The Club by S.G. Liminal

By: SGLiminal

Chapter 5,


The Club

by S. G. Liminal

Ch. 05 - The Gathering (Part 2)

           Donna raised her hips and looked down at Gina's face.  The strong, confident athlete sucked in a deep breath and exhaled in a long moan.  Gina's lithe, muscular body writhed in ecstasy.  With her arms trapped by Donna's legs, she was only able to lightly caress Donna's thighs with her fingertips.  She moaned again, louder.  Donna looked over her shoulder to see Melissa and Debra, her two most powerful subjects working together to drive Gina to unimagined heights of pleasure.  Melissa was sliding two fingers in and out of Gina's pussy, with excruciating slowness, twisting her fingers so as to excite every nerve.  Debra was bent over Gina's prone form from the side, teasing the woman's clit with her tongue while massaging her large breasts with her right hand.  She occasionally reached upwards to gently caress Donna's perfect ass.

           Donna lowered her pussy back onto Gina's hungry tongue, eliciting the longest and loudest moan yet.  Satisfied, she turned to Candace, sitting before a large bank of monitors, watching intently.

           "Bring me up to speed, Candace."

           Candace's fingers flew across the keyboard in front of her and immediately the large television screen opposite the bed lit up with a live image of the very room they were in.  Donna was kneeling comfortably upon the face of Gina, the Club's 10th ranked member.  Donna's legs pinned Gina's strong arms to the bed, rendering the woman completely helpless.  Melissa sat on the left side of Gina's body, idly fingering the trapped woman's pussy.  Debra lay sprawled perpendicular to Gina's body, enthusiastically licking her clit and occasionally sliding her tongue between Melissa's fingers.  She pinched one of Gina's nipples and the woman's legs writhed as an orgasm shook her body.

           "You're here in your lounge.  You, Debra, and Melissa are toying with Gina for your amusement and mutual gratification.  I'm also here, monitoring the Gathering." Candace began, narrating tonelessly.

           "Yes, Candace.  Thank you.  Please proceed down the list," Donna replied dryly, glancing over her shoulder to share a knowing smile with Melissa.  Melissa's long hair was currently dyed a dark crimson.  Her voluptuous body was tanned to perfection.  Donna would have her later.

           "Barbie is absent, attending a conference in Geneva.  She returns in three days.  Last night, she attended a function hosted by the Swiss Chamois.  Unfortunately, we have no video, but the reports are that she chose five members, three men and two women, and left them in a predictable condition.  One of the women was marked as a candidate, but Barbie removed her from the list this morning."

           The television abruptly changed, displaying an unfamiliar angel sprawled upon his back, writhing in great distress.  A black haired beauty had the head of his cock in her mouth, sucking greedily as she pumped his shaft with one hand and massaged his balls with the other.  As they watched, the angel came noisily and attempted to push the woman away.  Ignoring him, she began to pump faster and suck harder.  The angel's cries echoed through the speakers.

           "Nikki is well on her way to ruining a second Ruler in as many days," Candace reported.

           "What is Samael's status?" Donna asked.

           The screen flickered to a lower quality feed.  Samael lay naked upon his bed, grimacing in frustration as he gripped his flaccid penis.  "Nikki abused him for just under four hours.  He technically orgasmed 23 times.  He hasn't had an erection since.  Also, he failed to call in absent for the Gathering this evening."

           "Very good.  I will speak to Nikki.  Continue."

           Now the screen showed three women consumed in intense love-making.  A curly-haired redhead was licking and fingering the pussy of a tall, athletic black-haired woman who was engaged in a furious and passionate kiss with a shorter, heavier, heavily-tattooed Asian woman.  The black-haired woman was rapidly fingering the Asian woman as they kissed.  "Lana, Lily, and Carla are playing Key to Rebecca.  Lana and Lily have been trading control since the beginning.  Carla hasn't made a significant move yet.  Lana is currently winning."

           Again, the screen changed.  Five women knelt in a circle chanting and swaying.  Inside the circle were two women passionately interlocked and hungrily licking each other's pussy.  "Claire and her Cabal are performing their usual rituals.  It would appear that they will be concentrating their efforts on Amy to prepare her for her challenge against Sylla.  That is Kym currently in the circle beneath Amy.  Linda was with her previously."

           "Tamika is, predictably, late," Candace continued.  "Monique is absent."

           The screen now showed a pair of women riding a matching pair of angels while kissing and fondling each other.  "Ash and Sunnye are enjoying each other's company along with a pair of Virtues.  Note that they did not pick Dominions, though Ash has the right to do so."

           Candace began flicking through the screen more quickly, noting Donna's growing impatience.  A large-breasted blonde, with a tattoo of a serpent covering her entire back, servicing three angels.  A dark, mysterious woman of American Indian descent with two of her own.  A thin, Spanish beauty coupled with a pale dark-haired woman.  The screen flashed rapidly, punctuated by Candace's terse descriptions until they reached Sylla.

           Candace remained silent for a long moment as Donna studied the Club's newest Member.  "Sylla has had a busy evening," she said carefully.  When Donna didn't reply, she continued.  "She began by binding Annie to a sofa and setting two Rulers on her.  Then she jumped Gadreel, finishing him in about 20 seconds."

           "Do not exaggerate, Candace," Donna interrupted testily.  "How long did he last against her?"

           The screen went blank for a moment.  When it re-appeared, Sylla was standing naked on the arena floor, slowly scanning her surroundings.  She grabbed a nearby angel, shoved him onto his back and began riding him furiously.  As she climbed off, the screen froze, capturing the angel's shocked look of defeat and Sylla's victorious grin.  "18 seconds, Mistress Donna," Candace reported.

           Donna stared at the screen, her eyes narrowing.

           "After that she selected Ambriel.  She enjoyed his talents for a bit, but then grew bored of him and lined up more angels.  She defeated him, then Kamuel, and then both Harut and Marut."

