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No limits - (The novel)

Novel By: sheriton56

Sue and Phil are a beautiful horny and highly sexual couple. Married and happy, they find fantasies an exciting extra dimension. This develops and leads to the start of a new lifestyle they had never imagined. The early chapters also appear as short stories but this is the full story and in later chapters it develops to include far more than the short stories. I hope it will appeal to those who believe that sex should be enjoyed to the full with no holds barred and nothing held back. This is an erotic journey but it also contains a deeper back story. Chapters will be added as they are prepared. View table of contents...


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No limits - Chapter 3 - Please read earlier chapters first.

Sue was still listening to Phil as he talked to her on her mobile. Her train journey home had never been as exciting as this before. What with the man opposite and Phil tantalising her on the phone, Sue was becoming more aroused by the minute.

"Ok then, I'll tell you more of what I was thinking of" continued Phil. "I thought you might like it if our fantasy man had a wife and we made it a foursome. I rather fancy the idea of watching her undoing your bra, holding your tits and sucking your nipples. Then she could move down and stroke your pussy over your knickers while I take over sucking your nipples. She could take your knickers off - They're black and very thin and lacy, by the way!" Sue felt a shudder of excitement and she smiled a little at the mention of black lacy underwear. She knew Phil was always turned on by her underwear. She wore very sexy lingerie because it made her feel good and she loved the effect it had on him.

"I thought they might be." Sue said with a smile. "So what else did you have in mind for this proposition? I must admit I'm rather intrigued by it so far. In fact I think it could be avery good idea" she said as she cast her eyes over the crisp white shirt worn by the man opposite. His head was turned slightly towards the carriage window but she could see his eyes were still looking her way. There was no sign of the bulge in his trousers becoming any smaller. Although she couldn't see it clearly because of the jacket he had laid accross his legs, she couldn't help noticing that even if he wasn't fully aroused, he was obviously getting quite hard as his eyes moved from her face, down to her breasts and on down to her thighs, covered in very shere black stockings with lacy tops. Sue was sure by now that he could see the top of at least one stocking. She mischeivously uncrossed her legs and allowed him a momentary glance under her dress as she re-crossed them the other way.
"So you're not against the idea then?" asked Phil, very excited by the reaction from Sue. "Well, I couldn't commit myself at this stage but I'd like to know much more about the idea" she said.

"Well I'll tell you a bit more now and then I'll tell you some more details when I get home" said Phil. "But I warn you, I'm feeling very horny and if you want me to tell you much more detail about you with another woman, I'm going to need to come loads so you'll either have to suck me off or let me fuck you as soon as I get home." Sue felt her wetness spreading inside her pussy and she wished she could feel Phil's cock inside her right then. Her nipples were hardening and she knew they could be clearly seen through her thin bra and the figure-hugging dress she wore. The man opposite looked straight at her and moved his jacket slightly. She could see that her leg-crossing exercise had had an effect on him. There was a distinct hard bulge in his tight trousers now. Sue wondered which station he was travelling to. If he had to get off before her, she was looking forward to a better look as he stood up.

"I will be more than happy to comply with either of those conditions" Sue said. "In fact, both of them sound like a good idea to me so do please tell me more". Phil was driving into their underground garage now. "I'm going into the garage so I'm going to lose the signal now" he said. "I think you should get a cab when you get off the train and get back here as soon as you can. I'll go in and have a shower and get ready for you". Sue was disappointed that she wasn't going to hear more of his ideas until she got home but she'd be there soon and she had a feeling the night ahead would be worth waiting for. "Ok then, I'll be there in about twenty minutes. Don't start without me!"

As the train came into the station, Sue unplugged the hands-free kit and closed her bag. She smothed her dress down, conscious of her own arousal and knowing that Phil would find her pussy well lubricated and ready for him if he was going to fuck her. She had a good mind to suck him off first. She wanted to feel the raw excitement of his cock throbbing in her mouth as he lost control. She wanted to feel his hot cum spurting over her tongue. She wanted to look up at his face as she sucked the last drops from his cock. She wanted to sense his excitement as he realised at the last minute that she was going to take his cum in her mouth and not pull back and wank him over her tits. She wanted the complete feeling of love that they shared as she felt him pulsing in her mouth, pushing to the back of her throat as she took his cock deeper to make him come. She wanted to take every drop of his cum and watch his face as she swallowed all he had to give. She also knew that he would come more than once and there would be plenty of time for him to fuck her and fill her pussy with a second helping of his cum later.

Sue stood up as the train slowed, looked down at the man opposite, wondering if he was still hard and wondering what it would be like to have his cock in her mouth while her lovely husband fucked her at the same time. "I wonder if he has a wife or girlfriend?" she said to herself as the platform came alongside. She was just about to turn and move along the carriage to the door when he stood up. Sue was standing facing him and the man stood up in front of her. He looked down at her a face and smiled. "After you" he said and put his hand on her arm to guide her as she turned. He was holding his jacket in front of him and as he followed her to the train door, she knew that was because he still had an erection. She was excited to think that that was caused by him looking at her. She liked that. As she moved to stand in the crowded area towards the door, he was close behind her, his breath moving her hair as they stood in the throng of people. "I don't know why we should have to pay a fortune to stand in a crush every day, do you? he said behind her. She froze for a moment, almost feeling guilty for looking at him before, and for enjoying him looking at her. But she quickly recovered. "It's awful, isn't it?" she answered as she glanced back at him. The train finally ground to a halt with a jolt. Sue jerked forward as it stopped and then she felt him stumble forward against her. He quickly reached just past her and grabbed the rail to steady himself. She felt his bicep brush against her arm as he pushed back. His body had pressed against her as people behind him pushed him. She could feel his hardness against her buttocks. Although he moved back quickly, she knew his cock was hard and she'd felt a jolt of excitement as he pressed into her flesh. He said "Sorry, it's hard to keep your balance". She looked round again and said "It's fine, don't worry". The doors opened and they got off the train. They walked along the platform next to eachother but neither of them spoke. At the exit, he looked at Sue and smiled. "Might see you again?" he said. "I get this train most days and I usually try for that carriage if there's a seat.". Sue hesitated but then said "Maybe I'll see you then". She smiled at him again, knowing that her face was flushed. "I must get going. My husband's waiting for me at home" she said and turned away towards the taxi rank. "Take care then" he said and walked towards a car in the pick-up bay. Sue looked back and saw him get into the passenger seat of a large mercedes. The driver was a woman with long chestnut hair. He leaned across and kissed her before they drove away.

Sue set off in the taxi, thoughts of the man on the train already evaporating as she imagined Phil in the shower, getting ready for her. She pictured him, smoothing shower gel all over his muscular body. She knew he would be lathering his cock and his balls. He was always lovely and clean for her. She pictured him stroking his cock under the stream of water, letting it get hard as he rubbed it and smoothed his other hand over his balls. She liked the idea of him arousing himself, building up the tension and the anticipation of what was to come. The more cum he had in his balls for her, the better she would like it when he came later. She was determined to suck him off first now. She wanted to taste his cum and she was sure it was nothing to do with the memory of her thoughts of the man on the train. Well, she was fairly sure..................


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