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Curiosity Fucked The Cat (Silk Version)

Novel By: SexIsNotRequired

Curiyel is the boss of an Escort Agency. She's a hot headed Puerto Rican dating a beautiful South African woman named Maroon who's bi-curious. The two face difficult challenges together as their love seems to grow wild.
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The movie ended fairly with the two women together in a convertible, kissing and laughing, with I might add, a new born baby in the backseat. It was a humorous movie about two lesbians and it was alright, but made things awkward between Maroon and Curiyel. As Curiyel flipped through the channels now, the clock struck midnight and Maroon could feel her stomach growling from not eating her meal like she should've.

She got up, "You hungry?" She asked Curiyel.

"Nope," The woman popped the 'p', her eyes flickering to Maroon. "But something sweet would be nice."

Maroon nodded, making her way to the kitchen. She grabbed two dessert bowls and spoons. She then took out the strawberry short cake ice cream that had been in her fridge freezer for a good three weeks now and untouched. It was her favorite ice cream though, but she never got the time to enjoy it. She scooped big spoon fulls of ice cream into both bowls before putting the ice cream back. She grabbed the bowls and made her way back to the couch. She handed one to Curiyel before sitting down with her spoon in her mouth, clinging to it with her teeth and tongue.

"What's this?" She asked, pointing to the TV screen.

"Underworld." Curiyel said simply, shoving some ice cream in her mouth. This wasn't exactly her idea of something sweet. She was more rooting for the taste of sweet pussy on her tongue, but ice cream had to do it for now.

"You have a body like her," Maroon confirmed.

"You're talking about Selene?" Curiyel asked.

"Whoever the girl is in the all black." Maroon shoved ice cream in her mouth, letting it melt on her tongue.

"Thanks anyway. She does have a nice body." Curiyel studied Selene on TV as she fought off a group of Lycans. She was straight to the bone with small hips, nice legs, a tight ass, and a pair of firm tits. Maroon definitely had to be studying Curiyel to compare.

Something about Maroon's compliment made Curiyel want to moan in wanton. She finished her ice cream, seeing that having her mouth stuffed kept her from saying anything out of the ordinary.

"Your nipples are hard."

No, that wasn't out of the ordinary. Just a fact.

Maroon glanced at her breasts as soon as Curiyel said that. Her face heated and she cursed under her breath. Realizing she'd embarrassed Maroon, Curiyel laughed. "Ice cream does that for you." She said, setting her empty bowl down on the coffee table. Maroon ate the rest of her ice, tilting the bowl of melted substance back until it accidentally poured down her chin, sliding under her shirt and between her breast. She jumped up before it could hit the couch, "Damn it." She hissed, feeling her skin become sticky almost instantly.

"You okay?" Curiyel asked.

"Yeah, I just spilled ice cream all over me. My clumsiness is returning everyday." She sighed. "I'll be back after I change and everything."

"Wait," Curiyel grabbed her wrist for the second time in a row. She licked her lips, a hunger starting in her throat and rising to her taste buds. "I want something else sweet."

"There's more ice cream in the fridge freezer...I have cookies in the jar." Maroon explained, gazing at the vice grip of Curiyel's delicate hand around her wrist.

"I want something sweeter." Curiyel complained and Maroon rolled her eyes.

"You want me to hand you the bag of sugar?" She giggled.

Curiyel took the empty bowl away from her, setting it down next to her own. She pulled the woman back onto the couch.

"Maroon, I want to taste you." She said out right, her face serious and her mouth slick with saliva. Her taste buds were going crazy and she needed to be between Maroon's thick thighs, right now.

Maroon was surprised, but that didn't stop the female from climbing her body, pressing her back into the leather couch. Curiyel kissed her lips, the taste of milk from the ice cream still there. Sticky and sweet as her tongue glided down her chin and around her neck. She licked the spilled milk from Maroon's skin, enjoying the way she made Maroon nervous with wonder.

Maroon could feel Curiyel's soft hands making their way up to her breast. Curiyel cupped them in her hand, flesh spilling out between the spaces of her fingers. She gave Maroon's breasts a healthy jiggle, squeezed them and rotated them in her hands, all the while flickering her tongue against Maroon's left nipple through her t-shirt. Maroon found herself biting into her bottom lip to surpass the moan.

Was this wrong? She asked herself as she felt the seat of her panties get a little slippery the more Curiyel sucked on her nipples, making them harder and harder. She glanced at the brunette, her eyelids fluttering just as Curiyel slid her shirt up, pulling it over Maroon's head to greet the flesh on her chest without any barrier. She licked between the cut of her breast, a white stain from milk still there until her tongue swooped it up before wrapping itself around her nipples once again.

