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Used & Abused : A story of a little girl

Novel By: SecretGirl97

Just at the age of 14...
Holly is kidnapped &sent to auction... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 16, 2012    Reads: 1,467    Comments: 17    Likes: 2   

When I finally started to come around, I heard some familiar voices.

"Well she tried to run away and--" One voice that sounded like Tylers said.

"So what, you didn't have to beat the living daylights out of her!" Another voice sounded, who I thought was Jacks. I pretended to be still knocked out when I heard James.

"Come on Tyler, Don't listen to Jack, we done the right thing", that sent shivers down my spine to hear that he thought beating up a child was the right thing to do. "Besides, It was fun" he added. I flinched as I heard the door slam shut. I wasn't to sure that everyone had left , but i decided to stay still, pretending to still be unconscious. I silently listened as I wondered if anyone was there. Then I thought: 'what kind of sick person thought it was fun to beat a child up', and then I shivered at the thought of it.

I heard a loud sigh which scared the life out of me because I thought I was alone in the room, Obviously not. "It's ok Hollie , I know your awake" Jack said. I looked around , terrified to even move. I heard his footsteps grow louder as he moved closer to me. I painfully sat up and looked at him. It was Jack, he looked as gorgeous as ever but he made me sick, after all he kidnapped me. He brought me here.

I watched as he sat down beside me, I wasn't scared. I looked at him and saw a hint of pity shining in his eyes. "Why did you do this to me?" I asked but he ignored me. I felt his hand stroke my hair softly, then when I flinched he took his hand away and placed it on my leg, getting awfully close to my private area. I immediately pushed his hand away .

"What the hell do you think your doing!You pervert!" I shouted and instantly stood up,not thinking of the pain I was in. The pity in Jacks eyes suddenly disappeared and turned into anger.

"What the fuck!" Jack yelled as he got up. "Listen here kid, we need to get some things straight here" he said sternly and pushed me back down on the bed.

I started to scream, "Help! Help!" I shouted in hope of someone rescuing me. No such look. I felt Jacks palm across my right cheek, as he slapped me and made me shut up.

"If you don't want to get the worst beating ever , I suggest you shut up and listen!" He shouted and raised his hand to me again. I took the hint and shut up before he hit me again.

"The rules are; 1. Your going to do everything that anyone tells you" he paused before continuing to the next. "Number two, It's like school, I'm just the supply teacher who has to look after you untill the real teacher comes,which you will call by the name of master" He paused , I was confused, big time. But ignoring my facial expressions, he continued, "If you don't do as you are told , you will be punished, and I'm sure you don't want that." He looked me up and down for a minute , examining my battered body off James and Tyler, now I finally realize how Scruffy my dog felt when she got beaten to death... But lets not go into that. "Tyler and James..." Jack began to say but then trailed off. "You may call them by their first names because they aint as important as others, And I believe you have already met them..." His voice trailed off again as he eyed me up and down like I was some sort of food. "Oh...And one more thing..." he hesitated before continuing. "James and Tyler will be coming with you and your new master". My stomach turned as I heard the last sentence, They were coming with me ? I couldn't believe it, who knows what sort of things they were going to do to me.

"Normally you would go into auction, but on this occasion , someone has already bought you, He will be collecting you in half an hour , so we have to be quick!" he said .

"Right..." He thought for a minute. "Questions..."

"How do you know my name ?" I asked

"Why am I here?" I asked again.

"What am I--" Then he cut me off by smacking me across the face again. I yelped in pain then looked at him with curious eyes, Why did he just do that ? He asked me if I had any questions didn't he?

"Shh! I ask you the questions , you idiot!" He snapped.And then he began...

"Your name is Hollie, Am I right ?" I didn't answer, so I earned my self a kick in the leg.

"yes" I answered in a small voice.

"And how old are you Hollie?"

"sixteen" I lied and he kicked me in the gut again, which knocked all air out of me, So I had to gasp for breath before continuing.

""Your real age" He said sarcastically. He knew I wasn't sixteen.

"Fourteen" I confessed.

"That's pretty young, you might be the youngest we have had!" he said, astonished at my real age. Well it wasn't that astonishing for me. I just wanted to go home.

"And your a virgin?" He asked. This left me confused, Girls at school sometimes talked about that word, saying how wonderful it was to lose it, but me, personally , I didn't even know what it meant !

"Umm..." I started to think, he must of seen the confusion on my face because he then lost his temper.

"Fucking hell! You really are stupid" he continued, "Have you had sex ?" he asked like it was a normal question to ask.

"Hell no! I'm only fourteen! I'm not a slut!"

An evil smirk appeared on his face as he said his last words,

"We'll soon change that" he said in response to my answer. I was going to shout at him but our unfriendly conversation soon ended when we heard footsteps outside the door. They sounded like a mans footsteps. We both went silent as the footsteps grew louder. "Here he is" Jack whispered. "Get on your knees" he told me. But I refused, Who the hell did that man think he was who was outside the door? Fukin' Royalty? The door nob turned. Jack kicked my leg hard, making me fall onto my knees. He then put his hands firmly on my shoulders, keeping me down so I couldn't move. The door slowly opened and I prepared for who I was apparently going to call 'Master'.


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