           "She defeated the Twins together?" Donna demanded.

           "Yes, Mistress Donna.  She appears to have settled on Leliel for the remainder of the evening."

           "Is that all?"

           "That leaves only Annie.  Another Ruler joined the other two, but she has taken control."  The screen flickered a final time, showing Annie free of her restraints, riding one angel while sucking the cock of another with vigor.

           Donna took a deep breath.  "Signal the start of the Challenge.  When it is over, present Sylla with our gift.  See to it personally."

           She raised her hips and glanced down at Gina.  The woman gasped for breath and shook her head from side to side.  "Mistress...please," she begged.  "I don't know how much more I can take."

           Donna stroked Gina's beautiful face tenderly before lowering herself back down.  "That's ok, dear," she assured her.  "I know exactly how much more you can take."

* * *

           "Two minutes until you're on."

           Michelle nodded in response to Candace's disembodied voice and took a deep breath, looking herself over in the mirror.  She was of medium height with a thin, petite body, but blessed with large, pert breasts which were all the more impressive contrasted with her small waist and limbs.  She turned from side to side, examining herself in the mirror for any signs of imperfection, but her 23 year old body remained free of blemishes.  Her long, brown hair flowed freely over her shoulders.  Her eyes twinkled and she flashed her best girl-next-door smile at the reflection.

           Michelle nodded again.  She was ready for this.  She was young, hungry, and undefeated in The Club.  With tonight's victory over Kara, she would be ranked 29th, only a few challenges away from moving up to the next tier.

           She drew an ankle-length red silk robe over her naked body.  Undressing your opponent was often used as a tool of domination, but Michelle did not plan on ever being on the defensive in this match.  Kara had a reputation for being submissive, but insatiable.  Michelle would go on the offensive from the very beginning and not let up until Kara admitted defeat.  Just like how Sylla had destroyed Annie in her first match.

           Michelle felt a thrill run through her body as she thought about The Club's newest member.  She has spent much of the day watching Sylla's match over and over when she should have been studying Kara's videos.  But it had been such a delicious performance, she couldn't help herself.  After Sylla defeats Amy, she can challenge me.  Now, that will be a match.

           Michelle took a deep breath, focusing.  The eyes of nearly every Member would be on her.  It was her time to shine.

           "It's time," Candace said through the speaker.  With a final glance at the mirror, Michelle walked out of the preparation room, turning left down the hallway.

           The arena was near completely dark, except for the lights centered upon the stage.  As she emerged into the massive room, a single spotlight lit her up.  A pair of Rulers fell in step to either side of her, escorting her to the stage.  She walked calmly and slowly, feeling the anticipation of every Member pressing down upon her.    She looked around the bottom tier as she made her way forward, wondering what excitement she had missed at the Gathering.

           Belle was lounging comfortably on a couch, a look of profound satisfaction written across her face.  Three angels, clearly spent, stood a few feet behind her couch, where they would remain as her trophies, until she dismissed them.  Belle gave Michelle a sly wink and blew her a kiss.

           Directly between herself and the stage, Annie was occupied with a pair of angels, riding one while sucking the other's cock with equal intensity.  A third angel stood nearby, already defeated.  Michelle paused next to the couch as Annie and the angels came to a thunderous conclusion.  Michelle clapped politely as the angels took their place behind the couch.  "Cutting it a bit close tonight," Michelle observed in mock disapproval.

           Annie favored her with a huge grin.  "I was hurrying!  I started off at a bit of a...disadvantage.  But, good luck!  I know you're going to be fantastic," she bubbled happily.  "Win one for us local girls, alright?"

           "Guaranteed," Michelle replied, and turning, stepped to the stage.  Her two escorts offered her their hands and she climbed up onto the cushioned stage. 

           A hush fell over the arena as she walked in a slow circle.  Sylla was riding Leliel, one of The Club's newest angels, adjacent to the stage.  At the edge of the light, Michelle could just barely make out the forms of four... no, five angels lined up behind Sylla.  Michelle's eyes widened in appreciation.  She favored Sylla with a lustful look, which was returned with interest.  Lots of potential there, she thought to herself, and felt her libido crank up another notch.

           Stepping to the center of the stage, she allowed her robe to fall off her shoulders.  A sigh of appreciation murmured through the arena.  She revolved once, allowing everyone in attendance to get a full view, before moving to one edge of the stage and kneeling to wait.  She just happened to kneel next to Sylla.

           "Hey, new girl," she said nonchalantly, glancing casually over her shoulder at The Club's newest Member.  "Looks like you've had a busy night."  Michelle flicked her eyes back to the fallen angels.  Holy shit, she defeated the Twins, she realized.

           Sylla followed Michelle's glance and seemed surprised to see her evening's handiwork standing by.  Leliel grunted through his gag and pantomimed waving them away.  Sylla dismissed them and turned back to Michelle.  "I wanted to make a splash," Sylla admitted, innocently batting her eyelashes.

           Michelle laughed warmly.  "I'd say you did.  And how are you, Leliel?"

           Leliel gave a thumbs-up and rolled his eyes.  Sylla and Michelle giggled like teenage girls.  The playful banter with Sylla was relaxing her.  "I wish I could join you two.  But I have another date, I'm afraid."

           Sylla nodded seriously.  "I'm otherwise occupied, as well," she replied dryly.  Sylla and Michelle stared at each other for a long moment before erupting into another prolonged fit of giggling.  Leliel heaved a deep, long-suffering sigh sending them off again.  Abruptly, Sylla straightened.  "Your date has arrived."

           Michelle turned to see Kara stepping onto the stage, surprised that she had been so thoroughly distracted.

           Kara had been a member of The Club for a very long time.  She had been ranked as high as 18th in the earlier days when there were fewer members, but her victories had been few and far between.  She had settled in as a gatekeeper for the top 30.  Her weakness was a lack of aggression.  She was known to have an insatiable sexual appetite, but that could be said of every member.  To win, you have to aggressive and hungry.  Like me.  Like Sylla.

