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No limits - (The novel)

Novel By: sheriton56

Sue and Phil are a beautiful horny and highly sexual couple. Married and happy, they find fantasies an exciting extra dimension. This develops and leads to the start of a new lifestyle they had never imagined. The early chapters also appear as short stories but this is the full story and in later chapters it develops to include far more than the short stories. I hope it will appeal to those who believe that sex should be enjoyed to the full with no holds barred and nothing held back. This is an erotic journey but it also contains a deeper back story. Chapters will be added as they are prepared. View table of contents...


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No limits - Chapter 2 - Please read chapter 1 first.

Phil and Sue were lying in bed, exhausted after making love. It had been intense and overwhelming as it usually was for them both. Sue lay beside Phil as they recovered from their orgasmic exertions. She read him the email they'd received from their friends, Jane and Carl. The four of them had met a few months before. Phil and Sue had been tempted to explore the world of "swinging" as Phil had referred to it when he first showed Sue the website he'd found which was devoted to the subject. In the chatroom of the site, they'd "met" Jane and Carl. They had eventually plucked up the courage to agree to meet them. Jane and Carl sounded like nice genuine people, committed to eachother but enjoying extra experiences with others as well. In the various emails they'd exchanged before their first meeting, they'd all agreed that nothing would happen unless everyone was comfortable and happy about going further. A drink and a chat in a bar was the first step and they arranged a date and a place to meet a couple of weeks later.

Before this, throughout their five years of marriage, Phil and Sue had tried most things that two people can do with eachother and they'd enjoyed nearly all of it. In the past couple of years they'd found it turned them both on to talk to eachother very explicitly in bed. They liked to let themselves relax and release all inhibitions. They loved telling eachother what they imagined and what excited them. One night Phil had plucked up the courage to admit to Sue that he was turned on by the idea of her with another man as well. To his surprise, she was excited by the fantasy and they talked more about the details he imagined. This had been the seed of the idea which had led them into the strange but exciting world of "swinging". They had agreed that it was a fantasy they both found exciting but weren't sure how they would feel in reality. They had been surprised to find that there were so many people on the website they had found. They had sat together one night, looking at all the profiles and pictures people had uploaded to the site. Some were rather unsavory and some were "wierd" as Sue put it. But they found there were also a lot of couples who seemed very "normal" and genuine, often describing their happy married lives and which sounded very similar to Sue and Phil's. It seemed to them that there were just an awful lot of people who were in loving relationships and wanted nothing more than a little extra excitement in their sex lives together. Phil and Sue were both intrigued and although they didn't immediately admit it to eachother, both were excited too.

They had begun to introduce fantasies into their sexual repertoire and as they both loved to talk during sex, the "swingers" website had given them plenty of ideas. Phil and Sue both found it easier to talk about fantasies when they were really turned on so the night after they first found the website, as they lay together in bed, Phil slowly sliding his fingers over Sue's shaven pussy, he asked "Do you honestly get turned on by the idea of another man's cock at the same time as mine?". Sue took a deep breath, not sure what he wanted to hear, but then decided that the truth was the best bet. "Well, there is something exciting about the idea of making two men come and being the centre of attention I suppose" she said, hoping he wasn't going to feel hurt or think he wasn't enough for her. "Only as a fantasy of course" she said quickly, just in case.

"Mmm, I find it very exciting to think of you being the centre of attention too." Phil said as he slipped his fingers inside her now wet and yearning pussy. Sue shuddered as he slowly moved his two fingers in and out, teasing the most sensitive areas and allowing his thumb to slip over her clitoris with each stroke. "I'm not going to let you come until you tell me exactly what you'd like to do with this fantasy man...... And I want all the juicy details!". Sue could feel Phil's cock, pressing hard against her thigh as he teased her. He moved his head over to take her nipple in his mouth as she started to talk. "Well, if you're sure....... I think I like the idea of wanking you both at the same time so you both shoot cum over my tits....... What do you want me to do with him apart from that?" Phil lifted his mouth from her nipple and looked up slowly. "Probably everything!" he said and moved over to suck her other nipple. All the time slipping his fingers very slowly and tantalisingly in and out of her pussy and stroking her clitoris. Her juices had soaked his hand and he knew she was more turned on by the fantasy than she was admitting. He wanted to keep her talking and see how far the fantasy could go for her. But he was also aware that his balls were tingling and he was going to shoot a whole lot of cum when the time was right.

