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Awake in a Nightmare

Novel By: SexySweetheart

Ayesha is just your average teenager, not doing great in school but she loves to hang out with her friends and have a good time. She's never had a serious boyfriend because most of the guys in her year are immature and she isn't interested in them.

Her average life is soon taken away when she is kidnapped by a group of people who turn out to more than human. Her freedom is taken away from her when she is thrown into a world of slavery.

What these vampires don't expect is that Ayesha isn't about to go down without a fight. She is stubborn and she disobeys everything that she is told to do, resulting in her getting into continuous trouble.

So what will happen when one of the richest vampires around takes an interest in her? Will she finally learn to obey him or will she continue to fight for her freedom?

This story contains adult material. Sex, rape, abuse etc...so if you are sensitive about those things then I would advise you not to read this. The sexual content is very constant after the first couple of chapters. Just thought I'd warn you all. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

"Hey babe, how about we get out of here and go back to my place?" I rolled my eyes as yet another drunk and horny guy came up to me. He had his hands around my waist and his eyes seemed to be undressing me in his drunken state. I pushed his hands off of me and slapped him, making him look at me in surprise.

"I'd rather rip my hair out of my head, jerk," I hissed and pushed him again, making him fall onto the floor because he couldn't stand up. I smirked at him and walked away, seeing people laughing and smirking at the guy who'd just hit on me. I was getting sick of this party because that was the fifth guy that had hit on me within the past hour. Couldn't a girl have a good time without a load of guys trying to get laid?

"Hey, Ayesha, what's up?" I smiled when I saw my best friend, Karen, in front of me. Finally, someone I could actually have a decent conversation with.

"Urgh, there are just too many horny guys here tonight. I might just head home early," I told her and she shook her head.

"Don't leave yet! It's only 10pm! Besides, you should take it as a compliment. You are looking rather sexy tonight." I laughed when she winked at me and shook my head. I didn't think I was that dressed up. I was wearing a black dress with red polka dots that came down to a few inches above my knee, with low red heels as I was quite small. I left my black wavy hair loose and I didn't put that much make up on, just some red lipstick, some mascara and a bit of foundation. I was wearing a silver necklace with a red heart on, a present from my parents when I turned sixteen and a silver charm bracelet. Overall, I didn't think I'd put that much effort into getting ready so I didn't understand what these guys saw in me.

"I'm sorry; I guess I'm not in the mood to be partying. I'll just walk home and I'll call you tomorrow?"

"It's late, you know. I'll drive you home if you want," she offered but I shook my head. She'd recently just got her driver's licence so she picked me up and brought me to her house, but I didn't want to pull her away because she seemed to be having fun and plus I knew she'd had a couple of drinks so it wouldn't be safe.

"It's ok, Karen. I'll just walk home. It's not exactly far now, is it?" She opened her mouth but I cut her off before she could say anything. "I'll be fine. Nothing's going to happen to me. Now you go and have fun and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Don't get too drunk!" I gave her a quick hug before leaving her house, where the party was taking place. Her parents were away for the week so she had the house to herself, and when that happened she always had a party and then cleared up the mess so her parents didn't know.

I shivered as it was quite cold and I hadn't brought a jacket, so I wrapped my arms around myself and walked quickly so I wouldn't have to be too cold for long. It was times like this when I wished I'd work tights or something. It was darker than I expected it to be, the street lights not very bright so I couldn't see very far ahead of me. The streets were quiet, with barely any cars around apart from the odd one.

I felt goose bumps appearing all over my body and my teeth started chattering for the cold and I stopped for a minute, debating on whether to go back to the party or and just stay at hers for the night or something. I often did this after her parties so I wished I'd had done it tonight. But I realised that I was already half way home so I might as well just carry on going and I would be home within about fifteen minutes.

I started walking again, suddenly feeling slightly self-conscious, as if someone was watching me. I shook my head and took a deep breath, knowing that it was just my paranoia kicking in because I was on my own. Nothing was going to happen to me because nothing like that had ever happened in this neighbourhood before, I was just being ridiculous. I looked around and noticed the short cut on my right, which I was tempted to use because it would make my journey quicker. But I hated going down a dark alley this late at night because it was always quite scary on my own. I was about to walk on when I saw a movement in the alley. I froze and stayed completely still, scared about what the noise was. I strained my eyes to see if I could see anything but after a few minutes I came to the conclusion that it was just a rat and I was being ridiculous, again.

I turned my back on the alley and started walking again, my pace faster than before and my heart beating fast, wishing that someone was with me because I was starting to get scared. I clutched the phone that was in my hand, not sure whether I wanted to use it or not. On one hand if I rang someone it might calm my nerves, but if I told someone I was scared then I would sound like a weakling that was afraid of the dark, which I wasn't. Biting my lip, I put my phone in my bag and told myself off, because nothing was going to happen to me and it was just that shot of vodka which was messing with my head.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard footsteps behind me, making my heart jump. I wanted to look round and see who it was but I knew better, so instead I carried on walking, trying to ignore the fact that these footsteps seemed to be increasing in pace. I kept my head down, thinking that it'd just probably be someone walking in the same direction as me. But something inside of me told me that this was not the case and I felt that I was in trouble.

But before I could do anything I felt a hand wrap around my waist, pulling me right against this person's body and I could instantly tell it was a guy by the sheer strength. I opened my mouth to say something but his other hand quickly covered my mouth and he brought his mouth close to my ear.

"Don't bother screaming because no one can here you," the guy said menacingly in my ear. "Now, you are going to do exactly as I say and things won't get violent, got it? You are going to follow me quietly and get in the van which is opposite the street. You will not say a word and if you follow everything I say then you won't get hurt." I nodded, but I was already coming up with a plan to get away. "Good girl, now I'm going to let go and you will follow me, ok?"

I nodded again and he slowly loosened his grip, but before he even fully let go of me, I kicked him right where it hurt with my high heeled shoes. I smirked when he groaned in pain and let go of me, sinking to the ground as he held his private parts in pain. I smirked and quickly ran away from where he was, heading straight home as fast as I could so I would be safe. I was metres away from my road when someone grabbed me again and I felt some cloth being held over my mouth and nose, forcing me to breathe in some sort of chemical. I struggled as much as I could but I started to feel tired and I leaned against my attacker's body for support.

"You made a big mistake, stupid girl. Say goodbye to your little life, because when you wake up you'll be in hell, I assure you," the same man snarled and I started to see black spots in my vision.

"Leave….me….alone," I feebly said, too far out of it to fight against him as he knelt down, making me fall back into his arms, barely conscious.

"Night night," he whispered mockingly, and that was the last thing I heard before everything faded into black and darkness enveloped me.


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