           Kara wasted no time on theatrics, but walked to the opposite end of the stage and turned to face Michelle.  Kara was wearing a long black robe, causing her pale skin to appear milky white by contrast.  Looking directly into Michelle's eyes, Kara slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to a puddle at her feet.  She was wearing a leopard print bra and panties which Michelle found inexplicably, yet incredibly sexy.

           Unlike many of the members of The Club, Kara did not have the type of body that was found in fashion magazines.  She stood only a tad over five feet tall, with short limbs and a slightly too-large nose.  What she lacked in supermodel looks, she more than made up for in curvaceous femininity.  Her large breasts strained against confinement.  Her finger and toenails were painted a fiery shade of red, matching her long hair which hung past her waist.  She had an air of sexual confidence surrounding her that was intoxicating.  Michelle felt herself begin to grow wet and licked her lips in anticipation.

           Kara knelt with her hands on her knees and closed her eyes.  Taking a deep breath, she moved her hands slowly up her thighs.  Her fingers traced the edges of her panties.  As her left hand continued up her body to cup one magnificent breast, the fingers of her right hand slipped inside the front of her underwear and her lips parted in a silent moan.  Slowly, Kara traced a line up her belly with a single finger, leaving a thin trail of wetness along her skin.  She brought the finger into her mouth and sucked, opening her eyes to stare directly at Michelle.

           Michelle shivered and fell to all fours.  Kara followed suit, crawling towards Michelle with languid feline sexuality.  The Challenge had begun.

           They met in the center of the stage and kissed passionately on hands and knees.  Slowly, they rose together to a kneeling position, their hands coming off the floor to grope at each other.  Michelle hooked one hand around Kara's neck for control.  Her other hand squeezed one of Kara's large breasts through the velvety fabric of her bra.  Kara rested her own hands on Michelle's small hips, pulling their bodies together until their skin touched.  Michelle's head fell back and Kara covered her bare neck in kisses.

           It was time to get Kara out of that bra, Michelle decided, and stretched her hand around the larger woman's body, reaching for the clasp.  Kara shifted her body slightly, frustrating Michelle's attempt to undo her bra and trailed kisses down Michelle's neck and onto her bare chest.  Michelle stretched further to the side, switching her weight to one knee.  She could just feel the clasp with the tip of her outstretched fingers.

           Suddenly Kara's fingers were sliding easily inside of her.  Michelle let loose a surprised yelp of pleasure.  She could rarely remember being so wet, so fully aroused.  She abandoned her quest for Kara's bra clasp and gripped the woman's wrist, trying to pull her hand away, but Kara was surprisingly strong and began fingering her with unstoppable intensity.  With her other hand, Kara grabbed a fistful of Michelle's hair and forced her to fall sidewise, writhing against Kara's fingers.

           Kara wasted no time in moving around to Michelle's side and pinning her back to the floor with her weight.  All the while, she fingered Michelle with increasing ferocity.


           Michelle writhed beneath the concentrated onslaught, but was unable to slip away from the heavier, stronger woman.  She growled in frustration.  This was not going the way she had planned.  She should have Kara naked and on her back by now.  Instead, she would now have to wait for an opening to make her move.  Sylla was just a few feet away, watching.  She had so badly wanted to put on a perfect performance of domination for her.

           But she could put on a hell of a performance even while at a disadvantage, she reminded herself.  And it may open up some opportunities to reverse the situation.

           Rather than resisting, Michelle accepted Kara's domination.  She relaxed her body, letting all of the tension flow away.  Immediately, the pleasure shooting through her body from Kara's fingers doubled and she moaned encouragingly.  She gripped Kara's wrist in both of her hands and pulled her opponent's fingers deeper inside of herself, squeezing the woman's hand between her thighs.  "Make me cum, Kara," she whispered sultrily.  "Please."

           Kara shifted her weight carefully, allowing herself better access to Michelle's body, while keeping the smaller woman effectively trapped.  She pulled her fingers out of Michelle's dripping twat.  Her three middle fingers glistened with the juices of Michelle's pleasure.  She held her hand between their faces, turning it to and fro.  She stuck her fingers into her mouth and sucked, moaning audibly at the taste.  She took her time, twisting her fingers and sucking every last bit of flavor out while Michelle writhed beneath her.  "Please, don't stop," Michelle begged.

           Kara raised an eyebrow and trailed her hand back down Michelle's body until she reached the small tuft of pubic hair.  She ran her fingers lightly through and over the fine hair.  She took a pinch of hair between her fingers and tugged gently.  Michelle whimpered softly. 

           Again her fingers slid inside of Michelle, who moaned loudly and began to writhe sensuously.  Michelle gripped her own breasts, teasing and pinching the nipples between her fingers as Kara fingered her pussy.  She felt the orgasm begin to build deep inside of her and fanned the flames in every way possible.  She imagined it was Sylla's fingers inside of her.  Sylla's hands on her breasts.  Sylla bringing her to a thundering climax.  Her body tightened as the orgasm welled up, her moans growing louder and louder.

           Kara pulled her fingers out and held her hand between their faces again.  A sob-like moan escaped Michelle's parted lips.  Kara stuck her fingers inside of Michelle's mouth this time.  Michelle sucked greedily.  She had been with very few women who tasted as good as she herself did.  She licked Kara's fingers clean and looked hopefully up into the redhead's eyes.  "Please, fuck me with your fingers," she whispered.

           Smiling, Kara again ran her wet fingers down Michelle's flat stomach and over the small mound of brown hair.  With her middle finger, she drew tiny circles around Michelle's clit.  Michelle writhed and shifted her body, attempting to guide Kara's fingers inside of her.  Kara shook her head and continued teasing her clit, staring down at Michelle expectantly.

