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" I released my hold of him, and lay sprawled across his desk. My eyes closed and breathing labored. Never had I felt that way before. It was the best feeling my body had ever experienced. No sooner than I finished that thought, the enormity of what just happened hit me. Here I was lying on my "legal guardian's "desk with is beautiful face in-between my legs. This was more than wrong." View table of contents...


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~~He drove like a man possessed flying down roads and whipping around corners. I felt myself being tossed around in the back seat like a doll. Something told me that we weren't headed back home. The reflection of his eyes in the rearview mirror made my stomach drop. He was raging. His blue eyes were ablaze with such anger that I had to look away when our gazes briefly locked. Things had gotten very bad very quickly. I needed to try to explain myself.

"Delaney… I'm sorry…" But before I could even finish my apology he cut me off.
"You're not sorry Alivia, your fucking sorry you got caught" There harshness of his tone silenced me. Now was not the time, there would be no reasoning with him until he calmed down. I willed myself not to cry again and looked out of the window so he wouldn't be able to see me struggling to keep the tears at bay.

We pulled into the parking lot of a large hotel. I noticed a couple other black SUV's like this one in the lot as well. He quickly parked and came around to the back to get me out. He grabbed a hold of my wrist and led me inside. He was walking so fast that I had to take double steps in order to keep from being drug behind him. He led me through the hotel to one of the rooms and opened the door pulling me inside.

He commanded me to sit down at the small desk and chair that was in front of me. I sat down visibly upset that he was being so mean to me. I looked up at him to say something and noticed that he had pulled out a pair of handcuffs.
"Delaney ... What are you doing?" I asked warily as the fear in my voice became apparent. He ignored me as he clicked one end around my wrist and the other around the metal bar securing the desk to the wall, looking at me when he was finished.
"I'm making sure you stay put while I go talk to my men. I need to see what kind of damage you've done and don't trust you to do as you're told at the moment"

"Damage? Don't you think you're over reacting a little" I said pulling at the cuff that was attached to my wrist. "All I did was have a conversation with Lydia, and I know you know exactly who she is. I am not the only liar here."
"All you did?" He said giving me an incredulous look. "No Alivia, all you did was put yourself in serious danger and single handedly ruin a surveillance operation that I have had going on for the last 4 months. So NO my dear, I am hardly over reacting." He tightened the end of handcuffs around my wrist before he stalked out of the room.

My head was spinning. What did he mean surveillance operation? And I wasn't the one in danger, it was Lydia. Why was he just running surveillance on her and not hiding her from Luther? I put my head down onto the desk overwhelmed from the day's events. I had no choice but to sit and wait for him to return so I could try to talk to him. I watched the clock as each minute passed. After 92 torturously slow minutes had passed he returned. He seemed calmer that he was before, but still angry. I waited for him to speak afraid that anything I said would only reignite his rage.

"She is gone. My men went to her house to bring her in after we had secured you, and she was gone."
"Lydia is gone?" I was shocked. "She told me she was going to leave because she was scared Luther would be able to find her as easily as I did. I just didn't think it would be now." I took a deep breath before continuing. "Delaney she is so scared he is going to find her. She told me everything about him and what a monster he is. I am scared for her."

He was quiet for a moment before answering me. "He is a monster Alivia. We put the word out into the "underworld" so to speak about Lydia's location in hopes that it would get back to him. So there is no doubt he knew where she was hiding. It was just a matter of waiting for him to show up." I gave him a confused look not sure if I heard him correctly. "Remember Ali, I do business with some of the more notorious people on our planet the "bad guys all run in similar circles"

I stared at him in disbelief. "Why would you do that?" I cried "You know what he would do to her if he found her."
"Alivia, I want Luther. The best way to get him to surface is to dangle a piece of bait in front of him that he can't resist, and I know he wants to find her badly. We had a feeling he was going to come for her soon. Maybe not come himself, but whoever did come would lead us back to him, and if we were lucky to any other girls"

"Do you think they have her?" I asked my voice full or worry for Lydia.

"I don't think so. There were no signs of any struggle at her place. It looked as if she simply walked out of the door and isn't coming back. We can only hope we find her before he does." He walked over to me and sat on the bed in front of me so we were eye level. "Alivia, if someone else was watching her today and they saw you … they are going to want to know who you are. Do you have any idea what would happen if Luther found out whose daughter you were."

"What?! You don't think she would tell him do you?"

"Yes. Don't forget what she used to do for Luther. She was able to bring innocent girls in to Luther, knowing damn well what was going to happen to them. She does what she needs to do to survive. Telling him about you wouldn't be a stretch."
I suddenly felt light headed and had to close my eyes to keep from passing out. Delaney leaned over and unlocked my handcuffs pulling me over into his lap. His touch pushed me over the edge and I began sobbing hysterically burying my face in his shirt. Somehow everything was now screwed up beyond all recognition, and I was to blame.

"I am so sorry" My apology muffled against his shirt.

"I know you are" his voice softer, the anger now replaced by worry.

"I don't think she will tell him if he finds her. I think she is grateful to my parents for helping her, and wouldn't put me in danger."

