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Wake up to darkness *On Hold*

Novel By: sampow

When 18 year old Sabrina leaves from a movie, she is captured and put turned into a sex slave for 10 different men. One man in particular though, seems to have no interest in raping her and would rather treat her like a guest. Could this man help her escape this world of pain and torture? View table of contents...



Submitted:Apr 19, 2012    Reads: 1,923    Comments: 14    Likes: 4   

Authors' Note: This chapter may be a little short since this is mostly on how she gets captured. I've been trying to update with my other stories but I've been having a case of writers block. I'm just starting to get out of it and maybe in a few days I'll be back on track and writing like there's no tomorrow. Also, I'm in the middle of the MAP Test (Missouri Assessment Program) at school so I'm trying to get energy for that. I'll update as soon as I'm done with the MAP. Thanks for reading!

Chapter one: The kidnap

I layed in my bedroom reading a book when my cell phone started to play "The lazy song". I closed my book and grabbed my phone my dresser. "Alisa" was the name on the screen and I flipped my phone open. "Hey Al." I said through the phone. "You, me, the movies. Tonight!" She said. I sighed and said, "Al, I don't feel like going tonight. Maybe tomorrow." "That's what you said last night!" she whined. I grabbed the bridge of my nose and said,"Fine I'll go with you tonight. But none of those kidnapping movies like we usually go to. We have an exam tomorrow and I don't want nightmares keeping me up." She laughed through the phone and said,"Okay, but if we're not watching that, then we're watching a horror movie. Either way, I'm keeping you up tonight." She laughed through the phone again and then she said,"Pick you up in fifteen minutes. Wear something cute cause I think we're stopping by a party aft-"

"No parties! Do you remember the last time we went to the Conner's party with Brianne?" I asked her. Brianne was our best friend. One night we went to a party and of course, got drunk. Brianne went up stairs with her boy friend and came back down looking tired but happy. I knew they had sex. Why else would they go upstairs for thirty minutes? The next morning she called me and she was crying. I asked what was wrong and she said,"I'm pregnant." I felt so bad for her because we were only sixteen then. She had a baby boy and named him John. She hasn't been to school since that night.

"Yes I remembered what happened to Brianne. How's her and John by the way? She won't talk to me anymore." Alisa asked and I slowly replied,"I don't know. I haven't heard from her either. Maybe she's too busy to talk."

"Yeah you're probably right. John is almost two years old. Got to get ready for the terrible twos'. Anyway I'll pick you up in fifteen. Be ready to scream your lungs out!" she said in a scary voice. I hung up the phone and ran to my closet. I tried to find something nice to wear, even though I wasn't going to the party. I found a nice black blouse and dark skinny jeans to go with my black ballet flats. I was ready within ten minutes and for the rest of the time I did my hair and make up. I looked in the full length mirror and thought I looked nice enough.

Alisa showed up a few minutes after I got ready and I went out the door and jogged over to her car. She had a white Ford truck. It wasn't the best looking truck, but it was decent enough to drive around in. I slid into the passenger seat and looked over at Alisa. She was wearing a red cocktail dress with red high heels and a matching purse to go with. I gave her a look that read 'Really?' She smiled and nodded. I shook my head as she drove down the road toward the theater.

We went to watch 'The bloody hallway' which was known to be as scary as hell. It even gave the toughest of men nightmares. We took our seats and waited for the movie to start. The room was pretty full for a movie that's been out for a month. I guess people just really liked the adrenaline rush. The movie started and for about thirty minutes, it wasn't all that scary. But I soon figured out how scary it really was. There was a lot of blood and guts and screaming and crying. Everyone in the room was screaming along with the characters.

One part showed a man getting eaten by a giant spider and that's when I had enough. "Al, I'm going to walk home. This movie is making me nauseous." I whispered. She nodded and whisperes, "Okay I'll call you when the movie's over." I walked out of the theater and started towards myneighborhood.

I was walking by an alley when I saw a black car drive down the road. It stopped in front of me and two men got out. 'Just ignore them and you'll be fine.' I told myself. But one man got right in front of me and said, "Get inthe car."My hands were shaking and I started to walk backwards. Arms suddenlywrapped around my body as the other man grabbed me and hauled me over to the black car. I screamed and kicked, but he just laughed and threw me into the trunk. The trunk hood slammed down on my head and I cried as the car drove me away. I hit the hood multiple times but it wasn't going to budge.

I suddenly remembered my cell phone and I pulled it out and tried to call Alisa. It went straight to voice mail so I called my mom. Three rings later I heard my mom say,"Sabrina? Why are you calling so late at night? I thought you were at a movie with Alisa." The car hit a bump and I bounced around in the trunk. "Mom! I've been kidnapped! Call the police and get help!" I told her. The car suddenly stopped and I heard the two men get out and walk toward the trunk. I closed my phone and hid it in my pocket.

The trunk opened and the first thing I saw was a fist. I felt pain go through my nose as everything around me went black.


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