           Michelle moaned in frustration.  She was frustrated that she was being toyed with.  Frustrated that she was being made to look like an amateur in front of Sylla and all the other Members.  And frustrated sexually.  She wanted to cum.  Needed to cum.  So badly she could hardly think straight.  "Please, Kara," she begged.  "Finish me."

           Kara pinched Michelle's clit between two fingers and Michelle cried out in pain and pleasure.  "Vat vas that?" Kara teased in her thick Eastern European accent.  "Vat did you call me?"

           Michelle whimpered.  She had no choice but to give Kara what she wanted.  "Please, Mistress Kara," she emphasized.  "Fuck me."

           Kara complied, fingering Michelle's pussy with an intensity that she never would have believed possible of the woman before.  She is not going to beat me, goddamnit, was the last thought to pass through her mind before the orgasm tore through her.  For several timeless moments, there was nothing in her world but pleasure.

           When she opened her eyes, she found Kara's hand hovering inches before her face.  She raised her head to suck but Kara pulled her fingers away.  She took her forefinger into her own mouth and then lowered herself until Michelle could reach her ring finger.  Michelle sucked the sweet-tasting cum off of Kara's fourth finger.  They sucked her middle finger clean together, their tongues battling to draw it into their own mouth.  Shortly, the finger was forgotten and they were kissing deeply and passionately.

           Then the fingers were back inside of her and Michelle groaned into the kiss.  She fought to regain her senses while she could.  She had failed to improve her position after cumming.  Kara still had complete control of her body, had brought her to a powerful orgasm, and, worst of all, was still wearing her absurd leopard-print underwear.  Michelle realized to her dismay that she was being dominated.  Allowing herself to cum had not helped in the slightest.  This time she would resist, she decided.

           Kara, meanwhile, had begun to rub Michelle's swollen pink clit with her thumb as she alternated slipping two different fingers in and out of Michelle's wet twat.  Michelle shuddered and closed her eyes, concentrating on ignoring the waves of pleasure emanating through her body.  On and on it went.  Kara's unrelenting fingers drew Michelle closer and closer to the brink of orgasm, despite her best efforts to fight it down.  Any time she attempted to escape, Kara held her down more firmly and increased the intensity proportionately.

           "I am thinkink that today you lose," Kara teased.  "I am thinkink you cannot handle this for much longer."

           Kara lowered her mouth to Michelle's breasts and began to suck and bite at her hard nipples.  Even with Kara's weight off of her, Michelle was unable to escape.  All she could do was resist.  Resist the pleasure of Kara's fingers sliding in and out of her twat.  Resist the pleasure of Kara's thumb rubbing against her most sensitive spot.  Resist Kara's hot, wet tongue on her breasts.

           With a long, loud cry, Michelle came again, harder than before, her body thrashing beneath the attention of Kara's expert manipulation.

           At the height of her climax, Michelle made her move.  Contrary to every instinct in her body which wanted only to writhe and moan and prolong the orgasm for every possible moment, she fought to raise herself up and roll over on top of the larger woman.  For a long, desperate moment, they teetered on the brink of balance.  With a grunt, Kara forced Michelle down onto her back.  Michelle attempted to roll away from her, but Kara threw her leg over Michelle's body and straddled her, forcing her to lie flat on her back.

           Kara crossed her arms beneath her breasts and looked sternly down at Michelle, who struggled feebly beneath the weight of the larger woman.  "That vas very, very naughty," Kara scolded her.  "You vill be punished."  Kara began to scoot up Michelle's torso, until her thighs bumped against Michelle's breasts.  "Such large teats on such a small girl," Kara laughed.  "Mine are bigger.  And prettier."  She cupped them through her bra.  "Too bad you vill not see them tonight."

           Pinning Michelle's arms over her head, she slid her body over Michelle's breasts and knelt above Michelle's face.  She placed her knees on Michelle's small biceps, eliciting a whimper of discomfort.  "Your pussy tastes very good," Kara observed in carefully pronounced English.  I hope you enjoy mine."  She pulled the fabric of her panties to the side and lowered her dripping twat onto Michelle's mouth.

           Michelle squirmed helplessly.  Her arms were trapped painfully beneath Kara's knees.  She thrashed her legs and lower body from side to side, but could not budge the larger, heavier woman atop her.  And now, Michelle realized, she couldn't breath.  The pungent scent of Kara's arousal filled her world.  She poked her tongue experimentally into Kara's twat, hoping the woman would react by shifting her weight, but all she received was a pleased murmur muffled by the thighs pressed against her ears.

           Michelle began to panic.  If her arms were not trapped, she could adjust herself in such a way to breath and perform, but she was powerless to free them.  She began to buck wildly, trying to dislodge Kara from her throne.  She futilely twisted her head from side to side, attempting to create a small amount of space.  Success!  Kara squirmed slightly above her and Michelle sucked in a deep breath of hot air.  That was all she needed.

           She plunged her tongue deep inside of Kara, earning a much more satisfying moan this time.  And Kara did taste good, she was pleased to discover.  That would make her task all the more pleasant.  Her only chance of salvaging victory was to take control from this very difficult position.  She relaxed and fell into the well-practiced ritual of performing cunnilingus from the bottom, sneaking an occasional breath by stretching her head back just enough to clear her nose for a few moments.

           Kara had excellent control, but slowly, over time, Michelle felt her talents sinking their hooks in.  Kara began to rock her hips slightly.  Every time her weight shifted backwards, Michelle worked her arms outward towards freedom.  Soon, Kara was moaning and rocking like a carefully conducted orchestra with Michelle expertly manipulating her from beneath.  Sensing her control slipping away, Kara leaned backwards and began to furiously finger Michelle's twat.