"I hope so Alivia, but I'm not going to take any chances. Sorry baby, but you are going to be on lock down until we find them." I nodded, figuring as much. "I begged your dad to put her on a plane back to Russia, but he wouldn't do it. I have little doubt that Luther was after her and your parents just got in the way."

"Delaney, she isn't a bad person. She is just scared."

"Ali, people make all kinds of stupid decisions out of fear…scared people are the most dangerous"
He got up and headed towards the door "I've got to go wrap things up with my men. I'll be back with something for us to eat. We will stay here tonight and head home first thing in the morning."

"Okay, Um Delaney? Is Heather going to be safe? Since we were together at Lydia's" I felt ashamed for not thinking of her until now.

"Yes, I sent one of my men, Samuel back with her to make sure she made it home safely. He will bring your car and phone home." He stopped making it a point to let me know he knew the lengths of my sneakiness. "Did she tell Lydia who she was or anything?" I shook my head Heather was merely an observer at Lydia's. I felt a pang of guilt for bringing my friend into harm's way. "She will fine then, besides Luther wouldn't want her if he could have you".

"Great" I said sarcastically.

"Alivia, he won't come close to you. Just don't fight me on it, and listen to me. I don't keep things from you for the hell of it. I do it not only for your safety but others as well. Today not only did you put yourself at risk, but you put Lydia, Heather, and some of my men. I didn't know if Luther had gotten to you first or where you were. I told them to find you and bring you back by any means necessary. Do you understand how much worse this could have been?"

I nodded feeling my face begin to burn from embarrassment. "Delaney, how did you know? How did you know I was heading here?"

He smiled a little as he pulled out his cellphone and walked back towards me. "Do you notice anything in this picture?" I looked at the picture on his screen. It was the one of myself I had sent to him from Heathers. I scanned it unable to see anything out of place I shook my head no. "There is a suitcase in the background, that didn't make sense to me so I had someone keep watch on Heathers. They saw you leave and followed you, but got a flat tire once you crossed into Georgia and called me to tell me that he had lost you. I figured where you were going. I was just hoping that I would get there in time."

"Ah that explains the Cavalry".

"Yes prepare for the worst hope for the best. Listen, take a shower and try to relax I'll be back soon. I have a bag in the closet there's probably a clean undershirt or something you can change into" He left me in the room alone with my thoughts.
A shower sounded amazing. I needed to wash this shitty day away.

I stood letting the water beat against my face while Delaney's words replayed on a loop in my mind. I had gotten in over my head, and now was in real trouble. I truly believed that even if Lydia was caught she wouldn't tell Luther about me, or maybe hoped more than believed. I felt responsible for putting her in even more danger. If I had never shown up Delaney and his men would have had a chance to save her from Luther, now she was running scared without anyone able to help her.
I didn't get out of the shower until the water had run from scalding to cold. I was exhausted, emotionally, mentally, and physically. I put on one of Delaney's white undershirts, and crawled into the bed. I must have passed out as soon my head touched pillow because I didn't hear when Delaney came back.

I woke up with a start several hours later. It must have had a bad dream. The kind that you don't remember but you can still feel the fear inside when you wake up. The dim light over the desk was on and Delaney was sitting in the chair his head in his hands.

I immediately climbed out of the bed and walked over to him. He watched me silently as I approached. When I was in front of him he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him, resting his head against my chest. "It makes no sense Ali"
"What doesn't make sense?"

"This. The way I feel about you. I think about something happening to you and I want to kill."
I leaned down and kissed him softly. "You don't have to kill anybody I'm right here and I'm safe because I'm with you." He reached out cupping my face with his hands and kissed me more passionately than he ever had before. His tongue slid against mine with a hunger that my lips alone couldn't satisfy.

He stood up cradling me in his arms as he carried me back to the bed gently laying me down and stripping of his clothes before lying down beside me. He continued to kiss me, my body rising as he kissed my mouth and worked his way down to my neck. Desperation to be close to him coursed through my veins. "Please Delaney, I need you right now." I whispered into his ear as he ran his hands under my shirt and softly pulled on my nipples causing them to stiffen instantly.

He looked at me his eyes reflecting the same need. He moved his body on top of mine and I opened my legs begging him to come inside. I cried out from the relief when he finally drove himself into me. I wrapped my legs around him tightly wanting to hold him as close to me as I could for as long as possible.

"God, I missed that" He breathed.

"Me too, so much" I responded my breath becoming ragged as began to slide in and out of me. I could feel the emotion in every trust he made. There was something deeper here between us than just pleasure and finding a release. The way he watched me as I reveled in the pure ecstasy that came from simply feeling him inside of me was intense. It was if he was looking deep inside of me, reading my mind kissing and touching in just the right places. He pulled me to the edge of the bed so he could stand and drive himself even deeper into me than before. The beads of sweat running down his perfect body turned me on like nothing before. I felt myself getting close as he pounded himself into me harder and faster until I felt my insides begin to contract. I reached down and began to rub my clit as I climaxed. I came hard covering his cock and my fingers with my juices. I raised my fingers to his mouth and he greedily sucked the until he exploded inside of me.

He lay down beside me pulling me to him as he nuzzled the back of my neck.

"I will keep you safe for the rest of my life." He murmured as the fog of sleep gently rolled over both of us.


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