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Curiosity Fucked The Cat (Silk Version)

Novel By: SexIsNotRequired

Curiyel is the boss of an Escort Agency. She's a hot headed Puerto Rican dating a beautiful South African woman named Maroon who's bi-curious. The two face difficult challenges together as their love seems to grow wild.
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On the other hand, Curiyel knew that Maroon had no sort of attraction towards women. It had been expressed when Curiyel caught Maroon and a pretty good looking guy in bed together. She had to wash her face with cold water, just to get the image of Maroon's naked bottom sprung in the air, out of her head. Cold water wasn't exactly a remedy, but she found herself getting over it after excruciating weeks of embarrassment and Maroon's apologies.

"I'm not sure if...I have any underwear in your size." Maroon explained as she fixed the water for Curiyel whose eyes were glued to the bent shape of Maroon on her knees.

Curiyel laughed. "Maroon, don't try to make it sound like my ass is that small when it's yours that rocks the boat."

Maroon looked back, arching a brow. "Excuse me mami, but I was trying to confront you in a nice manner." Maroon smiled sweetly, her faint accent striking her every word.

Curiyel rolled her hazel eyes, slipped her hand behind her back and un-did her bra. After hooking her bra to the towel rail, she pulled her panties off. Maroon stood up from the floor, pulling her rusty orange shower curtain back just as the shower head sprouted out warm water. She grabbed a cloth and a bar of mango soap, handing it to Curiyel as she tried to keep her eyes on the brunette.

"I'll go make you something to eat." Maroon said, staring into her hazel eyes.

"A chicken salad would be nice. Herbs please and make it spicy." Curiyel tilted her head slightly, a smug grin on her pale pink lips.

Maroon walked out of the bathroom, leaving Curiyel to fifteen minutes of warm water and soapy goodness. She got out and dried off before pulling Maroon's flowery robe off a hook on the door and sliding it on. She grabbed her bra and panties and headed out of steamy bathroom. She stepped into the living room where the smell of chicken and spices infused the air.

She found Maroon sliding across the kitchen floor in a pair of cute pink socks as she cut up chives, herb leaves, tomatoes and onions. She had her Kindle Fire on the cabinet next to her, listening to Bachata on Pandora. The Spanish music was influenced from being around Curiyel too much. Maroon had instantly fallen for the sweet melody and fluent Spanish singing, as well as Curiyel enjoyed with heavy pound of African songs that Maroon had introduced.

"It smells so good in here." Curiyel spoke, disturbing the soft sway of Maroon's hips. She looked up at Curiyel, "Thank you. By the way, you look dashing in that outfit. You have such great taste. Where'd you get it?" Maroon swooned, sarcasm was one of her favorite languages.

Curiyel tied the loose strings tighter to her body and smiled teasingly. "Oh, you know. A little shop called Your Bathroom."

Maroon turned towards the fridge, "Do you mind Italian dressing?"

"No," Curiyel said, sitting down at the oval shaped glass table that was positioned in a small corner right in front of the kitchen and a window, exposing the city lights blurry from the rain. "Do you have any wine?"

"I have Moscato...that's it." Maroon said, pulling the lime green bottle from the fridge as well as the salad dressing.

"That's fine, I just need a drink." Curiyel explained.

Maroon piled their plates with salad and covered the top with handfuls of chicken. She poured two wine glasses of Moscato, and sat everything down on the table. Curiyel immediately dug into her plate with her fork. She stuffed her mouth and sipped her wine greedily, making Maroon laugh.

"Did you not eat at the wedding?"

Curiyel groaned at the thought. "My bitchy cousin is on her tenth diet and she explained just how important it was for her to eat healthy as well as everyone else. All she had was veggies, no dip what-so-ever, galore of bottled water from every brand and a nasty fat-free wine."

Maroon smiled softly, "What makes this so much better?"

Curiyel looked up from her plate for once, "Because you cooked it Maroon, that makes everything so much better. God I love this salad." She went back to devouring her food, making Maroon feel giddy in her seat. She'd lost her appetite and watched as Curiyel ate her salad as well.

"I'm full. I feel like a bunny." Curiyel explained after the table was cleared and Maroon was washing the dishes.

"Would you like a carrot?" Maroon smirked playfully.

"That's for rabbits I believe." Curiyel replied.

"Then what do bunnies do?" Maroon rolled her eyes, rabbits and bunnies were the same thing.

"Bunnies fuck." Curiyel mumbled, sipping her wine and picking her nails.

Maroon dried the dishes off silently and placed them in the cabinets where they belonged. She wiped her hands and made her way past Curiyel to turn the TV on when Curiyel grabbed her wrist.

"I've been meaning to ask, are you wearing panties?" Curiyel released the other woman's wrist once she had her attention.

Maroon gaped her mouth. "I'm wearing panties for crying out loud. Does my ass swallow everything to you?"

Curiyel laughed, a bit too hard that tears formed in her eyes. "No Maroon, it's not that. It's just that your ass is so perfect, panties shouldn't matter anyway."

"You have perfect legs," Maroon returned the compliment. "They're long and just the right size. You look like a damn Olympic runner sometimes. It gets annoying since I'm five foot three."

"But your thighs are gorgeous. Come on Maroon, my thighs look like tooth picks on steroids." Curiyel laughed at herself and Maroon giggled, pushing her hand into the other female's face, whilst shaking her head and heading to the living room. She sat down on her black leather couch. Curiyel finished her wine before joining her as she flipped through the TV channels.

"Most of the channels aren't working because of the storm," Maroon explained, stretching her legs until they were in Curiyel's lap.

"That sucks. James Bond came on tonight too. I thought I would be able to catch it." Curiyel sighed.

Maroon stopped flipping the channels and settled for a movie she did not recognize. It looked pretty good so far. It was a romantic comedy about a couple undergoing a lot of stress. Apparently the woman in the film didn't want children but her fiance did and every time she turned the corner, he was there trying to seduce her with his naked body. After having it out with him one night she goes to the bar with a few friends. As the movie progressed, another female role came into play and the lady turned out to be lesbian. Go figures.

It was a very heated scene happening between the two women, their bodies rolling among hotel sheets as they compressed their crotches together, searching for that certain pleasure.

Maroon shifted in the chair. Not because the leather was sticking to her skin, but because Curiyel was rubbing her legs, up and down, while watching the scene playing out on TV. Curiyel seemed to be in a trance until Maroon cleared her throat. Curiyel stopped rubbing the other female, "Sorry." Her voice came out huskier than usual.

"It's fine." Maroon squeaked, pulling her legs under her body as the two girls on TV kissed passionately. Maroon would be lying if she said it did not flick her nipples a bit. She couldn't contain the radiance of curiosity that washed over her body and compressed her nipples into two hard nubs. She was just hoping Curiyel hadn't noticed, on which she actually did, but decided to ignore it.

Or at least tried to ignore it.


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