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" I released my hold of him, and lay sprawled across his desk. My eyes closed and breathing labored. Never had I felt that way before. It was the best feeling my body had ever experienced. No sooner than I finished that thought, the enormity of what just happened hit me. Here I was lying on my "legal guardian's "desk with is beautiful face in-between my legs. This was more than wrong." View table of contents...


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Hi Guys! I know some of you were dying for a glimpse into Delaney's mind so I did the first chapter of Guardian from his perspective as a bonus! Enjoy

My patience was wearing thin. We were already behind schedule and now I was wasting even more time listening to Demetri ramble on about why the surveillance cameras were not in place and rolling as yet.

"Sir, the local authorities denied the permits. Tyler is at city hall now working on the situation."

"Do you think I give a fuck about permits? If they push me I sure as hell going to push back. Tell Tyler I will fly in tomorrow morning and deal with it. Just get the god damn cameras up now."

"I understand Mr. Delaney. I just wanted to make you aware of the situation."

"I'm aware. Now just let me reiterate the seriousness of this operation. I have already begun to leak her location to our more….notorious clients. When that son of a bitch Luther shows up…I want us to be ready. Understand?"


I hung up more aggravated than I was to begin with. There was no way I was going to let them hold this up with small town bureaucracy. They had no idea who they were dealing with. This operation was more than crucial, it was personal.
"Mr. Delaney, Alivia is here to see you sir." I looked down at the speaker on my phone confused. I was not quite sure I had heard my receptionist correctly.

"I'm sorry Gail, who is here to see me?"

"Alivia King Sir… Mr. King's daughter."

"I know who she is Gail." My annoyance was growing by the second. Did Gail think I was a complete idiot? Alivia's father and I built this company together. He was my mentor. When he and his wife were murdered I was left with custody of their only child Alivia. They knew that I was the only one capable of keeping her safe.

"Give me five minutes Gail, then send her in."

What could she possibly want? Being Alivia's legal guardian made me uncomfortable. I was more than able to provide for her, and keep her safe…but all of that other day to day shit was not for me. I didn't know what to say to her when her parents died…and still don't. I mean what do you say?

She was such an emotional wreck after it happened that I immediately handed her off to Norma and stayed out of the picture as much as possible. Norma and her husband worked for me and Alivia's father for years, and were gracious enough to accept the assignment of going under cover to watch over her while posing as my house and grounds keeper. So far everything was running smoothly. Like a well-oiled machine.

I was clearing a few papers off of my desk when I heard the door open. I looked over and saw her step into my office. She was a tiny little thing and looked scared half to death. She nervously began to make her way over to me, and I was taken back with how attractive she was. I had never noticed… I leaned back in my chair and watched her approach. For someone so short she had long legs and I briefly pictured them wrapped around my waist. What the fuck Leon …where did that come from.
I quickly looked away. "Alivia, what brings you here today?" I said to her forcing her to look up away from the ground and answer me."

She looked up hesitantly locking gazes with me. She had the biggest green eyes I had ever seen and was nervously biting her bottom lip. I had an urge to pull that fat bottom lip into my own mouth. STOP IT! I thought to myself, clenching my jaw in an attempt to focus on what she was saying.

""I need money." She said it very slowly, snapping me back to reality. "I know you put money in my account every month, but I need more that the five hundred dollars you give me. I want to go on the senior class trip to Mexico and that is barely the airfare."

Senior trip in Mexico? Was she fucking crazy? She was lucky that I let her go to school by herself. There was no way she was going anywhere until I had my hands on the people who killed her parents. But then again, she doesn't know that her parents were murdered or that her father and I ran the most elite private security firms in the world.

"So you came here not to ask me if you could go to Mexico, but rather just for the money to finance the trip." I said annoyed that I had to deal with this kind of bullshit when I was busy. "You are only 17, I doubt you will be able to leave the country without my permission."

She immediately dropped her eyes and began wringing her hands, mumbling something about having Norma sign the permission slip, and not thinking I would mind. This is exactly the type of shit Norma was supposed to deal with for me.
"Well since Norma is the housekeeper and not your guardian I don't think that would work. And for your information, I do mind and the answer is no."
She was quiet for a moment and I wondered if she would start crying. The last thing I fucking needed today was a crying teenager in my office. Jesus, I deal with rich, notorious, famous people every day without any problems and here I was struggling with this girl and god damn field trip.

