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Curiosity Fucked The Cat (Silk Version)

Novel By: SexIsNotRequired

Curiyel is the boss of an Escort Agency. She's a hot headed Puerto Rican dating a beautiful South African woman named Maroon who's bi-curious. The two face difficult challenges together as their love seems to grow wild.
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"Damn girl, what kind of man you whipped?" Monica, another nurse who worked with Maroon asked after popping a bag of popcorn in the lunchroom microwave. She turned in her pink and purple scrubs, staring at Maroon who sat at a squared table, picking through her pasta salad. She looked up at the younger woman with a short bob and a big ass bang swooping across her forehead.

"What are you talking about?" Maroon shook her head in confusion. Monica had been many accusations for the past three days and all of them were wrong.

It wasn't no new attitude, no new wardrobe, no raise, and definitely no man, that was making Maroon's skin look glossy and renewed.

"Don't play innocent. You got you some good dick?" Monica chuckled, raising her skinny eyebrow before poking out her tongue. "Ah ha-ha." She laughed, eyeing Maroon with a keen look.

"Who is he?" Monica pried. "Is he cute? What he do for a living? What part of Chicago he live in?"

Maroon dropped her fork in the plastic container, rolled her eyes before sipping her sparkling water. "Monica, drop it. I don't have any kind of man running in and out of my apartment."

"Shit, he don't have to be running in and out of your apartment. Looks like he does enough running in and out of you." Monica shifted her weight to the next leg, watching as a look of demur cascaded down Maroon's pretty face.

She could not believe her ears. The bitch really wants to start something that she won't be able to finish. Maroon slapped the lid on her salad and tucked it back into her lunch bag. She stood up, "Just because you can't keep your legs closed, doesn't mean I have to keep mine open for business. And if you really want to know a thing or two, the only thing running in and out of me is my girlfriend and her tongue. And if you want to look as good as me, you should try it." Maroon felt the heated words swim up her throat until they slipped through her vocal cords before her brain could register and proofread them.

Monica's mouth dropped a foot or three, the popcorn popping behind her being the only audio similar to how annoying she could be when she spoke. Pop, pop, pop. It wouldn't be long before someone decided to pop her in her mouth.

Just as the air got icy, Doctor Nelson walked in, jiggling the keys in his white coat. He spotted Maroon dead on and smiled, his teeth white and clean as ever. "Hey Maroon...Monica." He nodded at Monica and stopped in front of Maroon with his unwavering stare and big grin.

"I saw you and the kids earlier. You're like an enchanting princess from far-far away to them." He ran a hand through his Caesar cut, his wavy hair short, but long enough to wrap around your finger. "Magical Maroon, did you know that's what they're calling you?"

Maroon shook her head, a gentle smile lighting her face at the thought. "No. I'm guessing it's top secret."

"I'm guessing. As well as your power to heal. They love you and I highly doubt they want to leave this hospital even if they get much, much better. I know I wouldn't." Dr. Nelson laughed and Maroon shrugged.

"I'm sorry I have that kind of influence. I'm just doing what I love." Maroon elucidated, her brown eyes becoming immense with awe. Maroon really enjoyed children. They were the future after all. It was very heart breaking that so many children had been diagnosed with medical problems, and disabilities, but after all it was the work of God. She could not change that, but she could change the way people viewed it. She kept the children happy by making them laugh, doing the most silliest things she'd be embarrassed of, and telling them stories. It was so hard for grown-ups to understand the way a child brain works through stress if they didn't have an inner kid in themselves. Fortunately, Maroon could comprehend the things that made these kids happy and as long as they were happy, she was happier.

"Hey, but look," Dr. Nelson leaned up running his hand through his hair again. Maroon had noticed that Dr. Nelson did that a lot. Maybe he found his strength in the roots of his head. "Some of staff and I were going out tonight to celebrate my birthday, and I was wondering if you would like to come?"

Maroon and Dr. Nelson had forgotten that Monica was still in their presence until she slammed the microwave door shut. They turned to her who had a hand on her hip and her face contorted with anger. "I didn't get the invitation."

"Sorry Monica, you can come if you like," Dr. Nelson paused like he forgot to mention, "then again, it's for thirty and up. Sorry kiddo."

"What the fuck?" Monica snapped. "Maroon's twenty six!"

"Well you see," Dr. Nelson tossed his hands from side to side, gesturing from Maroon to Monica. "Maroon conducts herself in a more mature manner. She's more responsible. Don't tell me you forgot just how drunk you were when we all had a little New Years toast last year?"

Monica stapled her mouth shut, grabbed her bag of popcorn and strutted her way out of the lunch room.

Dr. Nelson turned back to Maroon with a shrug.

"You're saying I act older than I am?" Maroon joked.

"I'm sorry, it's just that I don't want careless, reckless, brats like Monica around for my birthday. God forbids anything happens to her, it'll be the end of my career possibly." He confessed, rubbing his temples.

"Understandable," Maroon nodded. "I don't mind coming out for awhile tonight. Where are you going to?"

"Club Foreplay." Dr. Nelson said making Maroon giggle.

"They named a club foreplay?"

"Yeah, funny huh?" He laughed with her, "It's actually new and a lot of my friends say it's pretty fun."

"Hm, I bet. I'll be there. Do you mind if I bring a friend?"

"No, I don't. The more, the merrier." He clasped his hands together.

"Okay doctor, see you around...?"


"Okay Birthday man. See you at eight."


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