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The Club by S.G. Liminal

Novel By: SGLiminal

Sylla, a woman of incredible sexual ability, finally meets her match, opening the door to a world she never imagined exists. View table of contents...


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The Club

By S.G. Liminal

Ch. 06 - Recruitment

A knock upon my apartment door startled me out of the dream-like memory I had been enjoying while writing up my report. I grumbled in frustration and pushed my chair back from the desk. I was wearing an old pair of jogging shorts and a Stanford Wrestling t-shirt. I briefly considered throwing on a pair of jeans, at least, but then checked myself. Why do I need to get dressed to run off a Jehovah's Witness? On the way to the door, I mussed my hair a bit rather than attempting to flatten it. Might as well give the crazies a good show.

I jerked the door open, my face a mask of unassailable impatience, poised to bite the head off whomever dared attempt to sell me their particular flavor of Jesus. My mouth fell open and I stared helplessly, incapable of thought.

Sylla giggled, cupping a hand over her mouth, as she eyed me head to foot. She had nearly gotten control of herself when her inspection reached my bare feet, sending her into further convulsions of barely suppressed laughter.

"Sylla!" I choked out.

"Hello, Adam Wayne," she replied, finally composing herself. "Nice of you to get dressed up for me."

"My name and my address," I mused, unsettled. She should not have been able to find that information. "Don't get me wrong, I've been wanting to see you, but..." I trailed off. The Club guards its secrets jealously, even the personal information of its lowly Rulers, the bottom rung of the male hierarchy. "How did you...?"

"Find you?" Sylla grinned impishly at me, her cheeks dimpling in a girl-next-door way that made me wish I hadn't been wearing such revealing shorts. Looking at her summoned memories of the most recent Gathering to mind. How she had sexually dominated one experienced lover after another before settling upon me. How she had ridden me endlessly while watching the challenge match between Michelle and Kara on the stage next to us. And how Candace's manipulation had caused Sylla to orgasm so powerfully that it had, in turn, caused me to climax so explosively that I was finished for the night. At that thought, blood emptied from my brain, relocating below my waistband.

I shifted my hips and shielded myself behind the door. "I seduced Annie. She runs The Club's computer networks," she answered, shrugging a shoulder nonchalantly, as though it had been no more trouble than checking my Facebook profile. "You were so determined to talk to me the other night. Now's your chance." She smiled expectantly.

I stood awkwardly in the doorway for a few seconds, hiding my erection and stalling for time. "Aren't you gonna invite me in?" she prompted, playfully peeking around the door at my shorts.

I couldn't let her inside. My notes were scattered all over the office. My laptop was open on my desk with a detailed report about her on the screen. And even if I had been prepared, I couldn't speak openly in the apartment. The Club had bugged the office, living room, and bedroom. They had not installed cameras, luckily, or I wouldn't be able to get any work done at all.

"Let's take a walk. I need some fresh air," I said. Grabbing my keys from the hook next to the door, I backed Sylla onto the porch, pulled the door shut behind me, and guided her down the sidewalk.

Sylla took it in stride, placing a hand on my arm and allowing me to lead her down a dark, shrub-lined path between apartment buildings. She seemed content to walk silently beside me, which was fortunate, because I was having to think fast. The Club had eyes and ears everywhere. If she was being followed, they would have to keep their distance so as to not be spotted, so I needed a large open area with good visibility. But the bigger problem was Sylla herself. Or, specifically, her clothing. I had to get her out of, and away from, her clothes.

Because, you know, they could be bugged.

That gave me an idea, though. I diverted us down another path towards the center of the complex. It was late on a Tuesday, so there shouldn't be anyone else around. The evening was clear and warm, and a sudden breeze blew back Sylla's hair as we reached our destination.

She looked gorgeous. She was dressed simply: sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt which read 'Han Shot First' below a picture of Captain Solo, leaning back with his boots upon the Mos Eisley cantina table, the smoking corpse of Greedo across from him.

