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" I released my hold of him, and lay sprawled across his desk. My eyes closed and breathing labored. Never had I felt that way before. It was the best feeling my body had ever experienced. No sooner than I finished that thought, the enormity of what just happened hit me. Here I was lying on my "legal guardian's "desk with is beautiful face in-between my legs. This was more than wrong." View table of contents...


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~~My stomach hit floor the moment the words left his lips. I didn't want to know. I wanted to hold onto whatever fantasy I had, and believe my parents were normal people. I didn't ask any more questions, not that Delaney would have answered if I did. I could see from the way he was standing with his entire body tense that he had reached his limit.
"I want to go see them" I said looking at him seriously.
"See who?"
"My parents, Delaney I want to go to the cemetery." I was surprised the words were even leaving my lips. I had not been to their graves since their burial.
He looked as uncomfortable as the thought made me feel. But for some reason I was suddenly compelled to go to them.
"Can you please take me there?" I asked. He nodded, clearly uneasy with the situation. I wonder if he assumed I would have a breakdown and was afraid about how he would deal with my emotional shrapnel.
I got dressed quickly, deciding to wait until later to shower. The idea that Delaney's scent was still on me from last night gave me butterflies. "Going straight to hell" I chastised myself for having such thoughts as I got ready to visit my parent's grave.
The car ride seemed to take forever. Delaney turned on the radio and I was grateful to the noise for filling the silence and allowing me to be lost in thought. I gazed out of the window not seeing any of the passing scenery My mind spinning and I was trying hard to grab a hold of it and bring myself back to reality, the only thing was that I didn't know what reality was anymore.
We arrived at the cemetery and I immediately felt like leaving. The air in the car suddenly felt thick and suffocating. Delaney pulled in and parked the car in a grassy spot overlooking the entire property. We got out and just stood silently for a moment taking in the rows and rows of headstones.
"Do you know where they are? He asked.
I nodded, and began walking towards them. I had only been here once before, but knew exactly where they were laid to rest. Every detail about the day they were buried was still fresh in my mind. The sound my heels made as they clicked along the pavement, the smell of fresh dirt and grass that hung in the air, the way the sun was shining so brightly as if for spite. I had wondered what kind of universe we were in, that the sun would shine on a day like that. Most of all I remembered the pain. Yes, the pain was indescribable and most certainly unforgettable. The anxiety alone had made me lightheaded, and in constant fear of passing out, but that wasn't the worst of it. The emptiness, the never ending abyss of nothing, was the worst.
Delaney had been at the funeral. His large frame still and unmoving surrounded by people sobbing stood out from the crowd. I had no idea then that I would be left to him, that he would be my Guardian and so much more.
I looked back at him now, he was leaning against his car with his dark shades on staring towards me much the same way he had that day.
I reached their graves. They were laid side by side and shared a large headstone. There were fresh flowers leaned against the headstone. I immediately felt guilty for not visiting them sooner. I should be the one bringing them flowers. I wondered who had left them these flowers and leaned down to examine to them. They were beautiful and barely a day or so old. I absent mindedly began to pull up the weeds that surrounded their headstones as I went through my mental rolodex of people who would be leaving my parents flowers at their grave after being gone for six months. There was nobody I could think of. We didn't have extended family that we were close to. They had some friends but I doubted it was any of them.
In the midst of pulling up the weeds I found a card that belonged to the flowers. There was no message or anything, just the name of the flower shop. I didn't recognize it, but put the card into my pocket anyway along with random pieces of litter I had found strewn about their grave. I was disheartened that the grounds people at the cemetery didn't keep it immaculate. I made a mental note to come more often and make sure their resting place was clean and to bring them flowers.
I lay on the ground beside their graves talking to them as if they could hear me, and I stayed there in silence long after I ran out of words to say. It felt good to be near them. Even though I knew that they weren't really here anymore the idea gave me comfort and made me feel one thousand times better than I had been. I glanced down at my watch and shot up with a start when I realized that and hour and a half had passed. I looked for Delaney and let out an audible sigh of relief when I saw is figure in the distance the same as I had left it. I placed a kiss on my parent's headstone and said goodbye, promising not to let too much time pass before my next visit.
The weight of Delaney's stare was heavy as I approached. I looked up to see him standing still, arms crossed and his face unreadable. I wondered if he did that to everyone, or if that special gift he had of making someone feel awkward and self-conscious was reserved for me.
"Sorry it took so long" I said as I brushed past him and climbed into the car. He got in the car and started the engine, but didn't put it in gear he just looked at me expectantly, almost nervous. He was obviously waiting for a breakdown. He must think I'm so weak. I reached over pulled his chin towards me and kissed him deeply. He put his hand behind my neck preventing me from pulling away and kissed me until I ran out of breath. I looked up at him, flushed and breathing heavy.
