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" I released my hold of him, and lay sprawled across his desk. My eyes closed and breathing labored. Never had I felt that way before. It was the best feeling my body had ever experienced. No sooner than I finished that thought, the enormity of what just happened hit me. Here I was lying on my "legal guardian's "desk with is beautiful face in-between my legs. This was more than wrong." View table of contents...


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~~The absence of light messed up my concept of time. I felt as if I had been tied up and in the back of this van for an eternity. We were on the highway most of the time, except for the occasional short stop for fuel. They had stopped four times already, so I knew there was no chance I was still in Florida. I wondered where they were taking me, and how Delaney would find me. I wanted so badly for him to roll up guns blazing and pluck me up out of this god forsaken nightmare.
I laid as still as I could, not wanting to move around and draw any extra attention to myself. My body ached from the uncomfortable position I was in for hours on end, and my and throat was dry and scratchy. I had nothing to drink and was dying of thirst. All of that was bearable though. What was not bearable as the mental fuck that was going on in my head. I played out every horrible scenario in my mind at least a thousand times. Every ounce of hope I had was slowly slipping away. I thought that maybe I would be able to make a run for it once they let me use the bathroom, but I was wrong. They simply pulled over on the side of the road, pulled my pants down, held me up and demanded that I pee. It was humiliating.
I listened to them carry on their conversation in a language I didn't understand, occasionally they received a phone call, but other than that it was just the sound of the road and my own mind eating away at me.

I felt the car slow again then stop, then roll slowly forward again. We must be in traffic of some kind. I thought of all the cars and trucks surrounding us, with no idea the horror that was happening just mere feet from them. We rolled forward again and stopped. I heard the window roll down, and a voice with a thick Spanish accent.

"Welcome to Mexico…Ah Sergei, Kostya how are you friends? I haven't seen you in a long time"
"Hello Carlos! How are you? How is the family? We have been away in the states on some business but we are done now."
"Well, welcome home then!" We must have been at the border. Of course they would be friendly with the border patrol officers…

I tried to scream but the muffled sounds were drowned out by the engine and the noise from outside. My legs were bound so tight that instead of kicking the side of the van in an attempt to make noise, I just lay there writhing around. I listened helplessly as my last chance to be saved from this hell exchanged pleasantries with these monsters.

The van began rolling again and I heard one of my captors laugh. "Nice effort… We will be home soon then we can really see how feisty you are". Dread set in. I had no idea what to expect once we reached our destination. I prayed for a miracle.
The van came to a stop and I heard my captors begin to move around opening the doors. One of them grabbed my feet and drug me out of the van. I felt the sun warm my skin for a moment before I was hoisted over his shoulder and carried inside. It was daytime, and the air was dry and hot. I heard doors open, they sounded heavy not like your average front door. He carried me inside. There was not one sound, other than his footsteps. The silence was unnerving. I felt us descending. We were going down stairs, Down to the basement I assumed. The air became thicker and hotter the lower we went. I felt like I was plummeting down into the depths of hell. There was another set of doors at the bottom of the steps and I heard him once again unlock it and enter into another room. I was trying desperately to get some sort of bearings, some idea of where I was heading.

Finally he stopped and I heard him open yet another door, this time he just threw me down onto a mattress and removed my blind fold. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust and the blurry images to focus. I looked around I was in a small cell like room. The walls, floors, and even the ceiling were cement. There was a toilet in the far corner and the small mattress I was sitting on was on the floor. There were no windows and barely any light came in from the small space above the door. I looked up into the face of my captor, it was the one with dark hair, I didn't know whether he was Sergei or Kostya, not that I cared. To me he was the devil.

"Welcome home…" he snickered. "I am going to untie you, and remove the tape from your mouth. Luther wants you alive, but if you give me any trouble I will make you wish you were dead. Do you understand?" I nodded feeling a wave of nausea come over me.

He carefully untied my hand hands and feet, before quickly pulling the tape off that was covering my mouth. I screamed from the pain of the tape ripping my skin as it came off. He smiled at my discomfort as he got up and left. The door closed behind him with a sickening thud.