Unable to control myself, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against my body. I didn't kiss her the way I'd kiss one of The Club's other Members. There was nothing professional or measured in the kiss. I just kissed her the way I wanted to. Long and deep. She kissed me back the exact same way.

Long before I was finished, she gently pushed me away. "I thought you needed to talk to me about something. 'It's important.' Isn't that what you told me?"

I didn't answer, but turned my back to her as I pulled off my clothes. Leaving them in a small pile with my keys on the concrete, I dove into the cool, clear water of the swimming pool. I allowed my momentum to carry me half the length of the pool before surfacing. I turned around to coax Sylla into following me, but she was already kicking off her sandals and stepping out of her own clothing. Grinning, I swam to the opposite edge of the pool and vaulted over the wall into the large, round jacuzzi.

By the time Sylla eased her glistening, naked body over the wall and slipped into the hot tub, I had cranked the jets up to full blast. No one farther than a few feet away would be able to hear our conversation. And there was no one within sight, anyway. I relaxed, draping my arms over the sides, and watched as Sylla approached.

She wasted no time in closing the distance between us, pressing her naked body against mine and taking my cock in her hands. It sprang to full attention and I drew a deep, shuddering breath, eager to be inside of her again. But she paused, stroking my length idly and staring into my eyes. "Adam Wayne," she mused aloud, seeming to taste the name I had chosen for myself. "Your parents have an interesting sense of humor," she observed. "But how did they know you would grow up to look like Batman?"

"I don't look like Batman," I insisted testily, embarrassed that I had chosen the name, an amalgamation of Adam West and Bruce Wayne, for that exact reason. "But I guess that explains why you called me 'Master Wayne' at the Gathering," I said. "I couldn't figure out how you knew my real name." My real name. The lie felt heavy on my lips. My whole life was a lie. They came easily to me. But it felt wrong to lie to Sylla, even out of necessity.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a choice. The evening was going to be full of lies and manipulations.

With a sigh and a soft, slow kiss, Sylla released me from her grasp and moved to sit across from me in the jacuzzi. She fixed me with an expectant gaze.

How to begin with a woman like Sylla? How do you manipulate a woman who can twist others to her will as easily as the rest of us tie our shoes? The simple answer, of course, is by challenging her. By telling her not to do precisely what you want her to do. I took a deep breath and began.

"The Club is a bad place, Sylla, filled with dangerous people. You need to get out and get far away before it's too late."

Sylla's reaction surprised me with its ferocity. "Are you insane?" she demanded. "For the first time in my entire life, I've found a place where I belong and you want me to walk away?" She glared at me, seeming ready to climb out of the spa and out of my life.

I raised my hands in a placating gesture. "I'm just being honest with you," I replied, the irony not at all lost on me. "There are a lot of things you don't know about it. Who the other Members are. Where their money comes from." I didn't know all the answers myself. I had more questions than answers, to be sure.

She stared at me for a long time before nodding, her face softening by degrees. "Fine. You've warned me. But I'm not leaving. And that's not why you wanted to talk to me, so how about you get on with it?"

The hook was baited. Now to cast it into the water.

"I had to warn you because what I'm going to ask of you is going to put you into danger. Real danger. More danger than you're already in. And I'm not gonna ask if there is any chance that you're willing to get out while you can."

Sylla was already leaning forward, looking into my eyes with interest. "Ask me," she said, her words barely above a whisper.

The bait was taken. Time to reel her in with a whopper of a story.

"They have my sister." I dropped my eyes and stared at the churning water for several long moments, my face a mixture of pain, loss, and anger. When I looked back up, she was staring at me with concern. I heaved a deep sigh, making a show of gathering my resolve. I stared off into the distance as I began my tale, not wanting to look her in the eye as I performed my well-rehearsed speech.

