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The Secret Kingdom:Through the eyes of a four year old.

Novel By: SecretGirl97

a fantasy world becomes a reality
Join me as i go on an very intense adventure... View table of contents...



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Chapter One : Through the eyes of a 4 year old.

It was the summer of 2001. I lived with my parents in a small house at Gainford. Gainford was a small community, a community in which everyone looked out for each other. A community where neighbors looked out for one another. It was a well kept area. A area which never got littered and not a speck of graffiti was on any walls. Or that is what I'd like to describe it as. But truly, Gainford was a horrid place. I just described to you what I would of liked it to be. But really , Gainford is a place of crime, A run down community which doesn't have a good reputation. It's garages have graffiti on them, and if your wandering the streets you may be lucky enough to find a lunge on the ground. For the more fortunate people who don't know what a lunge is, it is a type of drug.

‚ÄčI didn't realize how bad Gainford was until it was to late. I was four at the time, just a toddler,My mum went out to the shop and I was left on my own with my dad. I went out to play in the garden. I had a big slide painted red,yellow and blue. I loved it. I would climb up to the very top of it then slide all the way back down. I was playing on my slide when my dad called me in from the garden.

"Ami!" I heard dad shout in from the house . "Ami! Come see what we have for you!" Dad shouted again. I hurried into the kitchen were they both were standing.

"What daddy?" I asked. Both mum and dad looked excited. I looked at them , wanting to know what they wanted then I jumped when I felt something wet sniff at my leg. I span around and heard a little bark coming from below. I looked down to find a little puppy sitting at my feet. "It a doggy !" I screamed with excitement and the puppy joined in by barking. I laughed and patted him on his head.

"Go on then, He's your dog so you have to give him a name!" Mum said with a hint of excitement in her voice. I looked at the puppy again. I took in all his features, His big hazel eyes, his long ears , His scruffy brown fur, then I realized. "Scruffy!Your name is Scruffy!" Mum and Dad both laughed as I ran out into the garden with Scruffy barking happily behind me. I trained him that afternoon. Or at least tried to anyway. When I told him to sit, he would lie down. When I told him to lie down he would sit and when I told him to stay he spun around. The next morning came quickly, Me and mum took Scruffy out for a walk down the park, where he spent the day chasing ducks and licking up food of the ground.

Me and Scruffy soon became best friends. We would do everything together, - that included barking at the postman. But one day when I was playing hide and seek with Scruffy something terrible happened... When I was seeking Scruffy I didn't realize I had left the garden gate open. I heard him barking from the hedge. As I went over to find him, he jumped out the hedge and ran fastley out the open garden gate. "Scruffy!No Scruffy wait!" I called after him. I watched as he disappeared into the alleyway that mum had warned me about. She told me not to go there because it was dangerous. But I had to. I suddenly heard a yelp from where Scruffy had disappeared to. I ran after him and stopped in my tracks when I seen two teenaged boys standing in front of me. They didn't notice me though, Thank god.

I looked down to see Scruffy glaring up at me. "Scruffy!" I yeled and caught both boys attention.

They both turned around and faced me. They were both wearing similar, One was wearing a hoody, and the other was wearing a zip jacket.

"What did you just call me ?" The bigger one said. He must of thought I was calling him scruffy.

"No , My doggy !" I said and pointed to him. He barked when I said his name.

"This your dog is it ?" he said , walking towards me. Scruffy must of sensed something because he immediately yanked onto his leg, stopping him from walking any closer to me.

"Scruffy no ! Let go!" I shouted . Then the boy swore and told his friend to do something as he tried to shake Scruffy of.

"I watched as the other boy lifted his leg high and kicked Scruffy in the ribs. He yelped and let go of the boy's leg. "Don't hurt him!" I shouted. The boy in front bent down to make eye contact with me. "Don't hurt him?", He continued, "That little rat just bit me and your telling me not to hurt it" . He laughed before speaking again. "Your lucky James got it off me other wise I would of killed it there and then". I watched as he kicked my dog again. I guess the other boy must be called James.

"I'm going to tell my daddy on you" I backed up as I watched James look at me then at the other boy. I didn't want to leave Scruffy but I didn't want him to get hurt no more either. I saw the look in their eyes which was the same look mummy gave me when I had done something wrong. I quickly turned around and ran for my house up the road. I got half way there before getting pulled back by the arm. I looked up to see James had pulled me back to the allyway. I looked down to see Scruffy bleeding and the boy whose name I didn't know holding a knife in his hand. Scruffy whimpered and earned a kick in the head. I tried to run but James held my arm so I couldn't escape. "You really thought you could go tell" The boy in front said with a smile on his face.

"Let us go!" I yelled and kicked James from in front but he still never let go of me. The boy in front kneeled down again so I could make eye contact without having to look up. "What's your name ?" He whispered to me with a smug smile on his face. I stayed quiet but then he hit me across the face. Then he asked again. "What's your name little girl?"

"Ami" I answered him.

"Do you wanna see something really funny Ami ?" He whispered. He held up the shiny knife and stood up. Everything went by fast after that, James still had hold of my arms so I couldn't run and the other boy had trapped Scruffy between the wall and him. I watched terrified, as the strange boy lifted the knife high and then stabbed it into Scruffy. I heard a yelp, then I screamed as I watched Scruffy bleed even more. Tears streamed down my face. James pushed me forward and finally let me go, then the boy then walked past me and laughed. When they disappeared I walked over to a dying Scruffy.

"Scruffy.... I'm so sorry" I struggled to speak. I stroked him for one last time across his body as he wagged his tail one last time before shutting his eyes. They had just killed my dog.


Author comment:

Sorry i'm no good with spelling / punctuation as I have mild dyslexia. Not really an excuse but thought I'd let you all no and It's not just me been lazy. I try though. Thanks! also i have not yet finished , this is just the beginning!


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