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" I released my hold of him, and lay sprawled across his desk. My eyes closed and breathing labored. Never had I felt that way before. It was the best feeling my body had ever experienced. No sooner than I finished that thought, the enormity of what just happened hit me. Here I was lying on my "legal guardian's "desk with is beautiful face in-between my legs. This was more than wrong." View table of contents...


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I woke up at 3am, feeling shitty. My heart was hurting and I felt empty inside. I stared at the ceiling replaying the conversation that I had with Delany earlier. So many questions were left un- answered, and left un-asked. Tomorrow we would talk again in the morning but what about now? I didn't want to feel like this anymore. I wanted to feel good. The only person who could make me feel good was Delaney. I wanted him to touch me, to hold me. To make me feel loved and protected even if it wasn't real, it would be real enough in the moment, and I needed that right now.

I got out of bed and decided I was going to go to him. I was scared and nervous. Scared that he would still be pissed off at me from what happened earlier, nervous that he wouldn't. I prayed to God for which I didn't know, and I wasn't too sure God would agree with my actions. I found myself in front of his bedroom doors. Now what, I suddenly felt every ounce of courage leave my body. I took a deep breath raised my hand to the door handle and dropped it again. I couldn't do it, as much as I wanted it I couldn't. I was more scared. I turned and began to walk away.

I heard the door open behind me and froze.

"Alivia, where are you going?" His voice cut through the silence of the night like a knife, all the hair on my body stood up. I turned around to face him. He was standing in the doorway shirtless. I tried not to stare at his chest and the perfect definition of his abs, but failed horribly. He was a work of art. My blood began to pulse though me faster as I raised my gaze to his handsome face. I didn't say anything, just walked towards him.

He stepped aside, letting me into the bedroom.

"Did I wake you up?" I asked.

"No." He was sitting on the bed now just staring at me.

"Are you still mad at me about earlier?"

"Yes" I saw a little anger flicker across his face as thought about it.

"I am sorry Delaney, truly. You are right about what you said about me putting myself in that situation. I won't happen again."

"You're right it won't happen again." He started to say something else but I cut him off.

"I said I was sorry." I pleaded, really not wanting to hear the lecture again.

"Show me then." His voice was low and more sexy than firm. My heart began beating wildly. Show him?

"I don't understand"

"I know, but you will. Come here."

He motioned for me to come to him. I walked over towards him the anticipation killing me. He reached out pulling me onto his lap. I leaned down and kissed him, his lips igniting the fire inside of me. He slipped his hand up my tank top and began to gently pull on my nipples. Surprisingly the pinching felt good, really good. My kisses becoming harder, more frantic, the taste of his mouth was intoxicating. I slid one hand down his body and rested it on his crotch. I could feel he was hard and lightly began to stroke him through his pants. He groaned slightly at my touch which was enough encouragement for me to continue, and slide my hand into his pants. He was naked underneath. His skin smooth and cock firm. I wrapped my hand around barely able to close it. He was so large I was amazed that this actually fit inside of me the night before.

At this point he pushed me off of him briefly in order to remove my pants. In one fluid motion he had removed both my pants and panties. Pulling me back onto him, we were face to face. He had pushed his pants down, letting his cock free. It was rubbing against me driving me wild. I began to move my body up and down against it knowing I wanted it. I wanted him inside of me.

"Are you ready?" He whispered into my ear.

"Yes" I replied before pressing my lips against his. He reached down and positioned himself so when I slid down he was inside of me. I let out a little yell, the sharp pain reminding me l was still sore from the night before. I stopped moving taking a second to get used to him then slowly began again. My movements felt awkward out of synch, then he placed his hands on my hips and began to guide me. I found my rhythm, this was amazing. I could feel so much more of him this way. He let go of my hips and leaned back onto the bed, propped up on his elbows so he could watch me.

The way he was looking at me made me feel powerful if only for the moment. With each stroke I felt the pressure mounting. I was moving faster coming down harder each time until finally I impaled myself with him, forcing my body to release with such force I was shuddering. I opened my eyes to look at him as I let the pleasure wash over me. He was smiling.

"Good Girl" was all he said as he flipped me over onto my back. He then proceeded to slam himself into me more forcefully than I could have ever imagined. I closed my eyes and let him use me how he wanted to find his release. He came hard letting out what sounded like a growl before collapsing on top of me. Exhausted and satisfied I easily drifted off to sleep.

There must be something about having sex before bed, because I slept like the dead. Perhaps the emotional and physical exhaustion gives you no choice. I woke up alone in his bed, feeling much better than I had the night before. I lay there for a moment reveling in the memory of his touch, but the moment faded quickly as thoughts of my parents and the "business" began to break through. I sighed, it was time to get up, get dressed and hopefully get some answers.

I got up, washed my face, and headed into the kitchen. Delaney was sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee and the newspaper. He was wearing a white "wife beater" and black sweat pants. He was sexy even when he wasn't trying, bastard.

He noticed me staring and smiled although only slightly.

"Good Morning Alivia."

"Morning" I replied, the tension and awkwardness in the air making me self-conscious. I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it, ask my questions and see what kind of answers I would get.

"So are you going to tell me? Tell me what you and my dad do? What the company is?" He looked at me, a little shocked by my directness.

"Private Security." He replied stopping to looking at me and gauge my reaction.

"What like bouncers?" I asked trying to understand.

"No, not bouncers." He snapped, obviously annoyed by my question. "The service is exclusive, let's just say we look after some really important people in the world."

"My dad?! I asked shocked. I imagined my chubby short father. There was no way he was going be someone's security guard.

"He didn't go out there and stand watch Alivia, he was the man making the connections, getting the clients. I manage the actual security part. There is an entire team of people working for me all around the world."

"The world?"

"Yes, the world. Now what else do you want to know." He obviously was uncomfortable discussing this with me.

"Why then have the advertising agency as a front?"

"The anonymity of the company is crucial to our success" I could tell he was pretty much done answering my questions. His demeanor had changed this was more than he wanted to tell me. I knew it.

"One more question" I pleaded. Since you are helping the good guys, then who would want to kill my parents, who would even know who they are?"
He let out a long sigh. "Alivia, we don't only help the good guys."


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