           Inwardly, Michelle grinned ruefully.  This was familiar.  In Sylla's match against Annie, they had been in this exact position, with Sylla riding Annie's face and fingering her pussy to prevent Annie from taking control from the bottom.  There were two important differences, however.  First, Kara, being much shorter than Sylla, was having to stretch further backwards, giving Michelle plenty of room to work.  She immediately freed her arms and wrapped her hands around Kara's smooth thighs, giving her nominal control over the woman's hips.  Secondly, and more importantly, Michelle was much better with her tongue than little Annie.  And now was the time to prove it.

           With her newly earned freedom, Michelle turned up the intensity to the maximum.  She pulled Kara's uncommonly large clit into her mouth and sucked powerfully.  Kara cried out and attempted to pull away, but Michelle used her grip on Kara's legs to pull herself up with her.  Kara's fingers began to move frantically, but Michelle shut off her mind to the waves of pleasure.  She had taken Kara's best.  It was her turn now.

           She plunged her tongue back deep inside of Kara, pressing her teeth against Kara's oversensitive clit while sliding her tongue carefully against the nerve-packed walls of Kara's twat.  Kara's moans became sobs of pleasure and she abandoned her own attack, focusing only on withstanding Michelle's tongue.  But it was too late.  Michelle had complete control.

           Effortlessly, Michelle rolled Kara to the side and onto her back.  She tore Kara's panties off and shoved three fingers inside Kara while furiously attacking her foe's clit with her tongue.  Even over Kara's screaming orgasm, Michelle could hear Sylla's soft applause and murmur of admiration.  "Well done," Sylla was saying.  "Very well done."

           Michelle attacked ruthlessly.  She allowed herself an uncharacteristic emotional response to having been dominated and took great delight in exacting her revenge with interest.  Ripping Kara's bra away with a theatrical flourish, she held the now entirely submissive woman down and abused her large, soft breasts with her teeth and tongue.  She fingered her until the orgasms ran together into an endless exclamation of pleasure.  Satisfied that her victory was assured, she stood and forced Kara to crawl on hands and knees to where Sylla watched.  She sat casually on Kara's face and grinned at Sylla.

           The stage was only slightly higher than Sylla's perch atop Leliel, so Sylla and Michelle were at near perfect eye-level.  Sylla leaned over and held Michelle's face with both hands, pulling her into a long, passionate kiss.  Michelle came immediately, eliciting moans from Kara beneath her.  The kiss went on and on.  Michelle had never felt so alive.  So powerful.  She was going to win her challenge in front of the entire Club.

           The dream was broken by the muffled exclamations of Leliel.  Michelle looked down at him curiously but he was staring wide-eyed at something behind her.  Before she could twist around to investigate, Kara erupted beneath her.  Thrashing and twisting in the throes of a powerful orgasm.  What the hell?!?

           Suddenly she was dragged roughly off of Kara's face and thrown down next to Kara.  She began to sit up but was shoved backwards by a wild-looking Asian woman.  "Tamika!" she cried, before the mad woman shoved a massive rubber vibrator fully inside of her and switched it to maximum power.  Michelle screamed.

           Tamika knelt before the two woman, wildly fucking them simultaneously with a pair of identical black vibrators.  Michelle and Kara writhed helplessly, clutching weakly at each other as orgasm after orgasm was torn from them.  It went on and on.  Michelle was only dimly aware of Tamika being ordered off the stage by a voice over the loudspeakers, but Tamika refused to stop.  Tears leaked from Michelle's eyes.  She had fought so hard for her victory and now it was ruined.  Would it be ruled a draw? she wondered, before all thought was demolished by another unwanted orgasm tearing through her body.

           A pair of angels climbed onto the stage and approached Tamika warily from behind.  She whipped her head around at them and grinned.  They took several steps backwards and motioned for more angels to join them.  Their courage increased with their numbers and they eventually gathered the nerve to grab Tamika and pull her off stage.

           Slowly, Michelle regained her senses.  The vibrator was still deep inside of her, buzzing loudly and causing waves of pleasure to flow through her body.  She turned her head to see Kara beginning to sit up.  Kara's vibrator has slipped out as Tamika was dragged off the stage.  "No!" Michelle shouted defiantly.  She reached over and shoved Kara's vibrator deep into the woman's twat.  Kara screamed and fell back.  Michelle pulled the matching vibrator out of herself, shuddering.

           Exhausted, and with the lingering after-effects of Tamika's onslaught ringing through her body, Michelle had to summon every remaining ounce of determination to force herself to action.  All she wanted was to collapse and red, but she couldn't.  She had to win.  She knelt next to Kara and began to slide the vibrator in and out of the writhing woman.  The second vibrator, which she had perversely started to think of as 'hers', she applied to Kara's swollen clit.  It was over almost before she started.  Kara's cries echoed throughout the arena.  "Ја се предају!" she gasped between orgasms.

           Michelle paused, unsure of what to do.  "Um, in English?" she asked politely.

           "I surrender," Kara replied, going limp as Michelle mercifully removed the vibrators and switched them off.  "You win, Michelle."

* * *

           Sylla grinned down at Batman as she rode him.  "I don't know about you," she told him. "But that really turned me on."

           The challenge match now complete, the lights over the stage dimmed noticeably.  A soft melody played by violins seeped seductively from the hidden speakers.  Sylla allowed herself to fall into the slow, march-like rhythm of the music as horns joined the strings and climbed inexorably towards a promised climax.

           She looked at Batman admiringly.  He had performed to her high expectations, allowing her to ride him for the entire length of the show without interruption or any loss of passion.  Even now his eyes were closed, apparently lost in the dream-like music.  She pulled the gag out of his mouth and flung it to the floor but he did not attempt to speak; he only looked up at her with lust-filled eyes.

           Their fingers intertwined and they began a slow, sensual, sexual dance.  Their hips rocked together as the music ebbed and flowed around them, sweeping them across an endless tide of swirling emotions and passions.  They moaned as one, their lust climbing higher and higher until it seemed it could go no further, but the music would not relent.  It teased them, drawing them to the brink of climax before pulling them downwards into a churning sea of frenzied excitement.