"I am very smart and physically gifted," I began. "My father was a nuclear physicist at CERN and my mother a professional ballet dancer with a PhD in psychology. I grew up in a loving, nurturing environment, excelling in academics and sports alike. I graduated top of my high school class after breaking every meaningful school record in track, wrestling, and swimming. I attended Stanford University, where I was a four-time All American wrestler and graduated summa cum laude as a pre-med student. After finishing medical school at Harvard, I spent 6 years as a neurosurgeon at a hospital in New York."

I stole a glance at Sylla. She was entranced. I looked directly into her eyes as I continued.

"I'm telling you this so that you will fully appreciate what I mean when I tell you that compared to my little sister, I am a blithering mongoloid. If I am gifted, then April is a gift. She excelled at everything she put her mind to. At 12, she taught herself to speak Finnish fluently because of a Monty Python skit she liked. At 15, she made the US National Diving Team and could have qualified for the Olympics, but she had already moved on to other interests. The next year, she received three patents for her developments while interning at the cyclotron laboratory at Berkeley. You get the point.

"April never much talked to me about sex, presumably because I'm her older brother and I refused to acknowledge that she ever took part in such an act. In point of fact, I think I expressly forbid it on several occasions and threatened to personally eviscerate anyone who touched her." Sylla smiled politely at my attempt at levity. But she very soon grew serious again. She could see where this was going.

"Last year, when she couldn't hold back any longer, she told me about this amazing sex club she had found, filled with people who were actually as good as she was. I didn't want to hear it. I didn't like to think about it." I stopped, dropping my eyes and wallowing in self-loathing. I was deep in character.

Sylla moved next to me and placed her hand on my arm. "It's ok," she told me. "I understand."

I nodded gratefully and forced myself to continue. "We fought. I said...a lot of very stupid things." I paused and took a deep breath. "I told her that she was wasting her potential acting like a slut and that she needed to start behaving like an adult." My voice broke and I fought to blink back the emotion. Sylla looked away, feigning interest in her manicure as I got myself under control.

"We didn't speak for months. She tried to call me a few times, but I didn't answer. She never left a message. Not until the very end." I screwed my eyes shut, furious with myself for being such an ass. For not being there for the one person I cared about more than any other when she needed me most. Sylla stroked my chest and laid her head upon my shoulder, comforting me with her closeness.

"What did the message say?" she asked.

I shook my head in frustration. "It didn't make any sense. She was crying. Hysterical. I could barely understand a word she said, even after listening to it a thousand times." I pounded a fist against the cement rim of the jacuzzi. Sylla took my hand between hers and held it tightly, preventing me from any further potentially damaging outbursts. I hung my head and continued, "She said she was in over her head. She said she was scared and she wanted me to come get her. To come save her."

Sylla raised my chin with a finger and stared into my eyes. A tear rolled down my face and I made no effort to wipe it away. "I didn't listen to her voice-mail for 6 weeks, Sylla. By the time I got here, there was no trace of her. There's not even any record that she ever lived here. Nothing."

Realization dawned on Sylla's face and she backed away a few inches. "You infiltrated The Club," she whispered. "You're...investigating them."

I nodded. We studied each other for several long, silent minutes. I could only imagine the thought process going on in her mind. She felt a connection to the Club that she had never experienced before. And I was compelling her to betray them. I was asking her to risk everything to help a man she didn't even know. I'm a great liar, but my story couldn't withstand close scrutiny. I steeled myself. This was the moment of truth. "Have you decided whether or not I'm the enemy?" I asked.

Sylla looked at me like I was a blithering mongoloid. "Of course you're not the enemy and of course I'll help you. What's the plan?"

Mission accomplished. I grinned at her, my first honest emotion since I began my tale. Instead of answering, I pulled her against me. She didn't resist. This time when we kissed there was a tangible force pulling us together, almost an electric current. We shared a secret. We were co-conspirators, facing a powerful, dangerous enemy.

