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Curiosity Fucked The Cat (Silk Version)

Novel By: SexIsNotRequired

Curiyel is the boss of an Escort Agency. She's a hot headed Puerto Rican dating a beautiful South African woman named Maroon who's bi-curious. The two face difficult challenges together as their love seems to grow wild.
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The bitter taste of pussy was all Curiyel could taste the next morning. She found herself, butt naked and tangled in silk peach sheets that were on Maroon's bed. Obviously Maroon's favorite color was anything relating or similar to orange. She was surprised the woman hadn't dyed her pussy orange. Would it taste even fruiter?

Curiyel smiled to herself, rolling over to find the glorious Maroon missing in action. All that accompanied her in the room of lavender walls were the sounds of the city and the morning pigeons knocking at the window. She crawled from the bed and made her way to the bathroom where she grabbed a spare toothbrush from the cabinet and brushed her teeth. She washed her face and walked out in her birthday suit.

She found herself following the smell of food cooking and the sweet spice called cinnamon. She found her girlfriend in the kitchen, wearing a fresh pair of denim shorts that hugged her thighs and popped her ass. Her bare breasts were free from a bra but covered in a red crop top that stopped a little below her belly button. Her short hair was greased and the curls were small and defined. She walked around barefooted, stirring and mixing and frying until she caught Curiyel in the corner of her eye.

The woman was in her naked glory. And shame wasn't her game. Maroon couldn't help but blush and watch as the woman came closer.

"Good morning." Curiyel stretched, facing Maroon and giving her a good morning kiss on the lips. "I don't even want to know what you're cooking because it smells so good. If only I could cook like you."

"Do you want a shirt?" Maroon asked. "I washed your clothes. They're drying."

"You feel uncomfortable with me walking around naked?" Curiyel asked, putting all jokes aside.

Maroon shook her head, feeling her pussy throb already. She turned back to the stove to avoid looking at Curiyel and getting horny. It was way too early to have more sex.

She flipped the egg omelet, poured the tea in two cups and mixed some cinnamon into it.

"I'll put a shirt on," Curiyel sighed and disappeared before returning with Maroon's white I heart Chicago shirt. Maroon grabbed some plates and two more glasses, filling it with ice cold apple juice. She sat it on the table just as Curiyel sat down. She handed Curiyel her egg omelet and cinnamon tea before sitting down with hers as well.

"What's this?" Curiyel asked, blowing on the tea in the mug.

"Cinnamon tea. It's a drink my grandmother used to make all the time in Sudan." Maroon explained with a nostalgic smile. "It's good. Spicy, but good. It brings comfort to the stomach and cleanses the soul." Maroon spoke gently before pouring hot sauce over her omelet and starting to eat it. She sipped her juice, leaving her tea for last.

"It's good." Curiyel said after taking a big gulp. She coughed as the tea scratched at her throat, and a flaming sensation came through her nostrils.

Maroon chuckled. "You have to drink in sips."

"You could've warned me first." Curiyel sipped from her orange juice before eating her omelet. "This omelet is really good. I love onions with my eggs and lots of crushed red peppers. Shit you make me wanna slap my mamá."

Maroon couldn't stop the smile on her lips from spreading. "Thank you, Curiyel."

Curiyel ate in silence before sipping from her tea and pushing the chair away from the table. She glanced down through the glass surface at Maroon's legs as she bounced them happily. She rolled her gaze up towards Maroon's camel toe. Definitely no panties.

Curiyel got on her knees, "I could sure use some more juice to down that spicy tea," She giggled, crawling under the table until she was positioned in front of Maroon who had stopped eating to watch Curiyel.


"Pull your shorts down and spread your legs." Curiyel intercepted, her voice becoming demanding. "I want to taste you every meal of the day. You're my favorite food."

Maroon stood up momentarily, unbuttoning her shorts and dropping them to her ankles. She stepped out of them and sat back down in the chair, her legs spreading and Curiyel's face buried in her pussy once more. Maroon couldn't feel her toes as she leaned over the glass table, her hands balled shut as Curiyel took advantage of her.

She didn't know if she could take anymore of her pussy being eaten until lunch time rolled around and then dinner. It was like every time she turned around to cook or eat, Curiyel was there, on her knees with her tongue poked out and her lips ready. Making dinner had been an adventure to Maroon as she cooked, she got her pussy licked.

After dinner, she got finger fucked and before bed, she got to know the feeling of having another pussy rubbing against hers.

Maroon had never felt so wanted in her life and she really liked the feeling of someone needing her. So far, she loved having Curiyel as a girlfriend. Not just for the wild sex, but for the comfort and she must admit, she liked the woman a bit too much.


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