"Mmm, you taste so good." Curiyel hummed, sucking on the nipple like a desperate baby as she gazed at the woman through hot, hazel eyes. She bit the nipple between her teeth, making Maroon gasp, "They're like little Hersey kisses," Curiyel couldn't retain the comment, twirling the nipples between her index and thumb. She turned to Maroon's neck, her tongue sliding all the way back up until she found her lips. She folded Maroon's bottom lip between her lips, pulling and sucking away until Maroon had no choice but to open her mouth and be devoured.

Curiyel kissed her passionately, pressing her body harder against the female underneath her. As they kissed, Curiyel folded her fingers into Maroon's pajama shorts, pulling at them with strength she'd gain for the sweetest taste ever. She half ripped them off when Maroon lifted her hips to make it easier. The kiss never broke, even when her shorts were thrown on the floor and her panties were being rubbed from the front.

Maroon poured her moans into Curiyel's mouth as her fingers thumped against her throbbing pussy. Curiyel pulled away so that she could breathe and let Maroon catch her breath.

"You like it?" Curiyel asked, fucking her fingers into Maroon's panties as fast as she could.

Maroon cried, her thighs spreading and forming a hug around Curiyel's waist. Maroon felt her heart speed up as pleasure pulsated throughout her body like a earthquake. When Curiyel didn't get the answer she wanted, she stopped her fingers and rested them against the material of Maroon's spoiled panties. Maroon reached between her legs and grabbed Curiyel's hand, pulling it closer and closer to her pussy.

"I like it," Maroon muttered, her lips curving into an encouraging smile. "Don't stop."

Curiyel felt her pussy tighten at the look on Maroon's face and couldn't stop herself from pulling Maroon's panties down, flipping her legs around her neck. Curiyel ignored the annoying robe as it came undone, revealing her perky breast and pussy. She tilted her head down, her waist and ass pointing north as her face and mouth did south into Maroon's sweet lips that were just as kissable as the ones on her face. She smelled the woman's gift first before spreading it apart with two long fingers. She studied the moisture dripping between the walls and sliding against the swollen clitoris.

Cold air brushed against Maroon's pussy, making her moan and wiggle, trying to fuck herself on nothing. She then felt Curiyel slide her two fingers inside, twisting them in circular motions before shoving them further and further. She clenched onto Curiyel's fingers, her juices lubricating and making it so much easier to finger-fuck without pain.

Curiyel watched as Maroon made faces and pursed her lips and made lewd comments similar to, "Fuck me harder with your fingers," and "Yes, finger fuck me there."

It was a complete turn on for Curiyel, she had to admit. She stole her fingers back abruptly, causing Maroon to fall off her cloud and back into reality.

"More," She greedily begged, her eyes falling onto Curiyel who held her two slicked fingers in her mouth, tasting Maroon. She turned and grabbed the bowl of melted ice cream and poured it down Maroon's stomach, it slid down her pussy and between her lips until it reached the couch. Maroon could care less about the damned couch right now as she giggled at the cool liquid which made her feel even stickier.

"Can you guess what I'm gonna do now?" Curiyel whispered, her lips chapped from hunger.

Maroon shook her head no, her teeth biting into her lip and her hands rubbing her breasts.

"I'm going to eat you from the inside out." Curiyel said before placing both hands on both thighs, and driving her tongue between the folds of Maroon's dark pink pussy. She slurped the ice cream milk, wiggled and flicked her tongue. She dived her nose in it, smelling it. She blew on it, she kissed it, she bit it. She even pressed her face in it, suffocating herself into a warmth of natural perfume and sweet nectar that no flower could produce. She was in heaven. This was the most sweetest pussy she had ever taste and she wondered why. Maybe because she had found herself half way in love with this woman who was desired by almost every man. And the fact that another woman like Curiyel was giving her the sweetest pleasure ever, made Curiyel's ego expand.

Maroon fucked her pussy on Curiyel's tongue, her mind racing, her fingers throbbing, her toes curling until she felt her stomach squeeze and she held her breath for her intense orgasm. Except it didn't come because Curiyel pulled back, her lips soaked and dripping of pussy juices. She licked her lips, massaging her own pussy with her fingers as she watched Maroon heave and thrust her hips in the air boldy, trying to ride herself into an orgasm.

Curiyel grinned, satsified that this other woman needed her bad right now. Curiyel felt so good and so in control. Just the way she liked it.

"Maroon baby, do you have any toys?" She asked, sliding the rest of her body out of the robe she was wearing.

"Vibrating..strap on." Maroon huffed, her eyes becoming slits of a glare.