Our kissing grew frantic. Our hands exploring, caressing, and squeezing. I was back to a fully aroused state in moments. All thoughts of The Club and my fictional sister evaporated from my mind as the intensity of our foreplay grew. I wanted her so badly I was shaking in anticipation. I trailed kisses from her lips to her neck and then down her chest. When my mouth reached the level of the water, I lifted her body so I could take a nipple fully into my mouth. Sylla felt nearly weightless in the water and I began to guide her body to a very specific position atop me.

"Easy, Batman," Sylla laughed, pushing me away and returning to sit opposite from me. "We have plans to discuss. We can consummate our arrangement after." With a playful smirk she laid her smooth legs atop my own, stretching her toes to rub along the shaft of my cock. I made an unmanly yelping sound and took one of her feet in my hands, massaging her instep while I attempted to remember who I was and what plans this goddess could possibly be referring to.

"Ok," I said, stalling for time as I organized my thoughts. I did have a plan, actually. It was just hard to concentrate while the majority of my blood was south of my waistline. "Step 1 is an information exchange. You're new to The Club, but Members have access to information that Rulers can't see. Despite all the research I've done, there are still things I don't know that you can find out. On the other hand, I've been gathering information on the other Members for months. I can answer a lot of questions you might have." Sylla's face lit up at that.

"Step 2 is moving up in the rankings. I know that sounds easy to you, but it isn't. Each Member presents her own set of challenges. Every single one of these women is very sexually talented, and you won't be able to best many of them on your natural talent alone. I can give you intel on each Member to help you prepare for your Challenges. Moving up to the next tier will give you access to a lot more of the Club's secrets. Likewise, I need to qualify to become one of the Powers. And I'd like your help preparing for it."

"How does that work exactly?" Sylla favored me with a mock expression of horror. "You don't have to defeat the Twins, do you?"

I laughed. "Thankfully, no."

Sylla feigned relief. "Good, cause I don't think you could take 'em."

I splashed water at her. "To be honest, I'm not certain how Angels get promoted to the next tier. They say that we'll be called up when we're ready. There is no interaction between Angels of different tiers. The other Rulers say that promotion happens without warning, but it's usually obvious who is next in line." I gave Sylla a sidelong glance, studying her reaction. "They say Samael is going to be next."

Sylla nodded immediately and jealousy twisted through my gut. "He's definitely better than any of the ones I had at the Gathering." Her eyes grew wide as she realized what she had said. "Except for you, I mean!" she blurted. "Well, we didn't exactly finish. And then there was that last one..." She trailed off, her expression growing angry, resentful.

"He's called Sariel," I muttered. "He's a Virtue." Seeing the confusion on her face, I explained. "From top to bottom, the Angel tiers are Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, and Rulers."

Sylla rolled her eyes and waved my explanation away. "Tier 3. Gotcha."

"Anyway," I continued, "There is another way to advance to...the next tier. It's rare, but it has happened. I could challenge one of the Members. If I defeat her, I move up to the tier above her."

"Oh, that won't be a problem," Sylla assured me. "I can train you to defeat Annie in no time. I could even convince her to make it look good." She winked at me conspiratorially but I was already shaking my head.

"Donna has to approve the Challenge, and going after the lowest ranked Member would be seen as poor form. And there's another consideration," I added. "When Members lose a challenge, nothing is at stake but their ranking. If an Angel challenges a Member and fails, they are banned from The Club."

"Don't worry your pretty little head over it," Sylla told me. "I'll whip you into shape in no time. You'll be a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me, and Members will quake at your mere name. What is your silly angel name again?"

"It's Leliel, and it's not silly," I said, my tone defensive. "Leliel means 'Night' in Hebrew and this particular Angel smote all kinds of people in the Talmud." Sylla snorted. "Did you just make a Predator reference?" I asked, distracted.

She ignored my question, the excitement clear on her face. "We're gonna do this. Together. We're gonna make our way to the very top of The Club. And we'll find your sister. I promise."

