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Stolen Life or New Beginning...?

Novel By: SexKitten121

When a ride with her boyfriend goes horribly wrong Anabelle will have to look within herself to save her boyfriend from the men that stole them. Will she sacrifice her life to save his? Or will she throw it all away to find something new? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 19, 2012    Reads: 910    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

~Author's Note~ I would love to hear everyone's comments on my first chapter! I didn't get into a lot of sexual stuff yet, I kind of wanted to establish a plot first. I hope everyone enjoys my work! Also, I didn't give a great discription of my main character because that's in my next chapter.

Chapter 1~What The Hell...

My boyfriend Alex and I were on our way home from the movies when i looked over at him driving. How could he love me? He's tall with a slight build but still muscular and his tan was just enough to drive girls crazy. He looked at me with his big brown eyes and smiled. "Did you have fun babygirl?" I ruffled his short dirty blond hair "I spent the entire day with you of course I had fun!" We were almost back to his parent's house in the country when the tires blew out on the car. We looked at each other, both confused at how ALL the tires went flat… "Baby, what happened?" He tried to look brave but I could tell he was scared inside.

"I don't know Anabelle, maybe we hit a spike strip. I'll go check it out." he got out of the car and before the warm summer air could rush in he had the door closed and locked.

"What's wrong?!" I was scared stiff: he was stone white and rigid. I had to strain to hear what he said, "Somebody shot our tires." I looked at him,

"That's fucking crazy who would do something so fucking stupid?!"Out of nowhere two large muscular guys in black masks and gloves came into view. One of them went over to Alex's side and the other one went to my side.

The man on Alex's side raised a gun "Slowly open the door." He got out and the man told me to do the same. I opened my door and looked up at the man in front of me, not knowing what else to do I ran.

"Noooo!" I heard him yell out for me but I'd rather die then stay there. I only made it a few yards before I felt a dull ache in the back of my head and then the world went dark.

I woke up with a blindfold on and my hands and feet tied.Once my head stopped throbbing I realized that u was in a van…where was Alex? "Where am I? Alex? Help!" One of the guys smacked me across the face and I heard Alex struggle to get free.

"Knock it off kid or the both of you are gonna regret it." That pissed me off, nobody talked to me like that.

"Asshole." And with that I kneed him hard in the side.

"Damn it Zach how much longer? I know the first thing I'm doing when we get there. You little bitch; you're gonna pay for that." Great…just what i needed.The truck stopped abruptly and the back doors swung open. "Take the boy inside, we'll be there soon."

The gentle voice that followed astounded me."Alright, Frank, when is the boss getting back?"

"Around 7. Now let's get to know each other better sweetheart." He took off my blindfold and I fought the urge to bite him. He untied my ankles and pulled my pants and panties down. There was nothing I could do, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick.

"Please don't do this. I'm sorry, I'll do anything!" He grabbed my hips and placed his dick at my entry; before I even realized what was happening he was thrusting deep inside me.I started screaming, begging him to stop but my pleas fell on deaf ears. All he did was start beating me and slapping me in the face. I thought he was never going to stop. But eventually he got bored and continued to rape me. Before he came he pulled out of me and grabbed my hair "Ever give a blow job bitch?" I had decided that I wouldn't answer him even if he killed me. "I guess you like my dick huh? If you don't answer me that's exactly what you're going to get so make your choice." I hated being raped, the feeling of having no control, the pain, a blow job couldn't be any worse could it?


"Yes what you whore, you want my dick inside you?"

"I've given blow jobs before." He released my hair and pulled me by the shoulders out of the back of the van and pushed me to my knees on the gravel. I cried out in pain as my knees were scratched raw by the stones. Silent tears were streaming down my face as I looked up at him. As he went to shove his dick in my mouth a rough, angry voice interrupted him.

"Damn it, Frank, what do you think you're doing! I told everyone that she's mine." The masked man in front of me started fumbling with his pants and tried to think of an excuse.

"Boss you weren't supposed to be back until later." The man that just showed up was the boss?

"So you think you can do whatever the fuck you want?!" He was far bigger than the other two men that had picked up Alex and I. This man looked to be 300 pounds as where the others were only about 250. He didn't wear a mask so I could easily see his features but I was too afraid of what he might do if i stared so i bent my head. All that mattered to me was that he was mad as hell and that meant bad things for me. I could barely begin to put things together before a loud blast and the thud of a body brought me back to the present. Frank, the man that was raping me, was dead. I wasted no time scrambling to me feet and attempting to run with my pants still around my ankles. "I won't run to catch you. I have no problem shooting you if you don't stop. I'll give you five seconds bitch…" There wasn't much reason to live but if I died I wanted my mom to have something to bury and I knew he would just throw me in a shallow grave. Even if I stopped he might decide I was too much trouble and kill me anyways. "three…two…" No time to think anymore it was now or never.

"Please don't shoot me! I'll stop." So much for getting away.

"Turn around so you're facing me, get on your knees, and if you even twitch I'll kill you." Tears were streaming down my face but I wasn't moving. "Did you hear what I said! Get on the fucking ground!" I dropped immediately to my knees but I didn't turn around. His steps shook the ground as he approached behind me. He called to the house, "Zach, get some of the others and take care of that body." I looked toward the house and realized that the other man who was driving the van must have come to the door when he heard the commotion.

"Yes, Boss."