I stood up stretching and felt a sharp pain radiate down my legs. Suddenly absolute the despair of my situation took over me and I began to sob. I thought of my parents and of Delaney, I wished I could turn back time, I wished my dad left that fucking Lydia to rot in whatever hole she crawled out of. I couldn't believe she would do to this to me, especially after the kindness my parents showed her. It was the first betrayal I had truly ever experienced.
Then as if the universe decided that it needed to fuck with me a little more the door to my room slowly opened. Standing in the opening was a red faced Lydia. She was holding a metal tray which carried a plastic cup of water and a paper plate with a sandwich. I froze, unable to do anything but stare at her as she took the food off of the tray and put it down on the floor next to the door.

"Alivia, I'm sorry it has to be like this." The mumbled as she stared at the ground. I had no choice, he …he was going to kill me". I glared at her as my despair transformed into rage.
She continued her voice cracking as if she was on the verge of tears. "I didn't want to, I tried…I did, I didn't want this to happen to you." She began to sob which only enraged me further. I had fallen for those tears for the last time. I had believed her, and wanted to help her … never again. She was just as evil as the others, even more so because she was able to hide what she truly was.

She took a step towards me, the empty tray in her hand. "Alivia, it doesn't have to be horrible. Luther is curious about you, and if you get on his good side you may be able to save yourself from the same fate as everyone else. .. Please try… try to accept it". I wasn't listening to her anymore I was focused on the tray she was holding and the steps she was making towards me. The hate inside of me spilled over as lunged towards her grabbing the tray from her hands and striking her across the face with it. She screamed out and covered her face but I hit her again and again until she went down to the ground. I dropped to my knees and grabbed her hair wrapping it around my wrist and repeatedly pounded my fist into her face.
"You fucking bitch, you don't deserve to be alive" I screamed as I hit her. She tried to push me off, but the rage I had coursing through my blood was more powerful than she was. I saw the blood begin to gush from her nose and only hit harder.
As I was unaware of my surroundings, I had tunnel vision so I was caught off guard when I was pulled off of her and kept swinging as I was flying through the air. I landed on the mattress with a thud and looked up to see my dark haired captor laughing.

"Ahh Lydia, this one is not going to be as easy for you as the rest my dear." He laughed some more as she held her gushing nose and scrambled out of the room.

My adrenaline was still pumping and I was breathing hard. My captor turned to look at me, and I prepared myself for an onslaught, but instead he spoke.

"You are full of surprises now aren't you … I don't give a fuck about Lydia so I will let that episode slide. Don't make me come in here again." He turned and walked out.

I sat up still on the mattress, adrenaline still coursing through me. I was not going to become just another girl, they would have to kill me before any of those mother fuckers lay a fucking hand on me. I was going to get out of this somehow. I needed to be smart, I needed to stay calm. I closed my eyes and began to visualize myself back at home with Delaney. The thought relaxed me, he would save me I was certain, but until then I had to survive. If I saw an opportunity to make a break for it I would take it, but I knew I would only have one chance, and needed to be patient.
I also needed my strength. I looked over at the food Lydia placed on the floor. I quickly went over to it and greedily ate the sandwich, not realizing how hungry I was until I began to chew. I gulped down the water in just a few sips feeling better immediately.

I lay back down on the mattress staring at the concrete ceiling until exhaustion won out over my fear and I fell into an uneasy sleep. Nightmares of being raped and tortured by faceless strangers woke me up, I was drenched in sweat. I looked around the dim room and let out a small sigh of relief, they were just dreams… for now.

I stared into the darkness wondering what Luther would say to me, what he would do to me. I was terrified to meet the monster behind this horror that I was now drowning in. There were so many questions, I wondered if I would ever get the answers to them. Was Norma alive? What did the boys say when they got home? Were they looking for me? I imagined Delaney and his temper, knowing that the boys certainly got the brunt of it once he found out what was happening. I needed to find a way to get word to him about where I was… He would come here and kill all of these mother fuckers… no questions asked. To many thoughts running through my head, I was surely going to go mad sitting here in this small concrete box by myself.


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