           "My god, what is this music?!?" Sylla groaned in exasperated delight as she was denied an orgasm yet again by an unexpected tempo change.

           "It's a variation on the second movement of Beethoven's 7th symphony," a quiet voice answered inches from Sylla's ear.

           Sylla whipped her head around to find a strangely mousy woman wearing overly large black-framed glasses and a conservative black robe standing next to her.  The woman had her left hand casually wrapped around the erect penis of a short, feral-looking angel Sylla had not seen before.

           "I found the original to be far too short.  And far too fast.  The Allegretto notation is always misunderstood by modern conductors.  But the ostinato is quite seductive and can be played nearly indefinitely.  The original movement switches to A major after the climax, but I think the climax is more powerful on its own.  Especially if you have to wait for it."

           Sylla blinked at the woman, who returned the gaze silently and unselfconsciously.

           "Can you?" Sylla attempted.

           The woman shook her head.  After a moment, she added by way of explanation, "I'm just watching."

           Sylla laughed as comprehension dawned.  She began to ride Batman casually as she prepared herself for what promised to be a strange encounter.  "You must be The Watcher."

           The Watcher nodded and offered a hand, which Sylla shook awkwardly.  "It's Candace, actually.  Some of the Members call me The Voyeur."

           "It's nice to meet you, um, Candace."  Sylla groped for conversation starters. 

           "Did you enjoy the show?" Candace asked.

           Sylla grinned and ground her hips against Batman.  "Very, very much.  Michelle is wonderful."

           Candace nodded as though she had known what Sylla would say.  "Yes, you naturals are often attracted to each other."

           Sylla frowned in confusion.  Naturals?  Certainly Sylla and Michelle both had unaugmented breasts, but that seemed to be common among the Members Sylla has seen so far.  Kara's large breasts had been just as real as Michelle's.  "What do you me-?" Sylla began but then thought better of it.  Hadn't Annie warned her about giving The Watcher an excuse to begin lecturing?  Awkwardly, Sylla tried a different tact.  "What about you?  Did you enjoy the show?"

           Candace stared blankly at Sylla for several long moments, apparently processing the question in her own unique way.  "Do you mean the show between Michelle and Kara or the one where you defeated five angels in a row?"

           Sylla was surprised to find herself blushing.  It had certainly been her intention to put on a show, but the acknowledgement gave her a thrill.  Her seemingly limitless libido was further fueled and she began to rock her hips faster.

           "I was impressed by Kara's execution of her game plan," Candace began.  "She caught Michelle off-guard and made a good showing of it, but she was out-classed from the beginning.  Tamika's interference added an interesting element and it was a good test for Michelle to recover from that, but the conclusion was inevitable." Candace spoke as if reading a prepared speech from an invisible teleprompter.  Her eyes gained focus and she looked directly at Sylla as she continued.  "Your performance was far more impressive and entertaining.  You now have the attention of a number of high-ranking Members.  Perhaps more attention than you wanted."

           Sylla grinned and scanned the dark balconies surrounding the arena.  "I like attention."

           Candace shook her head disapprovingly.  "Not all attention is good.  Claire's attention is particularly bad for you."

           Sylla rolled her eyes.  "You, too?  As I told Annie, I can handle myself."

           "You should listen to Annie.  She may be our lowest ranked member, but you could learn a lot from her.  Just because you defeated her, don't think she doesn't have good advice."  Candace had taken on the tone of a grumpy professor.

           "Like what?" Sylla challenged.

           "Not every encounter is a competition," Candace lectured.  "And you can't always win."

           "As a matter of fact," Sylla returned with a sweet smile, "I always have."

           "We'll see to that shortly."

           Sylla experienced an instant physical reaction to Candace's implication.  Goosebumps broke out over her entire body as through a cold wind had blown through the room.  Her nipples, ever erect, grew hard as diamonds.  She froze in place with Batman's cock halfway inside of her, clenching down upon it with her strong muscles.  Batman moaned audibly and shivered beneath her.  "And will you be seeing to that personally?" Sylla whispered icily.

           Candace shook her head, oblivious to Sylla's ire.  "I'll watch."

           Sylla glared daggers at Candace who watched her with large, magnified eyes.

           "First we need to discuss your Challenge against Amy."

           "What about it?" Sylla demanded, her tone thawing slightly. She began to rock her hips slowly against her lover, who murmured appreciatively.

           "She will defeat you."  Candace answered.

           "The hell she will!" Sylla responded, much louder than she had intended.

           Candace shrugged.  "Claire will rig the Challenge.  She will manipulate the terms so that you cannot possibly win.  And you will agree to any terms that she names because you are confident of your ability to overcome any obstacles."

           Sylla brooded quietly, refusing to acknowledge the truth in The Watcher's words.

           "I will design a special Challenge that is completely fair, entirely unique, and will test you both in ways you cannot predict.  Claire will not be able to affect the outcome.  The Challenge will take place during the next Gathering in front of all the Members.

           "And why would Amy accept your terms?" Sylla demanded.

           "She will do as Claire commands her."

           "And why would Claire accept your terms?" Sylla amended, an edge of impatience creeping into her voice.

           "I will convince her."

           Sylla stared at Candace for several silent moments, surprised to find that she believed the woman was capable of doing as she claimed.  "And why would I accept your terms?"

           Candace seemed genuinely stunned by the question.  She stood silent for so long, the characteristic distant expression of thought on her face, that Sylla turned back to Batman and began to ride him in earnest.  She winked down at him.  "I think I broke her with that one," she confided quietly, giggling.  The dark angel beneath her attempted to maintain his stoic demeanor, but failed to conceal a smile as he stole a glance at Candace out of the corner of his eye.

           "I'll make you a wager." Candace blurted suddenly.

