could there be?.......

Sue's mobile vibrated again and reminded her there was a text message for her.


She could imagine Phil waiting for her at home, fresh from the shower, wet hair and smelling gorgeous as always.























Sue put her mobile away, paid the taxi fare and almost ran to the entrance to their building. She felt more excited than she had been since the early days of her relationship with Phil. She wanted to feel him inside her now. She needed to feel him hard and throbbing as he penetrated her and buried his cock deep in her very moist pussy. She felt a tinge of guilt as she remembered that her arousal was more than a little due to the encounter with the man on the train. She tingled as she remembered him pressed against her as the train jolted. She wondered if he was remembering her at the same time. Was he by now in bed with the woman driving the car he got into? Was he about to release all the sexual tension he had so obviously built up as he looked at Sue's breasts and her stocking tops as she'd sat teasing him? She had a momentary vision of him, his cock pounding into her own tight pussy, panting and groaning as he lost control but pulling away at the last moment so she could feel his hot cum spurting over her tummy.

Sue wondered how Phil would have enjoyed watching that. She had a feeling he would have found it very horny and she wondered if she should tell him about it. Maybe in bed, when he was very aroused, she should introduce it into their fantasy about the "other man". Maybe she should tell him what had happened on the train. He might be excited by that, but then again, would he be jealous? Would the thought of another man in reality, even if only in that fleeting situation, be enough to turn Phil off the fantasy altogether. Sue realised that she didn't want that to happen. She was highly excited and aroused by the whole concept of these new fantasies and she wanted to explore them far more deeply. She decided to avoid hiding things from Phil but not to tell him everything at once, just in case.

As the elevator arrived at the ninth floor, Sue undid the top two buttons of her dress, checked her hair and straightened her stockings. The doors opened and she walked quickly to the door of their apartment. She let herself in and smiled as she heard the sound of her favorite track playing on Phil's state-of-the art sound system. It was one of his luxuries and he loved to play music as they made love. All thoughts of the man on the train faded away as she saw him lying on the couch, his hair ruffled and damp, a small white towel wrapped around him but hardly doing the job it was intended for. Sue stood for a moment looking at this wonderful man who was her husband. She never ceased to marvel at her good fortune. How had she been lucky enough to find her soul-mate and best friend who also happened to be gorgeous, sexy and, most importantly, completely in love with her too? Her eyes strayed over his tanned chest, down over his taught stomach, and settled on the obvious bulge in the skimpy towel. "So where's my wine?" she said, feigning irritation. Phil laughed and sipped form his own glass. "It's right here" he answered, pointing at the small table beside the couch. "You can drink it while I undress you if you promise not to spill it".

Sue moved slowly towards him and knelt on the large sheepskin rug in front of the couch. "Ok then, you can start with these buttons" she said as she bent to kiss him. She felt his wine tainted lips pressing urgently against her mouth, his tongue finding it's way between her lips as she smoothed her hand over his chest. "Maybe I'll save the wine for later" she whispered before pressing her mouth against his again. Sue moved her hand across Phil's body, over his muscular chest and down to his abdomen. She moved the towel away and stroked the point below his navel where the hair began. "I want to suck your hard juicy cock into my mouth while you tell me more about this other man you've been imagining with us" Sue said as Phil put his wine down and gasped in anticipation. "I want to hear all about what you want him to do with me" she murmurred as she slid her mouth down his chest, following her hand. "And then I want you to tell me more about HER too!" she added. Phil reached for the buttons of Sue's dress as she stroked his lower abdomen and kissed his chest. He had difficulty reaching all the buttons because of the position she was in but he didn't want to discourage her from what she was doing. He wanted to feel her hand stroking and teasing his cock before she sucked him. He managed to undo all the buttons and Sue shrugged the dress off her shoulders so it fell away, revealing her glorious breasts, tightly held in the thin lacy black bra she wore. Phil's hands went to Sue's breasts as she lifted her head away from his chest to allow him a full view of her. He slid his hands over the lacy material, seeking and finding her nipples as they pressed hard against the thin barrier of the bra. He marvelled at her perfection as he let his hands drift slowly down her body, tracing the curves of her narrow waist and out over her silky hips until he reached the tight suspender belt she wore. He allowed his hands to take in the feeling of the lacy but stiffer material which he always found so arousing. Although his eyes were riveted to her body, he used his hands, almost as if he were blind, to take in every dimension of her shape and every sensation of her beauty.

Sue allowed him a full view of her breasts, still enclosed in thin black lace. She held her shoulders back as he stared unashamedly at her. She loved the wanton feeling of exposing herself to him and tantalising him with sensual views of her body. When Sue and Phil had first met, it had taken Sue some time to fully accept that Phil found her extremely attractive and exciting. Her earlier life had not been easy and had not helped her to develop the confidence she now had in her own appearance and sexuality. After a traumatic childhood and a few disastrous relationships with men, she had become insecure and self-conscious as far as her body was concerned. Phil had changed all that by loving her and being so obviously excited by her. He had never been slow to tell her how gorgeous she was and after a while, she had realised it might be true. After a couple of years of their marriage, Sue had begun to realise that men paid her far more attention than other women tended to attract. Phil had pointed this out many times but it took a long time for her to notice that when a strange man looked at her for ages, it wasn't just because he thought he recognised her!

