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High School...again

Novel By: sensualmusings

A second chance at high school. With all the knowledge of a life already lived. How will our friend Troy handle it??? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 7, 2010    Reads: 1,257    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

It was a shock really. I fall asleep and next thing I know I'm waking up in my own bed. But not my normal bed, "my" bed at my parents house. Waking up to the sights of my bedroom back in high school, the room I hadn't slept in for over ten years. Well, truthfully longer than that, but who's counting.
I can still remember going to bed last night, in my over 30 body.
I look down to see my scrawny mid-teens body. The belly that hadn't eatentoo many of those late night pizzas yet. Thank goodness. I'll have to remember to lay off the late night snacking, well once I hit age 25. I had no aches or pain as I sat up. That was a relief. And I could hear from the other side of my bedroom door my mother yelling at me to get out of bed.
Yes I am most definitely living some sort of deja vu. Am I still sleeping, a bad dream, stuck in a coma or too much booze? Couldn't be the last one, I hadn't had anything to drink last night. It had been another boring night. Came home from a boring day a work, said hello to the wife and kids, ate dinner, played with the kids, put them to bed, watch some TV and off to bed. You couldn't get more la-de-da than that.
But then here I was, back at home apparently living through some sort of twilight zone remake of "13 going on 30." Hmmm, Jennifer Garner was at least hot in that movie. Or was it more like "17 again." Ugh, please no. Thankfully the mophead look wasn't "in-style" yet. Plus that stayed in the present day.
Really??? I've woken up as my teenage self and I'm analysing what movie this is, not wonder some thought I was, or is it am, a nerd. Well enough of that.
So what do I do? Freak out and go bonkers. Try and send signals to my "future" self. I guess I'll have today to figure that out, that and figure what day it really is.
That Evening
Well it has been an interesting day, trying to get my bearings straight. Turns out it was the end of the summer before my tenth grade year. The year I start High School. We only had three grades in high school, odd but I'll take it. Less teasing and getting made fun this way, sad I know.
I was more of an inbetweener. Was does that mean? It means I liked and did everything, but wasn't great at anything. I loved music and was in the band, but also loved sports, so I played those too. There weren't many kids who did that, so that put me in the boat of not really having a click in either court. Which usually left me out of both.
Well I was going to go about things differently this time. I'm not talking about being starting quarterback or voted homecoming king. I didn't want to end up Drum Major in the band, geeky yes, but still a coveted position by some high schoolers. I want to live it up this time, and enjoy my youth and all the lovely ladies around me. No going off to college as a timid, shy sexual newbie. That's one thing for sure I'm going to change. And with an extra decade, maybe a little more, of knowledge this time around hopefully I'll be able to pull it off.
Ladies, get ready for pleasure beyond measure. Wow, that sounded really gay. Ha, and I can't believe I just thought that either. Talk about a word transforming in the years to come. Enough thinking about the future, time to live in the present. And have some fun doing it...


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