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" I released my hold of him, and lay sprawled across his desk. My eyes closed and breathing labored. Never had I felt that way before. It was the best feeling my body had ever experienced. No sooner than I finished that thought, the enormity of what just happened hit me. Here I was lying on my "legal guardian's "desk with is beautiful face in-between my legs. This was more than wrong." View table of contents...


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I heard the roar of the engine long before I saw the little yellow mustang come peeling through the front gates of the house. If a car ever matched an owner Heather and her mustang were made for each other. She was just as loud and fast as it was.

Heather and I had been friends since freshman year, I really didn't care for her too much when I first met her, but in her usual fashion she barged her way into my heart and we stayed friends over the years. I always had a good time with her, so I was really looking forward to the night.

"Ali"!!!!! She squealed as I got into the car. "I am so glad you decided to go out! "

I smiled at her, "I know! I'm so glad too".

"Good, I was a little worried since you have been so weird this past week." She looked over at me concerned.

I felt guilty for keeping the whole Delaney situation from her, but I just didn't want to explain myself to her, and I really didn't want or care for anyone's opinion on the subject.

"I'm fine" I lied. "I've just been overwhelmed with school and kind of bummed about Mexico." I gave her a halfhearted smile and she seemed to buy it. I quickly changed the subject to some the latest school dramas and she happily chatted along.

Before long we pulled into the valet at "The Park". "The Park" was an upscale enclave of restaurants, bars and shop's. It was also home to the Ipic Theater, equipped with full recliners and a wait staff it was really the only way to see a movie. I had no clue what was even playing, I studied to marquee trying to guess which film she bought tickets to.

I turned to give her my best guess, and let out a gasp when I saw her. She was wearing a short, tight black dress. Not the type of dress you wear to dinner and a movie with your friend. I mean I was wearing a pair of jeans and a tank top. I suddenly got a sinking feeling that she was up to something.

"Umm, what's up with the outfit?"

She faked shock and looked back at me wide eyed and innocent "what do you mean?"

I rolled my eyes, "Stop messing around, why are you all hookered up?" She giggled at my invented word and leaned in to whisper to me.

"Okay, so don't get mad" Jesus, whenever someone starts off with "don't get mad" chances are, you're going to get mad. I just stared at her waiting for her to continue.

"Jared is meeting me here." She had, had the hots for Jared since junior year, I was happy for her.

"Oh that's awesome Heather, but you shouldn't have brought me to be the third wheel on your date. How awkward is that going to be?" She just stared at me, hesitant to respond. "Good God, Heather. What? What's the rest of it? "

"You know Kurt? Jared's best friend? Well he was asking about you and Jared thought it would be great if we all got together"

"What! Why would you set me up like this without even asking me? You know I'm would never be interested in him, he's a dumb jock jerk" I was furious with her. I wanted to go home.

"Ali, please. Don't be mad, and don't leave. I know you don't like Kurt, that's why I didn't tell you. I knew you would never agree. Listen, I don't expect you hook up with him, just do me the favor and see the movie, so Jared thinks I tried. Please." She looked pathetic. Then she lowered her voice and whispered "they just pulled up." I followed her gaze to the shiny new pick-up truck that had pulled up.

"I am fucking furious with you. You owe me big time."

She smiled grabbed my hand excitedly "thank you so much Ali, I love you".

I rolled my eyes. She released my hand as the boys approached. I studied them as they walked up. Jared was the shorter of the two, but still pretty tall and I guess you could say attractive if you liked that blond, blue all American division one athlete look. I had actually spoken to Jared a few times and he was nice enough, dumb as dirt but nice.

Kurt on the other hand was a complete douche-bag. He was definitely more attractive that Jared but he was so conceited. It didn't help that he had most girls at school drooling over him feeding his huge ego. He was tall, and muscular, had a shaved head and dark eyes. He was normal looking, nothing remarkable, and nothing like Delaney. I silently wished I had stayed home and waited for him instead of being in this mess of a Saturday night.

"Kurt this is Ali, Ali, Kurt. I know you guys know of each other, but I don't think you've ever actually met." Ali said introducing us, as she clung onto Jared's arm like a love sick puppy. She looked pathetic. Suddenly I felt myself feeling bad for her. It was obvious she liked him way more than he liked her, or at least she showed it more. I made a mental note to be as nice as I could for her sake.

"No we've never met, but it's nice to meet you Kurt." I smiled as I extended my hand. He ignored my hand, leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was a little shocked, but a kiss on the cheek is a perfectly acceptable greeting. Just the fact that he kept his hand on my small of my back annoyed me and I casually stepped away.

"It's more than nice to meet you Ali. I'm surprised it's taken this long for us to talk." He flashed his best playboy smile at me and I fought hard not to roll my eyes. This was going to be a long night.

We were just getting settled into our seats when Jared and Kurt began whispering about the fact that their buddy Max was going to be our server, and would hook us up with the drinks. Heather got really excited at this news and began calling out the kind of cocktail she wanted. Kurt looked at me

"Ali, what do you want? Sex on the beach?" he grinned. Again I found myself fighting not to roll my eyes or tell him what a loser he was.

"No thanks, nothing for me." I replied trying to sound nonchalant, when inside I was raging. This had better not turn into a shit show, or I was never going to speak to Heather again. He looked at me as if I had 2 heads though when I declined the free booze, but our server Max appeared and he was distracted.