Phil wasn't sure how he'd cope with this fantasy if it ever became reality, but he was liked the thought of watching Sue making another man come. He knew she was his in all ways and he thought of the fantasy man in the same way he thought of the toys and vibrators which made Sue come so much. The other man was the ultimate sex toy!

"Would you like to suck his cock as well?" Phil asked as he slipped his wet fingers out of her pussy and transferred her slipperiness down between the cheeks of her arse. She trembled as his fingers smoothed lightly over her anus, teasing and probing gently. As she opened her legs wider for him, Sue answered "I don't think I want to think of him coming in my mouth but yes, I'd like to feel his cock throbbing as I suck him and feel his balls get tighter before he comes - Would you like to watch me suck him then?" Phil felt his own cock throbbing and swelling even more at the thought of his beautiful wife with her long blond hair and amazing blue eyes, taking another man's cock in her mouth as he watched. He knew that however much she might enjoy it, she would never want to do anything without Phil being involved too. "I'm very excited thinking of you making him come in lots of ways" said Phil as he slid his fingers up and down over Sue's sensitive anus, his thumb now slipping into her wet pussy as she moaned softly. "How would you feel about it if this fantasy man wanted to fuck me then?" she asked, her inhibitions evaporating as he teased her most sensitive areas and her need for fulfillment rose by the minute. "I don't know but I think I'd enjoy watching his cock sliding over you as he got harder and then to see him fuck you would be good - as long as he's not bigger than me!" said Phil, betraying his insecurities but still turned on by the developing fantasy. "No one's bigger than you Darling" Sue reassured him with a chuckle.

Continuing the fantasy, Sue had gained confidence and felt she could let her imagination run wild now. She said "I'd let him fuck me but I don't think I'd want thim to come inside me. I'd want to reserve that for you so maybe you could watch his cock slide in and out my pussy until he can't hold it back any longer. Then he could pull out and let me wank him over my tits so you can watch his cum spurt over my nipples. How would you like that?" Phil felt as if he was about to come, just thinking about it. "Oh God, that would be incredible" he gasped as he teased Sue's arse and moved his thumb up to her clitoris again. He knew she was very close to orgasm and he was pretty sure it was the fantasy that was making her so wet and horny, not just his fingers. "I'd like to feel him hard inside me as you watch and play with my tits" Sue said huskily. "Then when he's come over my tit's I'd want you to fuck me straightaway, really hard and fast. He can tease my clit while your cock pumps into me and then I want you to feel me come, really tight round your cock so it makes you shoot loads of cum right inside me." Phil could hardly contain his excitement but he wanted to make this last as long as possible. His tension was heightened as Sue's hand was now gripping his hard cock and sliding up and down it in the same rhythm he was using to tease her arse and clitoris. "I'm going to fuck you so deep and so hard in a minute" Phil croaked as his throat tightened with anticipation and lust for her. "You can fuck me like you would after the fantasy man's come over my tits then" Sue said.

Phil wanted to make Sue come before he penetrated her with his throbbing and swollen cock. He knew he would come quite soon after he felt her tight pussy sucking his cock inside and covering it with her wetness. She always knew how make sure he came when she wanted him too. All she had to do was wait until he was deep inside her and then say something very dirty and uninhibited to encourage him to come. He could never resist that and he always shot his hot cum into her as soon as she told him to. Phil knew he would be exhausted after the enormous orgasm he was bound to have when he fucked Sue. Usually very unselfish and always wanting to make sure she was satisfied, he would sometimes come inside her before she came herself and then he'd use his fingers or his tongue or both, sometimes a vibrator to give her an explosive climax with his cum already inside her. But this time he wanted her to come twice. He knew that as long as he gave her a few minutes to come down from her orgasm, her pussy wouldn't be over-sensitive and he could fuck her fast and come hard inside her with his arms round her, the way he loved it. He wanted to make sure she was still turned on by the fantasy and would be excited enough to come soon. He moved his head down her body, licking and kissing her tummy as he made his way to her smooth pubic mound. He moved his body down to lie flat between her legs, his own legs off the end of the bed. He used his arms to raise her thighs. She knew what he was about to do and she whimpered as she lifted her hips to invite his tongue into her wet pussy. He teased her for a moment, licking slowly up and down her swollen lips. "I want to watch you play with your clit and come for me" he said, kneeling up between her legs. "Do you now?" she giggled, moving her hand down to start teasing her clitoris as he watched her. "You can watch me come but only if you fuck me and make me come again afterwards" she said. "Sounds good to me!" said Phil as he slid his fingers into her pussy as Sue gently rubbed her clitoris. She felt the tension building up straightaway. She loved it when Phil watched her do this. There was something very horny about being watched. She circled her clitoris firmly now, letting the excitement build as Phil's fingers stretched her wet pussy and she could see his hand slowly sliding up and down his cock as he looked down at her.

