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Used & Abused : A story of a little girl

Novel By: SecretGirl97

Just at the age of 14...
Holly is kidnapped &sent to auction... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 16, 2011    Reads: 2,046    Comments: 10    Likes: 5   

Just another boring Monday. Or at least that was what I thought. It's in the middle of December and everwhere is frozen. The ground outside is covered in a mixture of snow, Ice and frost. It's just gone 7am . I started school at 8. I rushed into the kitchen where a note was left for me on the table, it read:

Dear Holly,

Me and your dad have gone christmas shopping ! We're trying to avoid the christmas rush hour...

Cya tonight ! Love, Mum & Dad x x x

I grabbed my coat and school bag, then quickly rushed out the house. I was going to miss my bus to school ! I was in year ten at school, I don't have that many friends there either. I dodged the icy patches on the road and hurried along to the bus stop. When I got there, the 71 bus was already there, but thankfully , it waited. I got on and showed the driver my pass. It didn't pass through my mind who the driver might of been , but it was to cold to even think about things like that. As I took my usual seat, at the front , the bus started up again , and before I knew it, I was outside my school. As I pressed the bell for the bus to stop, I recognized the driver. "It doesn't hurt to say hello y'know.I don't bite " Lee said with a slight grin on his face. Lee was my dad's best mate. They usually go out drinking together, and Lee gets extremely drunk. Once , when they went out drinking, Dad came home with Lee at 2am ! Lee started shouting and swearing which woke me and mum up, that caused her to start hating him, and her and dad fell out over it.

But even if he is a bit of an alcoholic, He is hot ! He's got jet black hair with a tanned body. Brown sparkly eyes and has a tattoo of a dragon on his shoulder.

"Sorry, I didn't recognize you " I said in a small voice. I fancied him , and he knew it ! My dad told him that I had a crush on him a long time ago. Ever since then, the atmosphere between us was always quite awkward.

"Whatever" he laughed as I got of the bus. When I came to the school gates, yet another surprise was install for me. For another note was tied to the fence.

'Gatwick School will not be open today due to the weather conditions which have caused the school's boiler to overheat. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. '

I sighed at the sight of the locked gates. I had just traveled almost 2 miles for nothing. I turned around and without warning I slipped on the ice and fell straight on my backside.

"Ouch" I mumbled to myself.

"Are you Ok ?" A tall , muscular man asked me, who was appearing to be walking towards me.

"Yeah I'm fine" I lied and tried to get up but fell straight back down again. I was always weary of strangers. Ever since I was four and I watched my own dog get beaten to death by two men. "Let me help you" he said reaching his hand out.

"No , I'm alright " I got up again but a shooting pain shot through my right leg and almost fell to the ground. Almost. The strange man put his arm behind me, stopping me from falling. "I think you might of damaged your leg" he said . "You should come with me." Immediately , I pulled away, but he grabbed my upper arm tightly "Ow !" I screamed out in pain but he never let go. "Unless there's a problem" He whispered, grabbing my arm harder. I stayed quiet. Tears almost instantly appeared and blocked my vision. "Is there a problem ?" He said and grabbed my chin which forced me to look at him. He had icy blue eyes, like the horrible weather I was in. He had dark messy hair, abit like Lee's he looked young too. Again , like Lee. He looked like he was 26 or 27. He grabbed my arm hard, reminding me to answer his question. "No ! Theres no problem , Just get of me !" I cried and pulled my arm away from him. "Good , now hold out your hands" He said,in a stern tone.

"What, No" I said , I was shaking now.

"Be a good girl and do as you're told !" He shouted, and grabbed both my wrists and held them together tightly with one hand whilst he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a piece of rope. Before I even had a chance to speak he roughly tied my hands together with the piece of rope. Now I was trapped. He grabbed the loose end of the rope and lead me to a pajaro car with tinted back windows. " Now, Get in !" He ordered and pushed me into the back seat of the car. " Please don't do this !" I begged him but he already slammed the door. He got into the drivers seat and started to drive away from the school. I started screaming hoping someone would hear me. I banged on the car window with my bonded hands in the hope of someone seeing me, but no such look. I heard all the doors lock suddenly , so I screamed and banged on the windows more louder . "Help me !" I screamed.

"Would you fuckin' Shut up ! No one can hear you or see you ! Tinted windows you idiot ! No body can see inside !" The man shouted angrily from the front. I was trapped.



This is my first attempt at Kidnap/Erotica/Bondage writing so please be nice ! You will see more of the erotica side next chapter . I am also dyslexic so really cant help spelling ! But of course i try my best ! Hope you like it !


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