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Katie was walking home one night from a friends house, when a van pulls up and someone grabs her. She is taken to an unknown place and is then sold to the person who bids the highest. Her world gets turns upside down as she is passed along as a piece of property. Until she meets Max, who is different from all the rest. View table of contents...


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We drove for what seemed like hours. My arms and legs went numb a couple hours ago, and everytime we hit a bump they would start to throb with sharp pains. Finally we made a turn and the van came to a slow stop. All I felt was fear. I had no idea where I was or even what time in the day it was. I heard the van door slide open, it was still dark outside from what I could see. It had to be early in the morning, but who knows. The man who was next to me picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. I did not fight or even move. I did not have the energy and my limbs would be no help to me anyways. All I heard was the sound of the mans shoes clicking against the side walk. He walked for what seemed like forever, finally reaching a door he stopped and knocked loudly. I struggled to look in front of me, but managed. There was a big metal door in front of us, and the air grew thick with silence. Then I saw the door open and a light shinned through blinding me.

"Another one? Man we are going to be selling a shit ton tonight." The mans deep voice boomed around us.

"Yeah, this one was wondering the streets at night alone. She was easy to catch. Mmmm, I am hoping I can buy the bitch. I want to do the honor of breaking her in." He laughed.

"Simon, you always want them. But we will see if you actually can afford this one. Come inside and give her to Marla. She will get her ready for the bidding."

The monster holding me is Simon I thought. Better add him to the kill list I am keeping track of and whoever the hell Marla is. Simon carried me inside a huge house. No, more like a mansion. The floors were absoultly beautiful, they were a shinny marble. White, with little speckles of black that reflected in the light. I looked around gawking at everything around me. Beautiful red walls with hundereds of eligant paintings covering them, red carpeted stairs that seemed they just went up forever. Everything about this place was beautiful and peaceful. I just wish I could of came here on a different occasion. Simon took me into a room and set my surprisingly gently on a bed. He pulled out a knife and cut the ropes around my wrists and ankles. Then he ripped off the tape from my mouth. I sat up in the bed looking at him, not knowing what to expect.

"Where am I? And what are you going to do to me?" My voice was a lot more stronger then I thought it would be.

"You are here to be sold. To make us money. I dont know if I am going to be doing anything to you. If I do get you though I will fuck you until you are begging for more. Oh, I already know what you are thinking 'I would never beg you to fuck me.' But sweetheart you will be begging me. I can promise you that."

"What happens if you dont buy me? What happens then?"

"Someone else buys you and they get to have their way with you. I wouldnt be too happy about that though. A lot of men out there tonight. A lot of different kinds of men. Do you want me to explain to you sweetheart what could happen?" His face turned into a big smile. I put my head down, scared to even answer him.

"Well I will tell you anyway! There are a lot of different men out there that want to do a lot of different things. There oare the very few who are nice and buy a women because they want someone around the house. There are the men who may buy women here to clean the house and have someone to fuck. There are men who will lock a women up and fuck her whenever he desires and she is treated like a slave. Some may beat women for pure pleasure. So when you go out there you do not know who will be buying you. You should hope it is me sweetheart. I may be mean, but there is always someone out there that is a hell of a lot worse than me." He grinned at me before turning towards the door to walk out.

"Oh and another thing, do not try and leave this room. It is locked from the outside. There is no point. Get undressed and put your clothes in the bin over there against the wall. Marla will be in to get you ready for bidding. I'll see you soon sweetheart." He winked and turned leaving the room.

I stared at the ground unable to move it even think about anything. Slowly I stood up and undressed myself down to nothing, gently placing the clothes into the bin. I did not know why I listened to him, but I felt it is better to listen rather than get into any trouble around here. I am completly afraid of what is going to happen next. I heard the door click and someone walk into the room, I stared at the ground, trying to cover myself as much as possible.

"Oh honey. Do not try and cover yourself. Do not worry I have seen it all already. Please, come over here and take a seat so I can get started. I have a lot of work to do and so little time." Her voice was calm and soothing. I quickly stood and walked over to the chair sitting in front of the huge mirror. I sat down and Marla seemed to waste no time. She started to brush through my long hair. She placed it is a pony tail and curled it, she said it will help make it not so long. Never the less even with it up and curled it still came to the middle of my shoulder blades. Next she started putting make up on me. I mean a lot of make up. When she was finally done, she stepped back and looked at me with a big smile.

"So beautiful you look. Want to see?" She turned me around to face the mirror, and I looked myself over. I looked like a cheap slut. My blue eyes were surrounded by black. My hair was so tightly pulled back my face looked like it was about to just rip off. Marla pulled me away from the mirror and handed me some clothes.

"I will step out for a second for you to get dressed and ready yourself for everything. Do not cry because I do not want you to ruin my art. I made you look beautiful. Rememeber that!" She slammed the door shut behind her. I held up the clothes and looked them over before putting them on. There was a black lacy thong and black lacy push up bra that pushed my 36D breasts up into place. A black shirt dress that just came below my ass and it was very low cut showing off all of my clevage. Then lastly a pair of six inch heels I some how had to walk around in. Once dressed I looked at myself in the mirror, my stomach churned and I held down whatever food was in my stomach before all of this. Marla walked in and I swear she looked as if she was about to cry.

"Come, come! It is time to go!" She said excitly and dragged me out of the room. She took me down a long hallway to another metal door. Once we went through it I saw Simon waiting for me, his eyes seemed to flicker with something. His dark eyes looked up and down my body before he stepped close to me.

"Well you look trashy. Men should want to just buy you up." He spoke coldly to me. I stared at the ground ignoring anything he was saying. Before I knew it I was being pushed out onto a stage with bright lights pointing all on me. I stood perfectly still in the center, trying to look into the crowd of what seemed like thousands of men. All eyes were on me and I felt light headed. This can not be happening I thought to myself.

"Okay men! Here is number 234! The bidding starts now!" A voice over a speaker spoke excitly. I heard numbers all over the room.






"1 million."

The crowd got silent and I looked around trying to see who just called out one million fucking dollars for me.

"1 million! Going once. Going twice! SOLD!"

I froze, unable to move or think of anything that was going on. Before I knew it I was being pulled by someone off the stage. I stared at the ground, afraid to look up at my new master.


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