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No limits - (The novel)

Novel By: sheriton56

Sue and Phil are a beautiful horny and highly sexual couple. Married and happy, they find fantasies an exciting extra dimension. This develops and leads to the start of a new lifestyle they had never imagined. The early chapters also appear as short stories but this is the full story and in later chapters it develops to include far more than the short stories. I hope it will appeal to those who believe that sex should be enjoyed to the full with no holds barred and nothing held back. This is an erotic journey but it also contains a deeper back story. Chapters will be added as they are prepared. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

"Jane and Carl want to meet us again next weekend!" said Sue. She looked accross at Phil as she lay in their bed, waiting for him to join her. He was getting undressed and she was reading her emails on her laptop. They'd been married for five years but she never tired of watching him. He always took his shirt off first and she smiled to herself as he took his customary glance in the mirror. He was in great shape but never seemed to quite believe it as much as she did. He had a smooth chest and graceful but muscular arms, a flat stomach and, to Sue's constant delight, a "fantastic arse", as she described it regularly. He was tall, slim and with deep brown eyes and an easy smile, most women found him attractive.

Sue and Phil had met originally at work and that had meant a relationship was difficult. Although working in different departments, the unspoken policy of the firm was against employee relationships. If it hadn't been for a rather drunken retirement party six years before, they might not have got together at all. Phil had asked Sue to dance. He'd had a few drinks and found himself holding her close against him. He was surprised that he felt so drawn to her. He'd noticed her many times in the office but never had reason to talk to her about anything but work. He'd always seen her as beautiful but somehow unattainable and a little reserved. Her choice of clothes for work was restrained and he'd never realised before, how shapely she was.

That night at the firm's party, Phil had spent at least an hour standing at the bar, just watching Sue from a distance. and marvelling at the shape of her body. Her full breasts were covered by a clinging, black wrapover dress which showed her cleavage to it's best advantage. He was sure he could just see the tantalising shape of her nipples as she stood talking. He loved the way she laughed readily and openly. Her straight blond hair cascaded luxuriantly over her shoulders and he was mesmerised by the way she flicked it back off her breasts each time it fell forward as she moved.

That retirement party was the turning point of Phil's life, he always said. He'd never met the person who was retiring but had felt he ought to accept the invitation anyway. He'd expected to be bored all the evening but instead he'd got to know a beautiful woman and realised that they hadn't stopped talking to eachother since she arrived beside him at the bar. He'd watched her escape the attentions of one of the balding directors who had been, as she indignantly put it, "paying more attention to my tits than to what I was saying!" When Phil had blurted out that he could understand why, she hesitated but to his relief, she looked at him, smiled, said "thank you" and turned to order a glass of red wine. He'd suggested they share a bottle and they'd spent the rest of the evening talking, completely absorbed by eachother and both feeling as if they'd known eachother ages. They hadn't noticed the time and they were both amazed when the DJ said he'd play a few slow tracks before the end. Phil had plucked up the courage to ask Sue to dance and they'd clung to eachother through the last three dances. Phil had never forgotten since then, how wonderful it felt to be holding her close and Sue had never forgotten the spark of excitement as she felt his erection pressing against her. He'd tried to pull back so she wouldn't notice but it was too late and she had mischeivously pulled herself closer against him until he relaxed and they smiled at eachother as they felt the start of the connection they were to share into the future.

Outside, Phil had hailed a cab and they had huddled together in the back seat, still talking and now holding hands. Sue had found she felt able to tell Phil things about herself and her past which she'd never been able to share with anyone before. Phil had felt the same and he had dreaded the moment they would arrive at ther flat. He knew he must leave her then and he hated that thought. He was afraid that what seemed to be a fantastic connection with an amazing lady, might turn into no more than a lost dream in the morning when the reality of the office loomed and slight hangovers replaced the exciting feelings of the evening. When the taxi stopped, Sue got out, looked back in at Phil and said "See you tomorrow then". She smiled but looked away quickly, feeling awkward. She felt very excited by him and desperately hoped this was more than a quick office flirtation for him. She was fairly sure it was, but, beautiful as she was, she was never confident of her own desirability. They had been similar in that way then and, six years later, not much had changed. The only difference was they were by now confident of their ability to excite eachother and to explore a depth of sensuality and excitement that neither of them had known was possible before they met.