She didn't cry though, instead she glared at me, pure hatred shining through her bright eyes. Interesting…she was braver than she seemed. There were not many people bold enough to look at me that way. I almost smiled in amusement, but I had a lot to do and enough time was already wasted.

"So that's it?" She said, clearly going to great lengths to keep her voice steady.

"Yes, now if you will excuse me I have a rather busy day today." I said dismissing her.
She turned away and made the long walk back to the door. I watched her leave and in spite of myself I admired the backs of her thighs, her ass, and the slight curve of her hips as she walked away. I shook my head… Off Limits Leon…and attempted to get back to work.

I worked well into the evening and Gail popped her head into my office as she was leaving.
"Mr. Delaney, shall I arrange for the car service to pick you up from the hotel and take you the airport in the morning?"

"No, I think I'm going to go home tonight, but thank you."

"Oh…okay. Good night then" She said surprised. I couldn't blame her for being surprised since it was a rarity for me to actually go home when I was in town. Things were so crazy lately with this new surveillance operation that my days often flowed into nights and it was more convenient for me to stay at a hotel near the office. Tonight though I had an urge to go home.
The house was dark when I arrived, and I felt a very slight twinge of disappointment that Alivia was asleep. I had been thinking about her most of the afternoon, and they weren't the most decent thoughts either. I concluded that the fact that she was the one woman that was completely off limits to me played on my mind and made her that much more desirable.
I went into my office and poured myself a drink. I had an early flight, but knew there was no way I would be able to go to sleep right away. I began to thumb through some of the city officials' background checks in preparation for my meeting with them tomorrow when my office door flung open to reveal a half-naked Alivia on the other side.

"Alivia, what is your problem." I said taking great pains to my eyes from roaming down her body. I failed horribly. There was nothing shielding her from my eyes other than some flimsy fabric, and even that was doing a poor job. I could make out the shape of her breasts and even see her erect nipples through the material. This must be a fucking test. What were the odds that I would be envisioning doing filthy things to her all day and then have her charge into my office in the dead of night.

"I … I saw your light on… and wanted to talk about Mexico."

"About what?" I asked momentarily distracted by how smooth the skin on her inner thighs looked. "Oh that trip…Alivia you are not going." She bit her bottom lip, and I felt my cock harden. She needed to get the hell out of my office… now. I glared at her hoping she would be intimidated and leave as quickly as she had come.

Instead of leaving she threw a small tantrum, referring to me by my last name only and something about not being a child. I expected her to ball up her fists and stomp her feet. She reminded me of angry kitten. Watching her face flush and temper flare turned me on even more than I was already. I wanted to put her over my knee and leave my handprint on her bare ass for being so bold.

"You can either call me Leon or Mr. Delaney. Do not just call me Delaney. Understand Alivia? Secondly, you're throwing a tantrum like a child so I suppose you want me to treat you like a child? Is that what you want? Do you want me to treat you like a child?" I could see that I was intimidating her as much as I infuriated her.

"Like a very bad child who deserves a spanking for speaking to me that way. Is that what you want Alivia?" Her beautiful green eyes widened in horror and a slow blush crept up her slender neck.

"Do you want me to spank you?"

For a moment I thought I saw a flicker of curiosity in her eyes, but she clenched her fists and turned to leave. I sat back in my chair fighting to keep from laughing at her, relieved that she was leaving.
She stopped suddenly keeping her back towards me and I focused the way her cheeks of her ass peeked out from the bottom of her shorts.

"You are a fucking Asshole Mr. Delaney why don't you go fuck yourself". Her words were filled with venom and enraged me more than was safe. I flew out of my chair and grabbed her arm spinning her around to face me. She looked up at me, and indignant expression covering her face.

""Don't you ever fucking talk to me like that. I swear to god I will knock all the teeth out of your head."
Fear immediately filled her eyes and she seemed to brace for a blow. I glared down at her trying to reign in my temper. I would never hit her, I wasn't that kind of man…but she did need to be reminded of who was in charge here, of who had the power.
I released my hold and spun her around so her back was up against me. "You're a bad girl Alivia." I said as I bent her over my desk… holding her down firmly so she couldn't get up. Her ass open and exposed brought my cock to attention and begging to plunge inside of her. I pressed myself up against her, I wanted to feel the heat of it wrapped around me. She was very still and quiet. The fact that she didn't protest intrigued me, perhaps she was curious.