The first round of drinks had arrived just as the lights went dim and the movie began. Kurt could not keep his hands to himself the entire movie. I felt as if I was playing dodge ball, but in lieu of a ball I was dodging his hands. There was no position I could sit it that was out of his reach. I looked over at Heather at one point hoping for some kind of help, but she had her face attached to Jared's and was oblivious to anything going around her. Finally I just grabbed his hand and held it in order to keep it from stroking my leg, my arm, or any other part of my body he could reach. At least this way I had some control.

The moment the movie ended and I jumped up away from Kurt as fast as I could. He just smiled at me obviously oblivious to my pure and utter distaste of him. Quickly I headed towards the bathroom with Heather in tow. Once inside she just looked at me and started giggling. Oh dear she was more than Tipsy.

"Heather, I'm going to kill you! That D -bag had his freaking hands all over me".

"oooohhh touchy touchy" she slurred. There was no use having this conversation with her now. It would have to wait until tomorrow, if I decided to ever speak to her again that is.

"Isn't Jared so hot?" She asked me. I rolled my eyes at her and went into the stall.

We walked out of the theater and the boys were waiting for us at the valet.

Heather ran into Jared's arms and began to make out with him again. I wanted to vomit. They were so sloppy. "Jared's going drive my car home okay Ali, I'm sure Kurt can drop you off" Heather managed to say one of the brief moments she came up for air.

"You're kidding me right?" I couldn't contain my anger anymore.

She just ignored me and continued kissing Jared. I couldn't believe this was happening.

"I wouldn't mind taking you home at all." Kurt said holding the door to his truck open. Seeing that Heather was a lost cause and I had no other option I reluctantly got in.

He began driving and I pulled out my cellphone from my purse and began to angrily text Heather telling her what a horrible person she was, knowing that she would not see the texts until the morning when she was sober and that she would feel horrible, but she deserved it. She needed to feel bad. I felt the vehicle accelerating and looked up realizing we were on the highway.

"Kurt you're going the wrong way. You actually don't even need to get on the highway to get me home"

"I know where you live Ali. I don't want to take you home just yet. My parents have this house on the lake that we usually rent out, but its empty right now. We can go hang out." He looked over smiling at me and placed his hand on my leg. My blood ran cold. This was a very bad situation.

I took his hand and moved it. "Listen Kurt, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea. I'm not interested in having a boyfriend or anything."

"Who said anything about being your boyfriend Ali?" He winked at me.

"Listen Kurt, I'm not interested in anything with you okay. I just want to go home" I was able to keep my voice even while saying this; however I didn't know how long I would be able to. We were exiting the highway now, and I was not familiar with this area. He ignored me and continued driving.

I looked around and noticed that the houses were growing farther and farther apart, woods filling the voids in between.

"Ali, I know your kind playing hard to get, worried I will think you're a hoe or something. But I won't. There is nothing wrong with sleeping together on the first date" He looked at me now waiting from sort of confirmation.

I just sat silently while my mind raced trying to figure a way out of this mess. He slowed the truck down to turn down a dirt road and I took it as my chance, and threw the passenger door open ready to jump out. He was too fast for me though. He grabbed my arm before I could even turn.

He pulled the truck off of the road onto the dirt on the side. "Ali, calm down why are you acting all crazy? I'm not going to hurt you? Do you know how many girls would love to be in your shoes right now? But I chose you, you're the lucky one."

He reached over pulling me to him kissing me roughly and forcing his tongue into my mouth. I nearly gagged on it. I pushed him off of me with all of my strength, but he was not having it and pulled me back harder than before nearly pulling my arm out of its socket. He pushed his tongue into my mouth again, but instead of fight it, I relaxed and let it in willingly. Then when he released his grip on me I bit down as hard as I could. He screamed, throwing me off of him as hard as he could into the passenger door. I hit my head hard but ignored the shooting pain and scrambled quickly opening the door and jumping out of the truck and into the dirt. I pulled myself up and took off as fast as I could into the woods. I ran about 100 yards and then stopped dropping down and hiding behind a bush. I made too much noise running and if he was chasing me I a better chance of hiding than out running him.

He wasn't chasing me though, I saw the headlights of his truck turn around and drive away. I thanked god for making Kurt a coward.

Now what? My purse was in his car, but I remembered I had my cellphone in my back pocket. I quickly pulled it out and prayed for service. I barely had any reception, but it was worth a shot. I quickly dialed the one person who would be able to help me, Delaney. I prayed silently waiting for the call to connect when I saw a pair of headlights come barreling down the road.

I froze. Was Kurt coming back to find me? I got low onto the ground hidden by bushes and held my breath afraid my breathing would give me away. The car came to a stop in the middle of the road. I squinted trying to see what kind of car it was but it was so dark and the headlights were so bright, I could only make out that it was not Kurt's truck. I stayed where I was not sure if whoever was in that was a good guy or not.

The door swung open and a man got out. I recognized the silhouette immediately, it was Delaney. Relief and happiness poured through me leaking out of my eyes in the form of tears. My entire body shaking I had not realized how scared I had been until that very moment. How did he know here to even find me? I didnt care though, he was here and I was safe.

I immediately jumped up from my hiding place and ran full speed into his arms. He picked me up and squeezed me tightly. I felt so safe wrapped in his arms. I never wanted to let go. I even thought I heard a sigh of relief come from him. He put me down and slowly looked me over, the relief on his face melting away and anger replacing it.

"Get the fuck in the car"

My heart dropped. I had never seen Delaney so mad before, I was in big trouble to say the least.


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