Sue knew this would be quick. She could always make herself come easily and with the excitement of Phil watching, it would be over in no time. She knew it wouldn't be intense. The orgasms she gave herself were never the same as the ones she had when Phil made her come by licking her clitoris or when he fucked her. But she knew she would get the chance to come again later, and she knew that would be incredible. "Come for me Darling" Phil encouraged her and as he teased the front wall of her pussy with two fingers, she rubbed faster over her swollen clitoris. "I'm going to come" she exclaimed and her hips thrust involutarily up, taking Phil's fingers deeper into her as her orgasm flooded through her. Phil looked down as Sue came. He loved the gasping sound of her breathing as she reached her climax. He knew she would be in need of a short rest after her orgasm so he lay beside her, stroking her hair and gently caressing her lovely breasts. They lay together while Sue recovered and they talked and kissed until Phil felt Sue move more sensuously against him. He could tell she was ready for more now.

Phil wanted to bring Sue back to the fantasy once more before he made her come again and then fucked her to fill her with the enormous amount of cum he knew was waiting to explode from his cock inside her. "So, if he's smaller than me, how would you feel about double penetration?" He risked asking her quietly. "Would you like to feel him fuck your arse while I fuck your pussy at the same time?" He wasn't sure how Sue would react to that idea, even in a fantasy.

Early in their relationship, Sue had made it clear that anal sex was not something which appealed to her. Phil had had no experience of it either but he secretly found it an appealing idea. In truth, Sue had always wondered what it would be like but didn't like to admit that. Over the years, they had talked about it at times and Sue had loved it when Phil covered her in lube and teased her arse, running his fingers over her anus, pressing against it and hovering over it. One night he had gently slipped a finger inside and Sue had felt incredibly exciting sensations as her nerve-endings were stimulated in a way she'd never imagined. Since then they had progressed to using vibrators and Sue had come to love it when Phil slid a finger or a vibrator into her tight arse. They had tried full anal sex a few times but despite the fact that she found it immensly exciting, the shere size of Phil's cock made it difficult for her. He had fucked her very slowly once and had come explosively in her arse, despite the slow movement. They had both loved that feeling but had agreed it was not to be a frequent activity.

Having asked the question, Phil went on licking and sucking at the swollen lips of Sue's smooth pussy. He pressed his tongue against her and she gasped as she felt it penetrate her wetness. Sue was unsure how to react to his question about double penetration. In truth, she found the idea incredibly exciting and her inhibitions had disappeared thanks to Phil's tongue bringing her steadily along the path to orgasm. Sue took a deep breath as Phil buried his face against her wetness. "I think I'd like to feel two cocks inside me at the same time but would it turn you on too?" she asked, wanting to let him take the lead with this fantasy. "Oh yes, I think so!" Phil said, his mouth still over Sue's pussy so she could feel his breath on her as he spoke. "I want you to come on top of me now so I can feel you take my cock deep in your pussy". His voice was husky with excitement and as he moved his body up her's, his mouth finding her nipples and sucking and licking each one briefly as he moved up to lie above her. Sue felt his cock throbbing as it slid up against her pussy and his mouth covered her's as she felt his weight on her, his chest aginst her breasts as they held eachother close. Then Phil suddenly rolled them both over together and Sue found herself on top of him. "I want your cock inside me now!" she whispered as he thrust his hips up, his hardness searching for her warm and juicy opening which was so desperate to receive him.