Sue completed the display for Phil by reaching slowly behind her, unclasping her bra and allowing it to fall to the floor. His eyes were fixed on her full breasts as he reached up to pull her towards him. She felt her breasts pressing against his chest as he kissed her again, more urgently now. "I want you" his voice rasped huskily. "You can have me, Darling" Sue replied "But I still want to suck you first". She moved her head down his body again, his hands following her breasts as she moved. She inched her hand tantalisingly up between his legs as she kneeled beside the couch. She let her fingers stroke lightly over his balls as her tongue traced circles on his upper thigh. She had a close view of his hard cock as she teased him. He raised his hips to encourage her and she saw the tip of his cock glistening with his juices. She raised her body enough to allow her other hand to take his cock in a gentle grip. Her fingers and thumb closed round it, feeling it throb in time with his pulse. Sue looked into Phil's eyes as she started to move her hand up and down. "Can you imagine your cock inside me now?" she asked. "Oh God yes." Phil gasped as she held his cock tighter, continuing the rhythm. "Can you imagine my juices flooding over your cock as I come while you fuck me?" she said as she moved her breasts over him so that his cock brushed against her nipple with each movement. "I want to feel your wet pussy sliding up and down my cock until I come deep inside you." He almost begged as Sue suddenly took his cock into her mouth. She heard him groan as she slid her lips right down the length of his throbbing cock. She felt him shudder as she took his hardness deep into her throat, relaxing her muscles as she engulfed his cock.

Sue knew she had to do this slowly unless she wanted it to be over quickly. She loved the way she could control Phil's responses. She could keep him on the brink of orgasm for ages and then, whenever she chose, she could tip him over the edge into a huge and explosive climax, just by increasing the speed of whatever she was doing or even just by saying certain things. She sucked his cock, in and out of her mouth, her lips tight round his shaft, her tongue swirling over the tip, savouring the salty taste of his juices, knowing he would come when she decided the time was right. "I'm going to suck your hard cock until you can't hold back and I'm going to suck all your cum into my mouth" She said as she moved her head up to look at him, her hand taking over the job her lips had been doing. "I'm going to come sooo much" he gasped. Sue knew that this was the best time to get Phil to open up about fantasies. When he was highly aroused, he lost all inhibitions and she knew he'd tell her everything he thought of without feeling self-conscious. She was still holding his cock, pumping it very slowly, keeping him just below the point of no return. "Well before I suck all that cum into my mouth, I want you to tell me all about your ideas about this other woman" she said before plunging her mouth over his cock again and sliding her tongue over the tip.

"Oh God" Phil groaned. "I'll come if I talk about that now!" He said, thrusting his hips and easing his cock deeper into Sue's mouth. She pulled back and said "Well tell me as much as you can and I'll let you come loads". She settled back to take him between her lips, gently keeping him just before the climax she knew was inevitable. Phil's voice was croaky with desire as he started to talk. "Well, after we talked about another man with us, sucking your nipples and fucking you while I watch, I couldn't help thinking about another woman too. I got really turned on by the idea of her touching you and making you come." Sue looked at Phil again and said "Mmm, and how would she do that, do you think?". "I think she'd hold your tits and tease and suck your nipples first. Then she'd slide her fingers over your pussy lips, just gently at first until your juices are flowing. Then she'd slip her fingers between them and spread your juices over your clit." He said, getting more carried away with the idea as he spoke. Sue knew Phil wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. She could taste his pre-cum as she sucked slowly up and down his cock. But she was fascinated by what he was saying. She was amazed at the excitement she felt at the thought of another woman's fingers on her pussy. She wanted to hear more before she sucked all Phil's cum into her mouth. She also wanted to feel him inside her later. She knew she'd have to wait for him to recover after she sucked him off but she also knew he'd be able to fuck her for ages before he came a second time. And while he was fucking her later, he could tell her more detail about what he wanted the fantasy woman to do. Would he want her to lick Sue's clit and make her come? Sue was sure he would. And that seemed fine to her! But would he want Sue to return the favour? To her surprise, that seemed more than fine too! She couldn't wait to hear more of his fantasy but right now, she knew Phil needed to come.

Sue had enjoyed teasing Phil, making him wait and hearing his new fantasy but now she needed to make him come. She wanted to taste the results of all her teasing. She stopped sucking his cock for a moment and said "I love that idea and you must tell me more while you lie with your cock inside me later. But now I'm going to suck all that hot cum you've built up and I'm going to make you shoot it all into my mouth so I can swallow every last drop". She turned back to take his cock deep into her throat again as Phil groaned and shuddered with tension. Sue plunged her head up and down as she swirled her tongue over the swollen tip of his cock. She felt him tense and she cupped his tight balls with her hand as she sucked relentlessly up and down round his cock. Phil jolted up against Sue's face and she heard his loud, almost wild groan as his orgasm started. "I'm coming!"
he rasped as she felt the first stream of hot cum pump over her tongue. She took him deep in her throat as spurt after spurt of his juices shot from his pulsing cock. She didn't stop until his tense body suddenly relaxed under her and his cock stopped pulsing in her mouth. She drew slowly away and licked the last drops from him, kissed the tip of his softening cock and moved up to snuggle against him as he came down from his climax. He kissed her and felt the residue of his cum on her lips. He held her close on top of him and they lay together while he recovered.

"God, that was incredible! I came so much. I can't remember it ever being better than that" Phil said as his breathing slowed. "I thought it seemed a lot!" said Sue with a smile. "Must have been the excitement of the idea of me with another woman." She teased. "I think it probably was" he admitted. "Do you mind? Did you like the idea at all?" he asked. "To be honest, I loved the idea and I can't wait to hear more about it. I want lots more detail!" she said. "I'll think about it and later, I'll fuck you very slowly and tell you all about it before I make you come" Phil said and they lay still together, anticipating what was to come later.


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