           Sylla and Batman looked at each other in surprise and then both turned their heads slowly to stare at The Watcher.

           "If I can make you cum in under 15 seconds, you let me design the Challenge."

           Batman shook his head furiously, but the words were already out of Sylla's mouth.  "I accept."

           The Watcher carefully removed her glasses and slipped them into a pocket of her robe.  As she took a single short step to close the distance between herself and Sylla, she unbuttoned her robe and allowed it to fall open. 

           Sylla caught a glimpse of a shockingly impressive body hidden within before the realization struck her that the 15 seconds were already ticking.  She steeled herself to resist anything that could possibly occur.  There was no getting off of Batman at this point, which was unfortunate, since attempting to hold herself up while defending The Watcher's attack would make it far more difficult to resist.  So she sat down, allowing Batman's impressively large cock to enter her fully, and braced her knees against his solid torso.  She looked into his eyes as their fingers intertwined.

           Sylla's body was covered with a sheen of sweat from her night's many exertions.  The Watcher's skin, by contrast, was dry and warm.  Sylla took a slow, shuddering breath as she felt first the swell of a firm breast press against her left shoulder and then the tight muscles of The Watcher's bare stomach make contact with her side.  Not looking almost made it worse.  The mere effect of their skin touching was causing Sylla more difficulty than she would have guessed possible.

           With her left hand, Candace cupped Sylla's right breast, the nipple falling naturally between the thumb and forefinger of her small hand.  The fingers of her right hand brushed lightly over Sylla's ass before tracing a rapid line up her spine and finally curling into a fist around Sylla's hair.  Sylla whimpered, high-pitched and unbidden.

           The warm breath against her ear was the only warning Sylla had for what came next. 

           The tip of Candace's tongue poked into her ear, followed by a whispered command.  "Cum.  Now."

           So many things happened at once that Sylla was unable to process them individually.  Candace's left hand slid away from Sylla's breast, down the length of her body toward her pussy.  Candace's lips traveled along Sylla's neck and chest, her tongue and teeth nearly imperceptibly brushing against Sylla's left breast on their way to her nipple.  With a degree of synchronicity that the Twins could only have dreamed of, Candace pulled downwards on Sylla's hair, forcing her head back sharply, took Sylla's nipple into her mouth and sucked, bit, and twisted, and rubbed Sylla's clit furiously between two fingers.

           Sylla's scream rang through the arena.  Every nerve in her body was exploding with pleasure simultaneously.  Resistance was not possible.  There was no denying the orgasm that raged through her body at Candace's command.  Sylla couldn't breath.  Couldn't think.  Her heart couldn't beat.  Sylla was experiencing the pinnacle of human pleasure.  No sensation could ever be so intense.  She was going to spend the rest of her life screaming in pleasure. 

           Then her angel exploded inside of her and shattered her universe.

           Sylla awoke slowly, clawing her way back to consciousness.  Blackness gradually resolved itself into shapes.  She was sprawled atop the angel, blood pounding in her ears.  With shaking hands, she forced herself back to a kneeling position.  Batman was in no better shape, his chest heaving and body quivering from the force of his own orgasm.  The Watcher stood a pace away, her robe neatly closed and large glasses magnifying her eyes.  Her pet angel stood a step behind her, grinning lewdly at Sylla.

           "I'm.  Not.  Done.  Yet." Sylla managed between gasping breaths.  To her own surprise, she wasn't.  As she recovered, her sexual hunger awoke within her, insatiable and more demanding than ever before.  "Ready for Round 2?"

           Candace reached back and wrapped her fingers around the still-erect penis of her angel.  "Not tonight," she replied.  "It's time for lesson #1.  You Can't Always Win."

           Sylla looked over the angel Candace was offering and laughed.  He was only a few inches over five feet tall with a lean and hungry look about him.  His hair was disheveled, he was unshaven, and his teeth were crooked.  Though clearly in excellent physical shape, he appeared to be on the wrong side of forty years of age.  "That little thing?  He won't last 5 minutes."  Sylla said dismissively.  "Anyway, I have my own angel.  And he has more than earned his reward tonight."  Sylla smiled down at Batman, but found that her dark knight was in no condition to be rewarded.

           "He is finished.  You have found Leliel's failing," Candace said.  "You will find Sariel far more capable."  Sariel licked his lips hungrily and began shifting his weight from foot to foot, fixing Sylla with a look that was equal parts amusement, contempt, lust, and condescension.  "Leave us, Leliel."

           Candace took Sylla by the arm and helped her stand.  Sylla's legs wobbled dangerously and she braced herself against the smaller woman.  Batman rolled off the couch and took a single step before his own legs gave out and he fell into a crouch.  "Assist Leliel to the lounge," she ordered a pair of nearby angels who moved to assist.  Batman stood defiantly and strode from the arena before the angels could reach him.  That's my dark knight, Sylla smiled to herself.

           She turned to face Candace.  "So this is to be my lesson?  A small man hyped up on Viagra and coke?"

           "All of our angels are rigorously tested against illegal substances.  There could be negative reactions," Candace answered matter-of-factly.  "As for Viagra...Sariel, lose your erection."

           Sylla watched with amusement which turned to astonishment as Sariel squinted his eyes shut in concentration and within moments stood before her, completely flaccid.  "Become erect," Candace ordered.

           Sariel didn't even have to concentrate this time.  His eyes flicked downwards to stare at Sylla's dripping bush and his cock immediately sprang to full attention.  At least one part of him isn't tiny, Sylla admitted even as she felt herself begin to despise the angel. "So be it," she whispered to Candace, her eyes locked upon Sariel.

           "Sariel, defeat Sylla," Candace ordered.

           Sariel's feral grin widened and he leapt forward at Sylla who took a step backwards, raising her hands in defense.  Sariel side-stepped, brushing her outstretched hands away with his left hand, and gripped her by the back of the neck with his right.  "Time for your first defeat, luv," Sariel taunted in a strong British accent.  Taking another quick step to Sylla's side, he slung her forcefully towards the stage by the neck.