"I wish I had your confidence," I admitted.

Sylla stood in the center of the spa and struck a Wonder Woman pose, hands on her hips. The water ran in rivulets down her body and I stared, enraptured by her beauty. "I am the 33rd most sexually powerful woman in this entire city, Leliel," she boasted, grinning. "No power in the 'verse can stop me."

That should have struck a chord with me, given my story, but all my attention was on her perfect breasts and the droplet of water hanging from one delicious nipple. Sylla laughed and splashed water at me before lowering herself back into the water, breaking the spell.

It was time to drop a pair of bombshells on Sylla. "Two things," I told her. "First, you're not ranked 33rd in The Club, you're ranked 32nd. Monique is not coming back." Sylla smiled wickedly. I made a mental note to get back to the subject of Monique later. "Furthermore, you're not just the 32nd most sexually powerful woman in the city, Sylla. The Club's recruitment is global. As far as anyone knows, you're the 32nd most sexually powerful woman in, well, the world."

I watched Sylla carefully as she absorbed this information. I expected shock, possibly. Or wild celebration. But she only nodded slowly, as though I had merely confirmed something she had always known, deep down inside. But I could now sense an air of gravitas about her, as though my words had forced her to accept a greater responsibility than she was used to.

"I need to tell you about Monique, Sylla. I need you to understand how much danger you are truly in." I paused, considering how to proceed. "What have you heard about her?"

Sylla shrugged a shoulder and frowned. "Annie told me a little about it. About how Tamika defeated her. I didn't think much of it, to be honest. Annie is a bit...melodramatic. And you can't really make someone orgasm until they....lose their mind, or whatever." She looked at me, confusion and concern in her eyes. "That's not really possible, is it?"

I'd studied the video of Tamika and Monique's challenge. Tamika had been in control from the very beginning, using an arsenal of sexual devices on Monique as the beautiful French girl writhed and moaned and came endlessly. When Monique's energy flagged, Tamika had bound her in a standing position, hanging the girl by her arms before continuing her sexual attack. Monique refused to admit defeat. And Tamika didn't stop until hours after Monique had lost the ability to give up.

I had also studied the CAT scans of Monique's brain afterwards. She had suffered no less than 17 individual seizures during her traumatic abuse at the relentless hands of Tamika. The damage was irreversible.

I didn't soften the facts for Sylla. She needed to know what she was getting into. She needed to be prepared for what lay ahead. But I didn't tell her everything. I didn't tell her about the traces of entactogenic psychogenic drugs (including derivatives of LSD and MDMA) and other unidentified synthetic hormones in Monique's system.

Sylla listened in silence.

"Tamika is certifiably insane, but she only represents one type of danger," I told Sylla. "She's one of those rare naturals, like you. And the other Members see you as a threat. Particularly the Coven. And they are far more dangerous."

"Wait a second," Sylla interrupted. "Candace called me a natural, too. I thought she was talking about my..." Our eyes dipped down to the swell of her breasts. Mine might have lingered a bit longer.

I shook my head. "You're a natural because all of your sexual ability comes to you naturally. That you are capable of competing with these women is, to be honest, astounding."

"A natural as opposed to what?" Sylla asked, confused. "The other Members are the product of a government-funded super soldier program gone wrong?"

I barked a laugh and shook my head. I had never before encountered a woman who could match me for pop culture references. "As opposed to learned or practiced," I explained. "What do you do for a living?" I asked. I knew the answer, of course. I had a file on Sylla as thick as a George RR Martin novel.

Sylla arched an eyebrow, taken aback by my question. "I'm a professional assistant. A glorified secretary. An office worker. Just a normal job. What does that have to do with anything?"