There was only one way to find out.
I reached down and grabbed a handful of her ass before letting go and coming down again with a firm hard smack. The sound my hand made against her bare skin drove me wild. Control yourself Delaney, not yet…not tonight. I smacked her a few more times, each time a little firmer and harder than before. After my last blow I heard a sigh escape her lips.
t a sigh of relief either, it was one of pleasure. She enjoyed it. .I kept my cock pressed against her as I wrapped her hair around my hand and pulled her upright. Her back was arched as I ran my fingers down her belly and into her panties. Her pussy was soft and wet. I could feel her warm juices cover my fingers. I slowly removed my finger and traced her fat bottom lip covering. I wanted her to taste what I had done to her.

. "You see what happens when you're bad?"

She just nodded as I turned her to face me. She looked so sexy with her pink cheeks and glassy eyes. I smiled, wanting her understand that the punishment was over, and if she was willing I could show her what rewards felt like.

"Now that you see what happens when you're a bad girl, I want to show you what happens when you're a good girl. First you need to apologize for your filthy mouth." I wasn't sure what her reaction to that would be when she eagerly responded with an apology I knew that she wanted it and that there would be no stopping the inferno inside me that had been ignited.
"No. Say I'm sorry Mr. Delaney for my filthy little mouth. I promise to be a good girl from now on."

She slowly licked her lips as she repeated what I had just said. Good Girl Alivia I thought as I picked her up and placed her down onto my desk sitting down in the chair in front of her. I was dying for a taste of her and slowly pulled her legs apart.

"Tell me Alivia, has a boy ever touched you here" I said as I traced my finger down the center of her now wet panties. She shook her head clearly embarrassed by either my question or my proximity.
"No, nobody has ever touched me there." Her voice was low and soft.

"Good, I had hoped so". Perfect and untouched…mine. A wave of possessiveness washing over me as took off her shorts and leaned her back, opening her legs to me completely.
I brought my face down and her entire body tightened up immediately.

"Relax, this is a reward" I reminded her as I proceeded to kiss her through her panties. The warmth of her pussy was radiating through the fabric and onto my lips. I slid a finger underneath and rubbed her simultaneously. Her body responded to me, her panties becoming soaked, she was ready.

"I like that you're wet for me" I said as I slid her panties to side revealing her perfectly pink little pussy. Her lips were glistening and I hungrily dipped my head ready to taste her. I brushed my tongue against her lightly teasing her clit before pulling it into my mouth and burying my face in it. Surrounded by her smell and taste I couldn't stop thinking about how good this sweet virgin would feel wrapped around my cock.

She was writhing around trying to pull away from me, the incessant teasing of her clit driving her mad. I slid my tongue inside of her to give her momentary relief but to my surprise she began to raise her hips to meet my mouth and pressing herself against my tongue. She was getting close

I began sucking harder and faster wanting her to experience her first of hopefully many climaxes with me. She reached down and held my head in place as she wildly rubbed herself against my lips and tongue. She finished hard her entire body clenching as she arched her back, it was a beautiful site. I was so turned on by her greediness for pleasure that it took every ounce of strength that had not to unbuckle my pants and fuck her senseless.

After a moment of enjoying her ragged breathing I helped her up to so I could look at her beautiful face post orgasm.
"I want to fuck you Alivia. I want to really fuck the shit out of you, but I won't. Not yet, I want you to give yourself to me." I paused giving her a chance to have what I said sink in. "By give it to me, I mean that you will belong to me. I can fuck you, lick you, and suck you whenever I want, wherever I want, and as often as I want. Nobody else touches it. Do you understand? You will be mine."

She nodded …but I knew I couldn't take any answer she gave me on the heels of her first orgasm. I wanted her to want to do it.

"Go to bed now, think about it. I'm traveling in the morning, and will be gone for the week. You have until I return to decide."
She got redressed and was almost out of the door when I remembered what started this whole thing to begin with.
"Oh and Alivia… you still cannot go to Mexico." I said unable to keep the amusement out of my voice. She slammed the door behind her. I laughed… she had just been spanked and tongue lashed …and still had the balls to have an attitude.


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