Sue was very close to orgasm by now and her inhibitions had completely vanished. She loved the feeling of being able to do and say anything she wanted with no self-restraint, knowing that the more she let herself go, the better Phil liked it. "Fuck me now" she rasped in his ear as he pushed harder against her. "Push that big hard cock into me and let me feel you fuck me now!" she begged. Phil gasped and thrust up again, pushing his swollen cock into her as she slid down onto it in one long movement. She felt him probing her depths and stretching her pussy as she took possession of his cock inside her. As Sue held his cock inside her, savouring the feeling of his hardness, she felt Phil's hands on her buttocks, pulling her down on him so she felt her pubic bone grinding against him. Between his frantic breaths, he whispered to her, "So is this how you'd like me to fuck you while he slides his cock into your arse?". "Yes, yes it is" she whispered back. Phil slid one hand further round so he could use his fingers to tease her arse, stroking nearer and nearer to her anus, slippery from his earlier efforts, until she felt the sudden tingling sensation she loved as he found the tight opening and pressed slowly against it. "Tell me what you want then!" he gasped, easing his slippery finger slowly inside her arse and feeling her tense before relaxing to take it into her. She was overcome by the intensity of the sensations he was giving her, desperate for the release that her orgasm would bring. She was completely absorbed in the feelings and in the fantasy of what they were imaging. "Tell me everything you want!" Phil insisted, his voice rasping harsh and urgent against her ear as he held her close on top of him. She felt herself floating in the abandonment of the moment. "I want you to fill my tight cunt with that lovely hard cock and I want him to fuck my arse now. I want to feel both your cocks inside me and I want to feel you shoot all that hot cum into my wet cunt while he fucks my arse."

This was enough to take Phil past the point of no return. He felt his orgasm building in his tightening balls. He could never hold back long when Sue started talking really explicitly. She never used the "C" word except when she was highly aroused and he found it incredibly exciting. He slid his finger deeper into her trembling arse and as she lifted up to encourage him, he thrust his cock up to stay with her. Then he let it slide almost out of her pussy as she whimpered with desire. "Now I'm going to fuck you hard and deep" he growled, sliding his finger in and out of her arse in time with the deep thrusts of his cock into her pussy. "Come inside me! .... Fill my cunt with your cum now!" she begged as he groaned, loud and deep in his throat, an almost animal sound as his orgasm took him over. He pumped his cock up into her, faster and faster until he knew it was time. "I'm going to come, I'm going come, I'm going to cum deep in your cunt......" He rasped as his cum spurted inside Sue's pussy. "Oh yes, give me all that cum" She screamed, her own orgasm building like a wave and breaking over her, crashing through her whole body as they shuddered and convulsed together.

Sue was completely overcome by the strength of her climax and she lay panting and exhausted on top of Phil, his softening cock still inside her. "God, that was amazing!" she said as he kissed her neck and ran his hands lovingly over her back. "Mmm..... It certainly was" He murmured. "I love you Darling - you were fantastic. I love it when you let your inhibitions go". "Me too!" Sue whispered. "Did you like the idea of another man fucking my arse then?" she asked quietly. Phil hesitated. "I loved the idea of all of it, to be honest. Do you think we'll ever do any of it for real?" He asked tentatively. "I don't know if I'd have the courage to do anything for real but it is an exciting idea" she answered. "Maybe one day then........" he said as they both started to drift off into a satisfied sleep, her head on his chest and his arms around her. "I love you" she murmurred.

That had been the first of some very intense nights of sex, during which they explored their fantasies more deeply, becoming more relaxed and able to tell eachother in graphic detail, all that they imagined. At this stage they had had no idea tht they would get to know anyone like Jane and Carl or that they would become involved in the lifestyle that they later found so many people enjoying. Their fantasies had become more detailed and they had found that they could talk eachother into a state of high arousal, even over the phone. Sometimes Phil would call Sue on her mobile while she was in her office at work. She would signal "No calls" to her secretary and sit back while he told her how he wanted to make her come in bed later. She would tell him what she was wearing under her dress and what she wanted to do with his cock to make him come too.