"Because most of the Members don't have normal jobs," I explained. "Remember Kara? The woman who lost the Challenge at the Gathering to Michelle? She developed a revolutionary surgical technique for performing kidney transplants. Raine is a federal judge. Claire, the leader of the Cabal, is the owner of the fourth largest pharmaceutical company on the planet. She's worth billions. Barbie is something of a rock star in the world of theoretical mathematics. Candace works so high up in the federal government that her identity is classified. And Annie? She doesn't just run the Club's website. She was one of the most infamous black hat computer hackers in the world."

"Little Annie is a hacker?" Sylla asked, incredulous.

"She's retired now. But it's estimated she made hundreds of millions from compromising networks and holding their data hostage. The only reason she's not rotting in a federal penitentiary is that The Club has a lawyer who makes Keyser Soze's look like a drunk paralegal. What all these women have in common is that they are very talented, very powerful, and they always get what they want. When people like these reach the pinnacle of their trade, they turn their attention to something new. These women chose sex. And through study, training, and sheer force of will, they have become the very best in the world."

"If you're trying to make me feel like an underachiever, it's working," Sylla grumbled, folding her arms across her chest.

"On the contrary. The reason they fear you is that you've achieved membership into their exclusive club solely on the strength of your natural ability. Imagine what you'll be capable of when you know what they know."

Sylla's eyes took on a faraway look and I saw her shudder slightly. I knew she was thinking of how Candace had made her orgasm, so powerfully and so effortlessly, with little more than a whisper and a touch. And in mere seconds, too. Sylla looked at me hungrily and moved towards me in the water. The Jaws theme played ominously in my head.

I felt like an injured seal, paralyzed by her approach. Her hands were wrapped around my shaft before I could react, looking into my eyes with a predatory gleam. My cock, which had hardly softened for a moment in her presence, swelled in her hand. "I'm going to take them all down," she whispered as she climbed atop my lap and straddled my legs. "Every. Last. Fucking. One of them." She punctuated her last sentence by sitting fully onto my cock.

There are a lot of myths about having sex in the water. Many people who try it find it unsatisfying at best because they don't use a lubricant. It's counter-intuitive that you would need something extra to keep things slick and wet while submerged in a pool or tub, but water is a very poor lubricant, in fact. Sex in the water can be uncomfortable and even downright painful because the water washes away a woman's natural wetness.

The water didn't stand a chance against Sylla. And neither did I. As she began to ride me, I closed my eyes and clenched my hands into fists, summoning every ounce of willpower I could muster. From the look in her eyes, I would need it. She rode me furiously, her passion flowing over me like a tidal wave. It was all I could do to clutch her tightly and hope to ride out the storm.

The churning water was lapping over the sides of the hot tub as she raised and lowered her body along the entire length of my cock. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and her teeth were buried in the long tendon connecting my neck and shoulder. She bit just hard enough to make me want to bite back. My libido swelled and I opened my eyes, showing Sylla my own hunger. I placed my hands on her sides and began to take control.

I raised her body until her left nipple slipped between my teeth. I bit down and she cried out in pleasure. I pulled her weightless body down onto my cock and she uttered a low moan as she exhaled deeply. Her fingers twined through my hair and she whispered encouragement in my ear. I switched to her other nipple, sucking and biting greedily. In the back of my mind, I wondered when the water would interfere with our sex, but Sylla remained as wet as when we had begun. Her moans grew louder.

"Yes, fuck me," she murmured into my ear between moans. "Fuck me with that hard cock." She gripped my head between her hands and forced me to look into her eyes. "Give me everything you have. Everything."

I'm a strong, fit guy. I can't bench press a car or anything, but after a lifetime of sports and training, I am capable of some pretty respectable feats of athleticism. Add to the fact that we were mostly submerged in water, rendering Sylla's body all but weightless, she really didn't stand a chance against me.

I lifted Sylla off of me, spun her around, and sat her back down onto my cock before she could utter another word. She turned her head and grinned back at me, but only for a moment. I gripped her wrists in my hands and pinned them to her sides, my fingers curling about her waist, and began to fuck her, hard and fast. I didn't thrust my hips up into her. Rather, I forced her entire body back and forth through the water. Her eyes slipped closed and her lips parted. Sylla had no control of herself. With her wrists pinned, she could not support herself in any way. Neither could she touch the bottom with her feet. Her entire body was suspended in the water, being thrashed against my cock.

