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" I released my hold of him, and lay sprawled across his desk. My eyes closed and breathing labored. Never had I felt that way before. It was the best feeling my body had ever experienced. No sooner than I finished that thought, the enormity of what just happened hit me. Here I was lying on my "legal guardian's "desk with is beautiful face in-between my legs. This was more than wrong." View table of contents...


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I felt the gun recoil and heard his scream simultaneously. My eyes flew open in time to see him drop to the floor holding his shoulder. I quickly fired again this time aiming at the other man with black hair. I missed. He had moved fast and was now coming towards me. I tried to get another shot off but he lunged at me before I could pull the trigger taking me down to the ground.

My head hit the tile hard, and I lost my breath. He was on top of me now as I kicked and bucked trying to get out from underneath him, but he was much bigger than me and my efforts were futile. I grabbed the gun tightly and swung it at his face as hard as I could. It hit him and he jumped back just enough to give me enough room to get out of underneath him. I quickly scrambled to my feet and began to run down the hallway as fast as I could. My legs felt heavy and I could hear him right behind me. God ...please.

There was another man at the other end of the hallway coming towards me. I stopped dead in my tracks realizing I was trapped between them. My entire body was shaking as I raised the gun and began shooting wildly down the hallway towards him. He dove down onto the ground just as the first attacker grabbed me from behind knocking the gun out of my hands.
"You fucking little bitch…" he snarled as he held me in a tight choke hold. I clawed, kicked and even tried to bite him in an attempt to get free. The more I struggled the tighter his hold became. I was worried that I may lose consciousness. Ali don't pass out… don't…

The other man got up off of the floor and walked over to me. He reached up towards my face putting my chin in between him thumb and first finger forcing me to look at him. I could see the rage and hate in his eyes.
"You are quite a fighter my dear, weren't expecting that… "He examined my features for a moment, slowly running his finger along my jawline. "This is her". He said to the other man as he began tracing my lips with his finger. I recoiled in disgust and spit in his face. He pulled back and glared at me for a moment before closing his fist and striking me so hard that everything went black

The sound of the highway and taste of blood in my mouth brought me back to consciousness. I tried to open my eyes and could not. The stark realization that I was blindfolded sent me into a silent panic. I could feel that there was tape over my mouth, and that my hands and feet were also bound. My face was pressed against a cool metal floor which I imagined was the inside of a truck or van or something.

Inside I was screaming, crying and losing my mind all at the same time, but outwardly I tried to look as if I was still unconscious. I was afraid of what they would do to me if they knew I was "awake".

I listened intently trying to hear something… anything. They were speaking lowly to each other in a language that I assumed was Russian. It sounded like there were three of them. One of them was breathing very hard and his voice although I could not tell what he was saying sounded very panicked and pained. That had to be the one that I shot, too bad the fucker wasn't dead. I strained to hear any sounds that would help me figure out where I was exactly but only heard more Russian conversation from my attackers that did me no good. Then I heard the ring tone from my cellphone… the van became silent. My phone was no longer in my pocket, it was clear that they had it in their possession.

"Sorry Leon… she is not available at the moment…" I heard one of them answer my phone. Dear god! Delaney please save me… There was a long silence, before he said "No, well that's not going to happen. Come find us Leon please do…Luther would love to see you again. The real Luther, not the one you have. One more thing Leon… do you think our clients will like fucking her as much as you do? It was a pleasant surprise when we read through her text messages. This changes things no?" He laughed and then hung up.

I felt nauseous. They were taking me to Luther, and God himself only knew what he was going to do to me. I heard another one speaking again it sounded like he was on a phone … I recognized the names Luther and Leon… Damn it… why couldn't they just speak fucking English... Delaney was going to destroy them once he found them…which would be soon since my phone and the panic button both had GPS installed in it. I just had to stay alive and wait.

The vehicle slowed down and I could tell we weren't on a highway anymore due to the frequent stops. It finally stopped again I heard the men moving about. There was a lot of moaning coming from one of them and I smiled inwardly knowing that I inflicted that pain. It sounded as if they were getting out…I heard the door slam followed by silence.
I stayed still afraid to move, afraid that someone was still in the van with me. I was right, after a few moments I felt the barrel of gun nudge me in the side. I flinched unable to control that natural reaction.

"Ahh so you are awake…" I felt his hands on my face pushing the blind fold up. I blinked furiously trying to get my eyes to adjust to the light. I was inside the back of a cargo van the windows were blacked out, but there was light coming in through the windshield. All I could see was that we were in a parking lot. "You nearly killed Vitally …you're fucking lucky Luther wants you alive…" I couldn't do anything other than look into the angry face of my captor. He was the man with black hair that had put me into the choke hold. He held my phone up in front of me, along with the panic button.

"Your boyfriend called…we told him you were tied up… Luther was very interested to hear that you are fucking Leon…we had no idea that you were already a whore, you will fit nicely into your new life. Now say goodbye to everything from your old life…" He opened the door and threw my phone and the panic button out into the parking lot just as one of the other men came back.

My heart dropped and hopelessness set it. My eyes began to well up but I willed myself not to let any tears fall. How were they going to find me now?

The other man had blond hair but it was shaved, he was the one who had hit me…he glared at me before pulling the blind fold back down over my face, and swearing at the other man in Russian. I assumed that they dropped Vitally off here to get medical attention for his gunshot wound. Now it was just the two of them and the van began moving again…taking me to Luther.


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