Their sex life had only become more intense and fulfilling over the years. As other couples they knew had drifted apart physically, Sue and Phil had become more adventurous and the depth of their love and trust had never wavered. Since they'd got married, a year after the fateful office party, they'd hardly spent a night apart and rarely more than a day or two had passed without them enjoying sex in one way or another. They found it easy to talk to eachother and Phil loved the way Sue was always open to any of his suggestions or needs. Even at times when she didn't feel aroused herself, she loved to tease him and she'd perfected various means of making sure he was never left in need. Equally, Phil made sure that Sue was kept fully stimulated and satisfied. He took great delight in exciting her and building up her anticipation before taking her over the edge and into the shattering orgasms he'd learned to give her so well.

"So, Jane and Carl want to meet us again, do they? - Are you still up for it?", Phil asked softly as he slid naked into bed beside her. He turned towards her and she felt his hardness against her thigh. His hand slid gently up her body until it found her breast and brushed over her nipple. She felt the same rush of excitement she always felt when she knew they were about to make love. The comfort and familiarity of his body against hers had never become boring. The fact that she knew every inch of his body only heightened her anticipation and desire to feel him inside her.

"I did enjoy it last time" Sue answered. "And there are a couple of things I'd particularly like us to try again if you're keen too" she said questioningly as she put her laptop aside with the email from Jane and Carl still open on the screen. Phil moved to kiss her mouth as his hand held her breast firmly, taking possession of it as he pressed his body against her. Still lying on her back, she allowed her hand to seek out the hard throbbing heat against her thigh. She stroked him slowly and as he moved his head down to her breast he grinned and said "You know I'm keen too! Where do they want to meet?". She pressed his head against her breast, encouraging him to take her tingling nipple into his mouth. She loved the way he could excite her by sucking and nibbling her nipples. He knew there was a direct pathway from her nipples to her clitoris and he loved to make her shudder as he teased her with his lips and tongue while she pressed his head to her firm breasts.

"There's not much in the email but they're suggesting going to one of those clubs. It sounds a bit risky but it could be exciting I suppose..... Anyway, I'll tell you what they've said after you fuck me senseless!". Phil was always excited when she told him what she wanted in bed and Sue loved to be as uninhibited as possible. They would often spend ages talking to eachother about their fantasies and telling eachother what would turn them on most. Before they met, neither of them had ever had a relationship where they could feel relaxed enough to talk much about sex, let alone be completely explicit and say whatever they thought of as their excitement built up. She felt Phil tense as she spoke to him and she knew he was very aroused. He was still teasing her nipple and his hand was cupping her other breast as he moved slowly against her. He lifted his head just enough to say "And what would you like me to do for you before I fuck you?" He didn't mind what she asked him to do, he just wanted to hear her talking and letting her inhibitions evaporate. She could excite him to a frenzy just by telling him what she felt and what she wanted.