"Oh, God, yes!!!" Sylla screamed.

I could feel Sylla's desire to regain control. She wasn't used to being bent to someone else's will. She began twisting her arms, attempting to break my grip so that she could brace herself in any way possible. I shifted my position so that I was standing crouched in the center of the jacuzzi. I bent Sylla's body forward until she was forced to tilt her head back to remain above the surface of the water. Her legs were splayed outward to either side of me, kicking futilely. She was now completely at my mercy. I started fucking her again, only this time, as I was standing, I could thrust forward to meet her body every time I pulled her back against myself.

I was intoxicated by the power I held over her. The most desirable woman I had ever known, not to mention the most sexually powerful, and I was in control. Absolute, complete control. All at once I stopped, the head of my cock pressed against Sylla's always wet pussy. She craned her neck to look back at me. As soon as our eyes met, I slammed my cock deep into her. Her wordless scream of ecstasy was the most erotic sound I had ever heard in my life.

I began to toy with her. I changed tempo and intensity any time she showed signs of finding the rhythm. Her moans grew increasingly desperate. I held her still with only the head of cock penetrating her until she began to thrash in the water, attempting to force herself backwards onto me. Only then did I slide myself inside of her again with excruciating slowness. Her entire body shuddered as I entered her and she let out a choked, sob-like groan of pleasure.

My confidence reached a climax. I began to thrust into her harder and faster than ever before. The muscles in my arms burned as I slammed her body back and forth. Sylla offered no struggle, she had fully accepted my control. "Cum for me, Sylla," I demanded, my voice hard with command. She looked back at me, lust written across her face. "Cum on my cock now!" I shouted thrusting into her with every ounce of energy I had remaining.

Sylla stared back at me for a long moment as my eyes bored into her. Slowly, a mischievous grin spread across her face even as I gave her everything I had.

"Not bad," Sylla observed calmly, and my pace began to slacken as I sensed that perhaps my control had not been quite so complete as I had supposed. "Truly," she reassured me. "That was better than I had expected. I see now what I have to work with."

My mouth hung open in surprise. My body, acting on it's own accord, had settled into a slow, steady pace. I was still holding Sylla in such a way that she was completely within my physical power, but it no longer felt like I was in control.

"But, I think it is going to be you who cums for me," she informed me.

Sylla legs entwined about my own and squeezed my hips between her strong thighs. Her feet curled upwards and pressed into the small of my back. Her hands twisted inside of mine, and then she was gripping my wrists, but instead of pulling my hands away from her sides, she used them to brace herself. With a core strength I would not have believed possible, she began to thrust her body back against my cock, dictating her own pace, all the while holding her head above the water. What a fool, I chided myself, to have believed even for a moment that I had been in control of this extraordinary woman.

Sylla looked over her shoulder at me as I struggled to regain some semblance of control. I was still holding her body in the center of the hot tub. She had no base against which to fight my will other than my own body, but she used it expertly. I made a valiant effort to increase my pace until she couldn't keep up, but Sylla simply grinned at me and increased her own pace until I felt the last of my confidence slip away. And just like that, I was on the defensive, concentrating my every effort on fighting down the swelling orgasm that was raging up inside of me.

I looked into Sylla's eyes and saw insatiable confidence. I averted my eyes to her body. It was a study in lithe perfection. Every smooth muscle worked towards driving me over the edge. With every thrust, water sluiced off her back and shoulders. I closed my eyes, but it was no use. Without sight, my other senses compensated. Sylla's moans rang in my ears. Her pussy, hotter and wetter than when she had first mounted me, gripped my cock tightly. With a gasp, I disengaged, right on the verge of orgasm. I stood shivering, trying to fight it down.