           Sylla used the momentum to propel herself onto the stage and completed a full roll and twist ending up on her knees facing the angel, ready for battle.  Impossibly, Sariel had already vaulted onto the stage behind her and closed the distance.  Instinctively, Sylla raised her hands to block.  With a look of disgust, Sariel shoved hard against them, causing Sylla to sprawl onto her back.  In an instant he was on her.  And in her.

           There was no foreplay with Sariel.  No games.  No sweet kisses.  Sariel's style was brutal and purely physical.  Every thrust of his cock was hard and deep.  He did not caress.  He pinched.  He did not lick.  He bit to the point of pain.  But there was undeniable pleasure in Sariel's sexual onslaught.  Sylla had always been very physical herself and could respect his abilities.  She found herself slipping into Sariel's mindset.

           "You think you can out-fuck me, you little bastard?" Sylla whispered, as she raked her nails down the corded muscles of Sariel's back.  She gripped his ass tightly and began to push her hips upwards to meet his every thrust.  "How long do you think you can keep this up, old man?"

           Sariel's grin never faltered.  He turned his head slightly to the side as though studying an interesting specimen of insect.  His pace and intensity began to increase bit by bit.  Sylla struggled to keep up.  Finally, she was unable to meet the speed of his thrusts and merely clutched his body for support.  Sariel barked out a laugh.  "In point of fact, luv, I can out-fuck you.  And I can keep this up long after you pass out."

           Sylla's eyes narrowed and she glared up at him.  "Bring it," she hissed between clenched teeth.

           Their battle raged on.  Sylla had no way of gauging the passage of time, but the man atop her had been pounding away for an unnatural length of time.  It felt like half an hour already.  Sweat dripped from his brow onto her chest, but he showed no signs of slowing.  Sylla looked around the arena but could see nothing in the darkness but Candace, watching expressionlessly from a stage-side couch.  It was time to take action.

           Summoning all of her considerable strength, Sylla wrapped her arms and legs tightly about the angel's thin body and rolled as hard as she could, until she had the man beneath her.  It was Sylla's turn to grin as she began her expert dance.  There was no position from which Sylla was so dangerous as this one.  She dug her fingers into the angel's ribs and began to ride him, hard and fast.  Normally, she would ease into it, starting slowly and sensuously.  But this was war.

           Sylla rode the angel furiously.  His lip curled into a snarl as he gripped her hips and attempted, futilely, to control her thrusts.  She threw a defiant look towards Candace.  You see? she thought. Not even your pet angel from the higher levels can handle me.  Her confidence swelling, she turned her full attention to defeating the angel.

           The man's resistance was like nothing Sylla had ever encountered before.  However long he had been on top of her, it was at least twice as long before she began to feel herself get the better of him.  She was stretched out low over his body, sliding her breasts over his face with every long, endless thrust of her vagina onto his cock.  His breathing finally became irregular.  Then he began to attempt to roll Sylla off of himself, but she held him down, riding him with every ounce of passion she had.

           When she felt him pass the point of no return, she quickly disengaged, kneeling beside him, her face lit up with a victorious smile.  "Unwor-"

           Her words were cut off as Sariel viciously shoved her onto her back and knelt between her legs.  "Think you're too good for my cum, do ya?" he snarled at her, clutching his cock in his hand.  "You can wear it this time, then."  A long jet of white semen shot from his cock and landed in a line trailing up her stomach and across her right breast.  Immediately, he was back inside of her, thrusting with all the vigor and intensity as he had started with.  "Next time, I'll shoot it in your twat.  Then your mouth."  He grinned down at her.  "If you last that long," he added contemptuously.

           Sylla was paralyzed with fury at the angel's insult.  At the same time, in the back of her mind, she was analyzing.  Not a bad ejaculation, she judged.  And not surprising that such a high-ranked angel would remain hard briefly after cumming.  But his erection will fade and I will give him no help in regaining it.

           Sylla relaxed and let the angel get it out of his system.  To her growing surprise, he appeared to be backing up his threat.  His cock remained rock hard inside of her.  His intensity...his lust, she corrected herself, showed no sign of abating. 

           The angel made good on the first of his promises, cumming deep inside of her after pounding away endlessly.  Afterwards, Sylla rode his still-hard cock with wild abandon until she tore yet another orgasm from him.  This time, she took her revenge, forcing him to cum on own stomach by pulling off at the last moment and trapping his cock beneath her body.  Though there was very little semen left inside of him by this point.

           In retaliation, the angel took her roughly from behind, slamming his hips against her ass harder and faster than she had ever experienced in her life, even against Samael.  But she never came, no matter how he took her.  She wouldn't give him or Candace the satisfaction of even that small victory.  And so they battled, on and on, switching positions only rarely.  Neither willing to show the slightest sign of giving in.

           "That's enough," Candace said loudly.  Instantly, Sariel pulled out and scampered to his position standing just behind her, covered in sweat and breathing heavily, but wearing his trademark insolent grin and erection.  Sylla sat up slowly and blinked, surprised to find Annie standing next to the stage. 

           Candace turned and walked into the darkness, her angel trailing behind her.  "Still undefeated!" Sylla called after her.

           "And yet, you didn't win," Candace returned, never looking back.

           Sylla took a deep breath and climbed unsteadily from the stage with help from Annie, who wrapped a robe around her.  She felt like she had run a triathlon.  Twice.  Her legs could not support her and Annie helped her limp slowly down the long hallway to the parking garage.  "I'm surprised you're still here," Sylla observed.

           "Still here?!?" Annie exclaimed.  "It's 4 AM.  I was home and in bed three hours ago.  Candace called me to come pick you up."  She shook her head in wonder.  "Let's get you home."

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