In his work as a security consultant, Phil travelled a lot and he loved to call Sue from his car as he drove. One evening he was on his way home and he called Sue as she was about to get on her usual crowded commuter train for the half hour journey home. "Sorry I couldn't call earlier Darling" he said. "I had to drive the client back to his office and I've only just left him. Are you on the way home?". "Yes I'm going to be on the train in a minute so I can't talk much really" said Sue as she walked along the crowded platform. "That's a shame because I wanted to tell you what I've been imagining. I'm hoping you'll be turned on by it." "Well you can tell me all about it while I'm on the train but I wont be able to answer very much with all the people around me" Sue said with a smile in her voice. "Ok then, I'll do all the talking and when we get home, if it's turned you on, you can let me fuck you senseless before dinner." said Phil. "You always turn me on but you can take it as a challenge this time as I can't talk back. And by the way, I already want you to fuck me senseless anyway! Got to get on the train so I'll just listen now. Tell me what you've been imagining us doing". Sue sat down on the train opposite a man about her own age. She liked the look of him and he caught her eye as he sat down. She could see he was looking appreciatively at her breasts and although he was very discreet about it, it was clear he found her attractive.

Sue looked at him again and decided he might be a few years older than she first thought, maybe thirty six or thirty eight, even. Although he was sitting down, she could see he was slim and tall and probably pretty fit, she thought. He had short dark hair, strong features and lovely eyes. He had a couple of very small scars on his face and one on the back of his hand. She wondered if he'd had a miitary background like Phil. In fact, she realised that the reason she liked the look of ths man was probably the fact that he actually looked quite similar to Phil. Somehow that made her feel more comfortable with the fact that she was attracted to him. She had always found older men attractive and since she'd turned thirty herself, she found that most of the men she liked the look of were in their late thirties or even over forty. Phil, at thirty seven, was just at the right age, she thought. Although she enjoyed the company of other men and she liked the excitement of knowing they found her attractive, she would never dream of doing more than look. She knew Phil wouldn't cheat on her and she felt the same about him. Sex was important to them both but whatever they did, they would do it together.

"So are you sitting comfortably" Phil asked. "Well, not particularly, but considering I'm on a train in the rushhour, it's not bad thanks". She answered into her hands-free phone microphone. She adjusted the earpieces and said "So, what was it you wanted to tell me about? I think I'd like to hear all the details before I get home". She sat back, glanced accross at the man opposite, noticed he was looking at her legs and couldn't help casting her eyes down his body until she noticed the tight bulge in his trousers. She felt a little surge of pleasure at the though that he was aroused by looking at her. She wondered if he could see her stocking tops under her dress. She thought about pulling it down a bit but then thought better of it and sat back to enjoy the journey. Phil had started talking. "Well, I know you can't really answer so I'll just tell you what I've been thinking about. I had an idea that, as you're turned on by the idea of a threesome with another man, maybe we shoud think about inviting his wife too!. Would that be of any interest to you madam?" He asked with a chuckle. "Oo, well now, I'd have to think about that. Maybe you should tell me what you have in mind?" said Sue, trying to sound formal for the benefit of the other people in the train carriage.

"Well I had an idea that it would be rather exciting to watch another woman licking and sucking your nipples" said Phil. He was sitting in traffic, talking into his hands free system. He felt somehow self-conscious when he started talking like this in his car. He knew no one but Sue could possibly hear him. He was in a closed car and he swept it regularly for bugging devices too. Not that anyone was likely to bug his car these days but old habits die hard. Nonetheless, he felt slightly awkward talking about things like this so he talked as quietly as he could. "I know you like the idea of a man coming over your nipples while I watch, so I thought you might like to let his wfe smooth his cum over your tits" He said tentatively, wondering how Sue would react to that idea. "Would you like me to go on or does that not appeal to you?" He asked. Sue was quiet. She was thinking the idea through and she was shocked to find that she was very turned on by what Phil had said. Sue had often looked at other women and had appreciated that some were sexy and attractive but she'd never thought of actually having sex with another woman. Now she found that she wasn't at all horrified by Phil's fantasy and in fact, she felt a moist tingle between her legs as she let the idea sink in. "Oh yes, please do go on." she said hastily. "I'd definitely like to know more about this proposal. In fact I think I'd like all the details you can give me" she said, trying to sound business-like for the benefit of the man opposite. She sqirmed in her seat as he looked at her, his eyes catching hers and then moving slowly down so that she was sure he was looking at her cleavage. She liked that. She liked that a lot!


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