"Good," Sylla whispered as she stood and pressed her body against mine. She took my cock in her hand and I inhaled sharply. My defenses were shattered. I watched, helpless to resist, as Sylla forced me to sit on the rim of the hot tub with my feet dangling into the water. Sylla knelt between my legs and stroked my cock slowly in her hand. "I've been wanting to do this since the Gathering," she told me, looking up into my eyes. "I'm sorry we were interrupted before I could give you your reward."

She lowered her mouth onto my cock and I loosed a loud, inhuman exclamation. I gripped the lip of the pool so tightly I could feel pieces of concrete crumbling beneath my fingertips. As I watched, Sylla's took my entire cock into her mouth. I felt myself press against the back of her throat before she slowly pulled back. Looking up at me, she smiled sweetly. "You don't have to try to resist," she teased. "It won't work anyway."

She attacked my cock with a predatory hunger, pumping it with one hand while bathing the head with her tongue. I could have exploded right then. It took everything I had not to. But Sylla had reawakened my pride with that last taunt. One of the few sexual abilities I have that I would pit against any other Ruler in The Club is my ability to withstand a blow job. It was, in some ways, my secret weapon. Most women consider it to be their unstoppable finishing move, but I can resist it indefinitely.

I gathered Sylla's wet hair between my hands and closed my eyes, focusing my concentration. I detached a piece of my mind, using a technique I had learned years ago in training. I was still completely aware of what Sylla was doing to me. I could still feel and enjoy it. And I was enjoying it immensely. But just enough of my consciousness was floating separate that I could withstand it.

For several minutes I watched Sylla suck my cock with expert ability. I massaged her neck and shoulders and squeezed her body between my legs as she switched from one technique and style to another, working to send me over the edge, but as incredible as she was, I was able to take it. "What was that you said about not being able to resist?" I asked, a hint of chiding confidence creeping back into my voice.

Whatever reaction I expected from Sylla, I didn't get it. She didn't reply. She didn't stop what she was doing. She showed no sign of frustration. She merely rolled her eyes and continued.

I almost didn't see her left hand disappear beneath the water. Below the bubbling, churning surface, I could see nothing, but I knew exactly where her hand was going. In my mind's eye, I saw her finger slipping inside of her wet pussy. My cock was in her mouth, so I both felt and heard her moan. I moaned with her. She began to writhe her body gently from side to side in the water and I shifted my own body unconsciously.

Sylla didn't stop sucking my cock. She didn't slow down or show any sign of distraction. She was like two completely separate people in one body. One of them pleasing me, the other pleasing herself. And she was pleasing us both fully, completely. Her moans grew louder and more frantic. Her arm moved faster and faster and I could perfectly picture in my mind how she was slipping two fingers into her pussy while rubbing her thumb along her clit with every motion.

I could feel her orgasm as though I were inside of her, part of her. I felt it with every fiber of my body and soul. And I felt it most strongly in that detached portion of my mind that had been my only defense.

I tried to warn her of what was coming. Tried to push her away. But in the fit of her own climax, she had taken me deep into her throat and could not be denied.

To say that I exploded into Sylla's mouth would be the understatement of the century. My orgasm was like every orgasm I ever had in my life, compressed into a singularity, now bursting forth with a raw fury that could never be matched. When the first hot jet of semen shot into Sylla's throat, her climax intensified a hundredfold. She thrashed in the water, fingering herself manically and screaming wordlessly around my cock. I ejaculated again and again, shouting her name, until my voice was raw and every last ounce of my energy spent.

I sat swaying, dazed, as Sylla stood in the water, smiling warmly at me. "That was fantastic, Adam. Thank you," she said, smacking her lips and planting a chaste kiss on the corner of my mouth. She climbed out of the water and began walking towards our piles of clothing.

"Your training begins tomorrow. Be at my place at 8," she called over her shoulder as I collapsed onto my back.


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