I felt him kneel down behind me, "Alright you want to tell me where you got the idea that you could run away? Did I not just kill a man in front of your eyes? That's what happens when you don't obey my rules; you'll die." He emphasized his final words by settling the barrel of his still warm gun on my temple. The roughness in his voice scared me almost out of my skin. When I didn't answer him he pulled me up by my hair but I barely noticed the pain. He didn't say anything else to me he just flipped me over his shoulder with my pants and panties still around my ankles and carried me into the house. I didn't fight him; I couldn't have won even if I tried.

As we passed through the front hall I heard heard some men wolf-whistling and one guy had the balls to say "Hey guys looks like we got a new toy."

The man carrying me didn't even break his stride when he heard that, all he said was, "Yeah, if you want to end up like Frank." It got so quiet I swear you could've heard a pin drop on the carpet. After what seemed like an eternity the man finally stopped walking and opened the door in front of him. He acted as if I were a twig and tossed me onto an overstuffed king-sized bed. I realized that at a distance he looked much smaller than he was in actuality. My brain just wasn't thinking and I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind.

"How much do you weigh?" He laughed in earnest and tuned to look at me from where he was standing

"I'd take offense but I don't think you meant any. Did you?" I shook my head because I really didn't mean to offend him, I was just curious. The last thing I needed to do was to further piss him off. "400 pounds of muscle, darling." As if to emphasize his point he pulled off his shirt to reveal layer after layer of muscle. I gasped in horror as he took off his blue jeans as well; he was left only in boxers. He stared into my eyes as he strode across the room and locked the huge wooden door; my only means of escape. "The men outside call me Boss but you; sweet little thing that you are, you will call me Master or Sir. Nothing else. Am I understood?" He made his way back towards the bed and I scrambled to the opposite side; as far from him as I could be. Something in him seemed to awaken and he smiled. "Not now little one. I'm not even hard, I was going to take the rope off your hands but that's ok I don't have to. Especially since you didn't answer my question."

I tried without success to make my way back to him but still I answered his question; no use in making him mad again "I understand, Sir." he pulled out a switchblade and I laid on my stomach as still as ever so he wouldn't nick me with that dreaded blade. When he had freed my hands he yanked my wrists out in front of me and sat me up.

"Don't think you're not in trouble sweetheart, you've got plenty of punishment coming so let's lay down some rules. You try and runaway, I won't shoot you I will catch you and torture you until you die. If you attempt to hurt me or any of my men I'll kill that friend of yours. Do not ever disrespect me in here or in front of others because you're punishment would make even me cringe. You don't fuck anyone other than me. Simple rules to live by." Our faces were so close I could feel the anger radiating from him. I just nodded my head and tried to keep myself from spitting on him; the way I wanted to. He disgusted me to no end but there was something about his aura that made me want everything about him. His gorgeous face and bright green eyes went perfect with his medium black hair. It wasn't too long; the way some people wore it. It was just about two inches long and I had to fight the urge to touch it. He started pulling my pants off and I freaked out.

"What do you think you're doing to me! Get away." I went to push his hand off of me but he grabbed my wrist and twisted it painfully.

I whimpered in pain, "Calm down. I'm helping you so just wait and put your hands above your head." I did what he said and as much as I hated laying there while he stripped me naked. "Baby you're so beautiful. Alright, I bet you want some clothes, huh?" As soon as he got up I covered myself the best I could, curling up into a ball. When he turned around there was a huge bulge in his boxers and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. As he tossed me a small T-shirt and some clean panties he noticed that I was staring at his dick. He climbed into bed and laid on top of me before I could get dressed. I tried to squirm out from under his but he pressed down firmly on top of me with his body, not enough to hurt me, like a warning. "You look pretty scared and I'm not really in the mood to fight for sex so if you get me off I'll let you go to sleep." I pushed through the fear and started rubbing my body against him. He moaned and breathed in the scent of my hair.

Somewhere deep inside myself I got the courage to ask him "What's your real name?"

Instantly he went rigid and grabbed my hair "I tell you and you better swear never to call me it in front of anyone." My fear lit eyes met his blazing ones and I swore. "Tony" at least I had a name for this monster. He rolled so that I was on top of him and I gasped as I felt his dick against my pussy. It had gotten late and all i wanted was to sleep so I figured I should just get him off. I put my hands on his shoulders and started rubbing against his dick. Tony looked up at me and smiled, "I want it in your mouth." I gulped and nodded my head. I kneeled down on the floor and he sat on the edge and slipped his boxers off. Just like I was afraid of; he was huge. His dick wasn't only long but he was thick as well. As I went to put his dick in my mouth he stopped me, "I'm just giving you a fair warning; if I feel teeth, I'll beat you till you're begging me to kill you." He pushed himself very slowly into my mouth. I gagged when he was no more than halfway but he didn't push me further. Blow jobs were always my thing so that made it easier to accept my fate. Even though I couldn't take all of him, I used my hand to make up for what my mouth couldn't. I went from slow deep strokes to more rushed in and out motions and within a few minutes he came in my mouth. Hoping to score points with him so maybe he'd let me get dressed I licked him clean with my tongue. Tony picked me up and sat me on the bed, "Rest darling, you've earned it. Here are your clothes," he said and handed me the T-shirt and panties.

"Thank you, Sir." I put them on in record time and got under the covers as he went to the attached bathroom to clean up. Sleep soon overtook my body as I spent my first night in my new 'home'


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