"I'm really okay Delany. I'm not going to breakdown. I'm stronger than you think so please stop looking at me like that." He almost cracked a smile when I said that to him, but instead he put the car into "drive" and headed home.
I wanted to kiss him again. The one kiss had awakened the desire inside of me. I wondered if I would be like that with anyone else, or if it was just the way my body reacted to him.
"I have to go out for a while" his voice breaking my indecent thoughts.
"Oh, okay." I couldn't hide the disappointment from my voice.
"I won't be long, but I suggest you not leave the house while I'm away." There was a threatening tone in his voice, and for some sick reason it turned me on.
"I have no desire to go anywhere tonight, don't worry" It was the truth. I didn't want to talk to anybody much less see anyone, except of course Delaney. Jesus I was beginning to annoy myself. It's just sex Ali, and he's an asshole, I reminded myself. The last thing I needed was to start having real feelings for the bastard.
"Okay, good." He said, seemingly accepting my answer.
He pulled into the driveway and let me out. I stood watching him drive away wondering where he was going, and what he did when he was "out". I sighed realizing I would never know the answer to that unless of course I started tracking him. The thought made me laugh out loud as I walked into the house.
I headed into my room to change into my bathing suit. It was a gorgeous day outside and I wanted to spend the afternoon lying by the pool sweating in the sun. I emptied the pockets of my jeans into the garbage can before tossing them into the hamper. I put on my bathing suit headed out when I remembered the flowers at my parent's grave and the card from the flower shop.
I immediately picked it out of the can and studied it for a minute. "Rosetta's Garden " I wondered if they would tell me who purchased the flowers for my parents. I went to my computer and put the address into Google Maps. The shop was pretty close to my school, I decided that I would try tomorrow and see what they said. Nothing ventured nothing gained right. Although I wasn't sure what I was trying to gain, it was just plain curiosity.
The sun felt amazing on my skin. I was laying one of the extra-large loungers sprawled out like it was my bed. I had my headphones in and I was zoning out the best way I knew how. I was happily thinking of absolutely nothing for some time, just enjoying the sun and the music, but inevitably my mind woke up and I began thinking about Heather and how it was strange that I had not heard from her at all today. Not that I was going to ever speak to her again, but I would have thought there would be some sort of apology, something. I wondered if Kurt told anyone what happened last night, if he thought I was still lost in the woods, and what his version of the story would be. I felt myself get angry. I fucking hate people. In general people suck. I turned my volume up and closed my eyes determined to shut out the world if even for a few minutes.
I felt the sun disappear and shade cover me. I quickly opened my eyes to find Delaney standing over me. I gasped at his nakedness. He was fully erect and beautiful. I looked around quickly worried someone would see us but remembered we were home alone and the 20 foot wall that surrounded this place wasn't giving anyone a view. I looked at him, my pulse had begun to quicken and he hadn't even touched me as yet. He bent down and removed my bikini bottoms. Clearly he was all business. There would be no kissing and caressing this time. I could see it in his eyes he wanted to fuck. This would be quick and dirty, the realization drove me wild. I laid down and spread my legs for him. The excitement of being out in the open was intoxicating. He didn't have to check, he knew I was wet enough as he positioned himself in-between my legs and drove the entire length of himself into me. I yelled out, not from pain this time though. Purely from pleasure, my body was on fire. I wrapped my legs tightly around him holding him to me and started grinding myself against him.
My headphones were still in my ears, and I knew I was being louder than I normally would. He looked down at me obviously pleased with my new trick and began to work my clitoris with the heel of his hand. It drove me wild. He took me right to the brink and then stopped. I heard myself begging him "Fuck me Delaney, please, fuck me" Each time he would give me just a little bit, just enough to drive me insane. I kept begging until finally he obliged and began to thrust with strong powerful strokes, I found my release immediately with such force that I was positive he had cum also but he hadn't, the extra wetness I felt was from me. He smiled at my reaction to myself and picked up the pace holding me firmly in place and he exploded inside of me.
He leaned down and kissed me on the forehead as he withdrew from me, giving me a slap on the ass before he walked away. I was left there on my lounge naked, breathless, and thoroughly content.
I took out my headphones and threw my bathing suite back on so I could head back in and take a much needed shower. I went to turn off the music and noticed that I had a missed call and a text message from Heather.
I thought about just deleting it without reading it, not wanting to ruin my good mood, but couldn't do it. I had to look. It read:
Kurt's missing.


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