Curiyel raised her eyebrow at her. "You have a strap on?"

Maroon blushed. "Don't judge me...please."

"Oh fucks," Curiyel laughed. "I wouldn't do that, I'm literally eating you out, why would I be judging you?"

Maroon moaned.

Curiyel leaned in, "Can I fuck you with it?" She whispered.

"Yes, please mami. It's in my top drawer." Maroon replied.

Curiyel rushed off the couch and into Maroon's room, pulling the drawer open and searching beneath the layers of panties and bras. She found the strap on and stepped into it. It fit her nicely, the back piece sliding between her ass cheeks like a thong. She adjusted the front until the vibrator was positioned on her clit. She turned it on to make sure it gave her pleasure and good mighty it did. She sucked her teeth, closing her eyes briefly before hurrying back into the living room where Maroon was moaning in heat, her back arched and eyes closed as she stroked her pussy with her fingers.

Curiyel smacked her hand. "That's cheating," She scolded. "Get on your knees for me."

Maroon rolled her body up, pressing her knees into the couch. She caved her head in, pressing her cheek against the back of the chair. Curiyel moved behind her, staring at the beauty of her pussy from behind. Her ass was well rounded, well firm and made Curiyel reach out and smack it lightly. Maroon arched her back into a concave slope, making her pussy look 3D.

"What do you want me to do with this again?" Curiyel asked, playing dumb.

"Fuck me with it." Maroon mewled, wiggling her ass from side to side.

Curiyel spit on her hands and stroked the hard dildo that covered her natural pussy. She made sure it was sleak enough for Maroon, not wanting to hurt her. Then she turned the vibrator on, setting it on low, just enough to massage her insides. She place one leg on the couch, the other on the floor and pulled Maroon's ass back until her pussy touched the tip of the fake dick.. She slid in like soap slipping from your hand and the vibrations gave Maroon a trembling moan.

Curiyel waited for a minute before pushing her hips in some more, pulling out, and then pushing back in. She started like this for a few seconds before her grip on Maroon's hip tightened and she exploded into a few fast thrusts, the feeling of fucking Maroon with a vibrating dildo was insanely hot and she breathed out pants. She could feel her pussy clenching and dripping and a weakness spawning in her legs.

"Curiyel!" Maroon cried and Curiyel automatically answered in Spanish.

"Sé bebé. I know baby." She said, fucking her hips faster. She flipped the side button of the vibrator onto full speed, making Maroon's back give out and fall face first into the couch. Curiyel went down with her, her legs tangled with Maroon's as she rode the walls of Maroon's pussy like a horse. She ran her fingers through her hair, closing her eyes. "Fuck Maroon, you're wet. You're so sweet. I'm gonna come soon."

"Me too." Maroon squeaked. "I'm going to come so hard." She cried, tears falling from her eyes as she trembled and clenched her teeth.

"Come for me. Come for mami." Curiyel huffed, her voice becoming breathy.

"I-I'm coming." Maroon hissed, feeling her pussy start to exploded from the inside out. The vibrator was throbbing out of control like a empty washing machine. It knocked Maroon into one of the biggest orgasms she'd ever felt and Curiyel followed, moaning and screaming with joy as she pounding her pussy into the strap on, pounding into Maroon, before grabbing her neck and lapping their tongues.

"Pull out," Maroon shrieked, feeling a heavy feeling in her belly. Curiyel pulled out without question, turning the vibrator off as Maroon scrambled up from the couch and tried to run for the bathroom.

It was too late. She felt her excitement pool out of her and spray on the floor. She moaned for the last time, her body shaking as she sat there on the floor, her pussy throbbing hard. She'd squirted for the first time in her life and Curiyel had caused it. After coming down from the orgasm, Maroon steadied her breathing and looked at an amused Curiyel.

"This is so embarrassing," Maroon sat in the pool of juices on the floor, her eyes dropping to the floor.

"Don't be embarrassed," Curiyel said. "Embrace this side of you because it's so fucking sexy and it's actually quite healthy. You need to come hard like that every once in awhile." Curiyel grinned, pulling the female up from the floor and kissing her cheek.

"I feel so drained." Maroon pressed her body into the other female who agreed silently.

"Let's get cleaned up." Curiyel suggested, watching Maroon pull away to find the mop.

"Best sex of my life," Curiyel mumbled to herself.

Maroon came back, without the mop in her hand but a look of anxiousness on her face. "Curiyel, what does all of this amount to?"

"If you want, we can try this out. Try us out, I mean." Curiyel shrugged.

"I would like that." Maroon smiled affectionately.

"Me too." Curiyel smiled back.

To be continued.


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