Sue was equally aroused by his attentions to her breasts. She wanted to show Phil how much she wanted him. She pushed him gently onto his back and rolled to lie on top of him. She could feel him hard against her but she didn't want to take him inside her yet. He would have to wait for that. "Well I want you to lie back and watch me play with my tits while I feel your hard cock against me first" she said as she lifted herself up to sit astride him. She was going to put on a show for him now. She lifted her breasts, pushing them together as Phil looked up at her. She held her nipples between fingers and thumbs and she felt his hardness pressing moist against her lower back as he lifted his hips underneath her. Sue knew Phil loved to watch her like this and she could feel his tension building up. She put her fingers to her mouth, licking them and transferring the wetness to her erect nipples. "Do you want to slide your cock into my wet pussy?" she asked as Phil squirmed beneath her. "Oh God, yes I want to fuck you deep and hard" he said, reaching up to pull her down to him. "Well I want to suck your cock first. I want to taste you and I want your tongue inside me at the same time." she whispered. As she moved round to lie over him she said "I want to suck your cock until you're about to come. Then I want you to fuck me and let me feel all that cum shoot inside me". Phil moaned with excitement and as Sue lowered herself over his face, Phil pulled her hips down and buried his face between her legs. He felt her wetness as he sucked and licked the soft skin. She was always fully shaven and smooth. He flicked his tongue over her swollen lips and she moaned loudly. He shuddered as she took him deep into her mouth, swirling her tongue over the tip of his throbbing cock. She loved the feel of it in her mouth as she slid her lips up and down him, taking him deeper towards her throat with each movement.

During their years together, Sue had grown to love the feeling of Phil's cock in her mouth. She'd learnt to take him deep into her throat and she loved to feel him come that way. He always came with a huge shudder as he emptied himself in her mouth. It had taken a while for her to get used to the idea of letting him come as she sucked him. In the first year of their relationship, she'd enjoyed doing it but had always pulled away at the last moment, using her hand, tight round his cock to pump his cum out over his stomach or sometimes over her own breasts. Sue had never felt a man come in her mouth before they met and she had been wary of it. Phil had never expected it and had never experienced it either, so when one night in bed, soon after they were married, Sue was sucking his cock and Phil said "I'm going to come", he was surprised and delighted when she just took his cock deeper into her throat and moved faster, up and down until he felt his orgasm building. He knew he should warn her again but suddenly it was too late and he was engulfed by the most explosive orgasm of his life. Sue was overcome with love for him as she took everything he had, knowing he was hers more completely at that moment than ever before.

Since then Sue had developed the art of oral sex and she loved the feeling that she could control Phil's orgasms and feel his responses so closely. It was always an intensely intimate experience for both of them and Sue was tempted to let him come that way as she lay above him now. But she knew that he would come very quickly like that and she wanted to make it last for both of them.
Paul's tongue was working it's magic at the same time. Sue felt herself trembling as he used all his knowledge of her body to tease and excite her. She moaned and ground her pelvis against his face as he sucked and licked her clitoris, bringing her close to orgasm and then easing her back, sliding his tongue slowly inside her, flicking it over her sensitive nerve endings and tasting her juices as he worked her into a frenzy of pre-orgasmic tension. Sue knew that if she wanted to feel him inside her, she had to move now before it was too late for both of them. She reluctantly lifted her body away from him, turning to lie beside him, her face against his. He smiled at her and then moved quickly and purposefully on top of her. She had no choice but to lie back as he took what he wanted. It was what she wanted and needed too. "I'm going to fuck you hard and deep", Phil rasped as he forced his hard cock between her legs. "Yes, yes. Fuck me now! Fill me up and shoot all your cum inside me" she said. Then she gasped as she felt his cock, thick and hot, sliding relentlessly into her depths. She was completely consumed by him and as he thrust in and out of her, she felt her orgasm arriving. Phil's arms were holding her tightly against him, her breasts against his chest as she clung to him and thrust her hips up to welcome his cock deeper inside her. Phil shuddered and groaned again. "I'm coming!" he gasped and Sue felt her own orgasm crashing over her as she felt him pumping into her.

"Oh Darling" Sue whispered as they lay clutching eachother, still panting from the exertions of the last few minutes. "That was fantastic!". Phil pulled her closer. "You're always fantastic" he said between breaths. They lay quietly together as their breathing settled and then, after a few minutes of recuperation, Phil asked "So what have Jane and Carl got in mind this time then?" Sue picked up her laptop again and showed him the email she'd been reading earlier. "They want us all to go to a swingers club they've found!" she told him..................


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